/Yugi talking to the Pharaoh (Yami) through the mind link/

'the Pharaoh (Yami) talking to Yugi through the mind link'

(1) In Japanese schools, pupils have to wear special indoor shoes whilst in school

(2) Afureru kanjyoo ga tomaranai-These over-flowing emotions don't stop


Afureru Kanjou ga Tomaranai

Part 2


The next few days passed as a blur, for not much happened at Domino High. Almost all the students were getting ready for the Spring dance on Friday; buying new outfits with accessories, getting dates, preparing the decorations etc, everyone except Yugi Moto and Téa Gardner.

That week passed all too quickly for the two friends, for none of them were looking forward to the dance, what with Yugi forced to go with Rebecca, and Téa having to go with Seto. For the whole week, they had kept themselves to themselves, not really joining in with any conversations. Sure they still talked to each other, they had even managed to tell one another whom they were going to the dance with, but they were both too upset to talk and joke like they used to.

The rest of the gang had noticed Yugi and Téa's strange mood, and had tried talking to them. Joey had even got Serenity and Mai to try and talk to Téa, and the Pharaoh had tried to get Yugi to cancel the 'date' with Rebecca. But neither of them felt like talking about it, and would just change the subject.

The bell finally rang on Friday afternoon, informing the students on Domino High that the school day was over. All the students rushed out of the building, eager to get home to prepare for the dance.

Yugi collected his books from his locker, swapped his indoor shoes for his outdoor ones (1), and made his way slowly out the school building. As he approached the school gates, the Pharaoh appeared in his spirit form next to him.

'Are you want to go though with this Yugi? There is still time'

/I'm sure. I don't want Téa to get hurt because of me. Besides, she's going with Kaiba, so there's nothing I can do now/

'So you're just going to leave her with Kaiba?'

/Yes. If she's happy with Kaiba, then I'm happy for her/

"Hey! You're Yugi Moto, aren't you?"

Yugi stopped at the sound of his name. He looked up and saw a teenage boy, just a little younger than himself, dressed in a uniform of a school Yugi had never seen before. On his arm was a duel disk, already prepared for a duel. Yugi knew what was coming next.

"Yes I am. And who are you?"

The boy just smiled. He placed his deck in the slot, the life point counter coming to life.

"My name is not important. All you need to know is that I wanna duel you for the Egyptian God cards. So, will you accept my challenge?"

The eye in the centre of the Millennium Puzzle began to glow. Yugi cried the all too familiar words "Yu-Gi-Oh!" before transforming. His eyes became less curved, his school jacket became a darker shade of blue, his blonde bangs began to point upwards, as Yugi transformed into his outer ego. He pulled out his duel disk from his school bag, placing it on his arm. He took out his deck from his pouch attached to his belt, and placed it into the slot, his life point count coming to life. The duel disk automatically turned to 'Duel' mode, the projectors launching themselves onto the ground.

"I accept your challenge!" 'Darker' Yugi answered back, preparing to duel. "Lets duel!"


Téa took stepped out of the school building, and looked up at the unusually blue Spring sky. The dance was tonight, and she wasn't looking forward to it one bit. Not only was she going with Seto Kaiba, but she knew Yugi would be there too with Rebecca. This week just got worse and worse.

Téa's thoughts were soon interrupted by a large explosion of some sort, and a loud cheer. She looked over at the source of the noise and saw a large group of people gathered just outside the school. And by the looks of it, a duel was taking place, since there were monsters appearing from the centre of the crowd.

"Hmm, I wonder who's duelling…Maybe I should go check it out."

Téa quickly made her way to the large crowd, and made her way to the centre for the best view of the duel. She got quite a shock when she saw that it was Yugi duelling some teenage boy from one of the schools on the other side of town. She looked at the stats of the duel and saw that Yugi was doing pretty well…


Yugi Moto

Life Points: 2600

Cards on the field: Valkyrion, the Magna Warrior atk: 3500 def: 3850, two face down cards



Life Points: 1700

Cards on the field: Berserk Dragon atk: 3500 def: 0, one face down card


"And now my dragon," cried Yugi's opponent, "Attack! Destroy his Magna Warrior!"

Berserk Dragon flew into the air, and struck Valkyrion, destroying not only Yugi's monster, but himself as well.

"And what was the point in destroying your own monster?" 'Yugi' asked

"Oh he may be destroyed, but he'll be back. I play Monster Reborn!" The face down card was revealed, and Monster Reborn was activated. "Come back to me, Berserk Dragon!"

Monster Reborn disappeared, and Berserk Dragon appeared in it's place.


Berserk Dragon

atk: 3500 def: 0


"I place one card face down and end my turn. Your turn Yugi."

'Yugi' looked over his options. He had no monsters on the field, and had two face down cards. His opponent's monster had an attack strength of 3500, and there were only a few monsters in his deck with that kind of power. There was only one card that could help him now. He placed his hand on top of his deck, ready to draw.

'Please, heart of the cards, guide me…'

He drew a card from the top of the deck and quickly stole a glance.


"First of all I play Card of Sanctity!" 'Yugi' placed the card in the magic and trap card slot, activating it. "This lets us draw until we hold 6 cards each."

The two duellists drew their cards, both pleased and disappointed with the cards they drew. 'Yugi' was especially pleased with the last card he drew.

/Perfect/ said Yugi, as he appeared in spirit form next the Pharaoh. /With this card, we can't lose/

The Pharaoh smiled at his friend, nodding in agreement, before returning to the duel.

"Now I activate my first face down card, Monster Reborn, to bring back Valkyrion, the Magna Warrior!"

The green magic card of Monster Reborn once again disappeared, and Valkyrion stood in it's place.


Valkyrion the Magna Warrior:

atk: 3500 def: 3850


Yugi's opponent just laughed.

"What was the point in that? If you attack, you'll just destroy your own monster as well as mine!"

"But I'm not done yet, for now I activated my second face down card-Diffusion! This returns my Valkyrion into the three original magnet warriors used to form it."

Valkyrion broke up into pieces, and quickly formed into Yugi's 3 magnet warriors. Yugi's opponent looked worried, and he had a reason to be.

"Now I sacrifice my three monsters, to summon one of the most powerful monsters in Duel Monsters, Slifer the Sky Dragon!"

Yugi's three monsters disappeared, and the sky darkened. Out of the grey, thundery clouds that filled the sky, a large red snake like dragon emerged, ready to attack.

"He did it!" Téa shouted. "Yugi summoned one of the Egyptian Gods!"

"And now my beast," 'Yugi' announced, "attack Berserk Dragon and destroy the rest of his life points!"

Slifer wasted no time in following his master's orders, and quickly destroyed Berserk Dragon, and destroying what was left of Yugi's opponents life points.

Once the duel was over, and 'Yugi' was declared the winner, the holograms disappeared, along with 'Yugi's' opponent, and the crowd began to file away, all buzzed with excitement after seeing an Egyptian God card.

Téa, however, didn't walk away, for she wanted to congratulate her friend.

"Yugi! Hey Yugi!"

'Yugi' turned around to see Téa coming towards him. Téa stopped in front of him, and saw that it wasn't Yugi whom had just duelled.

"Oh, Pharaoh, it's you."

"Hello Téa. What are you doing here? Would you like to speak to Yugi?"

"Err…no, that's alright. I just wanted to say congrats on winning the duel."

"Oh. Thank you Téa."

"No problem. Well, I gotta go. Bye!"

Téa turned round eager to get home. She had a lot to do before the dance.

The Pharaoh watched Téa walk away, and suddenly got an idea. He checked his mind to see if Yugi was in his soul room. He was. And a good thing too, if this plan was to work. The Pharaoh quickly ran after Téa, shouting at her to stop. She soon did.

"What is it Pharaoh?"

"I need to tell you something, about Yugi."

"Oh. Is he listening?"

"No. Listen Téa, I know that you're hurt that Yugi wouldn't go to the dance with you, but please don't be made at him. It wasn't his choice to go to the dance with Rebecca."

"It wasn't?"

"No. He wanted to go with someone else. Someone whom he is very close to."

"Really? Who?"

"I think you know."

The Pharaoh walked away, leaving Téa to think about what he had said. As he turned the corner, he let Yugi take over again, and made sure that he didn't mention the conversation with Téa.

Téa watched as the Pharaoh walked away.

'What does he mean, 'I think you know'?'


The hall at Domino High looked amazing that night. It had been decorated with the theme of spring, since it was the spring dance. The Hall was lit up by fairy lights, linked all around the room, and a large disco ball hung in the middle. All around the room flowers had been hung up; the tables at the side had white cloths laid over them, a vase of fresh flowers placed in the middle. In the middle of the hall, couples were dancing to the music being played by the DJ, whom was on top in the stage. The guys were wearing smart tuxedos, and the girls wore glamorous dresses in soft pastel shades.

Téa watched as the couples danced, their arms wrapped around each other. Kaiba had disappeared about 20 minutes ago after his phone had rung. Téa guessed that it had something important to do with his company, and he wasn't going to be back any time soon. Sitting next to her on their reserved table, Duke and Serenity were chatting. Or rather, Duke was talking and Serenity was nodding in agreement every so often. Tristan and Joey had gone off to get some drinks, and Mai was sitting next to Téa, talking about her last duel. It wasn't long before she realised Téa wasn't paying attention. She was still pondering on what the Pharaoh had said earlier…

"I think you know."

'Just what did the Pharaoh mean by that? He couldn't have meant me…could he? Did Yugi really want to go to the dance with me?'

"Hello? Téa? Are you even listening?"


"Hello?" Mai started waving her hand in front of Téa's eyes. "Earth to Téa."

"Huh? Sorry Mai, what were you saying?"

"Are you alright Téa? You seem a bit out of it."

"Yeah, I'm OK."

Téa went back to watching the couples dance. Mai, not letting this pass, followed Téa's eyes and soon saw what she was looking at. Yugi and Rebecca were dancing to an upbeat song, and by the looks of it, Yugi didn't look too happy.

"Oh, I see…" said Mai


"Listen Téa, I know things don't look good at the moment, but I promise you that everything will work out. You and Yugi will be together in no time."

Téa blushed at Mai's comment. "Mai…I…"

"Don't worry Téa, I won't tell anyone. You're secret is safe with me."

"What secret?" asked Joey. He and Tristan placed the drinks on the table. Tristan looked over at Serenity and Duke. He felt a pang in his heart.

"It's nothing Joey," replied Mai, getting up. The song that had been playing in the background had stopped, and a new one had started playing. "C'mon, lets dance!"

Before Joey could say anything, Mai hooked her arm with his, and dragged him onto the dance floor. Téa laughed as the two 'danced'.

"Aw man, I love this song!" said Duke, jumping up of his chair. "Hey Serenity, lets-"

"Serenity, would you like to dance?" Tristan asked, offering out his hand.

Serenity, glad to get away from Duke, immediately took Tristan's hand. "I'd love to dance Tristan."

The two walked onto the dance floor, and began to dance, never leaving eye contact. Duke just stood there, jaw on the floor, shocked. Téa laughed slightly at the look on his face. But she soon caught sight of Yugi again, and the laughing stopped.



Rebecca looked at Yugi and growled. Once again his was looking over at Téa, whom was sitting over the other side of the hall, dressed in a light pink gown that flowed down to her feet. She hated to admit it, but Téa did look beautiful. That was probably why Yugi couldn't stop looking at her.

Rebecca studied his face. He looked so sad, dancing here with her, it was obvious that he longed for someone, and it wasn't who she hoped it would be.

Sighing heavily, and knowing that she would regret what she was about to do, she stopped dancing and began pushing Yugi to the edge of the dance floor.

"Hey! Rebecca! What are you-"

"For the last hour, I've had to deal with you staring at Téa and paying no attention to me what so ever. It's obvious that you prefer her over me. So, you're gonna ask her to dance."

"What? But you said-"

"Forget what I said Yugi! You of all people should know that I would never hurt Téa, not when I know how you feel towards her."

Rebecca stopped pushing him. Yugi turned around to face her.

"Rebecca, I…"

"Aww, don't worry about it! You just go over there and do what you have to do!"

Yugi smiled. He quickly placed a small kiss on Rebecca's cheek, causing her to blush, thanked her and walked off towards Téa.

Rebecca, a little disappointed that she had let Yugi go, smiled when she saw how happy he looked, but her task was not complete yet. She walked over to the DJ and whispered something in his ear. The DJ nodded his head and gave her a thumbs up, before rummaging through his records.


Téa continued to watch the couples dance, as the song came to an end. She had lost sight of Yugi and Rebecca, but it didn't matter. She sighed heavily.

'Looks like this was just a waste of time-'


Téa looked up. Her heart skipped a beat. Yugi was right there, standing next to her. He was dressed in a smart tuxedo, the Millennium Puzzle still hung around his neck. He offered his hand out to her.

"Would you like to dance?"

Téa gasped. Was she dreaming? Did Yugi just ask her to dance?

'Yes! He did! Yugi actually asked me to dance!'

She took hold of his hand.

"I'd love to."

She stood up, and soon noticed a little problem. She was extremely tall next to Yugi. Both blushed as they imaged what they must look like.

"Err…" Yugi stuttered

"Don't worry, I know what to do," said Téa, when an idea popped into her head. She sat back down and removed her 4 inch heeled shoes, placing them under the chair. When she stood back up again, she was now only slightly taller than Yugi, rather that looking like a giant.

"There, that's better!"

Yugi laughed. He offered his arm out to Téa. She happily linked her arm with his, and let him lead her to the dance floor. As the two got ready to dance, the DJ made an announcement…

"…And this next song has been requested for Yugi Moto and Téa Gardner. It took you a while, but finally you're together!"

Both blushed at the announcement, and felt every single eye in the room turn towards them. Soon, the DJ put on the song that was requested for them. Téa placed her arms around Yugi's neck, and Yugi held Téa around the waist. They slowly danced to the music…

kienai kinou ga owaroutoshite
(As yesterday lingers and comes to an end)
hitomitojireba imademo soukimi ga
(I close my eyes and even now, I can see you)
omoidewa itsudemo mujyakinamamade
(Memories always remain innocent and carefree)
hitori no kurashi madanarenakute
(And I still can't get used to life on my own...)

nomikomaresounajidaini deattakiseki
(What a miracle, to have lived through a time that can swallow you in…)
anokoro wa tadasoba ni irudake de aiseru to omotteita
(Back then I believed that I could love you just by being near you...)

afureru kanjyoo ga tomaranai
(These over-flowing emotions don't stop)
onajiyume toki no naka sutto daiteitakatta
(I wanted to hold tight to the same dream forever...)


As the music continued to play, Yugi and Téa stared into each others eyes, never looking away. They had both dreamed of this moment, and now their dreams had come true…

nakareru machinami akakusometeku
(The cityscape flows by as we paint it red)
itamimokitsukeba shimewasenikawaru
(And before I realized it, my pain slowly turned into happiness)
tsuyogaridakegasou ikitekuakashi
(Pretending to be strong...that is my only proof of life)
rounku no hi no yooni kokorotobosu
(Like the candle's flame, my heart lights up...)

hito wa namida o nukutabi hito o shitte
(People, as they wipe away their tears, begin to understand others)
kini ga kureta atatakaichikara yasashisa ni kaeteikuyo
(And this warm strength you have given me, I will change into compassion...)

afureru kanjyoo ga tomaranai
(These over-flowing emotions don't stop)
kanjitamama ikitekuyo boku ga boku de arutame ni
(I will live on with these sensations, if I am to be myself...)

afureru yuujyoo ni iyasarete
(Comforted by over-flowing friendship...)
meguriai ga shinjitsudato itsuka wakariaeruyo
(Someday we will understand that having met each other...that, in itself, is Truth.)

As the song came to an end, Téa rested her head on Yugi's shoulders, feeling safe in his arms. Yugi reacted by holding Téa closer, feeling that he must to all that he can to protect her. He whispered in her ear the last line of the song…

"Afureru kanjyoo ga tomaranaiyo... (2)"

When the song had ended, Yugi took Téa by the hand and lead her outside. As the exited through the double doors, the Pharaoh appeared in his spirit form and watched Yugi and Téa. He smiled when they saw how happy they were together. He knew that things would work out between them, after seeing how Yugi reacted whenever he saw Téa in danger, like when they were stuck in Noa's Vertual World and Téa had to duel one of the big five. Yugi was worried sick about her and would have done anything to get her out of that frozen duel. Before he disappeared, he sent Yugi a message through the mind link…

'Good luck…'


Yugi stopped underneath the cherry blossom tree, the very one that they had sat under just a few days ago. He held Téa close to him, both laughing and smiling.

"Téa, I just want you to know that I'm sorry about what happened the other day, with Rebecca."

"It's OK Yugi, you don't have to apologise."

"No, I do. I was being a real jerk, giving in to her demands, and upsetting you. I should've known that she would never hurt you. That's not the mind of person she is. But I realise that now, and I just hope you can forgive me for acting like a jerk."

"Oh Yugi, of course I forgive you! How can I stay mad at you anyway?"

"Really Téa? You mean that?"


"Good, because there's one more thing I have to do…"

"Really? And what's-"

But Téa didn't get a chance to finish her question, for as the cherry blossoms began to fall, Yugi placed his lips on top of hers, in a deep kiss…

…Their first kiss…

The End


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