The Final Insults

Notes: The lines Beast said when he saw his messy lab were from Dumb and Dumberer.

It's been two days since Logan pulled the prank on Scott. Scott has been getting more and more dumber. Logan was enjoying every act of stupidity that Scott had committed.

Logan went over to Hank's lab. He saw that the lab was clean, and that it was well-suited for Hank again. "Nice work furball." Logan said. "It may have taken forever, but I finally got this place the way I want it." Logan noticed that Prof. X was next to Hank. "I know the joke that you pulled on Scott." Prof. X stated. "But How?" Logan asked in surprise. "Jean told me about it telepathically." Prof. X replied. "How is Scott's progress?" Prof. X asked Hank. "His stupidity is increasing more rapidly, unless we get the antidote to him." Hank answered.

"With the my quick progress, I managed to make the antidote." Hank added. The antitode was the same as the potion, but it was blue. "Oh and since I don't have the proper container, I have to put this in a Miller Lite Beer Bottle." Hank said. Then he half the antitode into the bottle, but it was mixed with the beer that remained. "Logan, do not do pull anymore pranks on Scott." Prof. X ordered. "Why?" Logan asked. "Because if you do, that might cause Scott to express outbursts of rage." Prof. X replied. "Okay." Logan said with his fingers crossed. "Good man." Prof. X said as he patted him with his right hand.

Then Logan went to Kurt's room. And Kurt immediately said, "I secretly overheard vwhat Hank and the Professor said." "I need one last favor from you." Logan said. "This better be it or else we are going to be in big trouble." Kurt stated. "I need you get a big glob of elephant poo." Logan replied. "Vwhat you gotta to be?..." Kurt said in a freaked out tone. "Just get it or I'll scratch you like a wet dog." Logan pleaded. "Okay. But this better be it." Kurt replied. "It will. Oh, and you'll be needing a gas mask and a shovel, and a big bucket." Logan stated sarcastically. "Ohhh. Vhere it goes." Kurt said as he teleported to the nearest zoo in New York.

While that happened, Scott was making a huge mess in the other rooms of the mansion. He messed everone's room, except his. Then out of all the rooms left, he made Storm's room the messiest. He took his ruby shades off and blasted her room like crazy. He was laughing like crazy, while he blasted. Then he blasted the bed in half. Storm's bed looked as if it was broken in half. "Then he destroyed all her masks, and vases. "Yahoo!" Scott ranted. Then he laughed like Dr. Evil.

Then he got 3 three-gallon bottles filled with root beer, and he drank them all. He drank them, and he didn't get fat at all. He did feel a little full. Then he ate all of Rogue's pizza. He laughed so hard. Just when he was about to eat on, Logan came and talked to him. "I see you did a stand up job." Logan stated sarcastically. Logan saw that half of the drawers were left open. "What do you need dude?" Scott asked in a stupid tone. "I need you to come with me." Logan replied. "I'll go with you man." Scott added.

Then Logan took him to the War Room. Then Kurt came in, and he gave Logan the elephant poo. "It was so gross, but I got it." Kurt stated as he coughed. "Good job. Now you can go doing what you normally do, and tell the others of my plan of getting the antitode to Scott." Logan stated. "Okay." Kurt replied in a relieved, but happy tone. Kurt was so happy right now. He just teleported back to his room, and then he talked with Rogue, Bobby, Peter, and Gambit.

Then Rogue asked him in the Day Room, "How was the prank?" "Yeah." Bobby and Gambit added on with Rogue. "It was fun and disgusting." Kurt replied. "I can't believe that Scott would drink 9 gallons of root beer." Bobby stated. "I agree, but how could he possibly he eat all my pizzas." Rogue said in a mild tone. "He is a real Russian man." Peter added. Then Jean came in and listened to Kurt's conversation. "Miss Grey, what a pleasant surprise. Please join us." Bobby stated. "I'd like to." Jean replied.

"Do you have a plan for giving Scott the antitode?" Jean asked gently. "I do." Kurt replied. "And I vneed you and the kid's help." he added. "You got it." Jean responded. "Kids I need your help in curing Scott." Kurt pleaded. "Okay, what do we do?" Rogue asked. Then Kurt told them the plan of how to get the antitode to Scott.

"Hey is that steak Logan?" Scott asked. "It's a special kind of steak." Logan answered as he covered his nose, and put the elephant poo on Scott's plate. Then Scott ate the poo like crazy. "This is kinda delicious." Scott said in a happy, funny tone. "Yeah." Logan said as he was about to laugh. Then while Scott ate, he noticed that corn was in the steak. "Since when did steak have corn?" Scott asked. "It's there to make this steak special." Logan replied. "Oh well." Scott said as he continued eating the big glob of elephant poo. Then Scott was finished.

"DEOLICIOUS!" Scott said as he was relieved of eating the poo. "I'm glad you liked it." Logan stated. "And I think it's time for the fun to end." Logan added. Then he saw Kurt, Jean, Rogue, Bobby, Gambit, and Peter at the War Room. "Hey guys." Logan said. "Hey Logan." Rogue stated.

Then he walked over to them. "Do you have the antitode?" Logan asked. "We do." Rouge stated. "Good." Logan responded. Then he got the beer bottle containing the antidote, and he walked over to Scott.

"I need you to drink this." Logan stated. Then when Scott saw the beer bottle, he immediately pleaded, "I hate beer. Get it away from me. Get that filth away! Get it away!" Then Scott ran past Logan. Just when he tried to run past the others, Jean telekenitically kept Scott still in mid-air. He was in a cross-like position. Then she gave him to Peter. Then Peter turned into his metal form, and just as Scott tried to break free, he couldn't. "I'm sorry I had to do this." Logan said. "Kiddo, touch him." Logan added. "Okay." Rogue replied.

Then she took off her glove and touched his cheek from behind. Then Scott fell into unconsciousness. But with her side affects, Rogue ended up absorbing Scott's power. "How do I shut this off?" Rogue asked while she was shooting Scott's optic beams. "Wear this." Jean replied as she gave Rogue Scott's glasses. Then Logan poured the antitode into Scott's mouth.

Storm returned from her vacation. Then when she walked to her room, she was in complete shock. "Oh my gosh. Scott blasted my room. How could he do this to me?" Storm said in shock.

Then Prof. X found Storm and escorted her to the War Room. They saw that Scott was unconscious. "Is Scott okay? And why did he destroy my room?" Storm asked. "I pulled this prank on geek boy. He was acting dumb, but he turned into a ladies man as well." Logan responded. "What did you do to him Logan?" Storm asked. "I ended up taking some of Hank's potion, and then I mixed it into Scott's Dr. Pepper, and then Scott drank it." Logan replied. "Okay. I'll forgive you, Kurt, and Scott." Storm replied as she went over to Kurt and hugged him.

As they embraced each other, Kurt said, "I missed you so much." "I missed you to Kurt." Storm added. "I love you Ororo Monroe." Kurt stated. "I love you so much." he added. "I love you too." Storm replied. Then they kissed each other. "Okay. Why don't you two get a room?" Logan said sarcastically. "I'll go with Kurt to his room." Storm replied while she held Kurt. "Swell." Logan stated.

Then on the next day, Scott slept on the mansion's medical bed. Then Jean put on his shades, since Rogue's absorption ended. Scott groaned, and he saw that everyone was there to see him. "Ughhh. What happened?" he asked. "Jean, are you okay?" he asked in a worried tone. "I'm okay, and I'm here." she replied as she held his hand. "The only thing I remember is that I was so intimate with you." Scott stated mildly. "No matter what personality you express, I will always love you." Jean said as she kissed Scott gently.

"Um, can I please say what happened?" Logan asked sarcastically. "Okay Logan." Jean said as she still held Scott's hand. "Cyke, you were dumb for a few days." Logan said. "Okay. I guess it was from the soda I drank." Scott added. "That's true. And you need to give the elephant back its poop." Logan added on sarcastically. "What do you mean?" "You ate a big ounce of poop, and it needs to be returned back to the elephant." Logan explained again. "Say what again?" Scott asked in shock. "You ate a big piece of elephant poo, and you are very funny." Logan stated for the last time. Scott was in so much shock that he screamed, and then he vommited on Kurt. "I am not going to be the same again." Kurt stated as he teleported to the nearest restroom in the mansion.

"I'm just glad your better." Storm said as she patted him. "Thanks." Scott said. Then he hugged Jean. Then Jean said, "There's some pie under your pillow, so you can throw it at Logan." she whispered. "Good." Scott replied in a whispered tone. Then he grabbed the pie and hid it behind his back. Then he sat up, and said, "I have something for you." "What?" Logan asked. "A pepper cream pie." Scott said as he threw it at Logan. "Ah my eyes! My eyes!" Logan pleaded. Then he recovered fast. "Very funny, Cyke. Very funny." Logan said in a funny tone as he walked out of the room. And well everything returned back to normal.