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Full summary: Things are happening in Harry's 6th year. He falls for the girl he never expects he would fall for, mysterious people come to Hogwarts, and to top it all of, someone's trying to kill Harry - AGAIN. However, this time, it's NOT Voldemort... so now the question is, who?

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has become a home to most students, especially to the Famous Harry Potter. But as September 1 grew nearer, Harry became more and more worried. When he turned 16, he was suddenly reminded that it was his second to the last year in Hogwarts. Then the problem hit him: he didn't know what to do after he – er – graduated. He had no one to turn to. He didn't want to return to the Muggle world, it was terrible. No family, no job, and surely the Dursleys wouldn't accept him anymore. And his chance of leaving the Dursleys forever and live with his godfather, Sirius Black, was taken away just a couple of months back when Bellatrix Lestrange killed him in the Department of Mysteries. He remembered what Mad-Eye Moody, their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in his fourth year, told him about becoming an Auror, and considered the possibility. He was capable; in fact he escaped death from the most powerful and feared wizard, Voldemort, more than once. And a few weeks after his fifth year, he received his O.W.L. results. As expected, he received "Outstanding" for Defense Against the Dark Arts. He also received an O for Care of Magical Creatures, E's (meaning "Exceeding Expectations") for Transfiguration, Charms, History of Magic and Divination, and A's (meaning "Acceptable") for Astronomy and, to his surprise, Potions. He never thought – even dreamed – that he would get an A for Potions; he expected to get a T (meaning "Troll") after all the things he had done to Snape, their Potions teacher. But the thought of being alone made his tummy squirm...

'No!' He thought, 'I have the Weasleys, Hermione, Hogwarts and the Order. I am not alone!'

Sighing, Harry stood up and went over his desk full of letters, cards, parchment – crumpled or clean – inkbottles and quills. The members of the Order told him he should write to them every now and then about he is in the Dursleys. He wrote everything – from his O.W.L. results to Dudley being paranoid at times when Harry crept up to him or something. In return, he received loads of letters, mostly from Ron and Hermione. As expected, Hermione received "Outstanding" and "Exceeding Expectations" in all her O.W.L.s, while Ron got E's and A's in his. The members of the Order kept reminding him to keep a look out on weird, unusual things that may happen. That's when Harry noticed – amidst all the parchment – that there was another letter beside Ron's birthday card he haven't opened yet, or rather, haven't noticed.

He opened it and quickly noticed Ron's handwriting:


Ready your things 'coz we're going to pick you up on August 5th, 12:00 midnight. Whether the Dursleys agree or not, we're still going to pick you up.


Harry quickly checked his watch. How could he have not noticed the letter? Good, it was still 9:42 p.m.; he still had time to fix his trunk and others. He got dressed and quickly – er – threw his things inside his trunk almost clumsily. He finished just in time. He waited and waited...and at last, there was something tapping on his window. Smiling, he opened it, and found...nothing. Harry thought they went down the front porch, but suddenly a voice boomed, "All right, Harry?"

"M – Moody?" he asked, uncertain. Suddenly, Mad-Eye Moody appeared, his wand pointed on top of his head. Also, Tonks, Lupin and Bill Weasley, Ron's eldest brother, appeared. They were all in brooms. Harry presumed that Moody and the others used the same charm Moody had used on him once when they went to Grimmauld Place, the Disillusionment Charm.

"Wotcher, Harry." Tonks said, beaming at him. She had bubblegum pink hair that time. Bill, his long hair tied in a ponytail and dangling earring waving with the wind, went near the window. "Mind if we could go inside, Harry?" he asked. Harry nodded.

He walked towards his trunk, cage (with Hedwig) and his trusty broom, the Firebolt. He just remembered that it was Sirius who gave it to him in his third year...and there was a pang in his chest. He remembered...how Sirius died in front of his face just because he was tricked by Voldemort to go to the Department of Mysteries...and Sirius had to be the one to save him instead of the other way around, which was what Harry was supposed to do there... Lupin noticed, so he said, "Where are your aunt and uncle?"

Harry quickly snapped himself to reality. "Uh, they're already sleeping..." Lupin smiled at him. "So," Moody growled. "You ready to go?" He nodded.

Bill and Lupin fastened Harry's trunk and Hedwig's cage at the back of Bill's broom. Moody did the Disillusionment Charm on Harry, and he felt a cold rush flow around his body. He closed his eyes, as if it could wash out the pain he was feeling.

"Let's go," Harry heard Bill say. He snapped his eyes open and mounted his broom. He flew out his window, closed it, and went on his way, feeling that the wind had just wiped out the heavy guilt he was feeling.

Harry and the others arrived at the Burrow just as the sun rose. The sky was pinkish and the sun let Harry see the colors of the home he thought of wonderful. Just as he landed, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, together with the other Weasleys (now including Percy) came to them. Moody then used the countercharm and they (in the Weasley's eyes) appeared suddenly.

"HARRY!" Mrs. Weasley cried, pulling Harry in a tight embrace, sending his glasses askew. Harry gave Ron a 'Ron-get-me-out-I-can't-breath-HELP!' look.

"Mum," Ron whined, pulling Harry away, "You're gonna kill him if you don't let go."

"Oh, right... I'm sorry, Harry dear..." Mrs. Weasley said. Harry adjusted his glasses. Mr. Weasley went near Harry to shake his hand. "All right, Harry?" he asked, smiling as always. Harry nodded.

Fred and George led the way into the Burrow, Bill and Lupin carried his trunk and cage, and everyone went inside.

Ron and Harry, who were already bringing Harry's things, went up Ron's room when Harry suddenly asked, "Is Hermione coming?" Harry didn't know why he asked in the first place, maybe because they have been very close friends since first year...

Ron seemed surprised too, but then he said, "Reckon so. Think mum sent her a letter or something..."

They were quiet the rest of the way.

When they reached Ron's room, Harry realized that Percy was back.

"Yeah," Ron said, shrugging, when Harry pointed this out. "Dad didn't really care if he came back or not, actually. All he cared now was that everyone believed that You-Know-Who was back and the Ministry is on their right minds now. Mum was overjoyed though..." then, his face lit up. "Hey! Did you know that dad got promoted for Senior Undersecretary now that that hag Umbridge is gone?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. Prof. Lupin – I mean – Lupin told me. He also said that he was given 500 Galleons for being one of those who alarmed the world that Voldemort's gone." He ignored Ron's wince when he mentioned Voldemort's name. But in truth, the 500 Galleons was for Harry, but he told Mr. Weasley that they deserved it more than him.

"Anyway," Harry went on, "how're Fred and George's Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?"

To answer Harry's question, Fred and George Apparated right in front of them.

"Good timing!" Ron said. "Harry's just asked me how're your business going."

The twins smiled.

"It's a blast" said Fred.

"Thanks to your winnings" said George.

"Business is booming"

"Mostly Hogwarts students buy"

"People come and go and then go back"

"There were even people who went here"

"In our very house"

"To buy our stuffs."

"Is Mrs. Wesley okay with that?" Harry asked.

"Uh, not exactly," Ron said. "Mum didn't really like visitors since we – since we don't have much space (his ears went pink) and she didn't like Fred and George bringing and making their stuffs at home. She told them to make them in their shop." As a reassurance of some sort, the twins nodded.

Just then, Ginny opened the door and went inside, closely followed by Hermione. For some strange reason, Harry's stomach gave a flip.

"Harry!" Hermione squealed, running towards him and giving him a hug. Harry felt his face heat up...but he didn't know why...maybe...just MAYBE... "Oh, how are you?" Hermione's voice snapped him back to reality.

"I – er – um – I'm fine..." he mumbled. Hermione pulled back and went near Ron, Fred and George to greet them too. Ginny went near Harry, and noticing his blank and somewhat confused expression she asked, "You okay, Harry?"

"Wha – oh, yeah, I am..." he muttered under his breath. He actually didn't know whether he was all right or not... Ginny smiled. "No, you're not," was all she said, and she went outside.

"What the heck..." He stared, surprised that Ginny knew he wasn't totally okay... He turned around and came face to face with Hermione. She gasped, Harry could feel her breath in her face... He backed away, his face crimson.

"I'm sorry, Harry!" Hermione said, a slight pink on her face. Harry nodded. Why the heck was he feeling this way? Ron then noticed that Harry wasn't himself that time... Frowning, he went near Harry and led him to his bed.

"You okay, mate?" he asked as Harry sat down. Harry nodded half-heartedly. The Weasley twins exchanged smirks.

"I – I'll be in Ginny's room," Hermione suddenly blurted out. Harry's eyes darted towards her. "Talk to you guys later!" and with that, she left...and Harry felt like following her. The twins also left, for they had other things to do. Harry took this opportunity to tell Ron what he was feeling.

"Harry," Ron said, half-surprised and half-amused, "I think you're in love with Hermione..."


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