Dress Code
By Henrika

Henrika- I can't help myself. These short little fics just keep begging me to write them. Enjoy and Review!

The planning meeting for Operation Miniskirt was in full swing. "Havoc, what's the final call?" Mustang asked.

"We're going with the pleats sir."

The other men nodded appreciatively. Fury, chosen to be on watch for that meeting, burst through the door yelling "Red Alert! Blonde spotted!"

The men leapt into action, grabbing fabric patterns and scraps off the table and hiding them in various drawers and cupboards. They scrambled for their desks, picking up papers in an attempt to look busy and un-guilty. Fury managed to lean out the door as casually as he could and checked the target's location. And adjusted his glasses. "False alarm!"

The others breathed a sigh of relief. "Full Metal?" Breda guessed.

"Yep. Sorry about that."

"Better a false alarm than being caught by Hawkeye." They all shuddered at the thought, the gunshots already ringing in their minds. They had almost been caught by her before, one time only narrowly avoiding discovery because Havoc noticed that the familiar red cloak headed towards him was about four feet too short.

"I've got your report Colonel." Ed interrupted as he stepped into the office.

"Ah, Edward. Good, good." Mustang took the proffered report and flipped through it. "Where's Alphonse?" He looked up; figuring out that Fury had raised a 'Blonde Alert' because the boy had been alone.

"Down in the mess hall." He snickered.

"What's so funny?"

Ed wandered over to the corner of the room and picked up a scrap of cloth from the floor. "Miniskirt?"

"And if it is?" Mustang demanded indignantly.

"Then First Lieutenant Hawkeye definitely has your plan beat. There's a meeting of them down in the mess hall right now. Operation Shirtless I believe they're calling it. They're using Major Armstrong as an example of who should be excluded from this code." The group sweat-dropped. "They're halfway to getting the dress code changed."

"Why aren't you upset by this boss?" Havoc asked, causing Ed to grin like a madman.

"A: you all deserve this for the miniskirt plan and B…" He pointed to his trademark red cloak, "When have I ever worn the uniform?" He had to laugh when every one of the men hit the floor from shock.

Henrika- I can just see Ed grinning like that too, smug as possible. Review!