"Hey," a cheerful Shalimar greeted upon entering the lab.

"Hey," a smiling psionic responded, instantly taking the feral's hand in hers as she approached her side.

"You almost done playing lab rat with her, Adam?" Shalimar questioned.

"Yes," he answered as he turned to face them. "And I'm happy to say that she and the rest of the team will be fine."

"Great. I'm gonna take Emma back to her room."

"I want you to be sure and rest up. Nothing to strenuous for a while," Adam informed her.

"I'll make sure of it," Shalimar assured and helped the psionic to her feet, flashing her a lustful glare Emma eagerly returned. She wrapped her arm around the psionic's shoulders to assist her but Emma reached for her crutches.

"I can make it," she informed. "Gotta walk on my own if I wanna feel like normal again."

Shalimar smiled as the two exited the lab and began to walk down the hall.

"So, how'd everything go with Brennan?" Emma questioned trying to sound far less nosey and interested than she was.

"Ok. I told him I couldn't be with him right now and he accepted it pretty well."

Shalimar noticed Emma smile at her words. Relief quickly washed over the psionic and for the first time since the whole thing start she didn't feel worried or paranoid anymore. She had to admit she'd hated the entire thought of Shalimar with Brennan and it turned her stomach to think about it all day. Of course she always knew Shalimar had a thing for him, but to actually have to whiteness them together was too much for her heart to stand. She was relived he was more or less out of the picture, romantic picture anyway, now and knew her and Shalimar would stand a much better chance if given the proper opportunity.

Shalimar opened the door to the psionic's room as the two entered. Emma limped over to her bed and let herself plop down to the comfort beneath, sighing in relaxation. Shalimar quietly closed the door and sat herself beside the psionic. Her hand firmly yet gently gripping the psionic's, she looked into the woman's eyes.

"We need to talk about you being infected," the feral stated, wanting to get the truth as quickly as possible.

"Shal, I'm not infected. That's why I was able to help the guys. Adam wanted to wait when he thought I was infected but he told me I wasn't and decided it would be ok for me to connect to them."

"Wait, so you were never infected? Are you sure?"

"Yes," Emma answered with a telling smile, raising her hand to caress the cheek of the feral beside her.

"But I read your letter."

"What letter?"

Shalimar stood to her feet, removing the paper from her back pocket and handing it to the psionic. Emma opened it and smiled at seeing it.

"I thought you wrote it while you were infected."

"Look at the bottom," Emma said handing the page back to Shalimar. "I wrote it last week."

A wide smile swept across the feral's face as she peered down at the date at the very bottom of the page which in deed informed her the psionic had written in well before any infections took place.

"I was hoping writing it down would help me be able to tell you all those things I've wanted to for so long," Emma revealed to the feral still glowing with happiness at her news.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted when I thought you might be infected," the feral informed, placing the letter on the desk before rejoining the psionic on the bed. She scooted herself back onto the bed to lie on her side in a more comfortable position and was soon joined by Emma propped up on her own elbow beside her.

"It's ok," Emma replied. "Just another day in the Mardi Gras that is our life with Mutant X."

Shalimar smiled sweetly at the psionic, reaching down to lace her fingers with her velvety skin.

"I love you," she informed, the words taking on a deeper meaning than they ever had.

"I love you too," Emma said, sending shivers down the spine of the feral to finally hear the words knowing they were true.

Grateful feral lips met those of eager psionic ones expression passion they'd never shared. Passion long held within aching to communicate with one another.

Emma smiled, thought of Shalimar and Brennan or anyone else quickly fading away making room to be replaced with new memories of every moment spent in the company of her new true love.

The End...and the beginning :)

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