NOTE: Paper Haven will never be finished. I deleted it months ago. STOP ASKING ABOUT IT, IT SUCKED.

Drops of Blood

This story is dark! You have been warned.

He barely even felt the cut. Just a quick motion, maybe it was an accident- but it happened.

But he saw the bright red drops appear on his wrist. He stared at them, the jolly bright color mocking him as the drops turned into a trickle. He felt faint then, steadying himself against the wall.

But all he could do was watch as the blood began draining from his body. Was this how he was to die? Was this the punishment for all of his sins? Each drop of blood another bit of retribution. It was almost too fitting for one like him, but he didn't deserve this!

He slowly slumped to the ground, head spinning. So much blood. There was nothing he could do now. He was too far gone… His eyelids grew heavy and he was engulfed by darkness.

"…Oh for crying out loud your Majesty! It's just a paper cut!" Escargon exclaimed, trying to hold onto his arm to apply some bandages. "Sheesh, a little bit of blood and you pass out…"

"Oww! It hurts!" Dedede whined like a small child, eyes still teary. "That was a lot of blood, I could have died!"

"I was a few drops, stop overreacting…" he sighed, finally getting the bandage on. "There!"

Dedede studied it for a moment and winced. "…It still hurts."

The snail sighed. "What, want me to kiss it and make it all better?"

"…No, that's all right." He let his sleeve fall over his arm again. He then realized that he was showing weakness and maybe even being a little nice and he couldn't do that- he had a reputation to keep. So he grinned maliciously. "Well, for saving my life you're gonna get a reward!"

Escargon perked up a bit. "A reward? Really?"

"Yeah, today you get a ten minute lunch break instead of five! So we're even!" He hit Escargon hard on the back in what would have been a hearty pat on the back from anyone else. "Thanks!" He laughed as he left the room and Escargon scowled for a moment.

"That ungrateful…" he growled, putting everything back into the First Aid kit. And he smiled suddenly. "He said thank you…" And for some reason that seemed to cheer him right back up. Closing the box, he went to go put it back, humming a little tune to himself. Maybe he was getting through to him.

AN: Ah, I haven't written a parody in too long. That felt good.