Road Trip!

Okay, so here we go again...

Riot: Why does my perfection need to be involved in this?

Me: Because you wouldn't be quiet. Now what do you say it's either this or hang out with Pizzazz?

Riot: Fine, fine. (Grumbles as he pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and reads it) Most of the West Coast Misfits belong to L1701E or Marvel Comics. The character of Trini Kwan belongs to Saban/Disney. Elisa Maza belongs to Disney and the WWE Superstars belong to Titan Sports.

Me: Thank you good bye! (Kicks Riot out the door where Pizzazz is waiting. We hear screaming) On to the story!

Note: This is set after the current story I'm writing. I'm going to screw around with the WWE timeline and there was no roster split

Malibu Base

It was a nice day in Malibu. Well, it was a nice day for the West Coast Misfits anyway. They were all engaged in their usual insanity: Tommy was eating everything edible in sight, X23 was practicing, Ace was on the phone with the Hellion Girls, Kyle was running his mouth, etc.

"Okay kiddies, gather 'round." Quick-Kick ordered. Quick-Kick was a Joe silent weapons specialist. He addressed the West Coast Misfits. "We just got a call from Thunderbolt's father, Eric "Blazer" Wildfire."

"The legendary wrestler?" John "Thunderbird" Proudstar wondered. Born on an Apache reservation in Arizona, Thunderbird's mutant gene gave him the abilities of a super-athlete: Super strength, speed, endurance, and durability.

"No, the legendary drunkard. Of course the legendary wrestler!" Kyle snapped. The Boston-born electrokinetic was very proud of his family's business.

"Calm down Kyle. Anyway, he has sent invitations for you all to come and see WWE SmackDown! live." Quick-Kick announced.

"Alright, we'll get to see Dad wrestle in person!" Kyle whooped. "You guys are going to love seeing him live."

"I'm sure we will Kyle." Quick-Kick chuckled. "Alright, before we continue...has anyone heard from Elisa lately?" Elisa was back in New York.

"Hey! Phone!" shouted Hardcase, the Green Beret third-in-command of the Malibu Joes. He, alongside the whole base, helped care for the motley crew of mutants. "It's the adult loon. I got it on speakerphone."

"Hi guys!" Elisa's voice came from the speakerphone.

"Hey Elisa!" The other West Coast Misfits chorused.

"What's up?" Rahne said into the phone.

"I heard you guys got invitations to see Kyle's dad on the job."

"Yeah, we did." Terrell laughed. Elisa's sad sigh could be heard on the other end.

"Well, you'll have to go without me. I won't be able to make it. You see, I'm at family court and my boyfriend is having...issues with his ex-wife." Elisa explained.

"Father put the desk down!" A young woman's voice could be heard in the background accompanying a crashing noise. "Mother! How in the world did you manage to get a missile launcher in here?" An explosion was heard.

"Sounds like a party at the Clock Tower." Kyle quipped.

"I gotta go. Goliath just shoved an end table down Demona's throat. I'll see you guys around."

"Bye, Elisa!" The kids chorused.

"Anyway, back to matter at hand." said Quick Kick as he turned off the speakerphone amid the crashing sounds in the background. "Now we have a few rules to put down before you go: 1) Ace, Rictor, Terrell, no flirting."

"AWWWWWWWWWW!" Terrell pouted.

"2) Trini, try to get along with Kyle. And that goes for you too, Toshiro."

"Easier said than done." Toshiro scowled, crossing his arms.

"Kyle has a talent for irritation." Trini added, glaring daggers at the electrokinetic. Trini's metal wings were sheathed in her body so she wouldn't be noticed.

"3) Do not destroy the building...oh yeah, and 4) This was given to us by Kyle: Try not to get into any fights with anyone even if they are jerks, and if you do, don't get caught...very funny Kyle" Quick-Kick shot a deadpan look at a laughing Kyle.

"Hey, the Thunderbolt aims to please." Kyle snickered.

"Oh yeah, and the most important rule!" Quick Kick produced a piece of paper. "This was faxed to us by Hawk due to a few...incidents with Trinity: No chasing after wrestlers or Divas. I better not find any of them tied up and on the bus. Oh, and don't bother trying to hide out in their cars. We'll be doing a head count at the end. Now let's get on that bus!"

The Fleet Center, Boston, a few hours later

A few hours later, the bus had arrived at the arena, and the group had started wandering around.

"Hey Kyle, is your brother around here?" asked Trini. Kyle shrugged.

"The Thunderbolt has no clue! Anyway, the Thunderbolt wants you all to watch out. Some of the people around here are a little...strange."

"How so?" Trini wondered.

"Get back here you weirdo!" A feminine voice screamed out. It was revealed to be WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia. The blonde was chasing after Goldust, a very strange wrestler from Hollywood known for his short platinum blonde hair (That he often wore a wig over), odd gold-and-black make-up, and his gold-and-black costume. He apparently was wearing a dress over that costume.

"I fell pretty/Oh so pretty..." Goldust sang as he ran down the hall, Lillian in hot pursuit.

"Who the heck was that?" asked a very shocked Rictor

"That was Goldust. He's a weird one." Kyle rolled his eyes. "He's one of the wrestlers and the lady chasing him is the ring announcer."

"Is anyone here sane?" Rahne asked.

"Not by much." Kyle smirked. Suddenly two guys, one African-American, and one Caucasian wearing a cowboy hat, both dressed in black muscle shirts and jeans, ran by with tables and what looked like a jug of beer. "And that would be Faarooq and Bradshaw, aka the APA. Hey what's up guys?"

"Pay back on those nWo jerks, come on guys!" With that said three other guys ran behind them with more tables. One was a big Caucasian guy, the other was African-American, the third was a short guy with blonde hair, all dressed in glasses and camouflage.

"That would be Bubba, Spike and D-Von: the Dudley Boyz." Kyle pointed out.

"Trini, you're taking this well." John noted.

"I lived in a town where monster attacks were an everyday occurrence so I'm used to this." The yellow-wearing Asian girl replied with a shrug.

"How bad were the attacks?" asked Terrell.

"Well, let's put it this way: some people I know actually placed bets on how long before the Rangers would show up or how long before they blew up the monster, as well as how long before some of the Rangers hooked up." Trini added.

"C'mon, let's get to our seats." Ace looked at his watch. The West Coast Misfits immediately went out to the seating area.

A couple hours later

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Stephanie McMahon, the GM of SmackDown, dressed in a nice business suit, yelled out in her infamously loud voice. "Welcome to SmackDown!"

"Geez! And I thought that blonde Tommy dated for a while was loud." Terrell grumbled.

"She wasn't that bloody loud!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Not you, Halibut-Brain." Trini chuckled. "The Tommy from Angel Grove."

"Oh, okay." Tommy nodded. "Sorry." A staff member ran to the ring and handed a couple index cards to Stephanie. The woman looked at them and nodded.

"Okay, thanks. Uhm..." Stephanie put the mike to her mouth. "Will whoever sprayed Triple H's car saying 'The Game Sucks', please clean it off..." Kyle started snickering at that.

The parking lot

"MY CAR!" Triple H screamed. Sprayed across his silver rental car in black ink was "The Game Sucks".

Back at the arena

"...And due to a... problem between the ring announcer and a wrestler, I will be subbing for her tonight. Thank you, enjoy the show!"

"At least she won't be singing." Kyle groaned. And with that said, the show started up.

Two hours later

The group walked out of the arena towards the bus because the show was over.

"Well, that was interesting." Ace snickered.

"Trini, Theresa, did you really have to punch out the commentator wearing that crown?" Quick-Kick asked the Irish and Asian girl.

"You mean Jerry "The King" Lawler? The pervert wouldn't leave us alone!" Trini defended.

"This is punishment for something I did in a past life isn't it?" Quick-Kick groaned.

"Pretty much." Kicker nodded.

"Where do you guys want to go to next as long as we're on the road?" Ace asked.

"Angel Grove!" Trini grinned, clapping her hands happily.

"Isn't that where Trini's from?" Toshiro remembered.

"Yeah, she needs to tell her parents anyway." Ali replied.

"Heaven help us when we get there." Quick-Kick sighed.

The end