Doubting You

I'm standing in the darkness.

Nobody is with me.

I miss the sound of your voice.

I'm all alone.

My heart begins to break.

Minutes pass, and still no sign.

Nobody's coming for me.

Why aren't you here?

I begin to panic.

I doubt your word.

I question my faith in you.

Can I really trust you?

When you told me

That you loved me,

Were you thinking of her?

Was it all a lie?

I try to convince myself

I try to believe what you said.

But still, I can't help thinking.

Am I a replacement?

I shouldn't think that.

I should be loyal to you.

I can't make the same mistake.

I shouldn't doubt you like she did.

So I try to believe that you're coming.

I remember why I love you,

And my doubts fade away.

I have faith in you once again.

I hear a noise.

My heart beats faster.

Is that your face I see?

My hopes begin to rise.

It's you, it's really you!

The one I love.

The one I cherish.

My heart sings for sheer joy.

You, who protected me.

You, who comforted me.

You, who held me in your arms.

You gave me such strength.

My lips cry out your name.

You answer back as well.

My fears are washed away.

You came for me at last.

I know then that I Sango,

Love you, Inuyasha.

And guess what?

You love me too.

The End