Jedi Temple

Anakin had been unable to shake Obi-Wan off all day. His Master's stern presence had hovered over him almost as if Obi-Wan suspected his Padawa's intentions and was trying to thwart them.

When night finally came and the Jedi Master was forced to retire into his own private chambers, Anakin breathed a sigh of relief, and not just because his patience had been stretched thin. If he had borne just one more of Obi-Wan's suspicions, interfering glances, he believed he would have strangled his Master.

Anakin waited a few impossible seconds to sense his Master's somnolence, then quickly dressed. He had retired early in an effort to shake off his Master.

He climbed out of the window of his room in the Jedi Temple and made his way down to the plaza in front. Anybody that might have looked up by chance at that point in time would have seen nothing. He was cloaked in darkness in more ways than one.

He landed lightly at the edge of the plaza and took off on feet. He could have conveniently taken a speeder but where would have been the fun in that?

500 Republica

Contrary to what most people might assume, Padmé Amidala knew her way round the small kitchen of the official apartment. It was small by necessity because most of the time, food was either ordered from the elaborate restaurants contained within the building or consumed at work at neighbouring cafes around the Senate building or at more exotic places during not-all-trivial social gatherings. A few of her staff used it occasionally: Dormé, for one, insisted on cooking traditional meals whenever she could; but most of them had accepted Coruscant's multi-ethnic cuisine.

Padmé lit the lily dish on the flame and searched for the wild oshii flowers in the cabinets. They were running low in supply. It was strange of Dormé not to have spotted that earlier, especially as she knew how therapeutic Padmé found cooking them. Padmé finished spraying the ground flowers with water and placed them on the burner. Almost immediately, the strong aroma filled her nostrils and her head cleared momentarily.

Still there was a soft pressure of tears in her throat as she lay down in her bed, her arms immediately curling around the empty space that only her husband could feel.