Title: Missing in Action

Author: Belisse

Archive: Any other out there, just ask first.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category: H/C

Rating: R

Summary: The Genii had a plan, they will get back at the people from Atlantis at any cost.

Warnings: Angst, violence, language, torture.

Beta: Falcon Horus

Season/Episode: Season One

Spoilers: Everything concerning the Genii

Disclaimer: As much as I wanted, SGA is not mine and will never be. This is just for fun.


The pupil rose from the floor, the master was pleased. This new student had proven himself a worthy fighter. Acastus Kolya knew that his new student couldn't yet be fully trusted, but time was of the essence. He would finally have his revenge on the people of Atlantis.

The student was now waiting for the orders of his master, Kolya looked at him, "You're dismissed! Be ready, tonight is really important. Tonight you will show your loyalties to me." Kolya was answered by a quick "Yes sir." The student bowed and left for his quarters.

As the student left, Kolya smiled to himself, sure that he will get his ultimate revenge. Tonight he will make amends with the Genii council; tonight he will kill Major John Sheppard.


The strike was going as planned, the Intel the Genii had gathered had been correct. The people of Atlantis were on this planet to continue their pitiful acts of trade. The group moved into the village quite easy as most of the people had gathered in the center of the town.

Kolya had his new student close to him, he would know death soon enough. The strike team didn't care who was in the way; people were either stunned or killed before an alarm could be raised.

Once they arrived where most people were gathered, Kolya stopped the team and looked at his student, "You know what to do. We will cover you. If we get separated, just return home."

The student nodded, weapon at hand, he moved into the big plaza. He spotted the ones he was looking for quite easily. He waited, something inside him wanted to stop what he was about to do; murder. Could he live with that?

Yes! He was of the Genii, people who were proud of what they were, and the ones he wanted dead were nothing but terrorists. So the student walked onto the plaza, weapon ready to use. He shot the first one on his path; Rodney McKay went down without so much as a peep.

Next in line he saw Teyla, the place had now become invaded by a panicked mob. People were trying to run away from the sole attacker, hiding in surrounding homes.

As he approached, Teyla spotted him; her eyes were wide with shock. He fired the weapon. He missed, her reflexes were quick, and Teyla evaded the hit and took off. The student quickly followed her and entered through the first open door that was in his path. Lt. Ford was next in sight, his weapon at the ready. The student fired his weapon but Ford managed to hide behind a table.

His mind was now on overload, somehow he didn't wanted to do this, but he would do it nonetheless. No one was shooting at him, which was strange; but his commander was close behind him.

But to really prove himself to commander Kolya he had to kill the team from Atlantis himself. He moved and spotted Ford; again he fired his weapon without success. His patience was running low; he closed in where Ford was hiding.

Ford was caught off guard. The two men stared at each other; rage filled the student's face. Ford's face was a mixture of shock and amazement. Both men were ready to shoot each other.

Without warning Teyla appeared and slammed the butt of her P90 on the student's head. The man fell to the floor unconscious, Teyla and Ford stared at each other almost in shock. Before they could say anything, all hell broke loose when the rest of the Genii strike team entered the plaza.

The leader of the village approached Ford; he had sent his guard to hold off the attacker, while he helped them get back to the Stargate.

The battle was now in the distance; Ford and Teyla were accompanied by Oles, the leader of the village. Four guards accompanied them, by carrying two limp bodies back to the Stargate.

Once there, Teyla dialed the gate, once the wormhole was established Ford dialed his IDC sequence and without hesitation everyone stepped through the event horizon.

On the other side the two bodies where placed on the floor. Dr. Elizabeth Weir ran down the stairs and glanced at the team. She looked around and saw McKay who was now receiving medical attention.

To his side laid the unconscious body of Major John Sheppard, who was reported missing in action for a little over four months ago.