How Coke and Pop Rocks Found Me Love

Chapter 1

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"Mom, how did you and Dad fall in love?" Sixteen year old Ryann asked her 36 year old Mom.

"Well, it's kind of complicated," Raven said.

"How so?" Ryann asked.

"Well, it took a while, four year to be exact, for your father and I to realize we were in love." Raven explained.

"Well, when did you fall in love? With Dad that it," Ryann asked.

"It was when we were still the Teen Titans, about two years after we formed when we were 14," Raven replied.

"When did you tell him you loved him?" Ryann asked.

"When we were 18 years old, BB wanted to have a party and your father tried to prevent it but it happened anyway. We played truth or dare and your father was asked who he liked and it's all down hill from there," Raven said.

"Then just tell me the story starting from there," Ryann exclaimed.

"Well, I don't know, "Raven sighed.

"Oh, please!" Ryann whined.

"Okay, fine, but it the alarm goes off we have to stop and go normalize everything in Jump City," Raven said.

"Agreed, now start talking," Ryann said.

"Okay, I'll start at the day of the party," Raven said as she began to talk.

18 Years Earlier

A/N: Hey, I'm back with a new story, and I think this one might be okay! So any way, I'm going to try to have every other chapter be Raven talking to her daughter Ryann and then the other chapters will be the story. And each one will be pretty close to where the chapter ended that's with the story. So it's kinda of like two stories in one, but it's not. Oh well, here we go! Oh yeah, one quick thing, chapters like these are going to be short.