Old Beginning of a New End

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Chapter 1- Inception

(Ancient Egypt)

The young, wild-eyed, white haired misfit confidently entered into the Pharaoh Atemu's holy throne room. He was wearing a malicious grin on his face, and carried with him an impressive accumulation of precious treasures. "Here! I brought you this junk from Akhenamkhanen's tomb!" He triumphantly announced, letting the plundered items fall to the floor. The young thief held up his arm, to which there was a rope attached...and a very decrepit mummy at the end of the rope. "Hnn..check out this 'thing' I found in the sarcophagus!" He laughed, dangling his macabre prize.

"Y-you...desecrated former Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen's tomb?" Siamun Muran, Atemu's vizier gasped in horror, falling to his hands and knees.

"I've come for the Millennium Items!" The thief revealed, glaring at the Pharaoh Atemu –and the Millennium Puzzle hanging from the young Pharaoh's neck.

Atemu rubbed his head. Why does this feel so familiar?He thought to himself, looking around the room He had a strange feeling that he'd lived this scene out before, but why? How?

"Tell us your name, thief!" Priest Mahado demanded as he stepped forward, pointing at firey outlaw.

"King' has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you agree, Pharaoh?" The tomb-robber chuckled. "I'm the pride and joy of Kul Elna, the great Bakura, a King of Thieves!"

"No! It can't be!" High Priest Akhenaden gasped...though nobody heard him.

Bakura gave Akhenamkhanen's mummy a good swift kick, causing its decayed head to go flying, ultimately landing in High Priestess Isis's lap.

"AHHHHHHH! Get it off!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, quickly throwing the rotting thing at Priest Mahado.

"Shada!" Mahado yelled, chest passing the crusty head.

Shada passed it to High Priest Seto, and so forth. It was quickly turning into a game of hot potato with Akhenamkhanen's head. The unintended head tossing ended when they all noticed that Atemu had fainted and knocked himself out somehow.

"Pharaoh!" Siamun Muran gasped, quickly tending to Atemu.

Bakura couldn't help but laugh his head off as threatening glares fell upon him. "Well? Aren't you scumbags going to pass judgement upon me?" He asked, challenging the powers of the Pharaoh's shaken inner circle.

With the Pharaoh out cold, it was a cinch for Bakura to defeat them all, earning him their Millennium Items. He promptly sent them to the dungeons to rot for a while and cool off. The guards were scared shitless of him, so they did as he told them, leaving Bakura alone with the Pharaoh –and the last Millennium Item. Bakura stalked up to the fallen Pharaoh, his red and gold robe swaying with his gait. He knelt down next to Atemu and rolled him onto his back. The bright gold reflection off the Millennium Puzzle flashed in Bakura's indigo eyes.

Atemu's eyes opened slowly as the Thief King's shadow fell over him. "W- why are you doing this?" He asked, half-conscious.

Bakura narrowed his eyes. "Don't play stupid with me, you know full-well why."

Atemu rubbed his forehead, his mind still somewhat foggy from hitting his head. "No, I don't know why. Enlighten me a little here. "

Bakura grabbed the Pharaoh by his wrists and forced his arms back onto the floor. He straddled the Pharaoh's hips and sat on him so that he was unable to move.

Atemu's eyes shot open. While staring up into Bakura's vengeful eyes, something clicked inside his head. Hold on, I remember some of this...

Bakura grabbed the Pharaoh's chin and squeezed his lips. He was about to laugh at the strange expression on Atemu's face, but right at the second their gazes locked, something went off in Bakura's mind. Wait a minute...this is familiar, but why can't I remember?

"You sense it too?" Atemu asked, seeing the bewilderment in Bakura's eyes.

"I do." Bakura answered, looking down at their clothing.

Atemu's eyes sparkled for a second. "Yugi..."

Bakura took his hands off Atemu and sat on the floor crossed-legged. "Wait..I remember now." He groaned, resting his elbows on his knees.

Atemu sat up slowly, hissing from the pain the bump on his head was causing. "Owe, damn it, care to enlighten me than? My mind is still a bit foggy"

Bakura held up his hand and flipped it around for Atemu to see. "Does this name ring any bells?"

Atemu's jaw dropped. "Marik...yes, I'm starting to remember now. We're here to find our hikari's."

"Hey, asshole! Can you hear us!" Bakura shouted, his voice echoing off the tall walls of the throne room.

(The Present )

"Yeah, I'm here. Aren't you glad I wrote that on your hand before you left? You should thank me, you know. Can you both start fighting again or something? That was hot." Marik laughed, with the stick of a blue raspberry Blow Pop sticking out of the corner of his mouth. "By the way, nice legs, Pharaoh."

Atemu narrowed his eyes and looked up. "Enough Marik, I can do without your sarcastic musing. It's bad enough that I'm in Bakura's memory world –with Bakura mind you. This place is more twisted than I ever imagined. You could've at least said something and reminded us that you're out there."

Bakura punched the Pharaoh in the bicep. "Shut up, you nit-wit! Did you ever stop and consider that your memories may in fact be corrupted, that your recollections may be incorrect? You need to drop that ego down a few notches so we can get on with this show."

Atemu reluctantly nodded his head. "You're half right, we can argue about this matter after we do what we came to do here."

"Whatever." Bakura agreed, getting to his feet. "I'm go see how your, -er my pathetic priests are doing down in the dungeon."

"You sent them to the dungeon? Bakura! How could you?" Atemu gasped, slowly pulling himself up.

"Oh shut it, you can come with me.. if you wish to do so." Bakura scoffed as he walked off in the direction of the palace dungeon.

Atemu growled under his breath as he followed in Bakura's direction.

"If you guys need anything, just holler. I'll just be here watching." Marik smirked, sitting comfortably behind Yugi's computer.

Malik walked up behind him carrying two glasses of iced tea, decorated with lemon wedges. "Everything going okay?" He asked, handing Marik one of the glasses.

Marik patted his lap as he took the glass from Malik. "C'mere baby, you get to watch from the best seat in the house."

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