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22:00 that's 10 o'clock at night, for those that can't understand military time




The sky was cloudy, trying to hide the moon and stars that night. B.E.L.D., cleverly disguised as a cement factory, was all green. The sentries hadn't reported anything, all the spotlights were working, and all systems were top notch and nominal. A man sat behind a large oak desk, flicking a lighter open and

closed. The click… pang. Click… pang. It filled the silence as he waited, shadowed within the big, high-backed chair he was in. Click… pang, went the lighter. 'It should've been ready by now.' He thought. Click… pang. 'The last is in the ER… mutantly deformed and ordered to be destroyed.' He crossed one leg over the other, leaning back a bit. 'The subject's genetic make up and been too unstable, and it had

unraveled right away.' He sighed to himself, groaning at the millions of dollars that had been spent to cover that incident up. I mean, how would you explain an explosion at a cement factory? Click… pang, went the lighter.

The little speaker on his desk suddenly came to life, "Sir. Number 407 is complete, ready for your inspection." The man leaned forward quickly. "He's being kept in stasis at the moment, we await your arrival."

"Good." The man said, pocketing the lighter. "I'm on my way." He stood, then went to the doors of his office. Listening intently to be sure no one was in the hall, he locked the two double-doors and went back to his desk. Pushing a hidden button on the underside, he so the statue of a mummy's coffin come open. Thousands of spikes were in there… and he stepped right in. Sensing his presence it slowly closed, and all the spikes vanished into the sides. The floor gave way with a hiss and he dropped!

A slide caught him, and he slid at a steady pace down… down… down…

"Sir!" The two men standing guard saluted as he passed. They both turned, placing a hand on the gel-screens. The green line scanned their hands over, and the giant steel door hissed open to reveal a control panel.

The man stepped up to it and looked into the retina scanner. A laser pointed itself into his left eye, and the computer spoke, "Your name."

"Logan, Garfield." He said formerly, staring straight ahead as his voice patterns were identified. Placing his last name first was standard military procedure, of course.

"Approved." The vaguely female voice of the computer said, allowing him to back away a little before the control panel disappeared into the wall. Then, after a short silence, the entire wall began to move! It hissed, moving upward like a dramatic Star Wars door. "Password?" The computer said.

Garfield took his nametag off (mostly used for the cement factory cover up), holding it up to the security camera. Then, he spoke his password, "So it was you who stole my silver spoon." The computer paused for a moment, then all the red lights that outlined the next doorway turned green.

"Welcome, sir." The computer said at last, for he had passed the final security measure.

Garfield took his nametag and dropped it in the waiting silver colored bowl, along with several others. Anyone who worked down there had a fake ID that was used upstairs in the cement factory cover up. All of them were placed there, so they wouldn't hinder anyone.

He walked down the long white hallway, coming at last to a pair of double doors. He pushed on one and stepped inside. A man in a white lab coat was standing there, gazing up at something. His balding head and leathery indian skin weren't much to look at, but he was the greatest scientific mind anyone could buy. He was the greatest genetic engineer of his time, and probably the best there ever would be. Garfield looked up at the wide, metallic cylinder he was looking at. "Dr. Kathari." He said to announce himself.

"Sir! I'm glad you made it so quickly. Are you ready to see number B-407?" Dr. Kathari said, turning quickly.

"Show me." He said shortly. Dr. Kathari turned, entering a long string of commands to the computer panel nearby. Garfield came and put both hands on the guardrails, leaning with anticipation. All these years of hard work was about to be unveiled in its perfect stage. All the money spent, all the manpower, trading deals, scientists, and genetic exploration of thousands of animals. It was all ready to be unveiled. Right there. Latches undid themselves mechanically, steam hissed loudly as mechanical parts moved and grinded and collapsed into themselves to reveal…

B – 407.

It was floating there, serenely in a greenish liquid. Wires were attached to it here and there, and an oxygen mask kept it from drowning in its sleep. It would fog up… then clear… then fog up again, showing its steady breathing. Garfield looked to the monitors, which were showing it heart-rate blood pressure and whatnot. An outline of its body was on one of the screens, all sorts of indicators, pie charts and everything in between. Everything looked good to him, and Kathari gave a thumbs up.

Garfield looked at the newest addition to the B numbers. He was a young…man? "This one is male?" He turned to Dr. Kathari, an eyebrow rising. "What about the animal genes in him? The aggression? Being territorial? Carnal and savage?"

"No no… you see…" Kathari turned off the light that was lighting the liquid in the tank, revealing that the liquid itself wasn't green. It was the person inside that was green. "Unlike the others… this one's a vegetarian."

"How'd you manage that?" Garfield couldn't help but ask.

"Well. I pulled a few genetic strings, and this is what we came up with. He's almost completely vegetarian. Absolutely no desire for other flesh is in his genetic make up. We'll have to give him supplements, sure, but just think!" Kathari gestured proudly to B–407 with both hands. "A male could be up to 27 stronger than the females all were! An unbelievable turn out with minimal natural aggression!"

"Indeed…" Garfield said carefully, turning his gaze back to the green figure in the tank. He appeared to be in teenage years, although maybe about three months in actual age. His slender limbs hinted at muscles, but didn't bulge unnaturally to show strength. His matching green hair waved gently about in the liquid he was submerged in, not short but not long either. "Green, huh?"


"The ultimate bio-weapon."


"What will we call him?"


"We can't call him B – 407 when he wakes up. It's a serial number." Garfield said carefully.

"Why not just name him after yourself, sir? Garfield Logan?"

"Don't be stupid." He snapped. "I'll return tomorrow with the general of the army. I expect this place to be perfect, understand?"

"Yessir." Kathari watched Garfield Logan turn and leave the room, then returned his gaze to the teenage B- 407. "Yessir indeed…" His tiny half moon glasses glinted in the florescent light.

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