A/N – This is my first ever story on this site – by the way, I named Sinistra after my good friend Selina. Thanks to drama-princess and She's A Star for their inspiration. Enjoy and please review!

Chapter 1: So the Story Begins...

"Severus, do you realise that if we decide to get married, that we will no longer be able to teach here anymore?" Sinistra said.

"Well, I know we both want to, and that is a choice we will have to make, Selina." Snape replied, pacing around Astronomy Tower. He didn't really like being up here, but when he had Sinistra for company, well…

"Nobody knows, do they?" Sinistra asked. She was very secretive about her life and never really revealed anything to the world, let alone come down to dinner…

The door suddenly opened.

Minerva McGonagall stood there, and she froze for a few seconds, trying to think out what was going on, and what she had interrupted.

"I am so sorry. Am I interrupting something?" she said, politely.

"Oh no, Minerva. Severus – um – just came up to collect some star charts – it – um – tells him when to get his – um" Sinistra stuttered.

"Potion ingredients." Snape finished.

"Oh – very well…I'll see you some other time, when you're not so busy, Selina." McGonagall said, hastily leaving the room.

There was a long silence in the room. Snape and Sinistra just stared at each other.

"Everyone will know soon enough." Sinistra said. "It's not as if she knows."

"I do not want the entire world to find out about this! Not for a few weeks, alright? Look at the time…I have to teach Potter's class now." Snape snapped. He gave her that cold stare, and left the room.

Selina Sinistra sat down, that night, at her desk. It was not as if she had to go to dinner. She reached into the top drawer and pulled out a photo…a very old photo…and there was a girl, sitting on a swing that looked exactly like her…her daughter?

"Oh Saskia, I miss you so much. I know I've been a bad mother, by never seeing you and your father…but I love Severus now and I have other things going on in my life." Sinistra let out a huge sigh.

So how long could she keep this 'secret'of hers?

Chapter 2 should be coming soon…it's about Snape's secret…to be continued