This poem was written and submitted to the Eragon Poetry Contest on the Eragon Web Site. As I haven't heard back from them, I assume I didn't win, so I'm posting it here for the general public to enjoy.

Brom's Tomb

Kenya Starflight

Here lies Brom

In death's sleep

Rider, mentor, truest friend

His tomb glistens like carved ice

Or sculpted water

Beauty in the ugliness of death

Saphira is mine always

But still I feel alone

Abandoned by fate

Alagaƫsia's time strides on

A path lies ahead of me

A path whose end I know not

A stranger for company

A Forsworn's sword at my side

A dragon's love my comfort

My only guides a witch's fortune

A werecat's warning

A vision of imprisoned beauty

My destiny lies ahead

But my past remains here

Gone with Brom