"Demons from the Past"

by Olivia Sutton

Part 1 of 7

Category: Angst (I mean, really, do I ever write anything else?)

Author's note: This is probably the longest thing I've ever written, not just the longest fanfic, but the longest anything, ever, I think it even beats my master's thesis. I never would have finished it without the constant encouragement, help, and even badgering of Jackie Cox, my faithful beta and friend. This story started last August (of 2004) as an aftermath tale from my previous story "Into All Sadness a Little Happiness Must Fall" and just sorta' grewand along with it that story's been re-written so you might want to take a look at it before reading this story. References are also to be found to "You Know Me So Well". Later parts include references to an unpublished story by Jackie Cox. This story is set approximately three months after the demise of Marty Hopkirk. Comments are always welcome, so please review! Enjoy!

Summary: Jeff is hired to find the kidnapped thirteen-year old son of a wealthy couple; but the case hurls him into a dark and sordid world that brings back painful memories from his shared past with Marty Hopkirk.

Disclaimer: This fanfic is written for fun, for the enjoyment of other fans, and for reviews, but never for profit, so please don't sue! Based on the new (2000-2001) version of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, copyright to the BBC 2000-2001. (previous version copyrighted 1969 by ITC).

PLEASE PLEASE NOTE: the individuals, places, and institutions portrayed in this story are absolutely fictional, no real person or persons are meant to be implied or suggested in this fanfic. Any resemblance to real people, teachers, schools or anything or anyone else is absolutely a co-incidence and accidental.

Warnings:Again, dealing with adult topics, adult situations, and violence (including the aftermath of violence). Please do not read if easily offended or under-age. This story is reluctantly rated R, no one under 18 admitted without parent or guardian. And if you are under-age, for god's sake don't tell me. 'Nuff said.

Demons from the Past

by Olivia Sutton

Part 1

"Wendy, I really need to talk to you, it's important," Jeannie Hurst said into the telephone.

"Well, all right, if you insist. How about if you come over to the house for luncheon tomorrow, then? Is that all right, Jeannie?" asked Wendy, her sister.

"Yes, that's fine Wendy. Thanks."

"It's really not a problem, Jeannie. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you," Jeannie clicked off on her telephone, than sat down thinking about the news she had to give her sister.

The next morning, Jeannie met her sister at her house. Once luncheon was served, Wendy looked at Jeannie and said, "Well, what is it?"

"Wendy, I...I saw my doctor yesterday, and...well, it's a bit complicated. Marty and I had discussed wanting to have children, and he was so excited about the prospect that I stopped taking the pill months before the wedding. And then with...with Marty's..." she began to sob, again.

"I know, go on, then..."

"Well, I didn't get my...well, my period, Wendy, and I thought... But then a month later I had spotting, so I supposed that I was only irregular because of the stress. I mean, the stress of the wedding, and Marty... well, you know, and then the funeral..."

"Yes, go on, Jeannie," Wendy encouraged.

"I went to the doctor yesterday. I'm pregnant!"

Wendy looked at Jeannie in shock, "Well, congratulations," then she looked at her sister's scared and surprised face, "It is congratulations, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is! Having a child, well, it would be like having some part of Marty back. But I'm scared, Wendy. No, I'm terrified. I'm single now, I'm working. Jeff depends on me. How am I going to work with a baby? And the business, Wendy, the detective business is on shaky ground. Jeff is always struggling with bills. How am I going to provide for a baby? What will Jeff do when I can't work?"

"Jeannie, you don't think Jeff will be angry at you?"

"I don't know! I don't think he ever expected to have a partner that's pregnant."

Wendy leaned closer to her sister, "I don't think Jeff will be angry, Jeannie. I think he'll be happy for you. Everything else will sort itself out, you'll see. And if you need money..."

"Wendy! I didn't tell you this so I could depend on your money."

"Jeannie, if you need to, you'll accept my help. I want to help. For the sake of the baby, don't be so stubborn about it."

Jeannie looked at her and nodded, "You think Jeff will be happy?"

"You're always saying he's a great bloke, Jeannie. Do you really think he'll be angry?"

"No, I don't, really, I think he'll be happy for me."

Wendy nodded, then said, "Eat-up dear, you're eating for two now, you may as well enjoy it."

Jeannie glared at her sister, then took a bite of her salad, thinking to herself how she would break the news to Jeff.

Jeff Randall sat at his desk in his office at Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) Security Services, preparing a report for a client. He'd been surprised that Jeannie hadn't been in the office when he'd arrived. Then, he heard the outer door to the office open. He smiled, then returned to working on his report.

Jeannie walked into the office, "Jeff, may I talk to you for a minute?'

"Sure, Jeannie," he said, smiling at her.

"Jeff, I...I have to tell you something, um..." and Jeannie began to cry.

Jeff looked up, in surprise. Jeannie seldom cried. "Jeannie, What is it? What's wrong?" He got up and went to her side, "Here, sit down, and tell me, what's the matter?"

Jeannie sat in the chair before Jeff's desk that was usually used by clients, Jeff knelt next to her, one hand on her back, the other on her arm, "Jeannie, come on, then, what is it?"

"I saw my doctor a few days ago, Jeff."

"Jeannie? Are you okay? You're not...well, ill or something?"

"No! Not exactly, Jeff, but I went to the doctor and..."

At that moment, Marty appeared. He instantly saw Jeff at Jeannie's side, and was about to protest when Jeannie blurted out...

"I'm pregnant, Jeff."

Marty nearly collapsed in shock.

Jeff looked at her sideways, "I didn't even know you were dating anyone, Jeannie."

Jeannie glared at him, "Jeff, it's Marty's baby, of course. How could you possibly think I would... with someone else? God, it's only been three months, since he died, Jeff."

"Yah, Jeff, Jeannie wouldn't... with someone else, she wouldn't!" said Marty, looking at Jeff with a slightly hurt expression, then he went to his fiancée's side, "Oh, Jeannie," he whispered into her ear.

Jeff looked at her again, "Oh, well, yes. I'm sorry, Jeannie. I am. I didn't mean to insult you," he smiled, "Well, that's great, Jeannie! I'm happy for you."

But Jeannie was crying even harder now, "Jeff, what are we going to do? What am I going to do? How am I going to handle a baby and working here? And how am I going to raise this baby without Marty?"

"We'll work something out. I'll take care of you, Jeannie. I promised Marty I would, and I will," Jeff gave his partner a look.

"But I won't be able to work, and when I come back I'll need to find a baby minder, and there's formula, and nappies, babies are expensive Jeff, and... I know the finances are shaky, here at the office."

"We'll suss something out, Jeannie, now, come on. You almost sound like you don't want the baby."

Marty looked absolutely horrified at that, "No, Jeff... whatever you have to do, don't let her... Please, Jeff, not my child, please."

"No, it's not that, having a child..." Jeannie looked wistful, "Having a child will be like having a little bit of Marty back. But how will I tell the baby what happened to his or her father? And how am I going to manage all alone?" Jeannie said, as she finally stopped crying.

"You won't be alone, Jeannie. I'll help you. It will be all right. You know, Marty told me once that he really wanted kids."

"Really, Jeff?" Jeannie asked.

"Yes, really," Jeff answered, patting her back, I just won't mention that it was after he died that he said that. "It will be all right, Jeannie, I promise, everything will sort itself out."

"Well, you know, Marty was very excited when we first discussed it. He brought it up, in fact, told me he wanted children, almost immediately after we became engaged. I wasn't sure he would, he never mentioned it when we lived together, but... right after he proposed, within a few days, he brought it up. I remembered that when I found out."

Jeff gave Jeannie a little squeeze, "See, everything will be all right, Jeannie, and you're not alone, don't feel that you are, you have me, and your sister Wendy, and..." Jeff looked at Marty, but left off. "Have you told Wendy yet?"

"Yes, I spoke to her yesterday."

"Now, come on, I'll make you some tea. Everything will be fine, Jeannie."

Jeannie nodded, and stood up.

Jeff stood with her, "It will be all right, Jeannie. I promise." He moved in to hug her.

Marty looked at Jeff, and at Jeannie, but instead of jealousy, his face showed almost childlike innocence. "Jeff, look after her for me, and the baby."

Jeff looked at Marty, trying to telegraph his expression of "wait a moment" to Marty, then he put a hand on Jeannie's arm and said, "Jeannie, why don't you go and fix your face? And I'll make you a nice cuppa tea, yah? All right, Jeannie?"

Jeannie left the inner office, and Jeff turned and faced Marty, who, in shock, had sat down on the nearest surface, which happened to be Jeff's desk. "Jeannie's... She's..."

"Marty, I'll look after her. We'll sort something out in terms of running the office and for money, but, I promise, Marty, I'll take care of her and your child like they were my own. I swear it, Marty," Jeff looked up at his partner's still amazed face.

Marty smiled at him, "Thank you, Jeff."

"Marty, it's the least I could do. I... I've always cared about Jeannie, Marty. And it's your child... I promise I'll look after them both, I will."

"I know you will, Jeff. And I'll be here to hold you to it. I'm going to be a father? Wait 'til I tell Wyvern." Marty disappeared.

Jeff moved into the outer office and started to make a nice strong pot of tea.

Jeff brought two mugs of tea into the inner office and placed one on Marty's desk used by Jeannie and one on his own, then he returned to the outer office, went out into the upstairs corridor, and looked towards the lavatories at the end of the hall. He saw the ladies room door open and quickly re-entered the main office and shut the door. He heard Jeannie's heels clicking in the hallway, then the door opened.

"Feeling better, Jeannie?" he asked.

Jeannie nodded, "It must be the hormones. The whole way here, I kept thinking about how I'd tell you, what I'd say, what you'd say. By the time I'd arrived at the office, I really worked myself into a state. I was half convinced you'd be cross."

"No, Jeannie, no," Jeff walked toward her and placed an arm around her shoulders, "Jeannie, I'm happy for you. Marty will be... Marty would have been pleased, I know he would," he patted her opposite shoulder then took his hand away, "Come on, tea's on. It's just the thing to help you calm down."

Jeannie nodded, and let Jeff lead her into the office.

Once he'd seen her sat down, Jeff returned to his chair behind his desk. He grabbed his tea and took a deep sip, then set it back on his desk, "Jeannie, there is one thing, though..."

Jeannie sipped her tea, sitting in Marty's chair at Marty desk, "Oh?'

"Well, I don't think you should do any of the legwork. Not anymore, not while you're in a delicate state," Jeff said, looking at her cautiously.

"You can't be serious? Jeff! I'm pregnant, not a china doll!"

"Still, Jeannie, if you got hurt during a case, I'd never forgive myself. If..."

"Jeff, I am perfectly capable of working, at least for the next trimester, I'll be fine."

"It's too dangerous, Jeannie," Jeff stated, shaking his head.

Unnoticed by either Jeff or Jeannie, the outer door to the office opened, and a white-haired man in a navy blue suit, entered the outer office.

"It's not! Jeff, I never figured you for such a sexist pig!" She shouted, slamming her mug of tea on the desk as she spoke, the tea sloshed onto Marty's desk.

"Jeannie... look, you know how dangerous the work can be, we both know how dangerous it can be," Jeff motioned his head towards the picture of himself and Marty on the wall.

"THAT is not fair, Jeff!" Jeannie responded, her face growing red.

The man in the outer office, followed the noise of arguing voices and entered the inner office. He crossed the room and stood in front of Jeff's desk.

"I'm not saying you need to stay home, just stay in the office. Let me handle the legwork."

"And who will be your backup?" Jeannie responded, as she cleaned up the spilt tea with a tissue.

The man decided to interrupt Jeannie and Jeff, "Hum-um! Perhaps if you two are more interested in arguing, I can take my business to the detectives downstairs?" he said in a cultured accent.

"Wyvern, Wyvern, Are you here?" Shouted Marty, happily as he appeared in Wyvern's rooms in Limbo.

"And where else would I be?" Asked Wyvern, blue eyes sparkling.

"Wyvern, I have some great news. It's about Jeannie, Wyvern. She's going to have a baby. I'm going to be a father! Can you believe it?"

Wyvern nodded, his face grim, "Marty..."

"What? Can't you be happy for me?" Marty asked, the energy and happiness dissipating from his manner, as he noted Wyvern's tone. Marty caused an armchair to appear, than sat in it, gloomily.

Wyvern looked away, thinking, then said, "Nothing, only a pregnancy can be a long time, that's all."

Marty looked at Wyvern, hurt and confused, "But Jeff will look after her... he'll make sure she's safe. It's not that dangerous, the work."

Wyvern started to say something, then stopped, and smiled a wide smile, "I'm sorry, Marty, pay no heed to your gloomy guide. Why don't you go and join Jeff now?"

Marty smiled and left. Once he was gone, Wyvern frowned, his brow furrowing in thought.

At the offices of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased), Jeff jumped, spilling his own tea, then stood up and quickly walked around the desk, "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't know you were there."

"Obviously," the man stated, in a cultured posh tone. He was dressed in a flash blue suit, and carried an expensive-looking leather briefcase.

"We're sorry, my partner and I were just discussing some personal issues, Mister..." Jeannie left that hanging, and stood to offer her hand.

"Ah, are you Randall or Hopkirk?" he asked.

"I'm Miss Hurst, this is Mister Randall, and Hopkirk's..." she paled and trailed off.

"My former partner, died," Jeff filled in, "Now, Mr...you still haven't told us your name." Jeff grabbed a tissue from a box on the desktop and mopped up the spilt tea.

Marty appeared, and stood next to Jeff, Jeff jumped just a bit, then glanced sideways, before returning his attention to the posh man sitting in front of his desk.

"Worthington, Sir Herbert Geoffrey Worthington," the man answered in his cultured accent.

"Oh, very posh," Marty sneered, sarcastically, "Jeff, I need to talk to you."

Jeff attempted to subtly signal Marty to leave him alone, but rose at the cultured-man's name, "Yes, sir, What can we do for you?"

Sir Worthington motioned for Jeff and Jeannie to sit, than sat himself in front of Jeff's desk in a creaky chair and said, "It's my son, Clive, he's gone missing. My wife, Lady Patience and I feared he was kidnapped for ransom, so we haven't contacted the police, but there's been no ransom demand, nothing. We're frightfully worried."

"I see," Jeff said, nodding, as he sat again, "And there's been no ransom demand, you say? Well, are you going to contact the police?"

Marty looked at the man with a pained expression, then began to listen, completely forgetting to annoy Jeff as the man's tale held him spellbound.

"My wife and I agreed, we won't contact the police. If there is a ransom demand, later, we don't want the police involved. Too dangerous for Clive, you see? But private, um, security? Yes, that's the way."

Jeff nodded again, "I see, well, can you tell me," he looked at Jeannie, "Can you tell us when your son went missing?" Jeff picked up a notebook and pencil from the desk, and flipped open the notebook.

"He was last seen at school, on Monday, that's three days ago. My wife and I... well, we wanted Clive to have a normal childhood, not a pampered one, so we sent him to Abbotts Field Comprehensive school in Kent, rather than public boarding school. We thought it best."

Jeannie's jaw dropped in surprise, then she asked, "Wait, if he disappeared on Monday, why did you wait so long to contact us?"

Sir Worthington looked uncomfortable, coughed, then said, "I was expecting a ransom demand, but we haven't received one. My wife, she insisted we contact someone to investigate and to find Clive. I insisted that we wait... but now..."

"It's been long enough, that you agreed to come to us," said Jeannie.

"That's right," answered Sir Worthington, "I... I probably shouldn't have waited so long, but I was sure..."

"Can you tell us what happened?" Jeff offered.

"We sent Hawkins, our driver, to collect Clive on Monday, and he returned from Abbotts Field without him. He contacted me immediately, of course, and I went there straight away. The school buildings and grounds were searched. The only clue we have is that Clive apparently walked off with another boy from the school."

"I see," said Jeff, scribbling down the facts in his notebook, "Who was this other boy?"

"Mark Daley, he's a year senior to our Clive, lives near the school."

"And do you know this Mark Daley?" put in Jeannie.

"We've not met him, but Clive has mentioned him several times this year," replied Worthington.

Jeff wrote that down, then asked, "Have you spoken to him? Asked if he knows what happened to Clive?"

"No... no, I thought that would be up your street, as it were, Mister Randall, I only found out which boy Clive left with this morning, no one at the school has said anything for the past few days."

Jeff nodded, "Right, well, do you have a picture of Clive, then?"

Worthington nodded, "Of course," he replied, then he lifted the briefcase at his side, placed it on his lap, and opened it. He took out a stack of photographs, and placed them on the desk.

Jeff grabbed a photo and lifted it, bringing into his field of vision. His heart leapt when he looked at the photograph. It was a posed official-looking photograph of an grim 13-year old boy, dressed in a navy blue suit and school tie, with black, messy hair, and bright blue eyes behind thin glasses with metal rims. But what startled Jeff so much was the child's resemblance to Marty Hopkirk. "Take away the flash suit, and it's Marty," he mumbled, then he shook himself and recovered, "And this is an recent photograph, Sir Worthington?"

Marty looked at Jeff's face with surprise, he'd heard Jeff's mumbled words, he stood up and leaned in to take a closer look. Marty was even more startled than Jeff, because the photograph did look very much as he had when he was younger, apart from the glasses.

"Yes, it was taken at the beginning of the year. Clive will be fourteen next month."

Jeff rose, "How do we contact you?"

Worthington took a piece of paper off the desk and wrote down a number and name on it, "Higgins is my private secretary, he knows where I can be reached at any time, day or night. You may contact him with your progress, and he will pass on the information to me. And if you find out where Clive is, or have any urgent need to contact me, Higgins always knows where I am, if you phone him, he'll inform me, and I'll contact you, straight away, Mr. Randall."

Jeff nodded, "Thank you, we'll be in touch," he rose from the desk and showed the man out, then returned to his desk.

"Well, what was it?" asked Jeannie.

"What was what, Jeannie?" Jeff asked crossly.

"Jeff, when you looked at the photograph, you went as pale as a ghost, then you very obviously dismissed the client, what spooked you?"

"This, Jeannie, this..." Jeff picked up the photograph, stood up and brought it to her.

Jeannie looked at the photo, "He's a nice-looking boy, but I don't understand why..."

"Nice looking?" said Jeff, interrupting her, "Jeannie, don't you think he looks like Marty?"

"Marty, no... well, I suppose there's a bit of a resemblance, but I don't see..."

Jeff looked away, then went to the filing cabinet across the room and yanked open the top drawer, he took out an old vinyl photograph album, then walked to Jeannie's desk. He placed the album in front of her, and opened the pages.

"Jeff you kept it? In the office? I never knew..." said Marty, watching Jeff, as he put the album in front of Jeannie.

Jeannie looked with fascination at the pictures; there were several, all of Jeff and Marty as children and teenagers. She flipped through the album captivated by the pictures, from holiday camps, school photographs, dances, even casual shots around a small, yellow, suburban house. "I've never seen these," Jeannie said, as she continued to look at the photographs.

Jeff looked at the pictures with her for a moment, then got up and walked away from Marty's desk. "We've got to help that boy, Jeannie, we've got to."

"All right, all right," Jeannie said, still engrossed in the pictures of her fiancé's childhood, "But I still don't think he looks like Marty."

Jeff stood away from her, facing the wall of the office. Marty appeared in front of him, and saw that his mate had tears in his eyes. Marty looked at Jeff, sympathetically, "I'm surprised you kept that album here; Jeff, I'm touched, I really am."

Marty's comment only made Jeff cry harder. Jeannie looked up, and saw Jeff's shoulders were shaking, she closed the album, and walked to Jeff, putting an arm around his shoulders, "Hey, Jeff," she said, quietly, "Jeff, come on, we'll find him. And thank you for letting me see the picture album."

Jeff nodded, still looking at the wall, trying to control his tears.

Jeannie patted Jeff's shoulder again, "Come on, Jeff, let's plan out what to do."

Jeff shuddered, then pulled himself together, "Sure, Jeannie, let's do that," he returned to his desk and sat. Jeannie followed him, sitting at her own desk. Then Jeff turned and said, "Jeannie, would you... could you pop out and get us some sandwiches or takeaway or something, first, though, please? I mean, I know you don't like running errands like that but..."

Jeannie looked at him with sympathy and complete understanding, Jeff was shaken and wanted time alone to pull himself together, "Sure, Jeff, anything in particular you'd like?"

"Not really, Jeannie, whatever you want is fine, I just..." Jeff left off.

Jeannie nodded back an answer, "I understand, Jeff," then she quickly fled the office.

Marty watched his fiancée leave, then turned to face Jeff. Marty walked over to Jeff and sat on the corner of his desk, facing him, "Jeff... I never knew you kept those pictures. I thought your mother still had them."

Jeff had his head on the desk, hearing Marty's voice he pulled himself up off the desk and pushed the desk chair back against the wall, his eyes were bright red. "I collected them after... after your death, Marty," Jeff answered.

Marty whistled, "Jeff... I'm... I'm sor..."

"Marty, it wasn't your fault you died, don't blame yourself. It was mine."

Marty stood up and looked away, then he looked at Jeff, pain in his eyes, "Jeff, I think Gordon Stylus had something to do with it. You need to stop blaming yourself, please."

Jeff stood up with a dismissive motion and walked to the window. It was a gray day, with a light rain, "Great," he said in an undertone, "And I sent Jeannie out in the rain." He turned from the window and looked at Marty, "Marty, do you know anything about this Clive Worthington?"

"No, I've never heard of him, but you're right, he does look the way I did when I was that age."

"Marty..." Jeff started to say, then he stopped, and turned towards the window, tears threatening again to fall.

Marty nodded, then appeared in front of Jeff, "Jeff..." he said, pained.

"Don't, Marty, just don't, I better come up with a plan before Jeannie returns," Jeff turned away from the window, his shoulders slumped, then returned to sit at his desk.

Marty disappeared, then materialised next to Jeff's desk chair.

"So, did you tell Wyvern, then?" Jeff asked.

Marty looked at him in confusion, "Oh, yah, Jeff... that's what I was going to tell you. Wyvern... his reaction, well, it wasn't what I was bloody expecting."

Jeff nodded, "What do you mean?"

"I don't flamin' know what I mean, Jeff. Just... be extra careful of Jeannie, please."

"I will, Marty," Jeff nodded, then looked up as he heard the outer door opening. Marty disappeared. And a few seconds later, Jeannie entered the inner office, with two takeaway bags. She put one on Jeff's desk and one on her own, then sat at Marty's desk.

"So, what's the plan, then?" asked Jeannie.

"What? Oh, I thought I'd interview the headmaster at the school, see if there was anyone especially close to Clive that we can speak to, and try to find that boy, Mark."

Jeannie nodded, "Jeff, Are you all right?"

Jeff looked at her, "What do you mean, Jeannie?'

Jeannie looked away, then back at him, "Are you all right? The way you acted when you saw the photograph? And after..."

"I'm fine, Jeannie."

Jeannie looked at him like she didn't quite believe him, but she didn't press him about it.