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Seven Lives To Go

Chapter One

Love in a White Prison

"It begins now!" boomed a voice. The voice laughed without mirth.

"Ah, Dr. Brannon Bradley?" asked a tall black man.

"Yeah. Dr...?"

"Borgs. Dr. Cyrius Borgs is my name. You'll be meeting my wife, no mistake. She's regular spitfire." Dr. Borgs grinned. "I'll be your supervisor."

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Borgs." Brannon said extending his hand. Cyrius grasped it firmly.

Cyrius was a tall, broad shouldered, black-eyed black man, his skin a light chocolate color. He smiled easily, was compassionate, and had more common sense than pure intelligence.

Brannon was rather short and slender. His eyes were a dark forest green. He was reserved and polite, though when with friends, tried to shed his politeness and loved to laugh. He smiled when he had to, not because he wanted to.

"Your charge is Raven? Hm, you have your work cut out for you. And you're only a newbie...what is Dr. Slade thinking?" Cyrius frowned.

"Dr. Borgs! Dr. Borgs! Look what Cloud made for me." A beautiful sixteen-year-old ran towards them, long scarlet hair flowing behind her. Her grass green eyes shone as she held up a small doll, beautifully sewn.

"She's beautiful, Starre. What are you going to name this one?" Cyrius asked. Starre thought a moment.

"Isa! Short for Isabella." Starre giggled and held it to her. Brannon saw a sad look in Cyrius' eyes before the big man grinned.

"It's perfect." Cyrius said. Starre nodded and ran to the other side of the room to hug a broody young man with black hair.

"She didn't seem..." Brannon trailed off. Cyrius smiled tightly.

"Stick around for a few days. That young man she's with is her twin brother, Cloud. Cloud and Starre Pyro. Do not separate them." Cyrius warned in a very serious voice.

"Why?" Brannon asked.

"Dr. Slade will explain it all when you see him." Cyrius said. Brannon frowned lightly.

They walked through the large building. Large windows filled most of the left side of the building. TVs, chairs, and couches littered the huge living room space. Pillars were placed strategically through the room to hold up the second floor. The young men and women sitting, pacing, or standing blankly staring at nothing were as scattered as the furniture. Staff talked or watched the boys and girls carefully.

They entered a long white washed hallway. Doors were on each side of the hall. At the end of the hall, Cyrius stopped at the last door on the right. On the left, the door faced the stairway. Cyrius knocked.

"Raven...Raven, it's Dr. Borgs. I brought Dr. Bradley who would like to meet you." Cyrius said softly. Brannon heard the creak of metal springs. The door opened. Music flooded out to them. "Raven, meet Dr. Bradley. Dr. Bradley, your charge, Raven."

Brannon stared. A breathtakingly beautiful young woman stood before him. She had pale white skin, a sharp contrast to her raven black hair. Her mouth was soft and wide, and her nose small. Her lashes were dark and thick, framing her large, expressive, dark, navy blue eyes, seemingly darker than they really were because of her pale skin.

"Hello Miss." Brannon extended his hand and she stared at it then at Brannon's face.

"It's okay, Raven. He is your doctor now." Cyrius said gently.

Raven placed her hand limply in Brannon's. Her eyes widened as his hand grasped hers.

"Don't be scared of me." Brannon whispered. Raven shook her head and pressed back lightly.

"You'll get along great." Cyrius declared. Raven nodded a small smile on her face. Brannon blushed and grinned.

"Dr. Bradley, please go to Dr. Slade's office. Dr. Bradley go to Dr. Slade's office," said a bored woman's voice over the intercom.

"I'll back, I promise." Brannon said. He started. Fear was in her dark eyes. She shook her head wildly. "I have to go, Miss Raven, but I will be back." Brannon assured her. Raven reluctantly let go.

"I'll lead you there." Cyrius said. He opened the door to the stairs.

"Why didn't she want me to go?" Brannon asked.

"She doesn't like Dr. Slade. Many of the kids here don't."

"What are the age groups?" Brannon asked.

"We only have kids from thirteen to eighteen."

"What happens when a patient turns eighteen?" Brannon inquired.

"They are sent to an adult a-"

"Dr. Bradley!" said a cheery voice.

A tall man with spiky black hair and black eyes stood in an open doorway at the top of the stairs. The office was right over Raven's room.

"I am Dr. Slade." He grabbed Brannon's hand and shook it.

"Hello Dr. Slade."

"Oh, that's too long, just call me Slade. I'll call you Bradley, is that okay?"

"Sure..." Brannon smiled the practiced smile he always gave people. I didn't give Raven a false smile, though. Cyrius left.

"Now, Bradley, you're probably wondering what the cases are for many of our patients. Am I right?" Slade rose an eyebrow.

"I guess. I met Starre, there didn't seem to be anything wrong." Brannon said.

"Sit, please. Actually, Starre isn't the twin you should watch out for. You know they're twins?"


"Well, they're parents were...druggies, I guess you could say. Did just about everything. The Pyro twins were affected by it in the worse way. The drugs got into their systems while they were in the womb. Sounds so terribly romantic, love. But it's not. Those children are in love, but are twins. Cloud, so affected by the drugs and his sister, cannot stand to be without her and attacks people, anybody, to get to her if they are separated. Starre is only in her right mind with him, and vice versa. Starre is very docile, though, compared to her volatile brother.

"Another child, by the name of Jenny, sees balls of colored light and hears voices. She swears she can do magic and whispers chants and spells beneath her breath constantly.

"One boy, named Adam Long, is terrified of water. When we give him a bath he screams fish are trying to eat him, but there are no fish in the tub." Slade smiled. "Yes, even beautiful little Raven has a demon.

"She says voices speak in her head and tell her to hurt herself. She can't stand the light, but screams when she wakes in dark. She throws herself against the walls and tears at her skin with her fingernails and teeth and says someone is touching her and won't stop. Nobody is there. She never speaks unless she is in hysterics. How sad, for such a beautiful girl." Slade spun a pencil between his fingers.

"Maybe it has something to do with her past. Dr. Borgs told me the teenagers come in when they're thirteen and leave when they're adults. Maybe something happened before she came here." Brannon proposed.

"Yes, that is the question. As I said, however, she doesn't speak except when she is hysterical. We know nothing of her past, only her first name. That's why we've hired doctors, like you, to try and help her, none have been successful. You are the twentieth doctor since she was thirteen. She's been here, in Slade Asylum for Teens, for four years." Slade gave Brannon a long glance. "You are young, Bradley, and inexperienced, are you up to it?" Brannon pictured her face, eyes wide with fear when he was called to Slade's office.

"Yes, Dr. Slade, I am up to it. I will help her to the best of my abilities." Brannon expounded.

"That's what I wanted to hear. You may go get acquainted with Raven or find your room." Slade sat in his chair and Brannon moved quickly to the door. "Oh, Bradley?"

"Yes, Dr. Slade?"

"I told you not to call me doctor." Brannon turned to see Slade's smirk.

"I'm sorry...Slade." Brannon left.

A few week later

"Ohayo." Brannon said cheerily, a tray laden with food in his hand.

Raven looked up from her book. She smiled. The same song he heard ever day since he came here, called "Stars" by Tatu was once again playing.

"I brought breakfast. I know you like lemon poppy seed muffins and went and bought some from town." Brannon smiled as her navy eyes brightened.

She grabbed a muffin and took a large bite into the soft lemony goodness. She chewed, reveling in the little seeds she loved. She blushed as his hand brushed away crumbs from her face.

"The only time I see you really happy is when you read or eat these muffins. Everyday I'll bring you a muffin for breakfast and a brand-new book when you finish the one you're reading. I'm going to spoil you rotten. I promise. I've kept my promises so far haven't I?"

Raven nodded emphatically, the blush much redder.

"My friend!" said a happy voice.

"Starre, ohayo!" Brannon smiled, grabbing an apple.

"Ohayo, doctor. Oh, you gave Raven her favorite yellow fruit flavored pastry!" Starre exclaimed happily.

"Yes, I promised her one everyday."

"Oh, goody!"

"Starre, you shouldn't intrude on their meal. You know Raven wakes late." Cloud said sliding into the room silently.

"Oh, Cloud, Miss Tammy will intrude upon them soon anyway." Starre pouted.

"Miss Tammy?" Brannon asked.

"She means me." said a voice in the door. Brannon turned to see a tall shapely blonde in the door. Her hair was braided and tendrils of hair fell loose around her face. She wore a white lab coat like Brannon's over a blue sweater and jeans. "I'm Miss Tammy Borgs. I'm really a Mrs., but it makes me feel so old!" She laughed.

"Oh, the spitfire Dr. Borgs spoke so fondly of when I first came here last week." Brannon remembered.

"Oh, yes, he's called me that. Sorry, I haven't met you sooner, but Gizzie, our son, caught the flu."

"Will Gizzie be fine?" Starre asked worriedly.

"Oh yes, he actually went back to school, which is why I finally came today." Tammy smiled.

"Oh, good!" Starre sighed.

"Oh, you're eating, we should leave. Nice to see you again, Raven." Tammy blinked. "Oh my, I've never see you so happy. Dr. Bradley must've been the doctor we've been waiting for." Tammy smiled and walked out, followed by a bubbly Starre.

"See you two later." Cloud said closing the door.

"I guess you like me." Brannon smiled. Raven nodded, still blushing. She drank some orange juice.

"I know you don't like to talk about it, but please, what are your dreams?" Brannon asked.

Raven looked at him, her eyes dead. His hand touched her shoulder.

"I needto help you, Raven. I don't know why, but I don't want you here anymore." Brannon whispered.

Raven's eyes widened.

"It's only been a week, but I want to save you." His green eyes met her navy ones.

She leaned over and kissed him softly. His eyes widened. Her lips were soft and tasted like oranges, lemon, and sugar. She moved away, blushing, and he stared at her.


Her waist length black hair fell, like a curtain, to hide her face. His hand pushed it away to see tears fall down her face. The muffin fell to the floor, bouncing and rolling towards the door. Her eyes were wide while tears still fell. His arms were wrapped around her, his face against her shoulder.

"Don't cry, Raven, do anything but cry." Brannon whispered. Raven closed her eyes and let her head fall against his, tears still falling, only not in sadness, but in happiness. Maybe her wish would come true.

"AHH! GET OFF! DON'T TOUCH ME" screamed a voice. Doctors raced through the halls, Brannon at its lead.

"It's room 41 again, Slade." panted an intern.

"It's about time. It's been a month." Slade snapped. Brannon ignored him, his fury rising at those words. He slammed the key into the lock and threw open the door.

Raven lay on the ground. She writhed and twisted on the ground. She tore at her skin, biting at her arms and hands. She bit her thigh and scratched at the bite, making long slashes in her skin with her nails. The orderlies grabbed her and bodily threw her on the bed as she screamed and scratched at them.

"DON'T TOUCH ME, MONSTER! DON'T! STOP! STOP TALKING! STOP SPEAKING, DEMON! DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed. She banged her head against the wall. Blood rushed down her forehead.

The orderlies started tying down her wrists with restraints and she screamed in fear, a wild animal sound.

"Don't! Stop it! What are you doing?" Brannon yelled. "Don't tie her down, you're making it worse!"

"She's going to kill herself, we have no choice." Dr. Borgs shouted back. Brannon pushed them away and grabbed Raven. He held her arms against her sides as he held her.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed.

"Shh, Raven, I'm not him, I'm not the demon. I'm Dr. Bradley. It's me, Raven, shh..." He rocked her back and forth. He spoke soft quiet words of nonsense in her ear and rocked her back and forth.

"He comes when I'm alone. It's so dark. He everywhere, inside me, outside me. I remember his voice. I was eating a lemon poppy seed muffin this morning... you kept your promise." she whispered.

Slade and Cyrius' eyes widened as her sentences became coherent. The others left, only the four remained.

"Yes, Rae, yes, I kept my promise. Who didn't keep their promise? Did someone lie to you? Is that your demon?" Brannon whispered, smoothing her hair.

"Yes. He promised he wouldn't hurt me. He held me down and touched me everywhere. He said he was supposed to. He wouldn't stop. He hurt me so much and lied. He lied to me. He...he raped me didn't he? That's what it's called. Right? That's what it's called?" She asked desperately.

"Yes, Rae. He raped you." Brannon whispered. Raven let out a low keening noise. She clutched his pajama shirt.

"Don't leave me alone in the dark. He left me alone to bleed. He said I was supposed to die in the dark. He said I liked it so much that it was where I was supposed to die, when the sky was the color of my eyes. Poetry. He spoke poetry before he let me bleed to death. Nobody came to save me. Nobody at all. I couldn't speak. I couldn't call for help because his hand were still around my throat even though he was gone." Raven moaned and shook.

"Shh, Rae. Shh."

"His voice in my head. He tells me that I should've died. I have to die, to make him go away." She whispered.

"No, no you don't. You don't have to die. He's not here anymore. You don't have to die." Brannon wiped at her tears.

"Yes, he is. He's here. He...hheeerreeeee..." Her voice trailed away as she fell asleep.

Slade removed the needle from her arm.

"What the hell did you do?" Brannon roared outraged. He stood, Raven still in his arms, curled against his chest.

"I gave her sedatives. She was hysterical, she needed to sleep." Slade said calmly.

"What are you talking about? She wasn't hysterical! She was coherent and telling us what was wrong! I'm her damn doctor! You didn't have the right to put her to sleep!" Brannon yelled at him.

"I'm your superior." Slade said, still calm.

"She's my patient. What she needs is a psychologist. She needs a stable home. She isn't crazy; she's traumatized. When she wakes, she may not speak again! What you did was compromise my patient's recovery!" Brannon shouted at him.

"I have to agree with Dr. Bradley. She has never spoken about what happened to her before. We now know why she hurts herself. We know what the voice is. If it weren't for Bradley, we probably would have never gotten this far. He's right, she isn't mentally unstable. She's been hurt and nobody could help her because nobody knew how to get through to her. You just hurt her more than helped her." Dr. Borgs said.

"This is my hospital! I do what I deem right! Know your place! She is my patient not yours, Bradley!" Slade screamed. His eyes were frantic as he stared down at Brannon. Brannon frowned.

"She is my patient, Slade. And you overstepped your boundaries. You are the owner of this building, not owner of the teenagers or people inside. You do not own me. The government gave me this job, not you." Brannon said lowly.

Slade breathed harshly, his eye still fanatical.

"You are under my jurisdiction-"

"But Raven no longer is. She's under mine." Brannon interjected. Slade turned and left abruptly. Brannon let out a breath.

"Hey, BB, you did the right thing. I'll write the report myself to tell the uppers. Maybe we can get her outta here." Dr. Borgs said, a hand on the shorter man's shoulder.

"Thanks, Dr-"

"Call me Cyrius. We're friends, right?" Cyrius smiled. Brannon smiled back.


"Put Raven to bed. Then get some sleep yourself." Cyrius left. Brannon lay her on the bed.

Raven clutched at his shirt. He smiled. He would've loved to stay and hold her close all night like she wanted him to, but it wasn't proper. They were ten years apart for one, and for another, he was her doctor in an insane asylum.

"Why have we not seen Miss Tammy or Dr. Borgs in so long?" Starre asked as Brannon walked into Starre and Cloud's room, coming back from Slade's office.

Raven and Cloud looked up from the game of Memory spread over the floor. He smiled when he saw Raven was winning.

"Dr. Borgs...Dr. Borgs died." Brannon fell hard onto Cloud's bed. He looked blankly at the wall.

All the rooms were same. White washed to a blinding white. The beds were white, the door was white, no windows, no furniture. The only thing that made this room different were the two beds instead of one. Because Cloud couldn't handle being without his sister, they had allowed the two to share the room. Starre's bed, however, was covered completely in dolls. All beautifully hand-made by Cloud.

"How...why is Dr. Borgs dead?" Cloud asked. Brannon turned to meet startling sky blue eyes.

"He was stabbed, repeatedly. His wallet was stolen, so it took awhile to identify him."

"He was murdered." Cloud murmured.

"No, Cloud, he was mugged." Brannon emphasized sarcastically. Cloud smirked. They both knew it was murder.

"Why? What is...mugged?" Starre asked.

"People steal things from other people, Starre. They said Dr. Borgs was on his way home and somebody wanted his money. He refused to give them his wallet and the bad man stabbed him to get the money." Cloud explained.

"Maybe the bad man needed money because he has a twin sister who was sick." Starre said sadly. Saying people had a 'twin sister' or 'twin brother', was her way of saying they had family.

"No, Starre. The man didn't have a sick sister. He was a bad man who killed our friend." Cloud told her. Starre launched herself at him and sobbed. "I'm sorry, Starre. I shouldn't have said it like that. I'm sorry."

"Our friend is dead. And Miss Tammy and Gizzie have lost a twin brother." She sobbed.

"They still have each other. They'll be fine. You know how cool Miss Tammy is. She'll be back one day to yell at you for being too darned happy." Cloud soothed.

"Maybe we should leave?" Brannon suggested getting up.

"But game of memory is not done." Starre protested.


"No. We must finish." Starre insisted, wiping at her eyes. Brannon settled on the bed as the three continued to play.

Soon, it was almost over, though the air wasn't charged with electricity like it usually was.

"Raven has good memory. She always wins." Starre said as she flipped over the wrong card again.

Raven flipped over the one Starre had just put down and found its match.

"She has done it again." Starre exclaimed.

"And there goes the game." Cloud sighed. "The one competition I will never beat her in."

Raven gave them a small smile.

"Starre?" Brannon spoke up for the first time since they had continued the game.

"Yes, Doctor?"

"Why do you have so many dolls?"

"Because Cloud has made them. This one is Isa, short for Isabella. This one is...Isa...and so is this one." Starre stared at her dolls. Cloud rose to his feet, uneasy. She picked one up. "This is Isa and that is Isa. They are all Isa." she began to throw them. "Isa, Isa, ISA! They are all Isa! Why! Why are they all Isa?" she screamed, pounding one against the wall.

"No, Starre, stop!" Cloud yelled, grabbing her wrists.

"Why? Cloud? Why are they Isa?" Starre began to cry.

"Our mother's name was Isabella. That's why. You want to have a family so much you named each of my dolls Isa to remind you of mom. You would forget each time, though." Cloud hugged her to him.

"I want a family. I want a family. I want momma and papa. And want to be together and be happy." Starre cried.

"I'm sorry." Brannon whispered. He led Raven out the door and closed the door.

He walked to Raven's room and they shut the door and sat on the bed.

"I...I need to get you guys out of here. You aren't crazy. You're just hurt. Cyrius began to realize it, too, and tried to help. He was murdered and it was set up to look like a mugging. There is something wrong with this place. I want you out of here, Raven." Brannon clutched at his hair in frustration.

Cool hands touched his hands and gently pulled his hands away from his hair. He looked into navy blue eyes.

"Rae..." She smiled.

"I love you." She whispered. Brannon stared disbelieving at her.


She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly. Too shocked to think, he was sent back to when this happened before. He slowly put his hands on her waist and kissed her softly back.

"We are leaving here." Raven whispered her voice hoarse from four years of misuse.

Starre nodded. "Yes. I thought so. I do not wish to burden myself or Cloud upon you, but may we come? My greatest wish is to have a family. Cloud and I wish to adopt. He says brother and sisters may not have children."

"I guess you can come. It's up to Brannon." Raven said. She flushed saying his name.

"You love Doctor, yes? That is why you turn red?" Starre smiled.

"Yes, Starre."

"Good. Be together forever." Starre told her.

"Okay." Raven agreed.

Slade stormed down the stairs. He threw open the ajar door. Nobody was inside. He rushed to the room near the beginning of the hall. It too was empty.

That bastard stole my property.

"" Raven opened her eyes to meet green ones. The smell of lemon filled her nose and she smiled.

"You have officially spoiled me." Raven told him, wolfing down her muffin.

"Anything to make you smile." Brannon stated simply, brushing hair out of her eyes. She blushed. "There's stuff in the bathroom, go ahead and clean up. We have to hit the road soon. We have to meet Cloud and Starre in New York City in a week. We don't want to miss them." Brannon moved away and handed her a large shopping bag, she looked insde to see clothes and a brand-new CD player and Tatu CD.

Raven went to the bathroom and started the shower. Brannon had taken her to a department store to buy clothes and shoes. She ran her hands through her blue chin length hair, scrubbing in the hotel shampoo. He had also taken them both to get haircuts. She had dyed her hair blue, too. She scrubbed her pale skin seeing the various scars created by her nails and teeth marking her body. Who would want me? Why does Brannon? She thought sadly and confused.

She turned off the water and brushed her teeth. She rubbed her hair; thankfully, the dye didn't come out. She opened the bathroom door to let out steam and peeked around the corner.

Brannon was on his back his arms were behind his head, lying on the bed. She smiled remembering him holding her close all night long for the first time. He turned, wondering why the door had opened. He stared.

"Raven! What are you doing!" Brannon cried nonplused.

"What?" Raven cocked her head to one side. She then remembered she was only in a towel. "Oh, sorry. I forgot. I just wondered what you were doing." Raven blurted. She blushed heavily. She didn't want to go back on the bathroom, though. She stood still, wondering what she wanted. "I'm so confused." She pressed a hand to her forehead.

Brannon got up quickly.

"Rae?" She looked up at him and smiled.

"Will you hold me like you did last night?" she whispered. Brannon blushed.

"I don't think that's very good idea." Brannon stammered.

"I think it is." Raven murmured. She reached up on tiptoe and kissed him softly. "You promised to spoil me." Raven reminded him.

"This isn't what I had in mind." Brannon choked. Raven ignored him and kissed him again.

He couldn't help it. His mind screamed not to. But he did. He slowly wrapped an arm around her waisthis other handtwisting into her short hair.

Somehow they made it to the bed. The rest was a blur.

Brannon paid the man at the desk and walked to the car Raven was sitting in waiting for him. She smiled at him when he entered and he blushed, smiling back. "Stars" was playing in her CD player loudly

They drove towards New York from a quiet suburb of Philadelphia. They felt the car bounce and then they heard a strange hiss. Brannon and Raven's eyes locked. Then, the steering wheel flew beneath Brannon's hands. He vainly tried to gain control, but the car continued to zigzag until the brakes managed to stop the car. Brannon got out and saw all the tires were flat, the front right one torn up. He turned and saw something that glinted liek metal lying on the road way far back. A loud noise was chopping over head, and a light flared down on them.

Brannon looked up and felt disbelief flood him. Slade was in a helicopter. He had actually followed a damn helicopter. The man was probably the only truly insane one in the asylum.

"Brannon..." Raven said quietly coming up behind him.

"No, Rae, get back and get ready to run."

"Are you stupid? I'm not going to leave you!" Raven shouted over the whirring. "That man is a monster!"

"What?" Brannon turned around. Raven made sure he was entirely focused on her.

"He is a demon, Brannon." she told him firmly. He stiffened. She nodded as understanding began to fill his eyes.

"You kidnapped a mentally unstable patient, Bradley, what do you have to say?" Slade bellowed.

"It's Dr. Bradley, scum! The police are already hunting you down. Chasing down a lone girl and a doctor in a helicopter isn't that inconspicuous, Slade. You might want to beat it if you don't want to end up in jail."

"You ruined it! You ruined my beautiful hospital!"

"I didn't ruin a hospital! I took apart your carefully concealed prison! None of those children were crazy! They were traumatized kids with nowhere to go. You took them in and convinced them and those under you that they were crazy. You manipulated innocent children into believing they were crazy to get money from the government. You sick bastard!" Brannon shouted to him. "Not only that, you raped an innocent girl and put her in the asylum so she wouldn't tell. You probably raped her all the time. Her door was right in front of the stairs. Because she didn't speak, you had nothing to fear. You make me sick."

"Did she tell you?" Slade screamed. "That lying little piece of trailer trash? No woman would look at me. They all thought they were to good for me. But her...she was so quiet and listened to me speak. She was supposed to love me! The slut lied to me!"

"Shut up, Slade! You'll never touch Raven again!" Brannon yelled.

"You want to bet, troublemaker?" Slade raised a gun. Brannon's eyes widened.

A shot echoed in the air over the clamor of the helicopter. Brannon watched the blue hair fall. Raven's body was arched against the impact of the blow.

"No. It wasn't supposed to happen like this." whispered Slade.

"Rae...Raven, NO! You stupid idiot! Why?" Brannon cried, tears streaming down his face.

He dropped to his knees and drew her into his arms, holding her against his chest. Blood poured over his hands and a large splotch grew on his shirt. She opened her eyes and smiled softly.

"I love you." She whispered in her hoarse voice.

"Rae, you can't leave me. I did everything for you. You can't just leave me. You're being selfish." Brannon clutched her tighter as she coughed, blood dribbling over her lip.

"I'm spoiled." Raven smiled.

"Rae, don't talk. You have you conserve your energy." He tried to stem the flow of blood.

"How did we ever go this far? You touch my hand and start the car and for the first time in my life, I'm crying. Are we in love, do we deserve to bear to shame of this whole world? And like the night we camouflage, denial." Raven sang softly. Brannon cried harder. "I thought that... described us perfectly." She couched harder, blood spraying from her mouth. "Don't...don't cry. I love it when you smile. I love you, Brannon." Her hand reached up.

Just as her fingers touched his face, barely even leaving a feeling, her hand fell. He watched as her chest stopped moving and her eyes stopped blinking. He pulled her up to him, and pressed his neck into her shoulder, tears slipping down her skin.

"Princess! The E-Arthian has accepted the proposal." said a messenger.

Navy blue eyes without emotion glanced over his bowed form.

"Tell my parents that my loyalty does not vacillate. I will await their word." She turned away.


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