Title: Forgotten Dreams
Rating: PG-13 for child abuse, drug usage, suggestive themes and slight language.
Summery: Sixth year has just begun for the original marauders and their year. Lily Evans is nothing but a wallflower. Nobody even knows she exists. James Potter is the exact opposite. He's rich, he's popular, and he's perfect. Everyone knows who James Potter is. But sixth year comes and it brings changes with it. What happens when fate brings these two together? Who knows? Not I. (AU. Oh, and by the way, Peter Pettigrew is a Slytherin in this. He is not close friends with James and co. Not now, not EVER! )

This chapter is dedicated to the person who first got me writing fanfiction. She knew me as Jason, I knew her as Willow.
For Willow
Love Jason

Chapter Seven

Time Stands Still

The rest of Christmas Day went as follows; James and Sirius refused point-blank to leave the safety of their dorm. But by four in the afternoon, both boys were themselves again, and ready to strike back, with a vengeance. Remus had remarked to Sirius that James was actually beginning to scare him. And who wouldn't be scared? James was on the warpath and his target was Lily Evans. He wanted, no, he needed, revenge on the red-headed demon. He had to make her suffer for what she had done to him. She'd made him a girl! A girl, for Merlin's sake! James Potter would not easily forget that.

And so his plan began to form. Everyone noticed. There were no explosions in the common room, no crazy laughter, no intense glaring matches between Lily and James because James Potter was mysteriously absent. He spent four days up in his dorm, planning his revenge. His "Circu de Revenge" as he so fondly referred to it. And by the 30th of December, he had his plot for revenge all worked out. Ohhh, Evans would pay. She would pay dearly.

On this same night, Remus was standing by his friend's bed, looking down at the tired boy who hadn't left his dorm in five days. James was surrounded by scraps of parchment, half of them crumbled and disguarded or torn apart. Except for one piece, which James had set on his bedside table. It was flat and had James' messy scribble all over it. This was the plan. This was James's revenge. And as Remus read through it, he found himself in shock. James surely wouldn't do this. He may have hated Lily and sworn to make her pay, but James would never, ever sink this low for revenge, would he? Remus lay down on his bed, now feeling slightly better. No, no, James would never sink as low as that.

"No…No, he wouldn't."

Those were the last words that floated through Remus' head before his head hit the pillow and darkness consumed him.

But, Remus was wrong. James was angry. He was furious. Nobody, nobody, beat James Potter. Not at his own game. James had to have his revenge and he'd do it in the most horrible way he could think up. Ah, revenge would be sweet. Lily Evans would never bother him again. She'd shrink back into the shadows and become that wallflower she had been for six years. He'd teach her. He'd show her was happened when someone crossed James Andrew Potter.

December 31st came and the day passed in the usual Hogwarts manner. The mess of teachers trying to get the Great Hall ready for the New Year Feast and the snow thick on the ground ensured that the corridors and the common rooms would be empty and quiet. James was rehearsing his plan. His speech. His revenge. It hadn't been so hard. He didn't want to prank her. He wanted to crush her, to destroy her spirit. He'd tell everyone her little secrets. That her sister hated her, that her father hurt her. That would break her spirit, it would destroy her. And James Potter wanted to be the one who broke her.

The Annual Gryffindor New Years Eve party had already started. Lily, Marie and Sebastian were talking with a few of the other Quidditch players. Music was playing from an unseen source and the majority of the common room was taken up by dancers, either couples or singles. And James Potter was ready to break Lily Evans. He watched her talking and laughing and he couldn't wait to see her broken expression. As the clock reached the 11:55 mark, James stood up.

"Well, the New Year is almost upon us and I'd like everyone to get the hats that were handed out at the beginning of the party. Inside, there will be a slip of paper. And everything will unfold from there."

James stepped down and watched his housemates pulling out their paper slips. And one by one, he saw their expressions go from shock, to pity, to laughter. And Lily Evans was staring at her piece. James knew what was on hers.

Your secret is out Evans, and they're all laughing.

Her face was expressionless, emotionless. And as everyone turned to stare at her, and laughter echoed against the walls, a single tear rolled down her pale, freckled cheek. She dropped her paper, walked through the crowd and hit James so hard he fell back against the fireplace. Her face was still empty, but her eyes were full of hurt, anger, pain and…something James couldn't give a name. A sorrowful, empty look. She turned on her heel and walked up the spiral staircase to her dorm, Marie right behind her. The common room still roaring with laughter, James smirked. Lily Evans was broken. She was nobody and he? He had won.

As the clock struck twelve, there was rejoice in the common room. But up in the Sixth Year Girls Dorm, Lily Evans was sobbing into her pillow. Marie Du Ponte sat beside her, rubbing her back and whispering words of comfort to her best friend. But nothing she said made the slightest difference. Lily just lay on her bed. Her sobs got softer and soon died. And soon darkness consumed Lily's vision and she lay fast asleep. Marie got up slowly, so as not to wake her distraught friend and got into her own four poster bed. And a whispered promise escaped Marie's lips,

"He'll regret this Lily. I promise, someday he will!"

And for a while, it seemed as though Lily Evans had dropped everything. She went to class, did her homework, and participated in class. But, she seemed to be on autopilot. There was no enthusiasm in her actions. No spring in her step. She was a shell of her former self. And everyone, even the teachers, noticed the change. Pranksters Inc. backups, their army, redoubled their fight against the M.A. but without Lily to head them up, they were no longer the fighters they once were. And soon, The Pranksters War was over and people were moving on with their lives. January, February and March all passed in a relatively normal way. April came and with it came news of a growing war in the outside world. A dark wizard who called himself Lord Voldemort was building his army and attacking muggle villages all over the English countryside, leaving nothing but destruction and death in his wake. May came as a dark cloud, rain poured almost every day and owls were lost on course. The owls that did make it through were usually Ministry Owls, sent to students to inform them of the passing of loved ones. 'Passing of loved ones'. It was a nicer was of saying that more people had died in the growing war. June brought the OWLs for the Fifth Years and NEWTs for the Seventh years. And then. Then, there were only three weeks left of term.

On one of the first sunny days in months, Dumbledore called Lily to his office. It came as a surprise to her. She hadn't done anything wrong; she didn't stand out at all. So why did the Headmaster want her to come to his office?

"Lily, the staff has expressed concerns about your behavior since the beginning of the New Year. Professor McGonnagal told me what happened at Gryffindor's annual party and it is understandable that you have been quieter and seemingly invisible. But that is not why I called you here. From what I heard about those papers and what was written on them, I have determined that it would not be in your best interest for you to return to your father's home this summer. In fact, your friends Marie and Sebastian Du Ponte had visited me several weeks ago and all but begged me to allow you to go home with them and live with them this summer. I have contacted the Du Ponte's, who agree that, considering your previous home life and how close you are with their children, there is no better place for you to reside this summer."

"Wait…So I'm going to go…live with Marie and Sebastian? I…I don't have…have to go home?"

"No, Miss Evans. You do not have to return to your home. The Du Ponte's will pick you up, along with your friends, Marie and Sebastian, at Platform 9 ¾, when the Hogwarts Express takes you and your fellow schoolmates home at the end of term. We attempted to contact your father, but he no longer resides at the house you left last summer. It has been since put up for sale and bought by an elderly couple. You may leave, Miss Evans. Thank you."

And so, Lily was a bit more upbeat. A bit more happy, now knowing she'd never have to return home. But she wasn't the Lily Evans who had dyed James Potter's hair purple with a spell on Prank Day. She wasn't the girl who turned him into a girl. Who made water spray out of his ears without a wand. She wasn't that girl anymore. She now was the shell of that girl. A shadow of her former self. And if anybody had noticed, James Potter did the most.

Sometimes, at night, he wondered if he'd gone too far. He missed that fiery-haired demon who rivaled him in every way. He thought that once he'd broken her, he'd be fine. He was wrong. He watched Lily every day, saw her head bent over the Prophet at breakfast each morning, watched her make amazing potions in Advanced Potions every afternoon, saw her struggle in Transfiguration every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. He hadn't destroyed her spirit. He'd shredded it and stamped on it and burned it beyond repair. And all he could do was regret it.

The last Quidditch match was fast approaching. It was set for June 12th, two weeks from the end of term. Gryffindor VS Slytherin. A week left and Molly Prewett was in the Hospital Wing after Snape jinxed her in the hallway. Four days left and Snape was at St. Mungos, Molly had gotten her revenge. Two days left and Lily Evans was throwing up in the girls bathroom. One day left, James was to nervous to eat. And then…Today was the day. This was it. They had to win. They had to make it…


James's voice exploded throughout the Gryffindor house on June 12th. Lily, Marie, Shelly and Molly barrled down the stairs, looking around for the cause of the voice. Lily looked at her feet when she saw James. Marie glared at him. Shelly kicked him in the shins and Molly gave Lily a gentle, motherly hug. James, who was hoping up and down, clutching his shin and glaring at Shelly. The girls of the Quidditch team had joined Lily's side, helping her get through the last through months and making his life a living hell. Sebastian and Kevin were standing behind the couch, chuckling.

All six were silenced by James's glare and trooped down to the field silently. They took off. The match started at 9 AM. It was 8. They had about 20 minutes before the Slytherins arrived. About 30 before the rest of the school arrived. So time was of the essence. And the time passed quickly. It was 9 am before they knew it and the game was about to begin.


"And Gryffindor is looking a little shaky. Perhaps that's because they are so split by the former Prankster Rivals…"

Ugh, trust Jason Jordan to bring up that!

Thought James as he passed the quaffle to Lily.

"Potter, Evans, Du Ponte, Evans, Du Ponte, Potter, Evans…EVANS SCORES! 10-0, GRYFFINDOR!"

Three quarters of the stands went wild. One quarter booed and hissed.

"And…Quinton of Slytherin has the quaffle. Passes to Yhove…INTERCEPTED BY POTTER. Passed to Evans…Du Ponte…Potter…Ahhh! WATCH OUT FOR THAT BLUDGER EVANS!"

Lily looked around and saw the small, black ball right before it slammed into her stomache. A blinding pain and a sensation of falling. And then, a swooshing noise and a pair of arms shot out under her and caught her falling body. Lily clung to the red and gold Quidditch robes, her stomach burning.


Lily clung to her saviors robes. Jason had just said it was Potter. Right now…She did not care. All she could comprehend was that Potter had saved her from a hell of a lot more pain then she was in right now. Sure, he was still a stuck-up bastard, but he'd saved her. Why…she didn't understand but right now…Right now was not the time to ponder it…

"Evans…you owe me for saving you. Repayment. You tell no one about me, Sirius and especially not about Remus."

She moaned and felt darkness consume her vision as she nodded and felt conciousness slip from her grasp.

Hmmm…these pillows were very soft. So was the bed…And very…very white. GAH!

Lily shot up in bed and felt a pain in her stomach. She looked down at the bandaged area. And it all came flooding back. The bludger, Potter, the whispered agreement. Ugh. Marie and Sebastian, hissing fast in French, sat next to her.


Lily had to shout to get their attention. Marie shrieked and went off in a stream of...Italian? What?


Marie clung to Lily, who was looking quite scared now.

"Du Ponte, I think your scarying my prize chaser."

"Screw off Potter, nobody wants you here."

Marie was glaring at the messy haired teen who was standing on the other side of the bed. Lily looked at him quizzically. He leant down to whisper in her ear.

"I came to apologize. And to tell you we won."

"I don't want your apologies Potter. I'll never forgive you for what you did. Never."

James stared at her and she looked away. Only when his footsteps had left the ward did she look up again. Marie was watching her carefully.

"Guys, I'm not going to explode or anything…I'm not a friggin' bomb!"

Lily looked at her two best friends in a rather annoyed way. And they both laughed. They laughed! And…well, they say laughter is contagious…

A week later, the Hogwarts Express was going to arrive soon and the Great Hall was filled with students at the End of Year Feast. It was delicious, of course. And at the end, Dumbledore stood up, smiling around at his students.

"To our Seventh Years, I bid you a loving goodbye. It has been a pleasure to have you here for these seven years. I pray that you are careful in our war-stricken world. And Hogwarts is always here for you. And now. We have had a rough year, full of pranks from two different groups. I don't doubt next year will be just as hectic. Maybe more so. But the truth remains, two very special people reside in this school. Their names are known to me alone, but for now…for now I wish them the best of luck this summer. Right now, a war is waging outside out walls. We have already lost many of our family, our friends and others. But I ask that you remain strong. We are stronger united than we are torn apart. With that, I wish you a happy summer."

He sat down and the students stood up. Hats flew in the air. The year was over. This had been, to Lily, the longest year of her life. But, she knew, it would be the best summer she'd had since she was a very small child. As everyone else began to leave, Lily got to her feet and joined her friends as they left the hall. James Potter watched her with narrowed eyes, rimmed with red, the evidence that tears had recently fallen. And then, he to left the hall.

Dumbledore watched Lily and James leave the hall and could feel the hatred between them. Two such gifted children, who could do such good if only they could stand one another…And then. A plan formed. A twinkle in his eyes, Dumbledore began to plot. Oh yes, there was something on his mind. And as he heard the carriages rolling through the gates, he muttered under his breath,

"Ohhh yes, there's something about seventh year…"

On the Hogwarts Express, the members of Pranksters Inc. were all fast asleep in their compartment. And as two of the Marauders walked by, they paused to look in on their rivals. Remus saw only Marie, who was curled up on the seat, her dark hair falling over her eyes like ribbons. His eyes softened as he watched her for a few minutes, then looked at his comrade. James was watching Lily Evans. Her fiery red hair was coming out of its loose bun as she leaned against Sebastian. And Remus saw something on his best friend's face that he had only seen when James was watching his mother or…or looking at Annie. Lily's sleeping body shifted on Sebastian's sleeping form. And James sighed, then looked at Remus.

"I know you like Du Ponte, Remus…But it can't happen."

And with those blunt words, James walked towards their compartment. Remus sighed and gave Marie a fleeting glance. James was right. It couldn't work. Nothing ever worked out for Remus. And Marie hated him. If she hadn't at Christmas, she surely did after what James had done to Lily. Now that he thought about it, James really had ruined Remus' chances with Marie. But, the sandy-haired boy couldn't bring himself to be angry. James was like a brother to Remus. Nothing he did could change that. With a last look at Marie, Remus followed James to the compartment. Nothing could change what had happened.

Sooner than anyone would've liked, the Hogwarts Express rolled to a stop at Platform 9 ¾. Lily stood shyly behind Sebastian and Marie as they hugged their parents, who were both dark haired and pale, like their children. They smiled warmly at the redhead, who stood out so brightly against their dark haired children.

"Welcome to the family Lily."

Mr. Du Ponte smiled at her. And Lily smiled back. The five of them left through the barrier and a pair of hazel eyes watched the red hair vanish. And so began the summer. The last summer before seventh year. The last summer before Hogwarts ended. The last summer of their childhood.

Back at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore let out a sigh. For Lily Evans and James Potter, this was the beginning of the end. The prophecy had already assured him of that. Thought Dumbledore did not believe in real prophecies, this one had been made to him and he believed Cassandra Trelawney. Though she was old, nearly her 114th birthday, she was still gifted with the 'inner eye'. Two such gifted students would die so very young. A horrible thought, but a fact that was unavoidable. So, he'd see what next year brought.

Yes. This would be quite the year.

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