Before The Last Supper

Jin Ke had wrapped himself up in his fur coat while everyone got ready for dinner. It was an unspoken rule with Kell; he expected everyone to show up for dinner, dressed to the nines. No-one knew what the consequences of not showing up would be, because everyone was always there.

He leaned against the cold concrete, deep in thought. He knew Faith had gone to see Duncan. He did not tell Kell, of course. He was a man of honour. She had the right to have a life of her own.

Duncan McLeod was a man of honor. As for was a subject open to debate.

He was no fool. The centuries had taught him that men like Kell, immortal or otherwise, were not to be trusted. They used people and once these people were no longer useful, they were chucked aside. Being a Highlander, Kell would want their heads.

It had been two centuries since Jin Ke had joined Jacob Kell. The year had been 1800, and Jin Ke had been out for his head. It wasn't the lure of Kell's formidable powers, but rather, Kell had been wrecking havoc in the city. Immortals were dropping faster than flies, and Jin Ke had decided it would be in his best interests to make sure he didn't lose his head.

Kell had managed to convince Jin Ke that honour only existed in total victory. He'd seen so much dishonour then, seen the once-proud empire of the Chinese crumble under the helm of dishonourable leaders.

Values were not as they were in the time of the Qin emperor. Swayed by Kell's words, Jin Ke had been the first to join him. Of course, back then he hadn't known that Kell's quest was for revenge on Connor MacLeod. Now he questioned why he was still with Kell.

Jin Ke's Immortal equivalent of spidey-sense informed him that another Immortal was nearby, even as the sound of footsteps reached his ears. Faith.

"What're you doing, Jin?" she asked. Faith was the only one who called him that. Cracker Bob had tried once, and Jin Ke had promptly broken his nose.

"Just thinking," Jin Ke answered truthfully. "Men, for the most part, can mend their ways only after they've made a mistake." He paused. "One day soon, we will all serve very little purpose to Kell...except dead."

He knew that that time was drawing nigh. It would be soon. He had no idea when — it might be tomorrow or in a fortnight — but it would be very soon. Before that, he intended to do what he had meant to do, two hundred years before: assassinate Kell.

Faith looked up at the window. Jin Ke did as well. Kell was standing there, watching them for God-knows-how-long.

His gaze was so intense that Jin Ke found himself looking away. Over two millennia as an Immortal, yet he was still affected by one much younger than him. This angered him, and he looked up again.

Kell was gone.

This is my first Highlander: Endgame fic, so pray have mercy on me. I lost interest in the show after Jin Ke died, and the part about Jin Ke meeting Kell in 1800 is from something I read in a forum about our favourite Chinese Immortal.