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Ranma May Cry

Genma shuddered for a solid minute as he started down the street, his eyes darting back and forth between his son and the open street in front of them "Boy,... we need to... make a stop at a friends house" Turning around, Genma took a deep breath and swallowed the lump in his throat before nodding his head "If that's okay,..."

Staring at Genma, the boy brushed his white hair to the side and narrowed his blood red eyes " What do you need to do there?"

Continuing to walk down the street, Genma felt the need to shiver as his sons icey tone touched his senses "W-Well... a friend of mine lives in this district, and before Jusen-" Genma's mouth snapped shut as he heard a low growl behind him "That place,... I told him that we would show up for lunch" Genma was sweating bullets this point, but held his voice firm, as if commanding 'I hope he buys this, I hope he buys this, I hope he buys this' Was the mantra that was blaring through his mind. Apparently, he wasn't so sure of himself anymore.

Shifting the load on his back, the boy slid his arms out of a red trenchcoat, and put it inside of the backpack "Fine... we'll show up for lunch,... but after that, you take me to my mother" Seeing Genma's quick nod, the boy picked up the bag effortlessly and continued walking behind his sorry excuse of a father 'He's up to something' catching a small grin on Genma's face, the boy snarled 'He's definately up to something'

(Minutes later, Tendo Dojo)

Soun sat at the table, his eyes flowing like niagra falls, as he stared at a postcard 'Finally,... finally they are returning!' Standing up and running to the kitchen, he smiled when he noticed his eldest daughter cooking lunch "Kasumi, could I speak to you and your sisters in the dining room?" Seeing her, almost, apprehensive nod, Soun ran upstairs and rapped on Nabiki's door. When it opened, Soun raised and eye brow at his daughter as she yawned "Sleeping again?" Seeing her sleepy nod, Soun sighed "Come to the dining room, we're having a family meetings" Seeing her tired nod, Soun resisted the urge to twitch, before running down the stairs and outside to where the dojo stood. Sneaking inside, He smiled when he saw his youngest daughter smashing bricks like a professional "Akane,... please enter the dining room, we're having a family meeting.

Turning from the bricks, Akane gave her father a warm smile as she stood up, her arm brushing aside the beads of sweat the rolled down her forehead "Sure daddy"

Taking his daughter back into the house, Soun smiled when he noticed all his daughters sitting at the table, staring at him expectinally "Well,... I have some good news" Seeing Nabiki jerk awake, Soun grimaced slightly 'I was hoping she would remain sleepy', shaking his head, Soun looked to his daughters once more "We're having some guests arrive today. My old friend Genma, and my training partner, is bringing his son for a visit." Soun grimaced once more as he noticed Nabiki narrow her eyes, as he finished quickly "oncehegetshereoneofyouwillbehiswife"

Ticking through the words for a minute, Nabiki sighed and looked at her dad "Daddy,... say that, slower this time."

Silently praying for his life, Soun nodded and swallowed the lump in his throat "My old training partner is bringing his son for a visit" Pausing for a minute, he sighed and decided to end it "Once he gets here, one of you will be his wife"

Akane jerked back as though she was struck "WHAT! YOU WANT ONE OF US TO MARRY A... A... BOY WE'VE NEVER MET!"

Nabiki was about to 'explain' to her father about how bad of an idea this was, but was stopped when a explosion was heard outside of their home "What was that!" Standing up and running to the door, quickly followed by the rest of her family, Nabiki stopped and stared at the black shrouded figures that held scythe's of death menacingly.

Stepping in front of his daughters, Soun adopted a defensive stance and narrowed his eyes "Girls, get inside the house" Seeing their fear filled eyes, Soun rose his voice to octaves he hasn't reached since before Kimiko's death "GET INSIDE NOW!" Nodding to himself as that jostled them out of their day dreams, Soun watched as two of his three daughters ran inside, leaving him staring at Akane "AKANE! GET INSIDE THE HOUSE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!"

Looking at her father with anger, Akane pushed past and was charging the nearest death clad figure with the chant "I'M A MARTIAL ARTIST TOO!" once it heard the self proclimation, the shrouded figure turned toward Akane and seemed to cackle in glee as it brought it's scythe back at an impossible speed. Soun started to run toward his youngest daughter, in hopes of saving her, but watched in horror as the scythe descended upon the small girl. Closing his eyes in pain before the weapon cleaved his daughter in half, Soun didn't see what happened next.

( Two minutes before, outside the Tendo household )

Genma sweated slightly as he stared at his son, the six foot four, angry red eyed white haired boy in front of him "U-Um,... Ranma my boy,... we're almost there"

Stopping in his tracks, Ranma looked over his shoulder and seemed to snarl, muttering out a "God damn,... leave me alone already" Before all hell broke loose. Four figures, dressed in black, with four foot scythe's appeared in front of him, and at once impaled their weapons in the boys chest. Cackling with glee, the figure in front of the boy didn't have a moment to contemplate what the feeling of dread was, before it's body was seperated from it's head with an open palm strike, the head conveniently falling into his open hand "You know,... This was my favorite shirt..." He took a couple steps forward, dragging the three other figures with him, as he walked to the rapidly disappearing corpse "I hope you come back for more..." With that said, Ranma snapped his leg out with blinding speed, his heel glowing a dull white before cutting through one of the closer figures. Smirking as the figure burst into dust, he threw the skull over his shoulder with power and speed, dusting the other two. Satisfied with his handy work, Ranma nodded as they all dissolved into dust, before turning back to Genma "Now,... Where is this place,... I just want to go home"

Opening his mouth to retort, Genma was silenced by a loud cry of "I'M A MARTIAL ARTIST TOO!" and turned to look at one of the figures Ranma missed, attempting to cleave a innocent girl in half.

About to shout something out, Genma felt his body become sluggish, everything moving in slow motion 'W-What is this pressure!' He turned his head slowly and watched with fear as Ranma walked through the ripples without straining 'Is the boy doing this?'

Ranma snarled at the beast before walking over to it, the scythe slowly inching toward the innocent, before Ranma grabbed the handle as time resumed 'This should shut them up' Ranma gave the girl a smile before tearing the scythe from the creature's hand, and with a unimaginable grace, spinning it around four times before letting it go. Akane watched the scythe with interest as it clanged against the ground, the sound seemingly triggering something on the creature as it slid into four different pieces, before exploding into dust. Watching with interest as the emotions played over the girls face, Ranma grinned "Hi"

Mouth opening and shutting like a fish, Akane could only stare at the boy in front of her "uh.. yeah... hi"

Opening his eyes as he heard no noise, Soun felt his heart resume beating once he noticed and unhurt Akane standing there 'Oh thank goodness,... she protected herse-' His thoughts were cut off as he stared at a boy with white hair, and red eyes that seemed as though they stared at ones soul. Walking to his daughters side, Soun nervously bowed before the boy "Thank you for saving my daughter, young man... I fear her youth is making her reckless" Seeing Akane to retort to his insult, Soun glared at her, officiently shutting her up "May I ask your name?"

Looking between the two with a small amount of mirth, Ranma nodded, returning the bow without a trace of nervousness "My name's Ranma... Ranma Saotome... Sorry 'bout this"

Finally breaking free from the pressure, Genma ran to Ranma's side and stared at him "Ranma,... what did you do back there?"

Tearing his gaze from the man in front of him, Ranma grinned at Genma with a look that chilled him to the bone "Remember how I said I'm still getting used to these powers?" Seeing Genma's nod, Ranma pressed on "Well, when I saw the scythe descending,... I remembered one of them" He chuckled a bit before leaning against a nearby gate, fingering the holes in his shirt with a sigh "It's a skill called Quicksilver,... makes me move at ultra high speeds, making everything seem like a blur."

Staring at Ranma with awe, Genma sighed "That doesn't make sense though... if it makes YOU move at high speeds,... why did I see everything in slow motion?" Seeing Ranma's shrug, a confused look on his face, Genma sighed again "Whatever,... we need to find the Tendo's boy" Seeing him point behind the fat martial artist, Genma turned around and smiled in surprise "TENDO!"

Seeing his the fat man in the white Gi, Soun quickly ran over to him and embraced him in a tight hug "Genma my friend!" After a few moments, both men pulled away and smiled at each other "Genma,... is this perchance, your little boy?"

Seeing Ranma flinch back at the boy comment, Genma smirked "That it is Soun,... This is Ranma, my son" He stepped aside looked at his son "Ranma, this is Soun Tendo" after a moment of staring at the girl in front of him, Genma smiled wide as recognition set in "and his youngest daughter Akane" Being pushed inside the house by his friend, Ranma followed suite and stepped inside the house, awed at the size "Wow Soun,... you've done well for yourself haven't you?"

Smiling dispite the image in his head, Soun shook his head "Not me my friend,... my second daughter Nabiki keeps this place afloat,... after Kimiko died.." He trailed off slightly before sighing "But enough of that,... Ranma muh boy... You've met Akane" Looking at where Soun was pointing, Ranma nodded slightly "This is my second daughter, Nabiki" He followed the finger and saw a short brown haired girl, oggling him, causing him to tense up "And this is the Eldest, Kasumi" Ranma stared at the girl that Soun was pointing at, almost hard enough to miss the next part "pick one, and she'll be your fiance"

Staring at Kasumi for a second, Soun's words triggered in his mind "FIANCE!" Turning his glare from Soun, Ranma stared at his father "OYAJI! WHAT THE HELL IS THE MEANING OF THIS!"

Quick to bow toward Ranma, Genma started to cry as Ranma yelled "I'm sorry boy,... it's a matter of honor!" Looking up from his place on the floor, Genma sweated as Ranma's eyes seemed to glow a dull black "thinkwhatyourmotherwouldsay!" Ranma blinked for a second, as Genma let out a breath "What would your mother say if she saw you like this,... an honorless BOY"

Tensing up at the word honorless, and growling when he called him a boy, Ranma glared at Genma "We'll talk about this later,..." Tearing glare from Genma, Ranma sighed and looked at Soun "I'm sorry, but I refuse to marry any of them"

Going into full demon head mode, Soun angrily spat "ARE MY DAUGHTERS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!"

Almost gripping his demonic powers, Ranma quickly reaserted his confidence and glared at the demon headed man "For your information, they are beautiful... however, that doesn't accredit the fact that I won't take them into a dangerous life!" seeing Soun's demon head deflate, and gain a curious glance, Ranma simplified "Those creatures that almost killed your daugher today" Making sure Soun was following, Ranma nodded "They have been after me ever since China... this would be around the twentyith attack this week... so if your COLD enough of a person to allow your daughters to wed into this kind of danger,... then I will not hesitate to kill you"

A collective gasp was heard through the room as Ranma's eyes flashed dangerously causing Soun to sigh "Boy,... it's a matter of honor that you marry a Tendo,... I won't allow you to stain my daughter's honor by refusing to marry them" Turning from his place on the ground so that his whole body was facing him, Soun bowed "Take my head if you wish, but you WILL marry my daughter"

Shocked at how easy Soun was to offer his life, Ranma sighed and fell back in his seat "If it means that much,... engage your daughter to me,... "Seeing Soun and Genma's happy faces, Ranma glared at the two "BUT,... one two conditions. One; the wedding will take place after a year and if, at that time, they don't want to marry me, then you will not force them to"

Hesitant to answer, Soun reluctantly nodded his head "Agreed,... what is the second condition?"

Ranma took a look around the room and noticed the ackwards looks each daughter was giving him, Ranma settled on Kasumi "I will take Kasumi as a fiance,... and you WILL allow me to train her to how I see fit" Giving a sympathetic look to Kasumi as she flinched, Ranma sighed "I'm sorry Kasumi,... but your the only daughter I wouldn't mind being married to..." He eyed the other two carefully before continuing "You want a life outside of this house,... and you won't be quick to judge. Your the best fit" Seeing her cheeks tinge a soft red, Ranma smiled "of course It helps that your pretty,..."

Soun smiled at this development and nodded his head in agreement "That she is,... so we're agreed, you will stay here and seek a relationship with Kasumi, and you will train her" Seeing his almost hesitant nod, Soun grinned "Very well, now back onto another matter,... what was that creature earlier?"

Giving out a sigh, Ranma rested his arms on the table and looked at an interesting piece of china on the table, as if it held the answers to everything "
It was a creature known as a Hell Pride, one of the lower demons that I'm used to fighting. These guys are attracted by demonic energy, and will kill anything to get to that power. While not useful one on one,... more than one can be dangerous if surrounded" He pulled off his shirt, earning a blush from Kasumi and Nabiki, and held it up to the light as he pointed out the holes "These were created by use of their scythe's... Stupid things think they can kill me. Sure they hurt, but they really only piss me off." He dropped his shirt on the ground, before pulling his backpack around to his side and rummaging through it. After a few minutes, Ranma finally grinned and pulled out an overly large red trench coat, and put it on "That's more like it" putting the ripped shirt into the pack, Ranma turned back to the blushing women and blinked "Are you two alright?" seeing their nods, Ranma shrugged it off, and leaned against the table, his eyes boring into their own "So... since we're going to be engaged, why not tell me about yourself"

Kasumi looked at Ranma for a few seconds, before his comment settled into her head "oh my" When a low whistle started to sound, She finally realizing she had been staring, Kasumi stood up and walked into the kitchen, only to return with a couple cups on a tray "Would you like some tea Ranma-kun?" Seeing him nod, a small smile on his face, Kasumi nervously poured the tea into the small cups, her hands shaking slightly.

Nabiki chuckled to herself when she saw Kasumi's shaking hands 'Well now,... seems Kasumi-chan is nervous... around a guy no less. This is a first,... I've seen Dr. Tofu around her, but I never thought Kasumi could be so shaken up'

Picking the cup up and handing it to him, Kasumi felt the warmth of his hands for a minute, before reluctantly releasing the cup of warm liquid 'Oh my,... this isn't like me' She smiled at Ranma with a innocent smile, all the while her body reacting totally different 'Why does he affect me so?' She poured another cup of tea before setting the pot down on the tray "Well,... there's not much to say about myself. I've been living at home for my whole life. I completed high school with honors, and have wanted to grow up to be a nurse. Mind you, that dream was when I was young. After my mother passed away,... I sort of became the house mother for our family" Ranma noticed the guilty look on Nabiki's face, and the angered one on Akane's, before motioning to continue "That's really all there is to tell... I've been training to become a nurse, on the side of taking care of the family. Though, lately I seem to be getting tired sooner, so I might have to stop studying so hard"

Smiling at the woman before him, Ranma couldn't help but feel respect for her 'She's taken care of this entire family for almost her entire life,... giving up her dreams to make sure they can pursue their own' He nodded his head before looking at the other two daughters "Is this true? She's been taking care of you for your entire lives?" Ranma ignored the look of hurt on Kasumi's face, before staring at the middle Tendo, her head nodding slowly "Wow,... that takes a lot out of a person. Well,... we can't have that. Starting tomorrow, you two will be splitting the chores" Seeing them about to object, Ranma raised his hand "Kasumi's going to start training with me tomorrow, and she'll be too sore to move for the next couple weeks. So you two are going to pick up the slack, and help out around the house. She deserves this, you all know it" His eyes settled onto the fuming Akane, as he narrowed his own in retaliation "If you don't like it,... tough"

Staring in awe at Ranma, Kasumi couldn't help but feeling flush and loved, and confused in such a matter that it hurt 'Does he believe in me so little,... or is his training regimine going to be that tough?' Noticing the questioning looks of her sisters, Kasumi grudgingly nodded her head "I think Ranma-kun has a point,... not only will this give me time to train with him, but it will give me a little more time to study for Tokyo University"

Chuckling to himself, Ranma nodded his head at Kasumi "See,... wasn't so hard, was it?" Seeing her shake her head, Ranma stood up "Well,... I'm going to go to the dojo and take care of a little something,...Kasumi, could you join me in around ten minutes?"

Looking up at Ranma, blushing as his chest was bare through the red trenchcoat's opening "Okay Ranma-kun,... what are we going to do tonight?"

Walking out the door, Ranma shot a confident grin over his shoulder "Tonight,... I train you in a sword art. Then, I have a surprise for you" Continuing forth like nothing happened, Ranma entered the dojo and shut the doors behind him, and started to glow a surreal white 'Damn... didn't think they could find me without using 'it'' Looking around the dojo, Ranma's eyes took on a white gleam as everything turned bright, certain elements becomming brighter than others Okay,... we have one,... two... three... three bugs, oh wait, four. Four bugs in the dojo,... three of which belong to Nabiki Grinning as he felt her essence on the mechanical nuisannce's, Ranma stared at the fourth 'But the fourth one,... belongs to someone else... but who?' Walking to the a large sign was hanging down, Ranma reached up and plucked a small block dot off of the writing, and crushed it 'Okay,... now to block out Nabiki's, but not to destroy them' He concintrated slightly before glowing white with black specs of light surrounding him, and then grinned "Okay,... it's safe to talk now.. glad pops taught me to always do that in a new surrounding " Not a moment too soon Ranma felt, as the door opened and a nervous Kasumi entered.

Staring around her, Kasumi felt the dojo was a lot smaller than it used to be, maybe it had something to do with the half naked man in front of her "I-I'm here Ranma-kun... what would you like for me to do?"

Motioning to the spot in front of him, as Ranma sat down in a lotus position "Kasumi,... please take a seat. There's something you should know if we're going to be engaged." Seeing her confusion, Ranma gave her a warm smile, allowing her to sit comfortably before continuing "Kasumi,... a year ago my father took me to a place in China" Seeing her nod, Ranma smiled "Since you know that, it saves a little time. In China we, for what I thought, stumbled upon a training ground called Jusenkyo,... a collection of small ponds, each with their own curse" Seeing her gasp, Ranma nodded and closed his eyes, recalling everything that happened "I thought nothing of it at first, figuring it was just to keep the weak willed away from it's ability to train,... another words, they were afraid. Little did I know, this place was VERY real... when me and pop jumped onto the bamboo pools that stood out of almost every pond. We didn't hear, or didn't want to hear, a short man who came running out of a nearby hut. When me an pops made a couple passes at each other, our fists flying, I ended up winning a close exchange. I knocked him down off of his pole, and into one of the ponds... boy... I wasn't ready for what came out"

Staring in awe at Ranma, Kasumi's eyes were watching him like a little girl would a grandfather when he was telling a story "And? What happened after that?"

Not being able to help himself, Ranma started chuckling before continuing "What came out of the pond, wasn't pops,... it was a giant panda bear. So shocked at the sudden change in my challenger, I did nothing as it got closer and attacked." Ranma winced for a second, gingerly rubbing his chest as if it hurt "After that, I was knocked down toward one of the ponds, but thankfully, missed them by a little. When I stood up, I was about to tell pops about the problem, when he wasn't on the poles anymore." He grimaced for a second before muttering "stupid oyaji" then out loud, Ranma continued "Pops was behind me, continuing his attack, still not noticing anything wrong with his body. With this attack, I was send flying across the training ground and smashed into a blocked pond. The boards on top gave way rather easily, since they were supposed to keep people out. What happened after that,... changed my way of life forever." He stood up and concentrated, his body glowing black as his clothes shredded, and his body bulged outward, gaining a armor look to them. With a wry grin to Kasumi, a mask flashed into place as twin horns grew from his head, his trenchcoat becomming stretched outward like wings "This is my curse... this is my power..."

Kasumi's eyes were wide when she took in the form in front of her, her body shaking with fear and curiosity 'Oh my,... what is this?' Shaking her head for a second, Kasumi found her voice "W-What curse?"

Looking away from Kasumi, as unshed tears were in his eyes, Ranma grunted "Spring of Drowned demon god... tragic story of demonic god who saved the earth fifteen hundred years ago... whoever falls into the pond, takes the form of it" Ranma looked downcast for a minute before looking away from Kasumi "But that's not all... something else happened while I was under water. A voice inside my head, talked to me, taunting me, attempting to get me to hate my father for giving this to me. It was shut up by another voice, a calm one that explained the curse, and it's benefits." Ranma fell backward, and leaned against one of the dojo walls, his arms resting on his knees as he talked, not noticing the marriad of emotions running over Kasumi's face "Because of a certain Gene that was flowing through my body, my curse is permenant. The voice told me that I had a small amount of demonic blood in my body already, and the pond just magnified it a hundred fold... With this curse, came weapons, sentient beings of pure power." Reaching into his subspace pocket, Ranma took out weapon after weapon, laying them in front of him and Kasumi. Picking up a sword with a demonic face on the hilt, Ranma held it for a second before a small volt of electricity coursed through it "This is the sword Rebellion... a weapon wielded by the pond's owner,.. It's a very capable one handed sword, though for a non-demon, it might be better wielded as a two handed sword." putting the sword to the side, Ranma reluctantly released it and picked up a three sided nunchuk "This is Cerberus... while I'm not well versed in using them, they have come in handy in their own right" Flashing one side out, Ranma's hand glowed a dull blue as ice formed on the wall "It's a elemental weapon,... ice in case you didn't know" putting that weapon next to Rebellion, Ranma picked up a pair of twin swords, one red, one blue "These are my second favorite weapon,.. Agni and Rudra"

Before Ranma could continue, the head on the red sword started to talk "You hear that brother, he praised us"

Looking to the side, the blue sword 'smiled' "That he did brother... he praised us for once!"

At this point, Ranma was twitching and let out a sigh, and the red one needed to comment "Brother... our master is.. SIGHING"

Rudra, as if picking up his humor, chuckled "SIGH? what is SIGH?"

The twitch now became a steady thing as Ranma glared at the two "OKAY ALREADY! Sheesh... I know your previous master was a freakin comedian alright?" Ranma tossed the swords to the side of the others and grinned "Those are two powerful weapons... though they don't know when not to talk.. Agni controls flames, and Rudra controls wind" Giving one last look at the two, as they started to whistle, Ranma sighed and picked up a purplish guitar "This... is Nevan. Not one of the most practical weapons in the world, though it has it's uses. It controls lightning, and bats... and if used correctly, can transform into a wicked scythe" Ranma demonstrated by gripping the side handle, and flicking his wrist, as the guitar become a large scythe "See?" Seeing Kasumi's shocked nod, Ranma laid the weapon down on the sidelines and stood up, white flashing on his arms and shins "These... are possibly my favorite weapon of all. Beowulf, a entity that was formed from the light, givin form in these gauntless and shinguards. They multiply the users strength fifty fold, and their speed twenty fold. They are perfect for an anything goes user" Sitting down, Ranma looked through the weapons and sighed, before taking out the guns "These... I don't use very much, since guns are illegal in Japan. I don't like to attract attention to myself, so I rarely use them." He picked up twin hand guns, one silver, one black and held them fondly "These are my ranged weapons of choice... Ebony and Ivory. Capable of firing more than a hundred rounds before I have to reload... one of the most capable of the weapons" he put them to the side and gave them a side long glance before picking up a sawed off shotgun "This is just a regular shotgun, nothing special" he tossed it to the side and sighed, picking up a purplish gun "This... I don't know what to think about this... it can hit more than ten people at once, though it's attack capabilities are less than helpful." He set it down and picked up a large cannon style gun "This is the cream of the crop though... this is Spiral, a anti-tank cannon of sorts. Capable of piercing the enemy, and destroying lesser demons with little effort. Though, the shells are expensive" Ranma sighed and set it down, picking up a large black cylinder, with a blade on the end "This was given to me by a friend... said that the person who drowned in the pond had it with him. It's called Kalina ann.. and just how it looks, it's a rocket launcher, with a grappling blade at the end." Setting it to the side carefully, Ranma released his demonic side and looked at Kasumi, who was shocked into silence "Umm... Kasumi-chan?" Seeing her nod, almost emptily, Ranma sighed "Pick one of the weapons, and I'll train you in it's use"

Shocked out of her dream, Kasumi gave an apologetic look to Ranma before looking at the weapons "Ummm... Which would you suggest for me?"

Looking Kasumi up and down, and making her flush at the attention, Ranma smiled "I would probably say, for you, Rebellion. It's a well handled sword, capable of fast strikes, and powerful counters. What style of anything goes did you study before your mothers... passing?"

Face darkening for a second, it was replaced by an empty smile as Kasumi told him "Well... I was training in Kendo with mother for a while. But I haven't done that since her death" She was shocked when Ranma tossed the sword Rebellion toward her, hilt first. Catching it, albeit awkwardly, Kasumi looked at it before looking at Ranma with a confused glance "What's this for?"

Ranma was staring at the sword for a minute, waiting for the demonic head to disappear, but shrugged when it didn't "I'm going to continue your training in Kendo, although, it's not going to be practical Kendo. It's going to be a variation of it, which deals with being able to take down multiple targets at once." He gave her a sad smile before looking at all of his weapons "These weapons are a collection of souls, who died trying to stop evil." He glared at Agni and Rudra for a second "Except those two,... they just wanted a strong master" Hearing a snort, Ranma glared at them again "Oh stop trying to act all high and mighty. You tried beating me before, it's not as easy as it looks, huh?"

Kasumi couldn't help herself as she started to giggle at the antics of the people in front of her "Alright Ranma-sensei" Seeing him flinch, she gave an innocent smile "I guess I'll be accepting your training from now on... though, what am I going to do while your in school?"

Blanching at the thought, Ranma fingered the silver gauntlets on his wrist gingerly "I'm not going to school Kasumi-chan" seeing her about to retort, Ranma sighed and got a far away look in his eyes "After Jusenkyo,... I went to school in a amazon village... or rather, attempted to. Demons attacked, killed over half the students, and the matriarch tried to kill me for it. Since China, those demons follow me everywhere. If possible, I don't want to endanger any more people for the sake of my learning."

Giving a sympathetic smile, Kasumi stood up "Then you will walk the others to school, and when you come home, you will learn from me" seeing his shiver, she giggled "It's the least I can do... don't want my fiance to be a drop out, huh?"

Smiling a little at the fiance jab, Ranma nodded "Okay Kasumi-sensei" seeing her flinch, Ranma shot an amused look at her "I guess I'll be in your care from now on... please take good care of me" Ranma mock bowed before her, totally missing the blush on her face. Looking up, and stood beside her, Ranma smiled "Then, tomorrow we wake up early in the morning to start training. Hope your ready" He said the end with such conviction, that Kasumi flinched, before starting out the door, Rebellion held firmly in her hands. Collecting his weapons and dropping them into his subspace pockets, Ranma looked at the gauntlets "so what do you think of her?"

A voice filled his head, as if responding "She's a sweet girl, though she's a bit jaded. I searched her mind and found something curious... would you like to hear about it?" Ranma nodded his head as the voice continued "Very well,... this Kasumi Tendo is a strange one... she held the sword Rebellion with little effort, and even stranger, it didn't revert back to it's original form when it left your grip. Plus, she has a demonic slight in her bloodlines, probably from before the turn of the century. From what I've seen in her mind though, she is a carefully collected person, who puts others before herself, and protects them as if they were her own." the voice let out a small laugh "If it weren't you, and it was Dante, I would say she were too good for you"

Glancing at his bracers, Ranma gave him a frown and chuckled a bit "Well,... I guess I'm glad that I'm not him then, huh?" Sensing the connection close, Ranma sighed and looked around the dojo "Kasumi Tendo... huh" With that, Ranma walked outside of the dojo and looked around him, for the first time, sensing a demonic aura nearby "hmm, visitors" Reaching into his subspace, Ranma pulled Ebony and Ivory out and smirked, before jumping to the roof of the house "This Party's gettin crazy"


Omake :

Ranma : So... I'm Dante?

SSJ Guyver : Not quite, your curse is being Dante...

Ranma : Isn't that a good thing? He was a really powerful person

SSJ Guyver : True,... but he was also cursed to be semi-immortal. He could only die at the hands of demons...

Ranma : Oh... So what's that about Kasumi?

SSJ Guyver : oh, she's a being from hell, sent to kill you

Ranma : really?

SSJ Guyver : Yeah,.. death by obcenely good food

Ranma : Oh god! the worse way to go!

SSJ Guyver : ... idiot...