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Chapter One

It was midnight in feudal Japan. The starts were out and the sky was clear. The breeze was cool and everything seemed peaceful. The gang was resting in a spot in the woods. There was a small fire going on while everyone was swept into deep and peaceful slumber. All were at rest except one. Inuyasha kept tossing and turning every five minutes.

( In his dreams )

Everything was pitched dark. All he could see was Kikyo. She was wearing her usual kimono and she was standing on a flat surface near the edge of a cliff. He was standing at least 200 feet away from her. She had the look of fright and worry on her face. She held her right hand above her chest with a loose fist while she looked at Inuyasha with sad eyes. He couldn't help but run towards her when he suddenly stopped only 50 feet away from Kikyo when he saw a new figure standing besides her. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was Kagome. He asked himself if it was possible. Why would she be there? The fact was that it was her standing besides the dead priestess.

"What's going on?" He looked at Kikyo who was now stretching her hand towards him. "Save me Inuyasha" She said as an order to him. He looked back at Kagome who stood near the cliff with tears in her eyes. She blinked them back as took gave a step forward and pleaded Inuyasha to save her. Inuyasha didn't know what to do then suddenly all went black and he could only see Kagome falling into a black abyss. "NO!" was all he could manage to say as he saw her fall….

(Back In the Camp Sight)

"No. Please don't" Inuyasha moaned silently while he kept tossing and turning in his sleep. Kagome had recently woken up to see what disturbed the sleepless hanyou. She gently tugged on his haori to budge him awake but it wasn't working. He kept tossing and turning.

"Inuyasha" she whispered gently into his ears. "Wake up. You're just having a bad dream... wake up." She shook his shoulders gently until he opened his eyes and gasped to see everything around him was normal and he focused his eyes on kagome's sleepy figure.

"You were having a bad dream Inuyasha. Is something bothering you?"

All he could do was look at her and turn his face the other way as he tried to hide his nervousness from the nightmare. "Feh. I'm fine you wench just wasn't comfortable is all. Go back to bed because we are waking up very early in the morning to find those jewel shards." Kagome looked at him and sighed. "Ok Inuyasha. Whatever you say."

End Of Chapter 1

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