Hey people! here is your epilogue!


Inuyasha and Kagome couldn't be happier. Their days were full of smiles and tenderness while their nights were full of passion. At this rate Inuyasha and Kagome couldn't keep off each other. Lady Kaede had managed to throw Kagome and Inuyasha a small wedding with their close friends present and the villagers. Kagome and gone back to her time and told her mother about what hapened. Her mother was a bit upset to see her daughter married off at such a young age, but she knew they were so very in love.

She gave them her blessing as well as a small little wedding in her time too. Her friends from school were so surprized to see how handsome Kagome's little "abusive macho" boyfriend had turned out. he was really sweet deep down, although a little too over protective. Even Houjo felt happy for Kagome. He couldn't help but feel happy if the woman he loved felt happy. Everything was just perfect between the couple and they were looking foward to a happy life together.

Kagome and Inuyasha had gone back to the fuedal era shortly after their celebration. Once they went through the well Kagome wanted to see her friends but Inuyasha stopped her. She turned around and saw the look familiar look in his eyes.

"Whats up with you Inuyasha?" she asked innocently. She knew very well what was up with him. He wanted her and she secretly wanted him too.

Inuyasha walked ever so slowly towards Kagome. She smiled at him and with every step he took, she would take one back until she found herself corned. Her back was against the old tree where they had first met. Kagome giggled as Inuyasha closed the distance between them.He kissed her gently on the lips. Their lips touched and brushed against each other sparking a flame within both their bodies. Kagome laughed and pulled away from Inuyasha's lips. She looked at him and laid her forehead against his. She looked into his beautiful golden eyes as he looked into her chocolate orbs.

"Inuyasha, there is somethign i want to tell you" Kagome said in a serious tone.

Inuyasha stole a kiss from her lips and started to nibble on the sensitive skin of her neck. Kagome arched back granting him access to her skin. He kissed her gently and then mummbled a reply to what Kagome had said.

"What is it you have to tell me" he said and continud kissing her seductively.

Kagome giggled again and with both hands she cupped his face. She gave him one more schorching kiss before she faced him. She grew a little nervouse and he could smell it. Kagome blushed a little and opened her mouth. She smiled when nothing came out and she attempted to tell him again.

"Inuyasha...we are soon going to..." was all she said.

Inuyasha grew impatient and attacked her with kisses again.

"If you don't tell me soon i'm going to take you right here, right now" he said in a husky voice.

Kagome battled him off and made him keeo his distance.

"Be a good boy now" she said. She took a deap breath and spoke. "Inuyasha i know it's too soon but we are really in love. We couldn't help it so... we two are soon to be tree" she said and rubbed her stomach.

Inuyasha couldn't beleive it. His eyes grew wide and he smilled from ear to ear. He was going to have a pup! He would be a father and he couldn't be happier. Inuyasha hugged Kagome and gave her a big kiss. When he let her go he got on his knees and rested his small ears against her stomach. kagome smiled down at him and he closed his eyes.

"It's really there. Our pup will be a boy. I just know it" he said happily.

"Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions a little too soon?" she asked. Kagome rubbe dthe back of Inuyasha's ears while he listlened closely to his pup.

"Not at all, Kagome. Not at all"