Within someone else's shadow

By Dittoinaus

AN: This is an updated version of my poem. I have added a lot more to it and have elaborated on most of it this poem is a lot better than my other one. Please R&R! This poem happens in the first episode when Kouya is sitting in his room after being tricked by Takashi.

Within someone else shadow I live

I want to step outside the darkness and find my light

But when I reach the light I always fall

I become strangled in the darkness once more

I want to fly, fly higher than all before me

But I have lost my wings and cease to fly

I want to finish the dream my shadow started

But how can I when no one believes in me

I am always searching for the answer in my heart

But when I find the answers, they are written in a code

Too hard to decipher, too hard decode

I put my heart on the line like it's life and death

But instead of winning for the sake of my heart and your soul

They are left to soak up someone else's victory

I want to feel glory and triumph

But all I taste is the bitterness of defeat

My passion burns like a fire, of love and desire

But it never burns and the embers never dance

I don't want to achieve your dream on my own

But in this world I am now alone

I want to feel the power of invincibility

But I am not a god, nothing but a mortal

I want to feel power like nothing before

A leap of faith, to be able to soar

I want to turn back the hands of time

But I have no way of erasing the past

The accident that took you from my grasp

I want to feel a sense of inner peace

But all I feel is the tears that stain my face

I want to feel your warmth around me

But I only feel cold and hollow inside

I wanted to love, the feel appreciated

But I'm full of despair and hatred

I only wanted to make your dreams come true

I took them on, not knowing much

But I took a fall for both of us

I held you close inside my heart

I'm an actor playing your part

You don't know how it crushed me so

I feel as if you will never know

Beside you grave is where I stand

In the darkest day of days

I mouth a word I couldn't say

I turn my head in shame

The tear's I held now freely flow

I turn around to face your grave

I fall to the ground trying to beg

I want you back, back with me

Because together we were free

I lift my head up to the sky

"Oh why? Oh why?

Couldn't you have taken me?"

This wasn't my dream that I follow

Set me free from all this sorrow

I pick myself up from the ground

I use all my might to turn around

I hold my umbrella close as it rains

The tears that flow I try to restrain

As I walk away I scream to myself

"It's not always easy living in the shadows

The shadows of someone else"

But as the words leave my mouth

I realize that even though you are gone

In body and mind, your soul is with me

Whenever I need you help

I am now not alone in this world

And I don't live in the shadows

Because my shadow walks beside me.