Title: Forgotten Dreams

Rating: PG-13 for child abuse, drug usage, suggestive themes and slight language.

Summery: Sixth year has just begun for the original marauders and their year. Lily Evans is nothing but a wallflower. Nobody even knows she exists. James Potter is the exact opposite. He's rich, he's popular, he's perfect. Everyone knows who James Potter is. But sixth years comes and it brings changes with it. What happens when fate brings these two together? Who knows? Not I. (Slight AU)

Chapter One


Rain poured down, splattering against the windows of the homes on Winston Drive. It was late, a little past 11 o'clock and most of the lights in the surrounding homes were out. But one candle glowed in the window of number seven. It glowed every night until just past midnight, when an unseen mouth blew it out. But now, it burned low and on the other side of the window a girl sat on her bed writing in a leather-bound diary. Tears stained the page, causing her ink to smudge as she wrote, but she didn't care. She just bent lower over the book and wrote faster.

Dear Diary,

I visited mom's grave today. Dad doesn't know. He was drunk, passed out on the couch, as usual. I was glad. I miss mom. Dad was so much better when mom was alive. He was happy, caring. Now all he cares about it is god damned whiskey! I hate it and I hate him. Petunia is lucky. She's 18, she's married. She's moved out of the house. I wish I was with her instead of here with dad. She may hate me, but at least she wouldn't hit me. Dad only started this summer, right after mom died. He scares me now. I'm only 15, almost 16. He shouldn't be hurting me just because mom is gone. It's not fair…Oh no, he's coming up. I've got to hide you. He'll kill me if he finds you…He's outside…Oh damn…

As the young redhead shoved her diary out of sight, the door of her bedroom swung open with a bang. A man stood in the doorway. Her father, swaying from to much alcohol, had anger burning in his eyes. He spotted the candle and then his youngest daughter curled up on her bed, staring at him. He let out a roar of anger and started towards her. The girl sat straight up, still staring. He struck her hard across the face and she flew off her bed and landed a yard away, in a heap of clothing. Her father began to rant and scream, spit flying everywhere. She could smell the alcohol on his breath as he bared closer, hitting her and punching her. She prayed someone would come, or that he would leave. Soon, but not soon enough, he stopped and left her room, leaving the shuddering girl alone in the corner. She remained still until she heard his bedroom door slam and his bed creak as he passed out on it.

Carefully, she raised from her corner and tiptoed to her closet. She pulled open the doors and pulled out her trunk. Opening it, she found her school books, her robes and her wand all neatly packed, just as she had left them when she had finished her summer homework. She reached under her pillow and pulled out her leather-bound diary. On the front of the diary was a wizarding picture, her parents and her sister waving up at her. She traced them with her finger and then opening to the first page. Printed rather sloppily were the words;

Property of Lillian Marie Evans. Merry Christmas!

Christmas 1978

The girl smiled and traced her name with her finger, then shut the diary and neatly set it down in her trunk. Closing the trunk, something registered in her mind for the first time in a very long time. Her name was Lily. She had almost forgotten, it had been months since anyone had called her by her name. It had been months, in fact, since she had said a word. Tonight was the 29th of August. Lily Evans was due to meet the Hogwarts Express in three days. But she knew that if she didn't leave now, her father would never let her. She reopened her trunk and pulled out a thin stick of wood, which was resting atop her robes. Lily then shut and locked her trunk, aware that what she was about to do could very well get her into very big trouble with the Ministry of Magic. Hurrying quietly over to her bed, Lily grabbed a torn piece of paper and a pen. She then began to write a goodbye letter to her father.


You know I love you very much, but now it's time to leave. I've always been a poet you know, but right now it not the time for poetry. I'm going daddy. Back to school. Back to a life without harm or pain. I have cuts and bruises all over me because of you. And I'm not going to come home for Christmas or over the summer. I'm sorry to leave you daddy, especially now. Now, so soon after mommy's died and Petunia went off to get married. But I just can't take it anymore. I love you daddy and I always will.

Lillian Marie Evans

She folded up the letter and grabbed a piece of tape. She looked around her room one last time, looking for anything she might want to take with her. Her eyes lingered on an old toy rabbit. Her mother, Marie, had made it for Lily when she was only a baby. No, she couldn't…heck, wouldn't, leave that rabbit behind. She walked over to it and picked it up. It was small and she carefully put it in her sweatshirts' pocket. Then, she picked up the handle of her trunk and pulled it to the staircase. Quietly sticking the note to her own bedroom door, she tapped her trunk it her wand and it lifted. She walked down the stairs and it floated down behind her. As she opened the door and walked out onto the street, shutting the door behind her, she took one last look at her home. Shaking her head, she raised her wand. A rather loud explosion shook the air. A violently purple bus was in front of Lily. A wizard jumped down from the steps, saying a few words of welcome. Lily hurriedly shoved a few galleons into his hands and got onto the bus, her trunk still floating behind her.

"Diagon Alley, please"

She said to the driver as she passed him on her way up the walkway through the beds. Carefully, Lily undid the floating charm at the end bed, just as the bus started up again. She lay down on the bed and curled into a little ball, like a scared armadillo.

The bus ride was over fairly quickly, due to the fact that Diagon Alley had been the next stop anyway. Lily disembarked the bus, with a small 'Thank You' to the driver and the bus boy. With another loud "BANG", it disappeared into the night, leaving Lily and her trunk alone in Diagon Alley. But, now what? She already had her books for this year and didn't have nearly enough gold for a room in any of the places in Diagon Alley. She cried gently and dragged her trunk into a passage between two shops. She lay on top of her trunk and pulled her rabbit out from her jean pocket. She lay cuddling it until she fell into a disturbed sleep.

Sunlight flooded into the passage that Lily had made her temporary home. It was September 1st, the day that Hogwarts started. Two days had passed since Lily's escape from her home. Now, the real question was, how was she going to get to Kings Cross Station? She had no muggle money to get a cab. And the Knight Bus, well, that would work. But, urgh. Another ride on that bus was just about as much as Lily could take. However, it was her only option. She cuddled her rabbit in her arms for a moment, then put him in her pocket and lifted up her trunk by one handle. By the time she reached the streets of muggle London, her breath was labored. She raised her wand in the air and, once again, that violently purple bus appeared in front of her. She dropped a few galleons into the bus boy's hand and boarded.

"Kings Cross Station. Quickly please!"

She said to the driver. She looked down at the watch on her wrist. It read 10:58. She had about seventeen minutes to get to Kings Cross Station. But, before she had a chance to even sit down, the bus had zoomed along an unfamiliar road. She was sure that she wasn't in London anymore. And then, just as she thought that, the bus skidded to a stop outside of the station. She muttered another 'Thank you' as she jumped down from the bus and dragged her trunk towards the barrier between platforms Nine and Ten. She casually leaned back against it and then fell through with her trunk. Unfortunately, she landed on someone.

"OW! What the hell?"

Lily looked up and saw no one, then looked down. She appeared to be sitting on someone. Wait, she knew this someone. Brown eyes, messy black hair. Lily Evans was sitting on James Potter. She mumbled something about being sorry and grabbed her trunk, hurrying away before anyone could see her face. Or anything of her for that matter. She could hear James getting up and one of his friends looked over at her as she glanced back to see how James was. She frowned as she saw one of the boys, tall and lanky, also black haired, staring at her. She turned her face so he couldn't see it anymore. Lily dragged her trunk up onto the train and down to the last carriage, to the very last compartment, which seemed to be the only empty one left. She lifted up her trunk with difficulty, but was able to shove it onto a rack above the seats.

People say that you can hear noise wherever you are in the world. This was never so true for Lily Evans. As she sat, curled up into a ball, in her compartment she could hear sounds of laughter and merriment coming from outside. The train whistle blew outside and she felt the train jerk slightly as it started to move. It was slow at first, like a small child trying to bike up a steep hill. But then it got faster, like a child would when they got to the top of the hill and began to zoom down the other side. The lulling motion of the train was almost all Lily could stand. She got up and ran out of her compartment, into the bathroom which was right next to her compartment and threw up. She rinsed out her mouth in the sink and looked at the mirror. She gasped. Lily hadn't looked in a mirror since her mother had died. It was too much of a reminder of what her mother had looked like. But now, Lily had bruises and cuts on her cheeks and face. A fading scars of previous harm. She frowned and turned, exiting the bathroom. She could hear people still looking for seats on the train and slipped back into her compartment. She resumed her seat next to the window, curling back up into a ball. And within minutes the lulling motion of the train had put her into a restless slumber. Dreams of her summer haunted her and she twitched as they replayed over and over again. Like a movie, just one that you could never forget.