Author's Note: Hello all, and welcome to the first Digimon fic of a long-time Digimon fan. If it stinks,I'm sorry. It was your choice to read it. I tried to make it believable, but I obviously can't make everyone happy.Just so you know, I'm a friend of Sphynx (For those of you who know her, great! For those who don't, read her fics:D ) and she has kindly agreed to beta this little idea of mine. So, this is dedicated to her! Everyone clap for Sphynx!

Okay, here're the little details about the fic that almost no-one notices. First of all, this is a Daisuke-Catherine pairing. In my mind it's a pairing that has far too little support behind it; they're a cute couple. (Even if they never saw each other in the show. ;) ) Also, I came up with this idea while listening to a song with the same title, so it might be a little crazy. This takes place about seven to eight years after 02. And that's . . . that's about it. Review please! Oh, and I hate to say it, but Daisuke is no longer obsessed with Hikari. ;)People grow up; you'll see why he's angry with her later in the fic. And it has nothing to do with Takeru.

-You May Be Right –


"Moshi moshi. Motomiya residence."

"Jun, it's Ken. Is Daisuke there?"

"He's not here. He went out about an hour ago and didn't say where he was going. He better not be getting into trouble again, because there's no way I'm bailing him out of jail anymore! You'll tell him that when you see him, won't you?"

"Don't worry Jun, I will."

Ichijouji Ken hung up the telephone and sighed. This was the third time Daisuke had missed one of the Japanese Chosen Children's get-togethers. In the past two years, Daisuke had been arrested eleven times, suspended twice, and almost expelled once. He had been in four wrecks and had gotten in trouble for speeding countless times. This had all started when he reached puberty. At fourteen Hikari and Takeru had officially become a couple, and Daisuke lost it. He started developing an attitude and distanced himself from the rest of the Chosen, but not until he had stalked Hikari for nearly two months.

Miyako saw the look on Ken's face and walked over. She put a hand on his shoulder and smiled sympathetically. She and Ken had been dating off and on – more on than off – for three years now. Daisuke had gotten his motorcycle at around the time that they started dating, and gave up soccer. That had been the first sign that something wasn't quite right with him.

Ken smiled weakly and turned. He and Miyako walked back to the others. They were met by hopeful looks that died when Ken slowly shook his head.

"He's not coming, is he?"

"No, Hikari. He's out on his motorcycle again."

Takeru frowned. "What does he do on that thing all day, anyway?

"Daisuke! Aren't we going a little too fast?"

V-mon's voice was almost lost in the rush of wind that accompanied the racing motorcycle. They were traveling at speeds of nearly 90 mph. Many wouldn't have been able to speak at all at these speeds, let alone be loud enough to be heard. However, V-mon could be exceptionally loud when he wanted to be.

"Come on, V-mon! We're not going that fast!"

Daisuke was much the same as his partner in terms of decibels. However, his appearance could be termed nothing short of rebel. He had on large black sunglasses, a black leather jacket, and blue jeans. His motorcycle was large and also black. It also sported V-mon sitting on the handlebars. At the moment, the digimon was clutching the handles tightly as Daisuke made an exceedingly sharp turn and brought the motorcycles nearly parallel to the ground.

"Daisuke! I almost fell off!"

"Oops. I thought I told you to hang on!"

"Oh, that's all right Daisuke, but shouldn't we slow down just a little? I hear sirens!"

Daisuke glanced behind him and cursed. Wonderful. He was being set up for another arrest! He did not need this right now. He'd already lost his license and was driving without it, and Jun had already told him that she wouldn't bail him out again. Ignoring V-mon's protests, Daisuke took what appeared to be his only option: he went faster.

He sped up to around 120 mph. This was what he lived for; he loved it! Well, he did almost run over a small child, and that would have been terrible – he didn't, though, so everything was just fine. Unless you counted the fact that V-mon was screaming. That was a little on the annoying side. But it seemed that no matter what Daisuke did, he couldn't seem to lose the squad cars. He tried taking unexpected turns and slowing down temporarily, then speeding up again. None of it worked, and it looked like he was heading for jail again. This time he wouldn't be getting out.

Then Daisuke saw his opening. He was just cresting the top of a really tall hill. There was a steep drop on the other side . . . and a traffic jam. He could weave through it with no trouble, but the cops wouldn't be able to. It was all over in a matter of second. Everything went just like it was supposed to: Daisuke wove through the traffic and got out the other side, while the cops got stuck. Being Daisuke and unable to rein in his excitement, he slowed down a bit and looked over his shoulder.

"Ha! I showed you! Did you really think you'd get me into that -censored- cell again?"

His gloating was interrupted by a terrified V-mon.


Then there was a crashing sound and he blacked out.

"Daisuke .. . Daisuke, why'd you have to be so stupid? You know you should have worn a helmet! Hey, Daisuke! Wake up already!"

Daisuke scowled and winced as his sister's voice brought him back to awareness. Very painful awareness. His head felt like it was being split in two, his left arm was immobile and aching, his chest hurt, and on top of it all he felt extremely dizzy and nauseous. All in all, he felt terrible. Of course, considering that he had wrecked his motorcycle, this was understandable. He later found out that he had a skull fracture, a compound fracture of his upper arm and three cracked ribs. In other words, he was extremely lucky.

He just wanted to go back to sleep, but he knew that if he didn't open his eyes, and soon, Jun would get even louder and he didn't' think his head could take it. So he opened them, and was met with a nose-to-nose view of V-mon's face.

"Daisuke! You're all right! I was so worried about you. I told you we were going too fast! You wouldn't want me to lose my partner, would you? Then I'd have no-one to eat jellybeans or cookies or ice cream with!"

The redhead smiled reassuringly; V-mon looked like he hadn't slept in a week, but now he was bouncing around the room like he had eaten fifteen bags of jellybeans. Daisuke wondered . . . just how long had he been out? What if he had been out for a week? That was a scary thought. He had approximately 2.5 seconds to speculate on this before Jun launched into him again.

"Daisuke, you baka! Why in the world did you take your eyes off the road? You could have been killed! It that what you wanted?"

Jun could have continued on indefinitely, but she was interrupted before she could increase the intensity of her brother's headache. The five younger Chosen, plus their partners, all crowded into the hospital room. Their expressions were an unusual mixture of old worry, relief, and anger. Daisuke grinned weakly at them; he didn't really know what to say.

"Hey guys."

Miyako's face turned red and Daisuke prepared himself for the imminent explosion. Luckily, Ken reached out and gently took her arm.

"Calm down, Miyako-chan. Daisuke has a skull fracture, remember? You don't want to make his headache worse, do you?"

The former goggle-boy breathed a sigh of relief, and then realized that he was in a hospital gown . . . and he sported a catheter. The look on his face when he grasped this was utterly priceless. No one in the room knew exactly why Daisuke looked like he'd just broken open a beehive, but there was just no understanding him sometimes. Hikari came over and took his hand, intending to comfort him. He glared at her and she backed off. He had been this way toward her for a year now. Still, this didn't stop her from worrying about him. Hikari hated it when her friends were hurt. Even if said friend wanted nothing to do with her.

"How are you feeling, Daisuke?"

For a minute, it looked like Daisuke would tell the truth; a rare occurrence lately. He didn't though.

"Fine. Can I get out of here now because – wait! What happened to my cycle?"

"It was totaled, Daisuke. I'm sorry, I know how much you loved that thing . . . "

"WHAT? She can't be totaled! Stupid -censored- cops! It's all their fault!"

His tirade, much like his sister's, could have gone on for an interminable amount of time, but his headache and the looks on the other Chosen's faces stopped him. Most of the Chosen were shocked; this was the first time most of them had heard about Daisuke's record with the police. Ken, however, just looked disappointed. Jun looked like she was preparing to launch a nuclear bomb at her brother.

However, it was Iori who broke the silence, ". . . You were running from the police? What did you do?"

Daisuke shrugged, an action he immediately regretted; as it sent waves of pain through his head, chest, and arm.

"What did you do, Daisuke?" Miyako asked, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Speeding; didn't have a license. No big deal, really."

"No big deal? Daisuke, you're a fugitive!"

"So? I've been one before."

Daisuke ignored the shocked and angry voices. He was so tired. . . His eyes closed and the sounds faded away as he went back to sleep.

"What are we going to do with him? One of these days Daisuke is going to get in a lot of trouble with no way out."

"There's no way we can let that happen; he's our friend!"

"Well, what can we do about it?"

All of the Japanese Chosen –sans Mimi and Jyou- were gathered together to discuss Daisuke. They were all concerned about it, and none of them wanted him to ruin his life. Unfortunately, Daisuke seemed intent on doing just that. Ken had told them all of his offenses, and they were reasonably shocked. They all agreed that Daisuke needed straightening out, and soon. The only problem was how to go about it. So far they couldn't think of anything that would work. Then, Takeru had a brainwave.

"I've got it! Grandpa!"

Most of the Chosen only looked confused, but Taichi looked surprised.

"You want to ship Daisuke off to France?"

"Well. . . yeah. My grandpa wanted me to spend a few months with him before I start college. I can convince him to let Daisuke stay with him instead. My Grandpa could straighten him out; and it would keep him out of trouble for awhile."

"I don't know, Takeru. Can't we try to find some other way? I don't like the idea of sending him so far away. Besides, how could we get him to go? We can't force him."

Takeru took his girlfriend's hand and smiled with what could only be described as a conniving grin.

"Leave that to me, Hikari-chan. Leave it all to me."

"France? Why would I want to go to France?"

Daisuke had been out of the hospital for two weeks now. His arm was in a sling and he couldn't move around too fast, but he was on his feet. During this time Takeru had contacted his grandfather, who had agreed to let Daisuke stay with him if the boy wanted to come. He did say that Daisuke would have to work, though – something that Daisuke definitely didn't need to know about right now. He was less than pleased with the idea of going to France as it was, and the Chosen had assembled to convince him to go, and that he'd enjoy himself.

It wasn't working.

"You'd like it there, Daisuke.", Takeru said, trying again to get the redhead to at least give the trip a thought.

"Prove it."

Takeru grinned and handed Daisuke a photograph of a pretty blonde with big blue eyes. She was wearing a red dress, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, and had a Floramon beside her. The girl was smiling sweetly at the camera, but you could tell that most guys would be following her around like puppies. Daisuke looked questioningly at Takeru, who piped up helpfully,

"That's Catherine and Floramon. Catherine's a friend of mine."

Had Daisuke seen the picture when he was younger, or when he was alone, he might have drooled over it. As it was, however, he tossed it over his shoulder.

"She's pretty, but it'll take more than a photo to get me to leave the country."

Taichi grinned; he knew how to deal with Daisuke.

"You know Daisuke, you don't have a criminal record in France."

The reaction was instantaneous. Daisuke's face lit up and he punched the air.

"I'm there!"

Daisuke grabbed his backpack, and using his good arm, swung it over his shoulder. With V-mon trailing behind him, he started walking off.

"Daisuke, where are you going?"

"To France!"

"Daisuke, your flight doesn't leave until tomorrow evening."

The redhead stopped. "Oh."

Miyako and Ken stood off to one side and watched Daisuke as he finagled his shades into place; not an easy thing to do with only one good arm. He had stopped wearing the goggles years ago, but he still carried them with him wherever he went. Miyako thought she could see a bulge in his jacket pocket that looked suspiciously like the goggles.

"Ken-chan, aren't you worried that something will happen to him?"

"Yes, but to be truthful I'm more concerned about France."

"You're right. There's no way that country could possibly be prepared for someone like Daisuke."

Meanwhile, in Paris, France, the young woman from the photograph was on the telephone.

"Bonjour Monsieur Takaishi! But of course, I'd be glad to show 'im around. 'E is Takeru's friend, no? I am certain he must be very nice. You're welcome, Monsieur. Au Revoir!

She hung up the phone and turned to her partner, who was looking at her curiously.

"You remember Monsieur Takaishi, Floramon. We met 'is grandson Takeru and 'is partner Patamon. 'Is friend . . . Daisuke is going to visit! Oh, I am sure zat zis will be a time like no ozer!"

Catherine turned out to be right, but not in the way she expected. Motomiya Daisuke's time in France would definitely be a 'time like no other.'