Breakdancing Butterfly – A Samurai Champloo Fanfic

xXxXxXxXxX By some strange turn of events, shortly after the three went their supposed 'separate ways' at the end of episode 26, our threesome met back up and decided it was fate that brought them together... again. They are now traveling back to the region Fuu wants to live in, the two guys as her body-guards. XxXxXxXxXx

Chapter 7 – "Make the Colors in the Sky"

Jin wiped sweat from his forehead as he exited the restaurant he had been commissioned to work in. It was after the lunch period and he had an awaited break for a few hours before the dinner crowd moved in.

Actually, he had heard some people talking and saying something about a big crowd expected for dinner. More work... meant more money, so that was always good. But. He didn't know how much longer he'd last with these people.

For his break, he decided to take a walk on the town's perimeter, along a path around it.

Getting his mind off his work, he thought back to the morning. The jostle with Mugen had proven to be very eventful indeed. He learned that Mugen, of all people, had feelings for Fuu and actually voiced his concern for her. This was turning out to be a truly amazing day if something like that happened.

It had surprised Jin greatly when Mugen said that. A small sigh emitted from the long haired samurai as he continued to let his thoughts roam. This town surely was strange indeed.

He stopped as he heard a small hollow noise, as if something fell to the ground. He looked behind him to see that damn puppet had fallen from its holding at his waist and was lying on the dirt ground, almost in a sitting position.

Jin was surprised. So it was he who would leave him, eh?

Jin closed his eyes and turned away from the puppet. "I see... so it must be." He said with a small smile and began to walk away, glad he was finally free from it.

He was but a few feet away when he heard someone calling out, "Hey! Hey mister!"

Jin turned to see a young boy, barely a teenager, running up to him. The boy had been towing a large wooden buggy, and had left it on the side of the path to... oh no.

Jin watched in suppressed horror as the boy ran towards him, holding up damn puppet. Jin twitched. No, he had left him there, what was this kid doing?

"I think you dropped this mister!" The boy handed Jin the small puppet.

Jin felt the wood between his fingers of damn puppet's painted body. Its hands dangled as if waving from its laid back limbs. Trying to mask his desperation, Jin tried to hand it back. "Maybe you would like this toy." He offered tensely, although he had tried to sound plain.

The boy pushed it back at Jin. "Sorry, I'm a little old for those." He laughed politely.

And I'm not? Jin thought cryptically, but merely looked away from the puppet and the boy a moment. Jin let out another dejected sigh. "I see... so it must be." He repeated, a little more strenuous than before.

So it was all a rouse from damn puppet. He was playing tricks on him. Jin twitched. How... typical.

The boy watched as the man attached the puppet to a string against his waist, almost seeming reluctant. He frowned. What was a stoic man like this doing with a puppet anyway? Unless...

"You don't look that old mister..." He said and Jin frowned. "Why are..." The boy trailed off in thought.


Then the boy seemed to ponder some more for a moment, until a dawning realization appeared on his face. "Not again!" The boy cried out before bursting into a fit of laughter.


Haichan had her arms folded as she looked down at the two, who were seated down in front of her. Fuu appeared to be nervous, but Mugen was rolling his eyes and dazing off with a spacey look on his face.

"Young couples... so rowdy these days. First task!" She exclaimed and Fuu and Mugen both looked at her confused. "Fix doors ruined in todays... how'd you put it Mister Mugen... warm up exercise?"

"That's right granny." Mugen replied with a cocky grin.

Haichan raised a perturbed eyebrow, but continued on. "Second task!"

"Yes?" Fuu asked, still nervous.

"Report for the super-deluxe-ceremony-of-delight-ultra-mega-banquet-of-marriage we have planned for this evening at the Taishitebaka restaurant!" She announced, but the two seemed genuinely happy due to the prospect of food. "There will be lots of food!" They smiled wider. "Entertainment!" They still looked happy. "And also a display of undying love for each other!" Their faces began to sour. "By you two showing us your kissing skills for the big finale!"

"What!" Fuu exclaimed, wide-eyed.

"There goes that 'undying' crap again I- wha- kiss? Are you crazy you old bat, why would- hmmf!" His mouth had been covered by Fuu's quick hand.

"Sounds great! Thank you Haichan! We'll see you there!" Fuu plastered on the biggest smile and waited for Haichan to leave before releasing her hand from Mugen's loud mouth.

Mugen growled. "Stupid! Why'd you slap me like that!"

"Because you were being an idiot! You could have blown our cover! We're supposed to be happily married and..." She couldn't help but gulp, turn pink, and look away, "...used to kissing."

"Feh!" Mugen huffed out as he stood up next to Fuu and folded his arms. "You're talkin' to the master! Piece of cake."

She scrunched her nose. She looked up to see the inflated Mugen looking very sure of himself with his arms crossed across his puffed out chest and his jaw jutting out in typical Mugen-defiance.

Her tense shoulders dropped momentarily; he looked adorable.

Shaking her head and hitting herself in the leg a few times remedied those thoughts. She stood up next to him and smiled weakly before walking over to the wood and rolled paper that made up the sliding doors.

"Let's get to work." She said softly, trying to avoid eye contact because her mind was still swimming with the thought that in merely a few hours she would be forced to kiss him. And more importantly, trying to hide her blush because she was desperately trying to ignore the fact that maybe she was looking forward to it.

Mugen let out a large sigh and looked over to Fuu silently, while scratching his side.

He may have given off the impression that he was sure of himself and the prospect of kissing her didn't faze him, but that was all fake.

Truth be told... he found himself nervous; and he was never nervous.

Even when fighting, he wasn't afraid of death... but this had nothing to do with swords and the afterlife. Hell, this wasn't even like his experience with women in the brothels! With Fuu it was different... it shouldn't be, but it was.

"Mugen?" Her soft voice cut into his line of thoughts, and he was glad, because he didn't like where it was headed to.

"Uh?" He responded, trying to sound non-committal.

"Why are you making yourself bleed?" She asked pointing to his side where he had begun scratching and never stopped as his mind had wandered and continued applying pressure as his nervousness mounted.

"Dammit! Everything today has been about you and somehow making me bleed!" He blurted out. Really, this was the third time today something involving her had cause him physical pain and blood to be shed.

He noticed the look on her face as she looked up from her crouched position by the door supplies. Dare he say he noticed her blushing? Maybe she was thinking about this morning again... Mugen cursed to himself as he remembered himself. And here he was trying to forget it; pretending like nothing happened...

He unconsciously licked his lower lip where he had bit at it this morning when he was resisting his urges when she was lying on top of him, her hands playing across his chest as if they knew each other intimately. God, how it felt good too...

A frustrated growl rumbled in his throat.

"Muu-gen." Fuu's voice came again, but this time it sounded annoyed as if she was scolding a child.

He frowned and tasted something odd in his mouth. His tongue flicked and he realized he had been biting his lip again, causing more bleeding. "Shit!" He cursed and sucked on his lip and licked at it to stop the bleeding from the old wound.

Fuu had to look away at that instant because of the memories it was bringing back. She remembered the way his tongue and lips had felt against her fingers as he licked away his blood from there.

She shivered at the thought and went immediately to work on the doors, to try and get her mind off such treacherous thoughts as Mugen and her being so... close.

She worked for what seemed like fifteen minutes by herself, until she realized who wasn't helping. She squinted in annoyance.

"Why aren't you helping? This is your fault after all." She asked, aggravated. When she turned around to try and find him, he was lying on the ground, his hands behind his head and his knees bent. It almost looked like he was going to do some crunches, but she knew better than that.

A vein began to pound on her forehead. What a lazy...

"Hey, Mugen!" She exclaimed, and he turned his gaze over to her, his lazy eyes peering out at her under half-closed eyelids. "Why aren't you helping me?"

His eyebrow rose to a pointed peak, as if that was his answer.

She huffed. "You know, since we are married, you're supposed to be the man and fix things around the house!" She said smugly, her chin high in the air. She closed her eyes in mock importance.

There was silence.

She opened her eyes and peered back over to him, and to her surprise he was closer and uncomfortably very near her face with his. She held back a surprised yelp.

"Well, if we're talking about married duties an' all... I expect somethin' a wife's supposed to give her husband." He said in a low voice.

She panicked, a swarm of different emotions attacking her; literally attacking her, causing serious physical pain. Her fear was sending spikes into her throat, her anxiety stabbing her heart, and her deeply hidden hopeful desire was thudding in her chest, making her legs feel like mush and her fingers to start tingling.

He suddenly smirked and began to laugh obnoxiously.

"I didn't really mean it! Damn, I had you goin' -you shoulda seen your face!" He fisted his hand and knocked it on his knee a few times to rub it in.

He received a face-full of screendoor paper as she threw it at him, annoyed.


Later on...

Jin walked into the temple looking for Mugen and Fuu. He quickly went to their room, to find no one there. The door had been repaired and it looked... lopsided. He shook his head; that wasn't important. He was looking for them for a very important reason.

He wondered where they went. He needed to tell them something...

Very important.

He looked everywhere, but noticing the time, he had to get back to the restaurant. As much as he loathed doing it, especially after what he learned from the boy, he was still making money –good money too.

Maybe they were at the restaurant...


Fuu and Mugen sat at the Taishitebaka restaurant with mixed feelings.

Mugen could smell the food already and was starved; he couldn't wait for the feast... but then again his own mind would wander to what the end of the feast meant. It meant that he had to kiss Fuu. Okay, the prospect wasn't all that repulsive, but still... for some odd reason it seemed out of place.

Fuu nervously rang her hands in her kimono. She was hungry but too nervous to care; and that was saying a lot. But she did have a very good reason to be nervous. She was going to kiss Mugen soon... be it forced or not, it was still a kiss! And her very first one too!

She looked up to Haichan who was standing next to them. "Really, do we have to kiss at the end of the banquet? I mean, it is public, and that's just not the proper thing to do, right?" Fuu asked, innocently trying to play off their little crisis. "I'm sure you'd like to keep things traditional. Right?" She gave a big smile, but her voice had strained like she was pleading.

Haichan laughed. "Nonsense, child. We here in this village don't mind all that traditional stuff. We're more modern; we're hip, we're with it." Haichan struck a strange pose and Fuu glossed over. So much for trying to talk her way out of it.

Fuu sighed and looked out of the corner of her eye to Mugen. He seemed laid back, lounging in the chair, as if he had no care in the world.

Then he made an impatient noise, and glanced over to the kitchen doors.

Fuu squinted. Was that all that was on his mind!

Mugen drummed his fingers against his knee under the table and could barely keep his laid-back appearance straight. He was freakin' going nuts; what with the mixture of food and what was about to come after the food, well... Mugen had a simple mind –and in being that way, processing all these 'emotional' things was driving him crazy; that and he was hungry beyond belief.

His eyes shot to the kitchen, and awaited the food. Food was good. That could get his mind off of what came after the meal... a kiss. Was that his dessert? It certainly fell into place as one.

Desserts were always good. Sweet too. He liked sweet things... would her kiss be sweet? Oh... dear... God! What in the fuck was he thinking! What was wrong with him!

Mugen was NOT a love-sick, candy-barfing, romantic fool! Never! Not in a million damn years!

His eyes darted unconsciously to said 'denied' dessert. This was tough.


Jin arrived at the restaurant, and found that he had a heavy workload ahead of him. He was to prepare several things, and had little time to do it. He didn't even have time to look and see if Mugen and Fuu were in the eating area.

He had to get to them, but at the moment didn't know where they were. Maybe if he got his stuff done in time he'd find them eventually.

And after he found them...


Amazingly, dinner went by really quick, and also the entertainment. Fuu couldn't believe how time had flown by. It seemed only minutes ago she was starting on the appetizers.

Haichan tapped the table with a wooden spoon and gathered everyone's attention. "And now, for the end of this grand feast, we shall witness undying love. Before us here is a beautiful young couple, and through the many trials and rituals, have managed to still show their love. It is a strong love, think of the rituals!"

Fuu suddenly thought of one of the rituals, where Mugen gave her some sunflower seeds. She smiled, and peeked over at him. He was peeking over at her at the same moment and their eyes met.

Mugen thought about the small knife with the infinite symbol carved in it that Fuu gave him during one of the rituals. His lips twitched and he slowly glanced over to her, to find she was already peeking at him; their eyes met and they could not look away.

"We can see their young love with last forever and ever. And in their portrait, can you not see the love! Especially Mister Mugen, look at that face!" Haichan declared as the painting was revealed behind them. Fuu and Mugen looked back and both could not hold back a snicker at their portrayal on the paper. They looked back at each other and smiled again. "And who could forget the giant meal Fuu made for her husband with the main ingredient being wasabi root! It takes true, undying love for a man to eat that much wasabi, and equally undying love for a woman to make it for her man without hesitation. We all know us women love to torture our husbands. We only pretend to be killing them, right Fuu?"

Everyone in the crowd laughed heartily. Even Fuu cracked a smile and remembered how Mugen had eaten all the food no matter how bad it tasted. She nodded to Haichan's question.

"And so, since we have all pretty much gotten to know this married couple really well, they can show us one more ritual tonight, as the finale to all marriage rituals that will satisfy our traditions, they will present a kiss to us. They will show us their undying love once and for all."

Everyone turned to Mugen and Fuu, and even the small string band struck up a low and romantic tune.

Fuu gulped. This was it. Maybe... it wouldn't be so bad...

Mugen leaned closer, his hand on the table besides her and he swallowed hard. This was it... now or never... maybe it wouldn't be that bad to kiss her...

Fuu felt him get closer and the heat rise to her cheeks. They were married after all... for real...

Mugen got so close he could see the specks in her big brown eyes. The memory of the night he said he wanted her flashed in his mind. Was that really a mistake? Because at the moment, he really did want to kiss her!

Fuu was tense but was filled with giddy anticipation somehow. It was Mugen, but she wanted it to happen suddenly... with him... she wanted to kiss him!


Jin was finishing up cutting some fruit when he noticed a lot of the cooks huddled around the open door to the eating area. He frowned.

He walked up behind them, curious. "What's going on?" He asked quietly to one of the guys.

"Shh! They're making that 'married couple' kiss."

Jin's eyes went wide. Mugen and Fuu!

He pushed past them and stumbled into the restaurant's lounge and saw the two of them indeed leaning towards one another, about to kiss at the head of the largest table. He scrambled past other tables, and was almost within reach of the table, when he snagged on something.

He was stuck! He looked down and saw that damn puppet and his string were caught in the wood of a chair. He tugged, but it was no use. He glanced over to see them about to have lip-lock, and he just had to stop it, because he had something important to tell them!

Damn puppet! He pulled some more, but the chair would not budge either. Was it bolted to the ground or something? He tried once more to pull free, but the puppet would not let go.

Finally, Jin put a tight grip on his sword and pulled it from its sheath –surprising many who were in close proximity to him- and with one swift swipe, cut not only the string, but also the entire chair itself.

In a feat defying normal aerodynamics, damn puppet went flying into the air, soaring across the large table and landing with a loud wooden crash right in front of Mugen and Fuu, startling them enough for them to turn away from each other and shoot a look at where the puppet had flown from.

"Jin!" Fuu exclaimed, surprised to see him, her heart racing form both Mugen's proximity and intention and also the sudden appearance of a wooden puppet on her dinner plate.

Mugen glared at Jin, almost as if he was mad for him interrupting.

Jin took the last few steps and reached their side and spoke, "I have something important to tell you."

Fuu and Mugen looked up at him, awaiting his response and reason for the sudden interruption.

Haichan looked surprisingly unfazed; like she knew this was going to happen eventually. She was actually beginning to look sad that the fun was over.

Jin closed his eyes as he spoke calmly what he had discovered.

"You're not married. That man the first night... not a priest. That place we're staying at... not a temple. And this town... is no ordinary town, if it can even be called that.

It took all of ten seconds for it to sink into Mugen and Fuu's mind.

And then the chaos began.


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(from chapter 1 –Interesting Introductions)

Azentaro wandered the small path. He didn't know why his parents walked so slowly. Well, it couldn't be helped anyway, they were always quiet and reserved, almost a typical father and mother; and he respected that.

The journey had been long, too long. Staying at inns and sometimes the occasional shrine was okay, it wasn't anything thrilling or degrading, it was simply a place to sleep. Although, it would have been so much faster if they took another form of transportation other than their own two feet. But his father being typical, had gone for the more frugal-money-saving way.

He just didn't care for all the walking, especially because he was so much faster than his parents.

He couldn't shake the weird suspicion though, that something wasn't quite right. His father was always quiet and –to a sense- mysterious, but lately he could sense he was somehow up to something.

Of course, his father left no clues for him to substantiate his suspicion, but that was almost expected. His father was just one big enigma sometimes, Azentaro thought; the man wore glasses and didn't even need them... oddness.

Azentaro shook his head idly, trying to clear his mind from wandering too much. He should be concentrating on the road...


He stopped and noticed he was in the middle of a small thicket of woods. Great. How'd he end up here? This had happened several times during their trip, but he always managed to find his way back to his parents. He couldn't have walked that far away.

He began to try and retrace his steps and find the small road again. He walked for several more minutes until something caught his attention in the distance.

He went towards the noises, which seemed to be in a small clearing. He reached the outskirts and saw a girl being attacked by a wild-looking man in a pony-tail and tattered gray kimono cut short at the sleeves.

The girl was in red and didn't seem to be doing too well. In fact, it looked like she was losing.

The man in gray did a weird cartwheel thing, and tried to kick the girl in the side. She dodged by leaning to the side awkwardly, almost falling over. The man was quick though and started to swing his hands in to hit her face.

She blocked and pushed back against his arms, but fell down into the low grass.

The man seemed to reach into his sleeve as if to maybe grab a knife.

Azentaro couldn't let the girl be killed so he jumped into the clearing to help her.

He pulled out his bow and arrows that were attached to his back and pulled back and fired at the man's head.

Amazingly, the man seemed to sense it and leaned back almost in a perfect ninety degree angle. The girl screamed loudly and fell back. The man whipped back up and turned to the source of the arrow.

"Hey asshole, watch where you practice huh!" The man exclaimed, glaring angrily at Azentaro.

"I wasn't practicing." Azentaro replied smoothly.

"So you were aiming at me on purpose then?" The man growled dangerously.

"Hmm." Azentaro answered and they stared at each other as a cool breeze blew through the field.

Both opponents faced off, waiting for the other to make a move-

"Argh!" Azentaro choked as something lunged at him from behind. He barely realized it was the girl he had been saving... and she was choking him!

"You bastard! Why were you trying to kill my father you jerk!" The girl screamed as she struggled on his back. Azentaro fell to his knees, the girl still on him, strangling him to death.

"I...ga-was trying to...save...augh!" Azentaro managed before there was a slight shift of wind and he noticed a pair of familiar, sandaled feet in front of his face.

The girl had stopped and was face to face with a seemingly very sharp samurai sword.

She followed the long sleek line of metal to a very stern-faced, pale man. He was older, with long black hair that had two streaks of white on either side of his face. His dark eyes were framed by delicate glasses sitting atop a thin nose.

She was wide-eyed and felt somehow intimidated by this man.

Just when she wondered where her delinquent father was to protect her against this samurai, she saw him idle up and put an elbow on the samurai's shoulder as if they were pals! What was going on!


Good so far? I think so, it's going to be fun, already it fun to write. It's going to be a short ficlet, not too long, just short and sweet. Hope you will enjoy in the future! -SEMPAIKO