"Seto!" Mokuba burst into his brother's lab where Seto was steadily watching the computer screen for any sign of movement. "I know where she is!"


"What the FUCK!" Konic screamed and kicked the entire way back to the warehouse and into the storage unit. "Who do you think you are you prick?" Richard threw her on the stone floor violently.

"Who do I think I am? I'm the man who kidnapped you! I'm in fucking charge here, dammit!" He pulled back to slap her but was kicked in the knees by Konic.

"Who's in charge now Asshole!" She straddled his torso grabbing his throat, her legs holding his flailing arms in place. "What's wrong you were so talkative a second ago!" She dug her nails into his throat not stopping until she drew blood.

"You little bitch!" His voice was raw from her clawing. "You'll pay for that!" He grabbed her thighs and swung her to the floor beside him grabbing her throat while using his weighed to hold her down. "Fuck the money, I'm gonna kill you!"

'Oh shit…" Konic thought has his hands fastened on her throat, cutting her air supply so she couldn't breathe. "N-no!" She wheezed clawing his hands with her already bloody fingernails.

"It's no use girl! No one can save you this time!" He laughed evilly tightening his grip even more.

"You wanna bet Asshole?" Seto Kaiba grabbed the back of Richard's collar and threw him easily across the room. "Konic? Are you alright?" He knelt down next to his daughter and lifted her head.

"Yeah, Dad, I'm fine." She backed up against the wall as Kaiba stood and marched over to Richard.

"No one can save you now you prick." He pulled him up quickly slamming him into the wall several more times before launching him into the east wall.

Konic smiled as many more men bearing Kaiba Corp ID's around their necks burst into the room. "Konic!" Her mother screamed running in behind the employees.

"Mom! I'm so sorry; I never should have gotten so mad!" Konic whispered urgently into her mother's neck as Serenity caught her in the grip of death. "I love you Mommy!"

"I love you too bay girl, as long as you promise to never be kidnapped again!" Serenity laugh-cried into her daughter's greasy hair, parting it in the back.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure it doesn't happen anytime soon." Kaiba knelt down on Konic's other side smiling.

Konic looked up at Seto's face and noticed something behind him. It was Richard with a gun, a gun pointed at Kaiba's head. "No!" She screeched throwing her self in front on the bullet.

The room slowed and then came to a complete stop as she felt the bullet pierce her chest. She could feel it cracking her ribs and tearing through her heart before ricocheting off her now shattered shoulder blade, embedding in her spinal cord.

What seemed like a thousand bullets rang over her towards Richard who she could hear fall not far beside her, his blood mixing with hers and the stone floor. "KONIC!" She could vaguely hear her mother's scream of horror in the background.

She could just barely see her father over the blurry darkness that had filled he sight.

"Don't worry, Konic, you're going to be just fine. I promise." She didn't remember hearing Seto say it, but somehow she remembered it being the last thing her ever heard.

The darkness filled her vision completely, silence overwhelming her system, the last thing she remembered being a time when she was five and Richard had gone out of town for a business trip, her and her mom had painted all day and then baked cookies for dinner.

'I guess, it doesn't really fade out like in the movies' being her last thought before she felt herself let go.


Mai and Serenity sat in complete silence on the steps that led down to the huge pool on the grounds behind the Kaiba mansion. Sakura blossoms ran through the wind blowing the beautiful pastel flowers along the sides of the light pink marble. Serenity had designed this area years ago.

"So, have you felt anything at all yet?" Mai didn't move…she didn't even look at her younger sister-in-law beside her.

Serenity looked out at the water of the pool, the sunset reflecting off and magnifying her auburn hair to a magnificent red. "No, just nauseous."

Mai still continued to look at the sunset beyond the pool. "You know, I've been thinking. When your husband or wife dies, you're a widow or a widower, and when you're a child and your parent's die, you're an orphan. But there isn't a name for a parent who's lost a child…I guess it's just to damn horrible to have a name, huh?" she didn't move.

"Yes, it is horrible." Serenity looked up from the water to Mai "It's the worst thing I've ever experienced."

Mai looked at her and held her arms out to her, "Come here, Hun."

Serenity's eye's weld-up in tears before they spilled down her cheeks and she jumped into Mai's open arms sobbing.

They sat like that for hours, but this time there was no 'shh' to try and silence her, just whispered 'let it all out's and being held while she cried.

"Mai, I screwed up." The sun had long since set and the moon and long since raised to the middle of the star light sky.

Mai looked down at the woman in her arms "What do you mean you've screwed up?" She let her right arm fall behind her to hold her up as she shitted to look at Serenity straight.

Serenity chucked without humor, "Mai, I'm pregnant with Kaiba's child. Again." She looked into her sister's violet eyes.

Mai's eye brows shot together, "What- when?" She let Serenity go and pulled her left leg beneath her right, like a teenage girl awaiting gossip.

"When you were at the safe house, I-I wasn't thinking." She looked down at the colorful marble, drawing patterns with her fingers. "I'm going back to New York after Kon- her funeral, and then-"

"Like Hell you are! What are you going to do huh? Find another abusive husband? Live in fear for another thirteen years? Tell me Serenity!" Mai grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

"No! Mai, please! Stop!" Serenity shook and ran up the stairway, running into the mansion.

"Serenity?" Seto looked up from his laptop at the kitchen island. "Serenity, what's wrong." He stood and walked around to her.

She walked up to him and looked into his deep blue eyes, his painfully blue eye's. "What's wrong?" She looked into his eyes and she raised her hands to his face. "Seto, I'm- I'm in love with you."

Seto's eyes softened and he wrapped his arms around her, "Good, because I love you too."


(10 years later)

A young girl sat alone in front of a large gravestone, barely visible in the gray mist-like rain.

"You know I never actually knew you, but I really like to pretend I do…" Her big blue eyes were sad; eye's so very different than her father and sister's but so very the same. Her long auburn hair was wet from the rain and stuck to her dark blue school blazer.

"I mean you died I was even born, but I guess I wanted to thank-you. I don't think I ever have. If it weren't for you I wouldn't exist, Mom and Dad wouldn't be together…so many things wouldn't be like they are today. And I'm sorry you died, and I wish you hadn't. Because no matter what I do, I can't get rid of that look Mommy gets when she spends too much time alone.

"But I don't know I want that job, it's yours. And I-"

"Kaida! We're ready to leave!" Seto Kaiba called from the limo parked at the curb, Serenity Kaiba leaning back on him with his arms around her.

"I'm coming!" She looked back at the grave, once more. "Good bye, big sister."

Konic Renee Wheeler-Kaiba

November 11, 1991 to June 25, 2005

May her next life be grand, if just to make up for this one,

Rest in peace loved daughter, niece and cousin


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