Squaresoft City

All characters used in this story are property of Square-Enix.

This fic is set in an alternate universe where Final Fantasy characters and other Square characters all exist in the same place. They live out their lives, find love, and trouble in a place called Square City. This story is labeled as a Romance/Drama but there is actually more to it than that. There is action, comedy, suspense as well so if there's a little bit of everything. It's a long story because the cast of characters is large. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

There will be new stories…some will be the same…

Yuna walked down the streets of Square City. It was a nice warm sunny day and the sky was clear. Yuna looked up at the incredibly tall buildings as she walked down the sidewalk.

"Sometimes I miss Besaid" thought Yuna.

Yuna ran her fingers through her short brown hair and smiled. She always smiled when she thought of her home island of Besaid. She loved Besaid but Square City had started to grow on her after living there for a few years.

Yuna approached a store at the corner with a big sign that said "Oaka's" on the front. As soon as she walked through the sliding glass door she approached a young boy wearing a red smock who was stocking shelves.

"Excuse me where are your diapers?" asked Yuna.

"They're on aisle five" said the young boy as he pointed toward the aisle.

"Thank you" said Yuna.

She walked over to aisle five. There were several brands of diapers on the shelves.

"There was a certain brand Lulu wanted me to get….. hmmm… oh there it is."

Yuna grabbed the package of diapers and made her way to the cash register.

"That'll be 50 gil" said the little old lady behind the register.

"50 gil! Lulu wasn't kidding when she said diapers were expensive" thought Yuna.

She reached into the back pocket of her shorts, pulled out the money and paid the 50 gil. Yuna made her way out of the store with the diapers. She walked through the sliding glass door when suddenly she was bumped into by a stranger rushing past her. The diapers fell to the ground.

"How rude, you should watch where you're going!" yelled Yuna as she bent down to pick up the diapers.

"Oh I'm sorry let me get that for you" said the stranger.

He bent down and grabbed the diapers before Yuna could get them and handed them to her.

"I'm really sorry. I'm late for an important interview and I just got in a rush" said the stranger.

"It's ok just…" said Yuna as she finally looked up at the stranger.

He was a young man with short blonde hair and seemed to be around Yuna's age. He was a few inches taller than Yuna. His skin was slightly tanned and his smile seemed to shine brightly as he looked at Yuna.

"Wow…" said Yuna under her breath unknowingly.

"Hey, I'm Tidus" said the young man

"I'm . . . I'm . . . Yuna!" said Yuna almost forgetting her name for a moment.

She thought he was cute from the moment she saw him. Yuna couldn't help but blush a bit. She always got a little shy around guys she thought were cute.

"Hey Yuna it's nice to meet you. Wow you really have pretty eyes. I've never seen eyes like that. I'm not just using that as some lame pick up line" laughed Tidus.

Yuna giggled a bit.

"My mother was Al Bhed. That's why my right eye color is green. You should see my cousin Rikku's eyes. She is pure Al Bhed and her eyes swirl at the center" said Yuna.

"Well it couldn't be much more awesome than having one green eye and one blue eye" said Tidus.

Yuna blushed a little more.

"You have a child?" asked Tidus looking at the diapers.

"Oh no! . . . I mean no. This is for my friend Lulu she has a son. I'm just helping her out for the day" said Yuna quickly.

"That's nice of you"

"Are you from Square? I don't think I've ever seen you around this part of town before." said Yuna.

"Well I'm actually from Zanarkand. I moved to Square about two weeks ago. I'm a blitzball player so I've come here to play. What about you?"

"I'm originally from Besaid but I came to Square a few years ago to train at the Summoner Academy"

"Wow that's awesome! I…uh oh"

Tidus looked at his wristwatch.

"I'm sorry I'm late for an interview. Umm maybe I'll see you around Yuna" said Tidus.

"I hope so" replied Yuna.

Tidus rushed off down the street and Yuna stood there smiling.

"He was really cute. I can't wait to tell Rikku about this" thought Yuna.

(Next Scene)

"Where is your damn head today boy!" yelled Cid Highwind.

Cid grabbed his stubby blonde hair in frustration. He then adjusted his flight goggles and walked over to a large cylindrical jet engine that was being worked on by a blonde spiky headed young man. Cid puffed on a cigarette then yelled some more.

"Move the hell outta the way Cloud and let me do that! You're just going to mess shit up"

"Chill Cid I almost got it!" said Cloud.

Cloud took a wrench and twisted a few knobs on the engine.

"See? Easy as pie" smiled Cloud.

Cloud wiped his greasy hands on a nearby towel and smiled at Cid.

"Stop smiling like you're smooth Mr. cool. Just make sure you pay close attention to what you're doing and we'll have this airship repaired in no time. I'm closing up the shop now you can go clean yourself up and leave" said Cid.

"Thanks Cid. I'll see you tomorrow" said Cloud.

Cloud worked in Cid Highwind's machina shop full time but this was only a stepping stone for what he really wanted to do, join the Shinra SOLDIERS. Ever since he was a boy growing up in the small village of Nibelheim he dreamed of joining SOLDIER and making first class like his hero Sephiroth. Everyday after work Cloud went to the gym to train both his sword and materia skills so that one day he could accomplish this dream.

Cloud took a quick shower in the bathroom of Cid's shop and changed his greasy clothes. He grabbed his gym bag and his buster sword and made his way out of the shop.

"Hey kid" said Cid as Cloud was about to leave.

"Yeah Cid?"

"Train hard kid and you'll make it…" said Cid.

"Thanks Cid I really appreciate that"

"….cause god knows you ain't cut out to be a mechanic the rest of your life!" Cid laughed and Cloud chuckled as well.

"Thanks Cid"

Cloud left the shop and Cid went upstairs to his apartment that was above his shop.

"Shera! Make me some tea please!" yelled Cid as he walked up the stairs.

Cloud stepped out into the streets and walked for a few blocks. The streets were full of people going about their business and carrying on with there daily routine. Cloud approached a building with a large sign that said "Auron's Gym, sword lessons get your first one free".

Cloud walked into Auron's Gym. There were several exercise machines scattered about and a ring toward the center. In the back was the locker room and this was where Cloud headed. On his way toward the locker room Cloud passed a young woman with short grey colored hair. She was dressed in all black and practiced with a long curved sword with a skull on its hilt.

"Nice form Paine. Keep practicing and you'll almost get as good as me" laughed Cloud.

Paine stopped practicing and simply looked at Cloud.

"Whatever" said Paine rolling her eyes.

She got back into her ready position and began slashing at the air with her sword.

"Squall was looking for you a few minutes ago. He's in the locker room." said Paine.

"Ok " said Cloud as he walked toward the back of the gym.

He walked through the door of the men's locker room. Of course there were several rows of lockers there and a few guys standing around in towels. Cloud walked up to a young brown haired man that sat on a bench polishing a gun blade. The young man looked up as Cloud approached. He had a long scar down the middle of his face.

"What's up Squall?" asked Cloud.

"Not much, it's about time you showed up. I was looking for a sparring partner" said Squall.

Just then Auron the owner of the gym approached the two. He was an older man with dark hair that had a few strands of grey. He wore dark glasses and took a few sips from a large jug.

"You two take it easy this time. The last time you two nearly wrecked the place" said Auron.

"Ok Auron" said Cloud.

Auron walked away slowly.

"Dang you tear up a few things just once and you never live it down" said Cloud.

"Seriously….so… you think you're ready to try out for SOLDIER?" asked Squall.

He had finished polishing his gun blade and stood up from the bench with it in his hand.

"I think I'm getting there but I really want to blow them away. I'm going to train a bit more"

Cloud put his stuff down on the bench and began rooting through his belongings.

"I still think you should join SeeD instead of SOLDIER. We could always use another good fighter like you in SeeD. Besides I could put in a good word for you with Headmaster Cid and Headmistress Edea" said Squall.

"I appreciate it but joining SOLDIER has always been my dream. Besides I'm much more skilled with materia than Guardian Force junctioning. At SeeD it's mandatory to use Guardian Forces and that scares me. Don't they make you lose your memory?"

"It's not nearly as bad as the media makes it out to be. It's really easy to remember anything you temporarily lose and that doesn't happen very often" said Squall.

"Oh ok… so you ready?"

"Ready for what?" asked Squall.

"Are you ready to spar with me? Geez did you forget already?"

"I know I was just kidding heh heh" laughed Squall.

Cloud and Squall left the locker room and made their way to the ring in the center of the gym.

"Oh great let's hope they don't tear the place down again" said Paine in the distance.

Cloud and Squall entered the ring and faced off in their ready positions. Auron, Paine and a few of the other people in the gym gathered around to watch.

"Good luck" said Squall

"You too" said Cloud.

The two stared at each other for a moment then as if on cue the two lunged at each other. Cloud struck out with a horizontal slash that Squall blocked vertically with his gun blade. Squall pushed off Clouds sword and countered with an overhead vertical strike. Cloud side stepped the attack and followed up with another horizontal slash toward Squall's head. Squall ducked under the attack and stepped back a few feet. He held his left arm out and stretched out his left hand.


Squall cast a Firaga spell. Suddenly a large ball of fire appeared before Cloud and exploded. Cloud jumped back and missed most of the attack. His clothes were singed slightly. He looked forward to see Squall preparing to cast another Firaga spell.

"Gotta stay on your toes! Firaga!"

Squall cast another Firaga but Cloud didn't move. The green materia on Clouds armlet began to glow.

"Ice 3!"

Cloud cast an Ice 3 spell on the Firaga Spell that froze the big ball of fire. Squall ran at Cloud and began to let loose a series of quick attack. Cloud deflected the attacks with his buster sword but he found it difficult.

"His sword is a lot lighter than mine. Gotta back him up a little." thought Cloud.

"Bolt 3"

Cloud cast a Bolt spell. A flash of lightning struck from above Squall which made him jump back a few feet to avoid it.

"I hung in there long enough to charge up a limit break!" yelled Cloud.

He held his sword with both hands and charged it with red energy.

"Blade Beam!" yelled Cloud as he unleashed his limit break.

A wave of red energy shot from Cloud's sword along the floor toward Squall.

"Float" said Squall as he cast a float spell that made him hover above the ground.

The wave of energy missed Squall and continued toward the back of the gym where it crashed into a wall and did some damage.

"I knew they would break something" said Auron under his breath.

"Good fight" said Squall as he floated back down to the ground.

"Not bad yourself man you really keep me on my toes" said Cloud.

"You'll need to be aware if you're going to pass that SOLDIER exam" said Squall.

"Well they didn't bring the whole place down this time" said Paine to Auron.

Squall and Cloud packed up their things in the locker room and prepared to leave Auron's gym.

"So how's things going with you and Tifa or are you dating Aeris this week?" laughed Squall.

"You trying to be funny? It's not like that at all. There is no love triangle between me, Tifa, and Aeris. Besides Tifa doesn't have any feelings like that for me. She just wants to be friends because we've known each other for so long. We do come from the same hometown you know" replied Cloud.

"Sure, whatever you say" chuckled Squall.

"….and anyway I know you aren't trying to make fun of me. You've got your own drama to deal with –cough- Rinoa –cough-

"Hey, the big difference between my situation and yours is that I at least try to stick with one woman" laughed Squall.

Cloud and Squall just laughed.

(Next Scene)

"Mog table 6 wants another order of Carob nut casserole" said Tifa as she walked up to the pickup window.

Tifa was an attractive young woman with long black hair that stretched down her back. She brushed a few crumbs off her skirt then reached for some plates of food on the pickup table. Tifa had been a waitress at Junon diner for a while but she really wanted to run a place of her own.

"Another order kupo? I get so tired of this diner sometimes I could scream! Kupo!" said Mog as he hovered by the pickup window.

Mog was a moogle. Moogles are cute little creatures that look almost like white teddy bears. They have short purple wings and a small antenna with a purple fluffy ball on the end that adorns their heads. Mog had a chef hat on his head that covered his antenna this time though.

"I know what you mean Mog. The customers can be a drag sometimes and the pay for this amount of work doesn't even seem right. That's why I hope I can get my own place someday" said Tifa as she began to walk off with the plates.

"When you get that place count me in 'po" said Mog.

"Sure thing Mog" said Tifa as she walked off with the plates of food.

She approached a booth where a woman with short frizzy blonde hair sat. A tall slender man and a short man sat with her.

"Oh my! You took so long with that food love. I thought that I would pass out from hunger" said the woman.

She held her hand on her chest. Her shirt was very tight and showed a lot of cleavage.

"Hey good one Le Blanc" snorted the short fat man.

"I know Ormi. It's so hard to find good service nowadays. Isn't that right Logos?" asked Le Blanc.

"Indeed it is Le Blanc" said Logos the tall slender man.

"Thank you love you may go now. Oh and don't expect much of a tip dear" said Le Blanc as she accepted her plate of food.

"What a bitch. I wish she would act like that with me on the street." thought Tifa as she handed them their food.

Tifa walked away slightly frustrated. She couldn't let her anger get the best of her.

"I shouldn't think things like that. I shouldn't fight people for petty things like that" thought Tifa.

Tifa studied the martial arts style of Zangan Ryu under Master Zangan and he always taught her to only fight in self defense though she would often imagine popping some of these annoying customers a good one.

"Hey Tifa!"

Tifa turned around to see a blonde haired young woman walk through the door. She wore glasses, a pink skirt and had her long blonde hair pinned up in the back.

"Hey Quistis what's up?" said Tifa to the young woman.

"Hey I know you're busy but I just wanted to give you this invitation really fast" said Quistis.

She reached in her pocket and pulled out an envelope.

"Invitation?" asked Tifa receiving the invitation.

"The SeeD's are having a ball in a few weeks. We can invite people who aren't SeeD's as well. It's going to be so fun! Selphie is out giving a few more people their invitations."

"That sounds great. It's an excuse to get all dressed up!" smiled Tifa.

"Exactly! Well I'll talk you later Tifa" said Quistis as she waved goodbye and began to leave the diner.

"Bye" said Tifa.

Tifa smiled as she looked at the invitation.

"I wonder if Cloud will go too?" thought Tifa as walked toward the back of the diner.

"Oh well it's almost time for me to get off work"

(Next Scene)

Yuna walked up the drive way of Lulu and Wakka's home. It was a nice quiet neighborhood which was in contrast to much of the rest of Square City. Yuna knocked on the door and after a few moments Lulu answered the door.

"Thank you so much Yuna. I really appreciate that" said Lulu.

Lulu had long dark hair that was pinned up in the back. Her skin was a little pale and she wore all black. She held a baby boy in her arms. He was a happy baby boy with bright red hair.

"It's no problem Lulu" smiled Yuna as she walked into the living and set the package of diapers down on a chair.

Lulu and Wakka's home was beautifully decorated with many of Lulu's dolls.

"Here hold Vidina" said Lulu as she handed her son to Yuna.

"Hey there Vidina have you been a good boy?" laughed Yuna as she picked up Vidina.

He had a big smile on his face.

"He's been really good today. The diapers were about 50 gil right? Here you go" said Lulu reaching into a purse and retrieving 50 gil for Yuna.

"It's ok Lulu this one is on me" smiled Yuna.

"You always were so generous" said Lulu.

"Where is Wakka?" asked Yuna as she bounced Vidina in her arms.

"Oh he is out in the back yard interviewing a new recruit for the Aurochs. Want to go watch?" asked Yuna.

"Sure" said Yuna.

They walked to the back of the house and looked out the large window overlooking the back yard. Wakka, a tan skinned man, held a blitzball in his hand while talking to a blonde haired young man. After a moment Yuna realized it was the Tidus.

"It's him" said Yuna.

"You know him?" asked Lulu.

"Umm yeah I met him today" said Yuna.

Outside in the backyard Wakka instructed Tidus.

"Ok let's see how you shoot ya? Go long" said Wakka.

A slight breeze blew and moved Wakkas red hair a bit.

"Do you have an extra blitzball?' asked Tidus.

"Yeah why?" asked Wakka.

"Why? ...because you're never going to see that one again! This one is going out of the park!" laughed Tidus as he ran several yards away.

"You're a cocky one ya? We'll see" said Wakka.

Tidus got ready and Wakka ran toward him. He then kicked the blitzball as hard as he could. The blitzball sped toward Tidus.

"Time for the Jecht Shot!" yelled Tidus.

Tidus hit the ball with his right elbow. The ball hit a tree then bounced back toward Tidus. Tidus hit it again with his left elbow and it hit another tree. The blitzball then bounced up high in the air. Tidus leapt up high and began spinning like a corkscrew.

"Whoa" said Wakka as he watched in amazement.

Tidus stopped spinning and kicked the ball with a large amount of force. The Blitzball flew over the house and was never seen again.

"Whoa hoo hoo. That was amazing ya? You got your spot on the Aurochs!" yelled Wakka.

"Thanks" said Tidus as he landed back on the ground.

"That was incredible" said Lulu.

"He's amazing" thought Yuna.

(End Chapter 1)

So what did you think? Please tell me. Like I said it's my first time doing this kind of fic so I'm going to try my best and also hopefully I'll be able to have appearances from characters from several different Final Fantasy's so be patient and maybe your favorite characters will make at least a cameo appearance later on. Thanks for reading