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Part 21: B-408 (Epilogue)

B-408 hung in serene, stable condition. The smooth skin of her body gave a soft, golden hue to the water. Her pale peach skin made it seem as though she were glowing when given just a little light. Nude, and a perfect example of feminine humanity, she did not move in the slightest. Save breathing, that is. The gentle curves of her body looked angelic, almost innocent.

The lab had been abandoned almost eight months ago, after the defeat of the man named Garfield Logan by the Titans. The scientist meant to watch over her had set everything into automatic mode, and fled the country. Everything was still green, and fuctioning properly. Nothing had gone wrong at all, and the entire lab was sealed off. No one had discovered it yet, and no one would. It was perfectly hidden out in the desert.

B-408 had a tattoo on her left buttock, showing her serial number. She was the last one. The last in a now forgotten race of super soldiers. The ultimate bio-weapons. The one called B-001 had gone mad in Arkham Asylum, so he wasn't going to tell anyone about her. I must've been hard to hold onto sanity with only one arm and no nanites to make him super-powered.

She was perfect. With Raven's DNA, there was no telling what sort of incredible powers she would develop over time. All she had to do was wake up… Every so often a bubble would travel up through the vat, the only significant sign of movement.

The lab was strewn with hundreds of papers, notes, scribbles and other things. Take-out Chinese boxes littered the floor, a trashcan was overflowing with paper wads and the like. Nowhere near the neatness it was eight months ago when it had first been activated.

Amongst the clutter was a small leather book. It was worn and dirty, written in with scribbled hand-writing. It was the scientist's journal, which he'd left behind so he wouldn't have anything on his person pertaining to the place where it was kept. It was open to the final page where it had been written on, a now dry pen sitting on it to hold it open.

I cannot stay here anymore. The burden is too great. She is still alive, and will be fine as long as no one finds this hidden lab out in the middle of the desert. I am on the edge of my sanity, and must flee. The Teen Titans have defeated Garfield. I saw it on the news the other day. So… what have I left to do? I have fulfilled all of my duties, right? Wait… there was something else… what was it? Mr. Logan asked me to do something just before he left… Oh, that's right. B-408. I have to give her a human name. Well… I'm not very good at this… hmm… I've never named anyone before. Oh wait! I've got the perfect name! I think I'll name her……TERRA.

In the vat of liquid, a pair of sharp blue eyes snapped open!

HOLY F - - - ING PLOT-TWIST BATMAN! Next time on BARCODE, I……oh wait… that's the end! Oops! Hahahaha! It wasn't Starfire! B-408 was Terra all along! Fooled yooooooooooou! Did you notice I never said what color her hair was in the other parts of the story? That would've been a dead giveaway… but hey, I hope you liked it! Because, well… that's all folks! There won't be a sequel, at least not of my doing. BARCODE has been an incredible project to work on, but now I'm done with it. So… yay for me! I FINALLY finished BARCODE! I hope everyone enjoyed it! Thankies for all your reviews and stuff.

To think all this starting from the simple question, "Why does Beast Boy wear gloves all the time?" Well, readers… I guess you know now. (smile) This is Will the Titan… signing off.

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