Familial Ties

by Jasmine Starlight.

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The Strokes………………

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Ami found that going to a bookstore and buying most of the books in it, took the sting out of being new and unfamiliar with Sarayashiki.

It also left her severely blinded.

So she wasn't really that surprised when she ran into a red-haired boy, who had been carrying gardening books and--was that advanced physics?

"I'm sorry." said Ami, coloring slightly.

"It's alright." said Kurama, rushing to help Ami pick up her books.

"Thank you." said Ami politely.

"It's really no problem, I'm Shuuichi, did you just move here? Because I haven't seen you around?" he asked conversationally as he helped Ami carry her books to the register.

Ami was kind of nervous, where was this Shuuichi taking her books?

But still, she decided to be polite, "I'm Ami, I just moved here."

Shuuichi's red eyebrows rose, "Will you be attending Sarayashiki High?"

"Hai." she said, as she took her books out of his arms.

"Me as well." he said, still smiling pleasantly.

There was something about his smile that made Ami feel peculiar.

It wasn't that crush-y sort of feeling, there was something more to his smile.

As her books were handed to her in a large bag, she turned to him, "Well, it was nice meeting you." she bowed slightly and left.


Ami was alerted to Lita's arrival by the slamming of the front door.

"Lita." she called, her voice echoing through their living quarters.

She found Lita angrily shucking off her shoes.

"So, how was your day?" she asked softly.

Lita stormed past her into her bedroom.

"My day was alright." she muttered to empty air.


The next morning, Yuuske awoke and left as usual.

Eventually he met up with Lita, who had been waiting on the corner of his block, this time there was another girl standing with her.

"Yuuske, this is Ami Mizuno, Ami this is Yuuske." she said testily.

"Ohayo." said Ami quietly.

"Ohayo." responded Yuuske warily.

"Alright let's go then." said Lita tersely.

And they walked in silence until they met up with Kurama, Kuwabara, Botan, and Keiko.

"Oi, Urameshi, who are those girls walking with you?" asked Kuwabara, not so discreetly.

"The brown haired one is my cousin, Kuwabaka. And the blue haired one is her friend."

"Yuuske no bakayaro, introduce us properly." demanded Lita irately.

"Fine, Kino Lita and Mizuno Ami." said Yuuske tersely.

"Aren't you the genius with the IQ of a million?" asked Keiko, addressing Ami.

"Hai." Ami said, coloring.

"And Kino?" asked Keiko skeptically.

"Yes." replied Lita.

Kuwabara had a less sedate reaction, "Kino! Killer Kino! That's your cousin!" he exclaimed loudly.

"Yes." said Yuuske annoyedly.

"Again my lovely reputation precedes me." said Lita.

"I don't see what the big deal is." said Botan confusedly.

"Botan, I forgot! Old hag, this is Botan and Yukimura Keiko." said Yuuske un-apologetically.


"Yuuske, you also forgot Shuuichi." pointed out Botan.

"Right, this is Kur—Minamino Shuuichi." He said rubbed his head wearily.

"Ami and I have already met, in the bookstore, remember?" he said, smiling once again.

Ami nodded slowly, there was that smile again.

"If everyone is done with introductions, can we be on our way?" asked Keiko snippily.

And so they were off.

Ami had trouble keeping up with Keiko's brisk pace, so she lagged behind.

Botan noticed this, so she deliberately slowed down to chat, Botan had already felt a rapport with the girl, mostly because she also had blue hair.

Blunettes need to stick together!

As rare as they are.

"Ohayo Ami-san!" she said cheerfully.

"Ohayo Botan." panted out Ami, her breathing labored.

"Where did you move here from?" she all but chirped.

"From Juuban." she said, trying not to break out into a run, to keep up with Keiko.

"That's nice, I hear it's pretty there." said Botan cheerily, as she kept pace with Keiko effortlessly.

Ami eyed the girl warily, "Does she always walk this fast?" she asked now jogging.

"No, she's just trying to punish Yuuske for not introducing her as his girlfriend." She said airily.



Yuuske was displeased to note that after school he had a meeting with Koenma for another case.

It just wasn't his week.

So, when the last period bell rang Yuuske deserted Lita (WTF? Where are you going moron!) and made a run for it.

Luckily for him, Lita was not interested in chasing him down, and he made it safely to Spirit World.

Kurama was already there seeing as he had been dismissed early.

Lucky bastard.

He annoyedly took a seat between Hiei and Botan, who was trying to coax emotion out of said Koorime.


"Give, me more than that Hiei-san." Botan cajoled.




"Hiei-kun." Botan pleaded, with large genki eyes for effect.

"Hey, midget why don't you give her what she wants? It's not right to make a lady beg!" Kuwabara exclaimed loudly.

"Hn." Hiei said, looking away.

"Hiei, it might be good for you express your emotions—more." Kurama suggested in an attempt to prevent major bloodshed.

"That's what low-class youkai are for." said Hiei dryly.

"Hai!" Botan said enthusiastically.

"Would you like a moment to collect your scattered brains?" asked Hiei sneeringly.

"This is great!" exclaimed Botan.

"Huh?" said Kuwabara.

"Let's see, we have dry wit and sneering sarcasm, as opposed to--"

"Nothing at all?" Yuuske suggested helpfully.

"Che." said Hiei, folding his arms across his chest.

Fortunately Koenma chose this moment to enter the room, and take a seat at the head of the table.

"Hello everyone." He greeted.

"What is it now, shrimp?" asked Yuuske annoyedly.

"We have a problem that needs to be dealt with--and for the last time I am not a shrimp!" said Koenma agitatedly.

"Maybe it would be better if you explained to them the circumstances of the situation." suggested Setsuna smoothly.

Hiei narrowed his eyes, when had that woman entered?

He hadn't even sensed her.

He shared a glance with Kurama, he hadn't sensed her entrance either.

"Ah, very well." Koenma replied gently.

"Who are you?" Kuwabara asked loudly.

"I am Meioh Setsuna, you would do well to remember it." Setsuna replied silkily.

"The Time Mistress?" Botan inquired skeptically.

"The very same." Koenma confirmed.

"What's a time mistress?" Yuuske asked confusedly.

"The name itself should be self-explanatory." Hiei put in.

"Still doesn't tell me anything specific." Yuuske noted gruffly.

"We can get into that later, right now we have to address the current problem plaguing the area." Koenma said.

"Which would be?" Hiei said.

"The growing number of youma you seemed to have let slip under your radar--" Setsuna was interrupted by Koenma defensively bristling, "What exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"Whatever you want it to." Setsuna replied patronizingly.

"Forget the toddler, explain about the Time Mistress deal." Yuuske interrupted impatiently.

"Firstly, the most important thing to remember is that I am a Sailor Senshi--"

"Che! That's just a legend." Hiei scoffed. (A/N: --swoon--)

"Obviously it isn't as I am standing here in front of you in senshi form." Setsuna replied. "If there are no more interruptions, I shall continue with my story. I am Sailor Pluto and I guard the time gates, my guardian planet is Pluto which rules over the dead but my attacks are mostly time based."

"Aren't there more senshi? For the other planets?" Kurama prompted.

"There are, in fact you'll be meeting two of them right now."

Koenma pushed a button and a side-door opened so Lita and Ami could step into the room.

Yuuske's eyes widened and his jaw felt as heavy as lead.

"You're a Sailor Senshi?" he asked disbelievingly.

"Yes." Lita responded looking at her nails boredly.

"You never saw fit to tell me before this?" he asked skeptically.

"Oh, like you told me about being a Reikai Tantei?" Lita retorted.

Yuuske remained silent.

Botan decided to dissolve some tension, "So Ami-chan, I knew there was something about you! But that's not important, what kind of senshi are you?"

Ami colored slightly at the attention being put on her, "I'm Mercury."

"And she would be?" Hiei inquired.

"I would be Jupiter." Lita replied.


"We're already getting along so well!" Botan exclaimed.


"So, you're a senshi?" Yuuske whispered heatedly at her during school the next day.

"And you're a Spirit Detective!" Lita whispered back.

Ami sighed, they were at it again.

Their heated argument was interrupted by the teacher: "Class, we have another new student, please welcome Koorime Hiei."

Hiei bowed insolently at the waist, "Please take a seat next to Mizuno Ami. Mizuno-san please raise your hand." Ami acquiesced and Hiei took the empty seat next to her.

Yuuske forgot about his whispered argument with Lita and turned to Hiei, "Can you even read?"

Hiei glared at him stonily.

"Alright, don't pop a vein."


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