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Ranma May Cry

Ranma slowed to a stop as he reached the Tendo household, his eyes were shining in the morning light, even with his mind whirling with the possibilities of Shampoo and Cologne finding him. With a deep breath, Ranma steeled himself and walked into the house, waiting for the barrage of questions that would soon follow. If not from his old man, then from the woman he's come to look upon for answers. Once inside the house, Ranma looked around with mild shock as the place looked like a bomb hit it. Getting a low feeling in his gut, Ranma flipped off his shoes and ran into the dining area "Nabiki!" Seeing no one there, Ranma panicly ran into the kitchen, and gaped at the destruction that reigned and almost snapped when he noticed the blood stains across the ground 'No... no, no, no, N-' "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" His mind snapped when he took in the puddles of blood as his eyes turned from blue gray to a powerful and angry red, and his body convulsing with power. He lurched over and gripped his stomach as pain flared throughout his body. Becoming too much for him, Ranma didn't expect what happened when wings of pure black burst from his backside, and horns grew from his head. His body took on a black gleam as armor fastined itself to his skin, shredding his clothes. Once the pain subsided, Ranma stood back to his full height and was breathing raggidly as his mind took back over, and asked himself in a low whisper "What the fuck happened..."

To say Genma was shocked when he came around the corner, was quite an understatement, as his eyes roamed the all powerful figure of his son's true cursed form "R-Ranma?" Seeing the blood red eyes swirl toward him, Genma took a deep breath and swallowed what he hoped was a lump in his throat "W-Where have you been, boy?"

Not even dignifying him with an answer, Ranma walked toward him and gripped his neck in a powerful hold, and almost snarling when he asked "What the hell happened old man,... who's blood is that?!" He pointed behind him as the small pools of red that were now caked to the ground "Where is everyone?"

Grabbing onto Ranma's forearm in a attempt to get Ranma to let him go, Genma choked out " It was the amazon's boy... the dried up mummy came here and said that while you were busy with her heir, she would be taking Nabiki for a 'talk'"

Dropping Genma onto his backside, Ranma stepped over him as black lightning lanced across his figure "I take it the Tendo's blame this on me?" not even having to turn around to see Genma's grim nod, Ranma sighed "Whatever,... I'm going to get her back" he took a couple steps forward before he stopped and looked over his shoulder "Your getting old,... you didn't realize you were followed when you came home..." With that said, Ranma stepped out of the Tendo house and ignored the looks he got, as well as the screamed of terror. He closed his eyes for a second before his wings spread wide, and he launched himself in the air.

(Abandoned warehouse, east side of Nerima)

Cologne looked at the prone figure of Nabiki with a slight shake of her head "It shames me to admit that we had to resort to taking you hostage,... however, that is the only way we can get the demon of Joketsu back to his home... I apologize" Seeing her narrowed eyes, Cologne shook her head again and let out a bitter laugh "Give it up girl,... you don't know him like we do... he is EVIL, to the most bitter part of his soul!" seeing the defiance in her eyes, Cologne smiled and held up the scabbard and sword Ranma had given her earlier, and ignored her muffled screamed of protest "Do you have any idea what this is, girl?" she didn't even wait for a response and she pulled the sword from it's sheath and blinked at the gleam off of the red blade "This is a sealing sword,... used in sealing other people's souls for the wielders own personal use... to elaborate,... it's a slavery sword. Whoever wields this sword can, and will, control the soul inside of it" She focused her energies slightly before blue lightning erupted from the tip of the sword, seemingly dancing across the darkness in the warehouse, before slamming down in front of her and Nabiki "Answer my call, soul from beyond, tell us your name" Watching the figure hiding in the darkness, Cologne became slightly infuriated when it didn't answer "I ORDERED YOU TO TELL YOUR NAME SPIRIT SOUL!"

Snorting derisively at the old woman, the figure just shrugged before replying "I won't answer anyone but the true wielder of the blade" Seeing her shocked look, Raijin smirked "What, you think that you had enough energy in your body to control a guardian? Get real ya old bat..." he then started to laugh aloud as he sensed Cologne's anger radiating from her form "Live while you can,..." Then he sneered and spat out "Elder" before taking on a conspiracy style tone "Because my master is going to kill you for messing with his mate" he stepped into the light and smiled in anticipation "And until he arrives, I am your worse nightmare" Lightning now was dancing across his palm as his eyes ajusted to the lights.

Taking a hesitant step back, Cologne nearly shivered at the coldness of it's tone, and the power it was now displaying "Y-You shouldn't be able to have a conscious of your own,... how,... how did he do it!" Seeing she was going to get no response from the 'thing', Cologne turned around and pointed her walking staff at Nabiki's throat "Move one step, and the japanese woman dies"

Nabiki stared at the tip of her cane fearfully, her life flashing in front of her eyes 'N-No... no,.. I don't want to die' her head was now shaking as tears made their way down her cheeks 'No,.. please,... momma,... momma help me!' getting no response from her mental chanting, Nabiki squeezed her eyes shut as the tears were flowing full tilt 'anyone,... help me,... HELP ME! RANMA!' her eyes then snapped open as they gained a blue quality. Slowly her body began to shake and convulse as the pain flowed through her body. She wanted to shout, to scream in agony, but found it impossible because of the pressure points the woman had used.

Raijin stared impassively at the sight before him, he knew Nabiki had the power inside of her, all she needed was the right buttons to be pushed 'Oh yes,... master will definately be pleased at this outcome' he smiled a comforting smile at Nabiki when their eyes met. He knew he was feeling fear and pain from the small girl, and couldn't help but sigh as he knew what had to be done "You think you have the guts you older than dirt bitch,... try it,... I guarentee you will die" He stood a couple of steps forward, wincing to himself as he noticed the tears trailing down Nabiki's face 'Forgive me child,...'

Taking another hesitant step back, Cologne writhed with fear and anger 'How dare he challenge me! AN ELDER!,...' she snarled before pulling the staff back and slamming the blunt side into Nabiki's head with a sickening thud. She watched in mild satisfaction as the girl's eyes went wide, and the blood started to pool around her heard "You really think I won't do it?" She pulled her staff back again and was about to slam it into the girl's head when the door was blown open. Her eyes quickly darted toward the offending brightness and started to shiver in fear "Y-You!"

Stepping into the warehouse, Ranma snarled as his eyes took in the surroundings 'The old ghoul is above Nabiki... Raijin is out and charging with power... Nabiki is' his eyes went wide as he saw Nabiki "NABS!" He started to run over to her when Cologne twitched, her staff coming down and stopping inches from Nabiki's already bleeding head "TOUCH HER AND I WILL RIP YOUR GOD DAMN SPINE OUT AND USE IT TO BEAT YOU SENSELESS!"

Cologne blinked at the rather, vivid, threat, before snarling "Mind yourself you upstart demon,... you may be fast, but are you fast enough to stop a full speed attack?! I THINK NOT!" It was then that she truly noticed Ranma's appearance, as her eyes widened in understanding "Y-Your,... there's no way you achieved that level of power already,... what are you!"

Eyes now glowing full red, Ranma let out a snarl before answering in the coldest tone he could achieve "I am your worst nightmare come true. I am the full blood demon Sparda, and I'm going to kill you" his figure blurred to her eyes, and even before she had a chance to pull her staff back to strike again, she was sent flying through the warehouse, blood splashing out from a gash across her chest "STINGER!"

Coming to a stop when she slammed into the shudders on the opposite side of the warehouse, Cologne shook with fear as she felt the pain flood her body 'There's no way in hell the boy's gotten this powerful!... unless' her eyes became one of understanding as she forced herself to her feet "I see... so you've awakened 'it' have you" it was obviously more of a statement than a question, more so because she knew she wouldn't get an answer from him "So that's how it is... so be it! You shall regret the day you harmed me child... until then, live out your life in fear!" She then jumped up to the second story window, and disappeared from view.

Ranma watched her disappear from the warehouse and immediately went to Nabiki's side, his hand glowing with a healing spell "Hang on Nabs,... you'll be fine in a second" Seeing the tears that were flooding from her eyes, and smelling the offending odor of urine, Ranma sighed "I'm sorry this happened... I truly am" Without another word, the white aura healed Nabiki's wounds, and undid the pressure points forced upon her.

Once she got her voice back, Nabiki looked up at Ranma with a small amount of fear in her voice, as she took in his demonic form for a second time "Ranma?" Seeing his slow, almost shamed, nod, Nabiki let out a sob and thrust herself against his chest "I knew you'd come,... I JUST KNEW!"

Blinking and holding the girl against his armor, Ranma willed himself back to his human shell, before holding her tighter "Of course I'd come for you Nabs... why wouldn't I?"

Watching this with slight interest, Raijin walked next to him and sighed "Master,... she knows about the sword.." He let out an involuntary shiver when Ranma turned his cold eyes toward him "S-She,... I should have helped her,... I apologize"

Snarling in unkept rage, Ranma backhanded Raijin and sent him hurling toward the ground, lacking the strength of his demon form "I bought you for a god damn reason,... just why did you FAIL to protect her?" He tightened his grip on Nabiki as her tears redoubled with the memory.

Standing up and wiping the blood from it's mouth, Raijin lowered his head "I apologize Master... I thought it was your intention to awaken her demon's shell"

Glaring the demon down, until he was flinching from nervousness, Ranma let out a small sigh "It's not your fault I suppose,... I shouldn't have been so careless as to leave Nabs unprotected... though, from now on, I expect you to protect her until either you die, or she awakens on her own" Ranma shudders slightly as images of his own 'awakening' assaulted his mind.

(year earlier, Jusenkyo... for those who know the Ranma one half story line, replace spring of drown girl, with spring of drown demon god)

Ranma pulled himself from the pool's depths with a shudder as the cold air assaulted his soaking wet body. With an unconscious effort, Ranma blew the silver strands of hair from his eyes and sighed, before freezing 'Wait... silver?' leaning over the edge carefully, Ranma's eyes went wide as he was treated to the sight of his face, only with red eyes and silver hair "W-What's happening here?"

The guide quickly made his way over toward Ranma before coming to a stop, only a couple feet from him "Oh honored sir, you fall in spring of..." He pursed his lips in thought before pulling out a chart left to him by his predecessor. Satisfied with what he found, he rolled the chart up and stored it in his shirt "drowned demon god. Whoever falls in spring takes form of demon who died over three thousand years ago"

Turning toward the guide, ever so slowly, Ranma stared "Drowned... demon god?" he repeated, almost as if testing it in his own mind "Wait,... so your saying that I'm now a demon god?" His eyes were suspicious as he stared at the nervous growing guide "so,... I can't die?" His question was answered when a sword slammed into his chest, knocking him backward and pinning him to the ground. Ranma let loose a scream that filled the night, and gave all who heard it, a sense of forboding. It was this day, that Ranma, the new lord of darkness, Sparda, was born.


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Yes,... I know this was shorter than previous chapters, but I want to do this write, and somehow I just feel this is rushed. So I'm going to be going into flashbacks for the next chapter. To clear up some of the confusion that people have claimed to have. Before you ask, yes,... Shampoo and Cologne WILL die before the end of the series. As will Genma, Soun, Akane, Happousai, Daisuke, Kodachi and Ukyou.

In case you didn't realize, that is how I'm going to 'deal' with the fiancee brigade. I'm sure you can guess what's going on between Ranma and Nabiki by now, so yes, Nabiki is another 'baroness of darkness'. Her form will be based on Lucia's own transformation in Devil May Cry 2 while the game sucked, you have to admit they had a pretty good idea

Oh yes,... another thing,... concern was expressed about my making the shopping chapter too short. It wasn't really planed... It was more spur of the moment, throw together chapter. In case you didn't gather that from Ranma telling Nabs "C'mon 'Biki... let's go make some money"... I total forgot about that part. However, they gained something much more important. Bet you can't guess who's 'soul' was in the Raijin blade YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!,