Ruby Visor, No Brain

This is my first movie fic, so I hope you all like it.

It was an ordinary day at the Xavier Institute. Cyclops/Scott Summers dressed in his Black X-Man uniform, and he wore his visor (the one from X2, but it has two special black buttons on the top left and top right corners of the visor, that enable Cyclops to shoot his optic blasts, without pressing the standard buttons on his visor, and it has accurate aim, and control of his beams, and beam size.) He, Wolverine (Logan), Nightcrawler (aka: Kurt Wagner), and Beast went into the Danger Room. Beast controlled all the actions in the Danger Room, while Cyclops, Wolverine, and Kurt went into the room to have a blast.

Cyclops blasted the robot simulated sentinels with ease(due to auto-aim). Then Wolverine jumped up and cut a simulated sentinels head off. Then Cyclops blasted the simulated sentinel in front of Wolverine, just before it squished him. Then just when they thought they were finished, 5 simulated soldiers surrounded Cyclops. Cyclops blasted 3 of them. But just when the remaining simulated soldiers were about to attack Cyclops, Nightcrawler butts in and says, "Vneed help my friend." Then Kurt/Nightcrawler did a Teleport flurry (teleporting dropkicks) to the two simulated soldiers behind Cyclops. "Thanks Kurt." Scott said. "Petition." Kurt replied. "Phew. That was a blast." Scott said in weary happy tone. "We should do this more often you know." Wolverine added. "Indeed." Cyclops replied.

Cyclops and his compatriots were surprised that Professor X came to watch them. "Good job X-Men." X stated. "Thank you Professor." Scott replied. "Now, since you guys worked so hard, I suggest that you all should head to the dining room of the mansion and feast." Prof. X stated. "Oh and Scott. Jean is dying to see you." the Prof. Added. "Tell Jean, I'll be on my way." Scott said happily. "You got it Scott." X replied. "See you later guys." Scott said to Logan and Kurt. "Bye." Logan and Kurt replied.

"Before we go eat, I'd like to see what Hank's cookin." Logan said in an interested tone to Kurt."I'd like to see too." Kurt replied. "Then let's go." Logan added. Then Logan and Kurt went to Beast's/Hank's lab. While they were inside, Logan found this red liquid. "Well, I wonder what this does?" Logan pondered. "Me too." Kurt added. Then Beast came in and said, "This is a special potion of mine." "So what. What does it do?" Logan asked keenly to Beast. "This potion can make a person dumb, but yet it can make a person express a hidden personality that he or she have." Beast replied. "Cool. Can I take a sample of it?" Logan asked sarcastically. "Okay, but please don't drink it." Beast replied. "Thanks furball." Logan said. "You're quite welcome." Hank stated.

Then Logan and Kurt had a normal talk."So Logan, vwhat do you want to do with this thing my friend?" Kurt asked. "I'd like to put this thing in something like a soda." Logan replied. "Okay and vwho do want to drink the soda?" Kurt asked again. "I want visor boy to drink it. I've wanted to see how he'd act if he were dumb." Logan replied in a mellow tone. "Plus, I've always wanted to pull a funny prank on teacher's pet." he added. "I happen to be a bit of a prankster to my friend." Nightcrawler stated in a funny tone. "That's good, because I need a huge favor from you." Logan said. "Vwhat is the favor my friend?" Kurt asked. "After I mix the potion in this Dr. Pepper soda, I need you to give this drink to Cyke." Logan answered. "You got it my friend." Kurt replied. "Now let's have some fun." Logan said as he got the glass cup ready.

After he poured the Dr. Pepper into the cup, he poured half of the potion into the cup. He noticed that the potion mixed well, and the Dr. Pepper was still black and that the soda was looking good. "This is too easy." Logan said to himself.

Then he joined Professor X, Scott, Jean, Rogue, Iceman, Gambit, Kurt, Colossus, and Beast in the dining room to eat. Peter/Colossus made very delicious ribs, while Rogue and Bobby/Iceman bought 3 boxes of pizza for them and the others. "Great job kid." Logan said. "Thanks Logan." Rogue replied as she went over and hugged him. "Thank you for that." Logan stated.

Then Logan noticed that Cyclops wore his tan pants, and his green long sleeve shirt, with a tan shirt under it (the outfit in X-Men: Evolution), and his nice ruby quartz sunglasses (the ones he wears in the X-Men movies). "These ribs are delicious Peter." Cyclops said. "Thank you." Peter replied. Thenwhile they ate, Kurt gave Scott the Dr. Pepper. "Thank you for my drink Kurt." Scott said as he held his arm around Jean. Jean wore black leather pants, and a nice red shirt that showed her cleavage, and a nice black leather jacket. "You are very welcome." Kurt said in a happy tone. Then Scott drank the soda and he liked it. "This drink is very delicious." Scott said. Then Scott started to notice how beautiful she was, but in an intimate kind of way. He looked at her face, and thenhe touched her long red hair. Then he asked, "Hey Jean. How would you like to go to the movies with me?" "I'd like to go Scott." Jean replied as she kissed him. "Well guys I'll see you later." Scott said as he held Jean's hand. "Bye." Logan and everyone said. "I sure can't wait to see how dumb he can really be." Logan said to himself secretly.

Jean and Scott had a wonderful time at the movies. Then before they went back inside the mansion, they saw a full moon together. Scott and Jean stared at each other lovingly. "Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" Scott asked in a romantic voice. Jean blushed and then said, "I don't know about me, but you are very handsome." Then as Scott stared at her, he kissed her passionately. "I don't know what's gotten you in such in a saucy mood." Jean said as they ended the kiss gently. "I feel this way, because I love you." Scott said. "I love you too Scott." Jean said back at him. Then they kissed and made love to each other all night long in their room. Scott has no idea of what is about to happen to him.