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IPLEASE READ: For you to understand this properly, I need to briefly explain what makes Salome such a hard opera. Salome, first of all, is a German opera, and those are damn hard for someone who German isn't a first language for. Second of all, the part of Salome not only requires a good singer, but a good dancer as well- Salome must perform the Dance of the Seven Veils. Okay, that's all.


Naraku-sama slowly looked at Onigumo-sama. All right. he said nervously. It's been six years.
Of relief! Onigumo-sama added.
Of delight. Naraku-sama finished.
Of Elysian peace. I piped up.
Naraku beamed. That's right, Tsuyu dear. With your voice, this Opera will get a new start. We can forget all about the insanity of Tsubaki-dono, and the rather violent end of Kagome-sama's career. He shuddered. I still have nightmares about that hanyou, sometimes.
There was a knock on the door.
We all screamed.
It's only me, sirs. a young voice said irritably. Satoshi de Chagny?
Oh, er, come in. Onigumo-sama coughed nervously.
I smiled as the six-year old son of Miroku de Chagny came in. He much resembled his father, but had his mother's good sense and eyes.
Satoshi-kun looked up at Naraku-sama. Okaa-san wants a raise. he said seriously.
Oh for- Naraku-sama threw his hands up in the air. For the last time, you little brat, isn't fifteen thousand yen a week enough? She does have your father's money, and there's only so much we can pay a dancer...
Okaa-san says if you don't give her twenty five she'll quit and tell the papers all about what you were doing when Kagome-san was kidnapped. Satoshi-kun added.
Naraku-sama gulped.
As far as I know- from a good deal of paying off to Sango de Chagny- it is quite a funny story.
Apparently, the two managers had a very strange idea that the way the Opera Ghost took his was by stealing it from one of the manager's back pockets at intermission.
So during the entire first half of the opera, they were both walking backwards like crabs, bowing over and over again, and shouting at people to get out of the way and avoid touching them at all costs.
When the money was still in Onigumo-sama's back pocket, they locked themselves inside their office, with the money attached to his coat pocket by a safety pin.
Only moments after Kagome-sama's dissappearence, they checked his pocket, only to find the money gone!
Very well. Onigumo-sama said brusquely. Twenty-five it is. But tell that nitpicker of a mother that she had better sleep somewhere else at nights, or we'll call her on blackmail.
Satoshi-kun bobbed his head and ran out.
Just as the door swung shut, there was another tap on the door. A letter for you, sirs.
I opened the door. I quickly swept a curtsy for the mistress of the ballet- who's daughter was now Countess Sango de Chagny.
Just give this to Onigumo-sama and Naraku-sama. she said calmly. I took the white envelope, and glanced at it. It was adressed: To my old business partners: Onigumo-sama, and Naraku-sama. in sweeping slightly curved red handwriting.
Give me that! Onigumo-sama snapped, grabbing the letter. He eagerly opened it. Oh, I do hope it is money!
Naraku-sama pulled out the contents- a letter, in the same hand. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Oh gods above, no.
The letter read:
It has been a while since my last note. I do hope you haven't missed me too much. Nevertheless, I was appalled to discover you plan on showcasing Mokota Tsuyu-san as Salome in the opera by the same name. Admittedly, Tsuyu-san shows more talent than some of your previous choices, but Salome is a challenging role, and one I do no believe should be attempted by one so amateur as her. Perhaps if you wish to show Carmen in the near future, Micaela would be a suitable role for Miss Mokota.
It is my wish, or rather, if you prefer, my command, that tonight my wife sing the role of Salome. Have no fear about her making a mistake- she has been well taught.
your most humble and obedient servant,
-O. G.
P.S.I shall be visiting your office tonight at exactly 6:30 pm and bringing my wife, that you may take her backstage to prepare for the opera at 8:30. Be warned- Lady Phantom is not one to be trifled with, any more than myself.
I stared at the note.
Naraku-sama stared at the note.
Onigumo-sama began to sob.
So much for Elysian peace. Naraku-sama said finally, with a look to me.
I shot up in bed. YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO YELL! I hollered back at Inuyasha.
YOU SHUT UP! Then I realized how idiotic we sounded. Okay, how about we start talking like normal people. Is this better?
He said hoarsely. But we're hardly normal, are we?
I snorted. We live in the cellars of an opera house, you've spent the last six years teaching me how to kill people with a noose and other weapons, aside from memorizing every opera ever written. Of course we're normal. How much normal-er do you get?
Normal-er isn't a word. Inuyasha reprimanded me.
Eh, be quiet. I said grumpily. Nobody cares.
Nobody else is down here, and I care. He persisted.
Shut up. I growled, burrowing under the covers.
My husband yanked the sheets off. Nuh-uh! No more sleeping! It's past noon, and I have to tell you about my plans for the day...well, night I suppose, since there isn't much left of the day.
I whined. It's too early!
Inuyasha rolled his eyes. I don't care. Get up or I'll throw you in the lake.
I stuffed a pillow over my head. You wouldn't dare.
Oh, wouldn't I?

I spit water out, standing up in the lake, water up to my waist. I grumbled. You've made your bloody point. Now what was so important that you had to wake me up during the day for?
Inuyasha smirked. Opera season opens tonight.
I squeezed water out of my hair. Oh, we're going to the opera tonight?
No, idiot. I'm going to the opera, you're performing.
I deadpanned him as best as I could from underneath my wet bangs (which were hanging in my eyes). Why don't we both perform? I said sarcastically. Is it Faust tonight, or have they decided to start the season with Don Giovanni like last year, you know, when we missed it?
No, Salome. He said casually.
My mouth dropped open. Are you kidding? That's German!
You can pull it off, Kagome. Inuyasha said optimistically. You're a hell of a lot better than that Motoko or whatever her name was that was going to replace you this year.
I groaned, sitting on the bank. I have to dance?
Yes, you have to dance.
I looked at him. Any idea if Hojo-kun's going to be there? Because I will die if he is.
No worries. Inuyasha said brightly. The fop's still in the north hunting for Santa Claus.
You already wrote a note, I assume. I said dryly.
Of course. We're meeting the managers at six thirty sharp. Inuyasha plopped down next to me. By the way, as I recall from when we covered Salome, you're an excellent dancer.
I knew that smirk, and promptly shoved him in the lake.
Well, it was 6:25.
Inuyasha having told me the contents of his latest letter (What? You didn't even bother to tell them my name? It was more fun this way!), I knew we'd be entering the office in exactly five minutes- he was a stickler when it came to his notes.
Since I knew Inuyasha was expecting me to live up to the Lady Phantom standards, I wore a black gown with a rather stiff corset- which really, really, hurt. I also had a black ribbon tied around my neck with a pearl ornament.
Inuyasha was, of course, in his usual evening wear, with a mask as well- strange, he hadn't wore a mask in years. He reminded me that the Phantom of the Opera had to have a mask- and also ended up insisting I wear one- well, of course not during Salome.
We waited in a niche nearby the office, until it was 6: 29.
Then Inuyasha led me up to the door, where we waited.
He opened the door.
Inside were two terrified managers. They didn't look much different. Onigumo-sama was still a balding old man, and Naraku-sama still had his crop of ridiculously long wavy black hair- although I could have sworn there was a grey hair in there somewhere.
Onigumo-sama was the first to make a move.
He screamed like a little boy (higher pitched than a little girl), and dived under the desk.
I rolled my eyes.
Naraku-sama spoke up. Y-your wife, I presume?
Inuyasha gave a curt nod. Yes. I want you to take her backstage- have Fukuru-dono prepare her for the performance.
The effeminate man swallowed hard. But what are we to put on the programs?
I carefully undid the ties of my mask, and pulled it off. You are to put Higurashi Kagome'.
Naraku-sama gaped at my now exposed face. Hi-hi-Higurashi-san! But you disappeared six years ago!
I shrugged. Now you know where to, Naraku-sama. Er, if you please, I would like to be prepared in time for the performance.
B-but of course! Naraku-sama stammered. He stumbled towards the door, and stuck his head out, shouting
Within moments, Kikyo had entered the room. She gave me a kind smile.
Hello, Kagome-chan. She rolled her eyes at Inuyasha. Always the dramatics with you.
For once, I actually sat in my private box. After all, you can't hear the Dance of the Seven Veils. Imediately after Kagome took her last curtain call, I slipped into the managers office (they were watching from Box 3) and wrote them a note.
To my old business partners,
I really do believe that Salome' proved to be quite the triumph, don't you? Miss Kagome Higurashi was, of course, stunning as always. From now on she will be appearing several times per season, make no mistake about that. Oh yes, Makota-san. She did well enough, but I assure you, she requires a good training before the girl will amount to anything. I suggest you begin letting that conductor of yours actually teach the chorus- he was a music teacher before a conductor, you know.
By the way, the ballet was better than usual, and having the Countess de Chagny lead for once was a masterstroke.
- O. G.
Satisfied with the note. I put it in an envelope, leaving it on the table, and leaving myself, to take my normal refuge behind Kagome's mirror.

Once I was alone in my dressing room, I turned to the mirror, rolling my eyes. Early, Inuyasha? That's not like you.
His voice was next to me, but I knew he was still behind the mirror. Well, I got impatience. Can you blame me? You didn't have to do so much catching up with Sango-san.
But so much has happened in six years! I protested. She married Hojo-kun's older brother, and has a son now!
Good for her. came the reply. Will you come already?
I rolled my eyes. All right, all right. I wearily swung the mirror open, and followed him down the hallway, closing the mirror after us, of course. Gods, this corset burns.
He smirked at me. Then why don't you take it off when we get home?

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