Title: Synchrony in Motion

Author: The Summer Stars aka Lell

Pairing: Sohma Hatsuharu/Sohma Kisa

Fandom: Fruits Basket

Theme: 4. Our distance and that person

Disclaimer: Opens eye Nope, not mine. Opens eye again Still not mine. I've been doing this for a while and I don't think it's going to change soon…


There is no distance between us little one – you and I have always been close, more so than the others. Between you and me, my darling tora, there is no-one who even comes close. When you're beside me, even the air between us hums with the presence I can feel radiating out from you. At meals, you often sit across from me, but through the space reaching from you to me, I can sense you even then.

And at night, when your soft, fumbling kisses run a heated path down the side of my face, the distance is even less. My tigress – your eyes have changed since I sullied you. I see them every now and then and they burn with the fire of one who desires something and I know it is me that you crave.

Sweet tora, what have I done to you?

Tonight is special. We're kept apart, in separate rooms as we prepare ourselves for the ordeal ahead. I know what you're thinking; I know how your pulse is racing at the mere thought. The length of a room, that's what separates us now and we both feel the pull towards each other. You're trying to find your quiet place now, trying to compose yourself before you go under the scrutiny of all those eyes.

You've always hated to have people watching you, but I've always made a point of staring. Do you remember how quickly you came to need my sinful gaze on you? You made me Black the first time – I must have been tired of looking and your blessed innocence was something that called to both parts of me. When I kissed you the first time, when that final mental distance disappeared into the heat of the embrace, that was when I lost my definition.

When I kissed you, darling, I didn't know if I was Black or White. When I kissed you, it wasn't me anymore.

It was you and me, my tigress, you and me as we lost ourselves in each other.

I'm ready and I hope you are – the attendants are telling me that it is time, but I take a moment to try and feel you. You're nervous, that's for sure, apprehensive – but there's a part of you revelling in the fact that we can openly do this together before all those eyes and tear down the walls we have to build up to hide what we have.

I've corrupted you, I know I have. To sense that you get a guilty pleasure from being with when it's forbidden. It excites me in the same way, but I was a sinner already, I had an attitude.

You were just beautiful in your purity and I'm sorry.

The brazen ring of a gong and I know that whether we're ready or not, it is time as the doors slide open and all faces are on us. Across the room, a door has opened to reveal you as well and for one precious moment we are alone in each other's gaze.

Even if oceans separate us beloved, I'd know exactly what you were thinking. Your thoughts are imprinted in me. That slight twitch of your nose; that mean's you're ready and with fluid synchrony we bow. We don't bow to each other – we bow with each other. We have enough forced respect in our lives; only when it changed from you and me to us did we become equals.

Akito is watching and I know there is suspicion. Akito always knows, but whether we are judged as harmless or not is beyond my knowing. A single clap of slender hands.


I start. It's me passing on to you anyway so it's only fitting that as we dance to the death of my year, I begin. I've never admitted to being a good dancer, but if I treat it like a martial arts pattern I can at least achieve some sort of grace. Officially, I'm dancing for the family.

In my heart I'm dancing for only you.

The beat changes slightly and you step in and I sense your eagerness to do this justice. You want to dance the deadly dance with me and that makes me want to kiss you there and then.

I refrain, barely, but I was hard pressed. You look so beautiful in your robe, sweetling – you look delicate and slender, but there's still a slight dangerous air about you. You are the tiger after all and the tiger is a hunter. You hunt me after all, even if just in play, but baby tigers play with prey, unwittingly grooming themselves for the real thing.

We are in synchrony – movements matched to each other's perfectly. They were always going to be, we spent enough time practicing. Or meaning to practice – you were too enticing to resist sometimes.

The moment where we share the dance is all too brief and soon I have to let you go, but not without claiming you. That last stance I hold a fraction too long, our eyes locked as my hand brushes your throat in a movement that is not in the planned dance steps before I step back and let you take over. It's a defiant move and I know Akito saw it, but I'm too entranced by you to care. Even as you dance, your hair flying around you as freely as the silk of your robes, I know that it will be me you come to tonight to really celebrate the New Year. It's me you dance for – you told me that before we parted.

It's fitting that we dance for each other – even in the legend, no-one ever came between the Ox and the Tiger. Just like there's no room for the Cat in the Zodiac, there's no room in the ritual order for anyone between us.

There never was any distance between us, tora, you know that as well as I do and as I watch you dance I feel a heat coursing through my veins, the lightening strike only you can create. Outside of time, you and I have long since drowned in each other and as you come to halt, feet placed perfectly I know that, between you and me, the ties are diamond.


Only your soft breaths fill the silent air, rippling out from us towards the watching crowd. Your body is tense, still holding its last graceful pose as we wait for approval.

Then the applause starts and we can break from the trance. Damn tradition – I walk straight to you and pull you into my arms, to press a kiss to the top of your golden head, but you knew I was going to do that, didn't you my peerless tigress, huntress of the night?

Because you know me.


Hmm, something short-ish for once. I suppose I'm lucky that the Ox and the Tiger are next to each other – that was one of the reasons I became interested in this pairing at all and why I do enjoy Haru/Yuki or Momiji/Hatori on the rare occasion that I do see it.


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