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Rating: T-13+
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/Humor
Language: English
Romances: 3/4, 1/5, 2/Lizzie
Summary: The kids are teenagers now, but they start to remember their lives as KND members. What happens when old romances come back?

Kuki woke up to the sound of a loud explosion! Snapping her eyes wide, she jumped out of bed & ran downstairs.

She paused, mouth dropped open. Her entire first floor had been reduced to a pile of debris.

Walking over the remains of the couch, she looked around. "What happened?" she wondered out loud when she heard a whimper.

"Mushi!" she shouted, trying to get to where she thought she saw a flash of black hair.

"Kuki!" she exclaimed, jumping into her big sister's arms, sobbing.

Kuki sank to her knees. "Shh, what happened?" she cooed.

"I don't know. I was eating breakfast with Momma & Papa when a huge explosion happened. Momma pushed me into the living room & I don't know where they are…" Mushi began to sob again.

Kuki hugged her tighter. "Shh, Mushi. It'll be all right. I'm here. Don't cry." But her thought was concentrated on what could had happened.

Just as Mushi had calmed down, another explosion happened! Kuki covered her little sister & tried to calm her down, as she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Shush Mushi, be quiet!" Kuki sternly ordered & Mushi did as she was told.

As soon as the smoke from the explosion cleared, Kuki slowly looked up to see a huge note written on the wall.

'Watch out Kuki Sanban, or should I say Letter KS'

Kuki had an intake of breath as she read the note over & over again. 'Who could have done this? I didn't make that many enemies yet.'

But something clicked in her mind. 'I has to be the Delightful Children From Down The Lane, or should I say the Charming Teens From Up The Road.'

Putting Mushi down, Kuki made her way to the open area where her wall used to be. She looked out & around, but didn't see anything but the debris of her wall.

She saw her neighbors beginning to gather. "Shoot!" she exclaimed softly & turned on her heels. "Mushi, grab whatever you need right now."

Mushi nodded & ran upstairs to her room. Kuki upstairs as well to her room. Grabbing her piggy bank, she broke it opened.

"I thought I had at least a $100 dollars in here…" she mused, but grabbed the $75 & stuffed it in her wallet.

She grabbed her backpack, stuffed some clothes in & other stuff she would need. Changing quickly into her green sweatshirt, black pants & white shoes. She did her hair into a quick braid & grabbed all her stuff.

She ran out of her room, grabbed Mushi's hand & ran out the back way before anyone could see them.

"Kuki, where are we going?" Mushi asked, trying to keep up.

Kuki picked her up & continued running. "Somewhere where we won't have to answer questions we don't know."

Kuki stopped outside a familiar tree house & put Mushi down. "Mushi, stay here for now. Don't go home until I come & get you, got it?"

Mushi nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks. "OK. Kuki, what's going on?"

"Don't worry about it. Just stay safe." She kissed her cheek. "Be safe & I love you."

"I love you too, Kuki." Mushi ran into the tree house, leaving a tired Kuki.

"Well, I better get going as well." She turned & ran to the apartment building.

She reached it & opened the door. Ignoring the looks she got from her fellow members, she took the elevator up to her floor.

Opening her door, she fell onto her bed & sobbed for a good 10 minutes.

She heard knocking. "Kuki, it's us. What's wrong?" Abby's voice called out

Kuki stood up & opened the door to reveal two tired & worried teenagers. Abby took one look at Kuki's tearstained face & brought her into a hug. "Shh, don't cry, Kuki. It'll be fine." The two girls began to sway back & forth as Hoagie stood in awkward concern.

The girls broke apart & Kuki laughed at Hoagie's face. "Uncomfortable, Hoagie?"

Hoagie laughed & nodded. "Just a little." But he stopped. "But really Kuki, what happened?"

Kuki took a deep breath & told them the events of the morning. The other two listened & gasped at the right times.

When she finished, Abby stood up, fists clenched. "Why those ungrateful, idiotic…"

"Abby, chill!" Hoagie exclaimed, turning back to Kuki. "Are you sure it's them?"

Kuki nodded. "Who else would know my other identity so quickly?"

Hoagie nodded. "I guess so." He stood up. "But don't go kicking butt until we know what's going on, kay?"

Kuki nodded & stood up as well. "Thanks you guys. You're my best friends."

"We know." Abby joked as Kuki brought them into a hug.

When they broke apart, Hoagie cleared his voice. "As much as I like this chick flick moment, I gotta get going." He turned to go.

"Girlfriend?" Abby teased, laughing as Hoagie turned red.

"No, just stuff at home." He walked out, leaving two hysterical girls.

"So who do you think it is?" Abby asked, laughing.

"Hm, not sure. But we'll find out." The two of them walked out, Kuki feeling a little better.

After separating from Abby, Kuki took a walk downtown, trying not to worry too much about her parents. 'They're fine. The CTFUR won't hurt adults, no matter who's they are…' But she still worried about them.

She walked to the park where she had gone to with Wally last night & sat on the same bench. She shut her eyes & let out a sigh. 'I wonder what would had happened if my phone hadn't rang.' she thought, blushing.

'Don't fool yourself Kuki. You would have been kissed by the boy you've loved since forever…' she laughed at this thought until she heard someone laugh with her.

Jumping up, Kuki narrowed her eyes. "What are you doing here?" she asked, venom in her voice.

"Chill, Kuki. I just want to talk." the tall boy with the blue eyes & brown hair laughed.

"Talk, smalk. Where are my parents?"

"Whatever do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean! Tell me now!" she exclaimed, running towards him.

But just as she was about to hit him, he moved, sending the poor girl to go flying into a tree trunk.

Standing up, she spat out some blood & glared at the laughing boy. "Where are your friends? Aren't you always together?" she sneered.

"We used to be, but in case you didn't notice, we're five different people now." he told her, beginning to circle her.

"What are you doing?" she asked, angry.

"You know, I always thought you were pretty cute." he laughed.

Kuki cringed. "Ew, no thank you."

His eyes flared up. "I won't take no for an answer." He took 4 steps & gathered her up in his arms, lifting her off the ground.

"Let go now!" she exclaimed, squirming.

"Why would I?" the boy laughed as he bent down to capture her lips.

Kuki backed away & was about to cry when she heard someone shout out, "Drop her now!"

Both teens looked to see a pissed off Wally standing in front of them. Kuki couldn't help but notice the funniness of the situation. It was as if she was some damsel in distress & he was the charming knight coming to save her.

'Not saying I don't mind him saving me…' she giggled in her mind, but brought her mind back to the situation.

"Ah, Number 4, so nice to see you again." the boy sneered.

"Listen, I don't know who you are & my name isn't Number 4, but if you don't let go of her right now you'll be sorry."

"Let go? You mean the opposite of this." He pulled her closer, their lips colliding!

Kuki felt her eyes shoot open as she tried hard to keep her puke down. She opened her mouth to bit down on his lip, but that was a bad thing to do, because he put his tongue in!

This time, Kuki couldn't keep herself from gagging. She began to flay her arms around, trying to get him to stop.

The next thing Kuki knew, she had landed on the ground & was spitting to get the nasty taste of the kiss out of her mouth.

Looking up, she was shocked to see Wally beating the crap out the other boy. 'Well, maybe not shocked…' she thought, but decided to stop before someone dies, most likely the boy.

"Wally, stop this…" she told him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"But he…" he had his fist raised above his head, ready to break the boy's nose.

"It doesn't matter. If you do this, you're no better than him." Kuki began to tear up in frustration. "Please stop…" she begged.

Wally took one look at her face & let go of the boy. "Kuki…" he cooed, bringing her into a hug.

Maybe it was the fact that she didn't know where her parents were, or the kiss she had been forced in, or just being in Wally's arms, but Kuki began to sob even harder as the two swayed back & forth.

Whoa, so much romance! I'll try to tone it down a little, unless you people like it…Please RR