Who Wrote Holden Caulfield

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Chapter One: We're all alone.

Section One

Heero quickly calculated the problem in his head. He raised his hand and waited for the teacher to call on him.

"What is it Yui?"

"Your answer is wrong, the correct answer is 87, you got 92, you did it wrong," Heero said quietly from the back of the classroom.

His classmates turned in their chairs to stare at him with a look that couldalmost be calledcontempt. This is why normal geniuses sit in front, Heero told himself.

The teacher clenched his fists and turned around to face the chalkboard. He took a grey calculator from the chalk tray and recalculated the problem. The old man faltered slightly and without turning around he said. "You're right, Yui, the correct answer is 87. I apologize for my mistake."

Heero just shrugged and continued to ignore the man while he did that day's book work. This is it, he told himself. My senior year, only a few more months to go and I'll be out of this hell hole.

Section Two

The small blonde boy clutched his book tighter to his chest as he walked down the halls of the prestigious highschool he attended. He stared intensely at the checkered linoleum floor, trying to ignore the jeers of the other boys.



"Fucking queer!"

"Go home! We don't appreciate having ass-fuckers at our school!"

Quatre felt tears nip at him. "No," he whispered. "Stop it, Quatre. You should be braver than this, just stop."

He slipped quietly into his classroom, with the teacher there no one could say a word about him. Unless the teacher was the one saying it, this class was safe though. His teacher was Mrs. Grimm. She wouldn't tolerate any shit like that in her classroom. No, really the only teacher he needed to be worried about was Mr. Blackburn, the only man in the whole school that Quatre believed could definitely win "Homophobe of the Year" award, if it existed.

Why do they make school hell for me? Quatre asked himself. Why do I care so much? This shouldn't have so much effect on me. It's my last year in school for Christ sakes. In a few months, I'll graduate a valedictorian and go on, skip college and get control of father's multibillion dollar economic empire. That'll show those fuckers once they all work for me.

Section Three

The petite redheaded woman stumbled up to the bar with a drunken smile. "Gimme a beer, Trowa."

Trowa raised a slim honey-colored eyebrow at the drunk woman. "No, you're drunk enough as it is, Catherine. Just go home."

She pouted. "C'mon, Trowa, I thought you're spossed ta be taught tha the custmĖ€r is 'ways right."

"You aren't a customer if you haven't bought anything, Cathy," he smirked. "And I know that I sure as hell haven't sold you anything."

She didn't say anything and only got up to, hopefully, stumble home.

Trowa sighed and looked at the clock. Eleven fifty, ten minutes before his shift ended. Then he could wash the awful smell that was a mix of vomit, alcohol, and cigarettes off, brush his hair out of its slicked back style that he was required to have, and finally sleep, only to have to get up at six to get to his other job by seven and then get to his classes at the university at two and then hurry back here by six.His whole schedule was an ingenious system of careful planning and luck.

Section Four

Heero walked slowly up the stairs to the school's attic. Students weren't allowed to go up there but since staff never actually went up there either, he was perfectly safe.

The attic was his sanctuary, no one but him actually knew that not even the custodian dared the dusty, dirty, cluttered space. School life for him wasn't that bad, nobody liked him because he was so much smarter than everybody else but he could live with that. It's not like they would tease him, and even if they did, he probably wouldn't care.

He opened the small trapdoor that led to the uppermost level of the ancient school. He hoisted himself onto the ledge and pulled himself up into the small room. He stood uprightand walked to the far corner that was hidden behind a stack of old boxes. He had cleaned out this particular corner and put a few pillows and a blanket in. Nearby he had a box full of his favorite books.

Just as he was about to sit down Heero heard a small noise behind him, he froze. Slowly, Heero turned around to face the other end of the attic. From behind a stack of dusty cardboard boxes stood a boy about his age and size.

"Who are you? I know you aren't a student so what are you doing here?" Heero asked.

The boy smirked. "I should be asking you why you're up here, students at this school are prohibited from entering the attic. And as you so kindly pointed out, I am not a student."

"Non students aren't even allowed on the campus unless they are a parent or guardian of one of the students here," he pointed out. "And you really don't look like you've got a highschool student."

"Good point, you win," he bowed at Heero while grinning like a skeleton. "Duo Maxwell, at your service."

"Heero Yui," he grunted.

Duo grinned even wider and walked over to Heero and put his arms on Heero's shoulders, facing him. "Nice to meet you Heero Yui. I'd love for you to stay and let me get to know you better, but I am afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I have very important business to attend to. But don't worry too much, buddy, I'm sure we'll see each other again soon."

"Why should I leave?"

Duo's grin vanished and was replaced by a morbid smile, he turned around and put one elbow up in the air with his hand just behind his shoulder. In his hand was a small black gun.

"I told you. I have business. I probably won't shoot you that isn't why I'm here, but," he turned his head to stare at Heero. "I wouldn't feel too guilty about killing just one more person."

Heero just shrugged and walked to the still open trapdoor. He jumped through it, leaving Duo by himself.

Duo smiled. Good boy, Heero, I like you and I really didn't want to have to kill you.

End Chapter One.

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