Breakdancing Butterfly

xXxXxXxXxX By some strange turn of events, shortly after the three went their supposed 'separate ways' at the end of episode 26, our threesome met back up and decided it was fate that brought them together... again. They are now traveling back to the region Fuu wants to live in, the two guys as her body-guards. XxXxXxXxXx

Chapter 1 – "Where's my Samurai?"

Fuu sighed heavily before folding into a little ball on the trail they were on. She groaned and then peeked up to see if the two boys had even noticed she had stopped. Jin had, but Mugen was continuing up the path.

"Is there something wrong?" Jin asked calmly, watching her.

There was a scoff from ahead. "That's the hundredth time she's pulled this shit." Mugen was still walking ahead of them.

Fuu frowned and stuck out her lips in a pout. "Shut up! I'm just tired is all. My feet hurt."

Mugen stopped finally and turned to look at her. "Your feet hurt do they? Maybe if you exercised them more, they wouldn't have a problem! You want to get to the next town quickly right? Then let's go!"

Jin held back rolling his eyes. Yes, it might have been the hundredth time Fuu complained about her feet, but it was also the hundredth time Mugen had bickered with her about it. They both acted so childish sometimes. He sighed. Jin found himself begining to walk back up the path.

Fuu rose to her feet and reached Jin's side. Upon seeing this, Mugen finally continued on. Fuu looked over at Jin. "Am I really that troublesome?"

"Hmm." Jin simply replied. Typical Jin answer.

Fuu frowned. He didn't answer her question.

"Of course you are!" Mugen called back, his arms folded behind his head as he walked.

"I wasn't talking to you!" She spat.

"I answered for the both of us. I know what he's thinking. You are very troublesome." Mugen replied. "Always complaining about your feet and it's always," he began to imitate her voice, "I'm hungry, you both are not listening, stay away from those girls... or some bullshit like that."

Fuu growled and then Jin stopped in his tracks. "Now hold on!" He said sternly.

Mugen turned to see Jin reaching for his sword. He smirked. "What, gonna defend your girlfriend?" he taunted.

"Who said you know what I'm thinking? You should never answer for me, ever." He said, and Mugen's smirk turned into a smile as he reached for his own sword.

"So, whatcha gonna do about it, now that I've already done it?"

"I'll have to—" Jin was cut off by a loud scream. They both looked over to see Fuu being carried off by a group hooded figures. They disappeared behind some trees.

They both stared at the empty spot a moment, as if considering actually chasing after her.

Jin finally ran after them.

"Just when it was getting good." Mugen grumbled before chasing after them as well.

The figures were fast, though, and went through a thicket of dense trees and bushes. Jin and Mugen went through and were hit in the face by branches. Jin jumped over some bushes, and Mugen simply chopped at them, slicing the troublesome foliage away.

"Ahhh! Help me! Mugen! Jin!" Fuu called, and they saw her struggling. The hooded figures went faster, and Mugen and Jin were actually finding it hard to keep up with them.

The figures disappeared over a rocky incline, and they heard a loud scream from Fuu and a loud splash. Was there water on the other side? Jin braced himself as he neared the edge of the rocky hill, and looked over to see if there was indeed a river. There wasn't one. His eyes went wide.

Then Mugen came running up from behind, and jumped over the rocks, hitting Jin in the arm, causing them both to tumble over the rocky hill. They landed in a dirt road, surrounded by people. They both looked up and were face to face with the downtown of a small town.

Fuu had been released and had been thrown in a fountain. She was screaming and cursing them out, but they were trying to keep her in the fountain.

Mugen scrambled to his feet, and ran up to the scattering hood figures. Jin was close behind, eager to see who their kidnappers were before Mugen killed them. He got ahead of Mugen and ripped the hoods off the figures to reveal old women.

Mugen stopped in mid swipe of his sword and made a bewildered noise.

Jin blinked a few times.

"What the hell is going on here?" Mugen asked.

The oldest of the women appeared. She was also in a hooded cape, and she had white hair with streaks of grayish-purple. She had a elaborate wooden cane, and her small brown eyes swuinted at them under large wrinkles of skin.

"She was obviously unclean, traveling with two men such as you two. We are sure she is unmarried, and in our town any woman traveling with no husband needs to be cleansed." She spoke in a authoritative but withered voice.

"Huh?" Mugen asked and then looked back at Fuu who was being scrubbed with leaves and flowers were being thrown at her. The fountain didn't look too clean either. It was quite an amusing site. "Now that's funny." He said.

Jin just frowned. "I'm just amazed old women could run so fast." He said, more to himself.

"It's a shame too, since traveling married couples in our town are given free rooms and meals as a common courtesy for as much as a week." The oldest woman remarked.

Jin frowned –that was odd, he thought to himself. Before he could voice his suspicion, Mugen had taken off in a sprint to the fountain. He grabbed Fuu's arm and yanked her out of the fountain and dragged her to the old lady. Fuu resembled a wet doll besides him, not moving, her eyes glazed over.

"You're in luck! We're married!" Mugen replied. Fuu snapped to attention and tried to regain her stance. She stood on wobbly legs, and shook her arm away from his grip.

"What, are you ins-" she began but he covered her mouth with his hand.

"Free food." He whispered in her ear.

She creased her brow. "What?" She whispered back.

"Free... food." He said again.

Suddenly she perked right up, and leaned on his arm. He forced a smile, even though his shirt was being drenched by the fountain-soaked Fuu. She laughed nervously. "Yes, yes, we're married!" She said loudly. "He's such a nice husband!"

The old lady nodded. "I see then. But who is that?" The old lady pointed to Jin.

Mugen scoffed. He waved his hand in his direction. "Oh, he's my slow-minded cousin. He travels with us because no one else will take him."

They all looked over to Jin, who was looking very pissed off at the moment, giving him an evil glare, his eyebrow raised.

The old woman nodded. "That must be the reason why he wears those glasses."

"Yes, it makes him think he can see better." Mugen said, he leaned in to whisper, "Try not to make fun of him."

"But what about those swords he is carrying?" She pointed. Mugen shrugged.

"They're fake of course. I wouldn't let a dummy like him carry real ones around, he'd probably cut himself." He leaned in close to whisper again, "again, don't make fun of him, he hates it when normal people laugh at him."

"Oh I see. Well, then, since you two are married, please allow me to show you to your room at the temple. Please, make yourself comfortable in this town, I am Haichan, the leader of this town. Come to me for any concerns." She said.

Haichan led them to the temple. It was a small but very well-kept temple with shiny statues and beautiful gardens. Even the wood looked freshly polished and the flowers at the entrance of the main doors were fresh and were surrounded by butterflies. The doors were big and were a dark, rich wood.

Mugen and Fuu forced an arm-link as they headed into the temple.

Jin followed behind them, at a distance, trying to observe as much as he could before they went inside. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about all this, so he was staying on-guard. He'd have to play the part that Mugen gave him, though. He sighed. How in the hell did he let this happen?

How in the hell did she let this happen? Fuu bit her lip as she plastered on the fake smile. Sure, it was free food, and shelter, but pretend to be married to... she looked to her left and up at the scoundrel... him. She fought back a shudder.

They were led to a small, but decorated beautifully, room. It was not traditional Japanese. There was a high bed at one end, up on boards of wood. Lots of pillows. There were also a lot of decorations around. There was a low, Japanese table in the center of the room with a fireplace in the middle of the table. There was a large rug and lots more pillows near the table. At the end of the room was an altar with a statue and some lit candles.

Mugen whistled. "Niiiice."

Fuu's mouth was open as she gaped at the scene. Never had she ever been able to sleep in a room such as this. A nice relaxing week sounded really good to her on their way back to the town she wanted to settle in -which was incidentally near the place they had begun their last journey.

Haichan bowed. "I will leave you two to get aquainted with the room. Dinner will be brought in in a few minutes. I'll show your brother to his room." She said, and escourted Jin and herself out of the room, sliding the door shut.

Jin was shown to a closet –his room. He frowned, but accepted it with a weak thankyou. She told him farewell and hobbled away quickly. He headed back to the room where Mugen and Fuu were. When he reached the room, he slid the door open slowly.

He saw Fuu sitting at the table, ready for food, and Mugen was jumping on the large bed. Jin came all the way in and shut the door behind him. "Don't you both find this a little strange?" He asked.

Fuu waved her hand. "What could old people like them do to us anyway?"

"Yeah!" Mugen chimed in as he hopped on the bed some more.

"Well, they carried you away and almost succeeded in eluding us." Jin said, and Mugen hopped and cartwheeled off the bed and landed in a sitting position next to Fuu, waiting for the meal.

Fuu touched her chin with her finger. "That is true. Maybe Jin has a point."

Mugen scoffed. "I woulda catched them in a another few seconds!"

"Caught them" Jin corrected him, out of habit.

Mugen rolled his eyes, and reached for his sword, beginning to stand up. "I don't need to be corrected!"

"I think you do." Jin placed a hand on his sword. "Besides, I need to show you some payback for calling me your retarded cousin!"

"Stop it! You both can't act rowdy in a place like this! It's a temple for crying out loud! You aren't going to spoil this! now, sit down and wait for dinner!" She reached over and yanked Mugen back down to sit next to her.

Jin closed his eyes. "Hmmf," he said as he sat down across from them.

There was a bell, and Haichan walked in with some servants carrying some trays. They set down the trays and platters of food. Mugen and Fuu's mouths began to water. Jin was indeed hungry, and he wasn't about to complain about the other two's behavior.

Haichan cleared her throat, and an elderly man walked in. He was dressed in white robes and carried two little figures. He handed one to Fuu and then handed one to Mugen.

Mugen looked it over and bit it to see it it was gold. He frowned when he realized it wasn't.

Fuu elbowed him. She held her hands together in a praying fashion. Jin was doing it too, as well as the others in the room. Mugen grumbled and then followed suit.

The old man walked up and sat across from Mugen and Fuu, next to Jin. Jin observed the man out of the corner of his eye. He found himself frowning. That was odd, he thought, that man was a...

"Please repeat this prayer," The old man began to chant. Fuu and Mugen repeated it. Mugen was messing it up big time though, coughing every now and then.

Jin raised an eyebrow. The prayer they were saying... oh, this was getting interesting.

The old man said something again, and they repeated it. He said the final words and so did the other two. He reached over and touched each of their foreheads. Then he stood up and bowed to them. "the revowing is complete. Please enjoy your meals."

The old man left with Haichan and the other servants. Mugen and Fuu emmediately began to dig in to the food. Jin couldn't help but smirk. He cleared his throat. The others didn't notice him. he did it again, but this time just started talking. "You two do know what revowing means, don't you?"

"Rebowing, whaft?" Mugen asked, with a mouthful of rice.

Fuu shrugged and kept eating her fill. "Doesn't it mean wealthy or something?" She asked.

"No, that's renown." Jin corrected her. He looked back and forth between the two. He sighed, and grabbed a bowl of rice and began to slowly eat some as well. He took a few bites before finally adding in, "and you both know he was a real priest, right?"

Fuu slowed down. She was beginning to catch on. "W-wait a minute... Jin, what do you mean real priest?"

Jin simply raised an eyebrow and then looked over to Mugen.

Fuu followed his gaze and stared at the vagrant. She dropped her chopsticks. She remembered what to revow meant. It meant someone was being blessed for marriage again, renewing it. She felt sick to the stomach.

This was not happening.

She did not just marry Mugen!

A/N: hey everyone! Well, how was it? I thought i'd add to the growing section. yay! I'm sure this plot has been done a million times in other genres, but hey, i thought it'd be funny to see Mugen and Fuu unwillingly married. this is also a test chapter, to see if people really like this. tell me how it is please. well, anyway, hope you all liked it... and i hope to see you in the future.