Draco awoke from fitful dreams panting slightly. Glancing around his finely furnished bedroom, he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep again that night so he decided to do something to take his mind off things. Draco climbed out of bed as naked as the day he was born. His body was an Adonis. He had a figure that even Michelangelo's David would be jealous of; a nicely muscled chest, stomach and arms. His hair, now nearing shoulder length, hung in platinum, silk strands around his face. Dancing out from behind his ears to conceal the rich silver of his eyes or else tickle the perfect rose petal lips.

Draco's alabaster skin glowed in the moonlight that filtered in through his open balcony window as he walked across his room. In the far corner of the room lay a small black case that he picked up and brought over to the bed. His perfectly manicured hands felt around the sides of the case and found the clasps on either side. With a muted clicking sound he opened the case to reveal the midnight black velvet interior. Inside, Draco's fingertips found a blood red Stradivarius violin and bow.

It was a gift from his father on his eleventh birthday; he was the most promising young virtuoso at the time. The violin had been enchanted by his father, if there was anyone within sounds reach who was in love with the person playing the violin they would be irresistibly drawn towards the sound. When Draco first heard this he thought it was ridiculous, of course everyone loved him, if he ever played it his room would be filled to the brim with his admirers. And so it was that the first time Draco played his new violin his heart was shattered in a million pieces, for not only did no one come to him, even his parents ignored him. That day Draco found out that money and nobility does not buy love, and his sheets were soaked with tears.

Draco's violin was not alone in being enchanted, Narcissa's ebony, concert grand piano was enchanted as well as Lucius's scarlet cello.

Draco lifted the violin from the case and began to play a haunting melody by Danny Elfman, his body swaying to the music. He walked out onto the balcony, the pale moonlight illuminating his naked form, making him look almost blue in his paleness. A million stars salted the sky revealing the secrets of the universe to those who could read them. There was only one secret in Draco's heart, a secret that meant death if he dared utter it. And so he played and envisioned emerald eyes framed by round glasses, a lightening scar obscured by messy raven hair.

Harry was in the middle of reading through his new sixth year text books when his ears caught the dark notes of Draco's music. He instantly became intrigued, moved by the faint music he was hearing. He dropped his textbook and left his room exiting the house with only a grunt in the direction of Mr. & Mrs. Weasley to let them know he was leaving. His feet carried him in the direction of the music through the unfamiliar streets around Grimmauld Place. Harry had walked seven city blocks and marveled at how far the music had traveled. The music took him into an upper-first-class neighborhood.

Sprawling estates lined the street on either side, each with a distinctly forbidding look; Harry arrived at the end of the street at the grandest estate of them all. The entire property was encased in a black, wrought iron fence, complete with locked gate. Inscribed in gold lettering on the gate was two letters, 'M M'. As Harry approached the gate it clicked open, as if by magic. Harry hesitated a moment, what if he was walking right into the hands of Voldemort? But as the music reached a fevered pitch all thoughts were swept from Harry's mind, the enchantments of the instrument had taken over.

Harry walked dreamlike up the winding driveway of the manner, past the perfectly manicured gardens and through the open gate that led to the back of the mansion. Dreamily trailing his fingers along the side of the building Harry's state of mind was like that of a man under the spell of a Veela; he knew nothing more than the current moment and that if the music stopped terrible things would happen.

Harry walked around the corner and found himself at the base of a curving marble staircase that led up to a second floor balcony. Standing at the top of the stairs, swaying sensually to his own music, stood the naked silver blue figure of Draco Malfoy. At that moment it dawned on Harry what the 'M.M.' on the gates stood for, Malfoy Manor.

Draco's fingers moved with exquisite fury across the strings of the instrument. Harry stared at him as though Draco was a god, and for a fraction of a second Harry was certain that Draco looked back at him, but then was quite sure he had imagined it. Draco's blonde hair swept across his face in a fevered dance as he retreated back into the mansion, the hollow rooms quickly swallowed up his music. Harry followed

Harry's feet carried him up the marble staircase and onto the balcony. He followed Draco into the beautifully decorated bedroom of his archrival. Harry walked through the spacious room, finding it empty, and followed the sound of the music down the hallway. Portraits of dark wizards lined the acid green hallway on either side, all of them curious about who their mysterious visitor was. Harry followed the music into a chamber at the far end of the hallway.

Everything in the room was blood red, or something near to it, but Harry took no notice as he followed the pale figure of Draco across the room. In the middle of the room stood a cherry mahogany full concert grand piano, directly to the right of it, some feet away, stood a similarly coloured cello, and to the right of that, standing in the moonlight before the window, stood Draco.

Harry made to walk towards him but managed only a few steps before tripping softly over the bench of the piano. Harry sat down on the bench and with a glance towards Draco lifter the cover over the keys. Harry trailed his fingers silently over the smooth ivory keys but stopped when he heard the final notes of Draco's song fade into nothingness. Harry looked up and locked with silver eyes.

Then, without any warning, Harry's hands began to scramble across the keys, ringing out mezzo forte, the notes of Beethoven's third movement of the Moonlight Sonata. Harry played with an intensity of emotion and feeling that left Draco speechless. His fingers danced like spiders across the keys at an alarming speed that betrayed the delicacy of song he was playing. Draco could only stare with wonder at Harry while the boy played with all the talent of a young Vladimir Horowitz. Draco closed his eyes and relished the music that flowed so passionately from his nemesis. Seizing his next available opportunity Draco jumped in on violin improvising an accompaniment.

Unexpectedly, though, the moment he started playing they both fell into a powerful trance. Their bodies operated independently of their minds, which had become fogged and filled with wild half-formed thoughts. It took all of Draco's strength of mind to stop himself from playing, he felt the spell lift from him and he placed his instrument on the lid of the piano. He walked over to where Harry sat, still playing with a ferocity of passion, and yanked the boy's head back by his messy hair. Draco looked down into his eyes, into his soul, and with a slight growl, he smashed his lips down upon Harry's with a heart stopping kiss.

A/N: I've got writers block on the story Cruel Intentions so I've decided to get cracking on this one instead. Hope you like it. It ends horribly…hmm maybe someone dies, yes I like that.