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Chapter Nine

New Consequences

Raven opened her eyes slowly, groggily and with a pounding headache. She blinked surprised.

"Beast Boy?" she squeaked. His ears twitched and he woke just as groggy.

"Oh, ow! My head! Raven?"

"What are you doing in my bed?"

"I don't know! Why am I in your bed?" Beast Boy exclaimed getting up. "Oh, OW!" He spun around as he heard a sniff.

"My whole body's achy, my head feels like it's been trampled, I'm dead tired, and there's a boy in my bed!" Raven burst into tears.

"Wha? No, stop! Don't cry, see look! I'm not in your bed!" Beast Boy tripped and fell onto the floor. "Ow…"

"Now you don't even like me anymore! You fell out of the bed to get away!" Raven cried harder.

"HELP! Somebody help please!" Beast Boy yelled completely losing it.

Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg all tumbled in.

"What is it?" asked Robin. They all stopped and stared seeing Raven sitting in middle of the bed bawling and Beast Boy on the floor next to the bed with a terrified and desperate deer-in-headlights expression, tears at the corners of his eyes.

"Um, how about the boys leave and you and Raven bond, okay, Starfire?" Robin quickly grabbed Beast Boy and ran out.

"They are much better at being heroes with strangers, yes, Friend Raven?" Starfire sighed, a bright smile on her face as she sat on the side of the bed. Raven giggled wetly. "Why do you cry?"

"I don't know…well, I guess I do." She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "My emotions are a little crazy right now. But I'm fine now. I should go and explain. Poor Beast Boy." She giggled again.

"You are so different now. It is because you finally finish your test, yes?"

"Yes. And we both passed. Thank goodness. I would be dead if he didn't love me." Raven stopped and placed her hands to her chest. "They're weird. These emotions running through me and not losing control, well not really. There's this warmth in my chest whenever I think of him."

"I know how you are feeling. My heart is all fuzzy and warm when I'm around Robin. My people call it herstoy. True love, I believe in your language." Starfire smiled and Raven smiled back. Then Raven stopped.

"Could then moment get anymore…gooey?"

"That is the Raven I know!" Starfire laughed. They both got up and left.

Beast Boy was chewing on a carrot when it felt warmth fill him. What is that?

"It's me, Beast Boy." Raven said entering. Beast Boy jumped and his carrot exploded in a blaze of black and green light.

"What the hell was that?"

"That was you." Raven giggled. "God, I feel really stupid. I giggle way too much."

"And cry." Beast Boy muttered under his breath.

"JERK!" Raven shouted punching him on the head. "OW!" both said simultaneously clutching the back of their heads.

"That is strange, yes, Robin?" Starfire inquired tilting her head to the side.

"Very." Robin agreed.

"What's going on, Rae? I thought all the weirdness ended yesterday?" Cyborg asked perplexed.

"Alas, no."

"You use 'alas' in real life?" Beast Boy blurted flabbergasted.

Raven blushed. "SHUT UP!"

"Um, why don't you just tell us what's going on?" Robin offered as Robin and Beast Boy glared daggers at each other.

"Right, sorry." Raven bit her lip. "Stop thinking Beast Boy. It's hard enough without listening to your confusion!"


"Because you chose to love me in return we're life partners now, idiot. Life partners share a lot of things, their love, lives…soul, emotions…" she mumbled the last two.

"WHAT?" They all shouted.

"You share souls?" Robin exclaimed. Raven nodded.

"My people aren't in tune with their emotions, remember what I said yesterday? Those tests were to prove I could handle them. Beast Boy accpeted my love when I died. Yesterday was his test. For my race, after completing the tests, the couple is gifted with unlimited happiness and love that will never fade, nor die. The tests bond in a way humans will never be able to achieve. As a result, their very souls are connected. The first year or less is very confusing and hard for the partners. People aren't supposed to share souls, their essences, their hearts have only enough room for one soul.

"So, they their powers are pretty much out of control. Those considerably weakened, their remaining power is doubled because they share it. Their bodies, minds, etc., have to get to the intrusion and they have to train themselves to equal out their combined powers and souls."

"So, you share powers now? BB can do telekinesis and you can shape shift?" Cyborg asked.

"Not as well as the other. Our powers are equal now. I'll never completely shape-shift into an animal and Beast Boy will never do many of the things I can with my magic. But, you can fly like me. And make things float and read my mind…well, I can read yours, too. It comes with being attached. We can read each others emotions and thoughts without trying to. One of the reasons we'll be training much harder than necessary because of our roles as heroes. It'll get in our way."

"That's why you yelled at me to stop thinking. But...I can't read yours." Beast Boy said.

"Yes, you can." She sighed. "That warm feeling you felt before I walked in the room? That was me. I was feeling it and you felt it at the same time. The only reason you can't read my thoughts right now is because I automatically blocked my mind off from you when I woke. That headache we share, that's my mind blocking you out."

"But how are you reading mine?" Beast Boy pouted. "That's not fair."

"I don't have a choice. You have no mental shields. Why do you think it was so easy for Mad Maud to hypnotize you? Your thoughts are leaking into my mind of their own accord. My shields are just really strong because I've had more practice. But I shouldn't be blocking you out. It's putting a physical strain on both of us because I'm not wholly accepting you as my partner yet." She rubbed her temples.

"If it's hurting both of you, then stop." Starfire said simply.

"I know I just wanted to explain before I let Beast Boy and I completely merge. Do you have any second thoughts?"

"It's not like I can lie, Raven." Beast Boy pointed out. Raven smiled. "It's all so overwhelming…not even species of animal mate like this either. Geese are pretty close, but their souls don't merge." Everyone sweatdropped as he compared his love life with animals. "But…I made a choice. I don't regret, even if I am a little scared." Raven raised her eyebrow. "Okay, a lot. But geese mate for life, too. If their mate dies, they usually pine away and die of starvation. I think I'd do the same thing if you died…well, maybe not starve…that's a horrible way to die." Beast Boy added as an after thought.

"I didn't tell you the worse part. If I get hurt, you get hurt, until we work on that. It takes a few years…it also means, no matter how much we train ourselves, if I get hurt, you'll know, and vice versa. But if I die, or you do, half of our soul disappears. You'll be like I was before the tests…only worse. Unless it's really bad, you won't even feel physical pain. A part of you will die if I die."

"A part of you will die if a die, too, right?"


"Well, then. We both have to look out for one another won't we? I wasn't kidding Raven. We'll be just like geese." Beast Boy promised. Raven launched herself at him, knocking him off the chair. The kitchen light flared a blinding light and both fell on the floor, blushing vividly and smiling hugely.

"YAY!" Raven exclaimed giggling happily.

"This is going to take some getting used to." Cyborg said blinking in surprise.

"Yeah..." Robin agreed.

"Hey, whaddya doing!" Beast Boy exclaimed. They looked over the counter to see Raven had her eyes closed and her forehead touching Beast Boy's, a blush on her nose.

"Shut up, idiot. I'm putting down my shields. Get ready to share minds." Raven said. Beast Boy closed his eyes, too, still blushing.

As Raven shields fell, their entire beings merge. Emotions doubled and made each other gasp in shock at the whirlwind of colors. Each saw and heard and felt what the other did. Both looked into each other's past, remembered their present. As their eyes opened, they both realized what they needed was their future. They both smiled.

"Yuik ou zinfilte." They said softly in unison.

"What? Did I miss something? Or did that sound like gibberish?"

"It was the language of my planet. Beast Boy knows it now. Let's eat I'm starved." Raven announced. Both Beast Boy and Raven's stomachs growled in unison.

"That's so creepy." Cyborg turned and startedfinishing upbreakfast.

"So what's it like sharing minds?" Robin asked swallowing an egg.

Raven and Beast Boy looked up from fighting over the last waffle.

"Um, a little strange. I've never really felt emotions. It's weird. Crap." The waffle exploded.

"Stop exploding things!" Cyborg shouted.

"I think it is great fun! They are acting so amusingly. I cannot stop laughing." Starfire giggled.

"For you it may be fun. But that was the last egg free waffle." Beast Boy cleaned off his face with a napkin.

"I didn't mean to. Want the last of my toast?" Raven asked. Little cat ears drooped on her head.

"Cute!" Starfire exclaimed. Beast Boy blushed vividly.

She's really cute. Hey…what about the other side of being partners? Beast Boy trailed off his thoughts blushed redder as images from the tests drifted through his mind. Raven twitched, tried to hold herself back, and then pounced. Both fell down, again, only this time Raven had him in a lip-lock that made him see fireworks in the back of his head. Before they completely forgot themselves, Raven managed to push herself away gasping.


"What? I didn't jump you! You jumped me!"

"Because you thought it! I couldn't help it! WE SHARE EMOTIONS IDIOT! YOU REMEMBERED, SO I DID, TOO! Which means I felt it double because I also had my own side of the memories as well as yours!"

"You don't have to get pissed! I can't control what I think!"

"The hell you can't! I can!"

They soon started yelling at each other in a different language.

"They go from making out to screaming at each other in less than ten seconds. That's just scary." Cyborg muttered.

"This is fun!" Starfire clapped her hands.

I'm just going to ignore everybody. Robin decided firmly. He sweat dropped when Raven and Beast Boy started making out mid-sentence and fell over the back of the couch. Just drink your juice.

"I believe they have gone through the floor." Starfire announced as she looked over the couch. "Maybe they are in Raven's room? Beast Boy's room is much to dirty for having… love made, right?"

Juice splurted all over the counter top and Cyborg smacked Robin's back.

"Did I say something wrong? I thought that it what you said hormones of teenagers do?" Starfire asked with her head to the side.

"I thought it was wrong on your planet to sleep with someone other than your spouse?"

"It is. But on Raven's planet they are more than just husband and wife, they are soul mates." Starfire blushed happily clasping her hands in front of her. "How wonderful!" She sighed floating a few inches off the ground, her eyes all starry.

Cyborg snorted and Robin fell off his barstool.

Back in Raven's room Raven and Beast Boy were sprawled on the bed gasping for air.

"I. Hate. You." Raven panted.

"Right, life partner." Beast Boy rolled his eyes and Raven giggled.

They snuggled up close and Raven nuzzled against his chest.

"I like green." Raven murmured.

"We're together for life, right?" Beast Boy asked. Raven nodded. "Awesome." Raven giggled and then stopped. She pulled back to meet his eyes.

"But…I thought you loved Terra." Raven said suddenly remembering.

"I did, but not like this. I'm not like your race. It doesn't take one shot to find my life partner. It's takes two." He grinned. "Plus, you wouldn't even show me the time of day. Terra was special…but… not like this. Not ever." He shook his head. "Is that bad? I feel sorta guilty."

"She chose Slade over you, Beast Boy, don't feel guilty." Green looked into blue.

"Okay, but on one condition."


"Call me by my real name. The one my parents gave me. I'm not a boy anymore." He pulled her close and whispered in her ear. She smiled and then snuggled closer.

"Yuik ein zinfilte." He whispered.

"Yuik ein zinfilte, Beast." Raven whispered softly.

The End


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