Road Trip!

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Codename: Neko (Neko is the Japanese word for cat)

Real Name: Elisa Maza

Affiliation: West Coast Misfits (part-time membership), New York Police Department.

Special Powers: Neko has the ability to change into any type of cat, from the common housecat to the ancient sabertooth tiger. Her powers extend to the entire cat family. In her cat forms, she is able to communicate with other cats as easily as two people can talk to each other. She has the added ability to assume a half-human half-cat transitional form, although that talent is rarely used. In her transformed states, she retains her human intelligence, and has all the abilities of her cat forms, such as enhanced senses.

Origin: Elisa worked as a detective in the New York City Police Department when the event known as "Stryker Sunday" hit. Her dormant X-Gene was activated, granting her the power to transform into any member of the cat family. Her X-Gene was activated as she tried to help quell a riot. Shortly after that, she was captured and thrown into a cell with four other mutants. She escaped with them, and was offered membership in the West Coast Misfits. However, she decided to join as a part-time member because of her duties with the NYPD. Recently, for some odd reason, she has gained a liking for shredding clothes in her feline forms.

Chapter 4: We're Here!

New York City

The West Coast Misfits' van drove towards the city known as the Big Apple, New York City.

"Welcome to New York." Theresa Rourke, the blonde Irish mutant screamer codenamed Siryn read from the sign.

"It seems pretty quiet to me." Trini Kwan, the metallic-winged mutant codenamed Archangel, noted as a large van pulled up by them. The van contained what looked like four human-like turtles with colorful masks. "What the-?"

"Excuse me…" The turtle with the blue bandanna asked politely. "Can you tell us where the nearest Pizza Hut is? We lost our map."

"We're not from around here, so we have no clue." Kyle Wildfire, the Boston-born electrokinetic codenamed Thunderbolt, replied.

"Bummer, dudes." The turtle wearing an orange bandanna sighed in disappointment as the van pulled away.

"That…was weird." John Proudstar, the Apache powerhouse codenamed Thunderbird, blinked.

"Okay…" Ace Starr, the LA-born lion-like feral mutant codenamed Wildstar, mumbled. "Um…let's just go find Elisa before any other weirdness happens, okay?"

"I wonder if we will meet any of those gargoyles Elisa told us about while we're here?" Toshiro Yashida, the Japanese plasma generator codenamed Sunfire, remembered.

"I doubt it." Kyle rolled his eyes. "Elisa told us how secretive those gargoyle guys are." Pretty soon, the van arrived in front of Central Park. The group explored the park.

"Where is she?" Theresa looked at her watch. She noticed a car nearby. "Oh, never mind!" She started waving. "Hey Elisa!"

"Hey guys!" Elisa smiled and waved to her friends as she was walking up from her car "What are you doing here?"

"We were on a road trip, and figured we come say hi." The Mexican sonic generator known as Rictor answered.

"What the heck?" A familiar blond jock whined. "Can't I get rid of you muties at all?" Duncan Matthews whined as he walked up to the group. "You guys are almost as annoying as those gargoyle things. I heard rumors about them. Especially those four teenage gargoyles. Geez I wish that somebody would prove once and for all if they do exist, and if they do, mount them as museum exhibits!" Elisa rolled her eyes.

"Oh look, Mr. Happy Shiny Day is here to brighten up our lives." Kyle snickered.

"Looks like he's advertising his insecurities again." Ace added.

"Hey jerk!" Trini scowled, crossing her arms.

"What, mutie?" Duncan sneered.

"You know those rumored gargoyles you were just badmouthing?" Trini smirked.

"Yeah, what about those Harry Potter rejects?"

Oy. Tommy Sharpe, the shark-like mutant codenamed Chilljaw thought to himself, shaking his head. I'd hate to be this guy if he ever runs into Raven and Bard. They'd show him what suff straight out of the vein of Harry Potter could do. Tommy started snickering to himself.

"Ummm, Mr. Matthews…" Elisa smiled, pointing behind the jock. Standing behind him were two gargoyles. One was a powerful-looking bluish-purple-skinned male with long brown hair, and the other was a female with lighter blue skin and red hair. They didn't look very happy. "They're standing right behind you. Hello Goliath. Hello Demona." "Hello, Elisa." Goliath greeted, adding a growl in Duncan's direction as a the pale-faced jock turned around.

"Look like they just got out of family court, dudes." Jack McCormick, the animal-shifter codenamed Beast King, snickered quietly.

"So…" Demona, the redheaded female, leaned forward, her face right up to Duncan's. "You have a problem with us?" Duncan could only muster an 'Eep'.

"…You know, the Thunderbolt thinks that the redhead gargoyle's voice…well, it sounds like that chick on Star Trek." Kyle noted. (1)

"Whatever ye say, Kyle." Theresa rolled her eyes.

"I didn't see anything, so nothing can be proven." Elisa snickered as Goliath and Demona dragged a kicking and screaming Duncan into a nearby alley.

"So…" Terrell Mason, the Compton-born speedster codenamed Velocity, blinked. "…now what do we do?"

"I know!" Elisa grinned. "That senator…what's his name? Kelly? Well, he is in town. Why don't you all have some fun and trash his house?"

"Hey, um…remember last time we met the senator?" Ace piped up. "Even those Power Ranger guys were chasing him. But I can't help but wonder…" He started scratching his chin. "How in the world did the Yellow Ranger get all the way out there?"

"Yeah, heh heh…" Trini laughed nervously. "Imagine that…" The dark-haired girl decided to change the subject. "I got a better idea! Let's find out where that Duncan guy is staying, and trash his place!" A little while later, the gang was wrecking the deluxe suite of one Duncan Matthews.

"I haven't had this much fun since I was in college." Elisa chuckled as the dark-haired detective spray-painted 'Gargoyles Rule' on the wall. Right next to the 'FoH sucks' graphic. "Where are Trini and Kyle? They're not fighting again, are they?"

"No." Theresa shook her head. "Kyle is blowing out all the electrical devices, and Trini is impaling everything in sight." In Duncan's bedroom, Kyle had just used his electrical powers to blow out the clock radio when he noticed Trini spray-painting on a wall.

"What in the name of all that does not suck are you writing?" Kyle grimaced as he looked at the message. "The Power Rangers were here?"

"Hey, I figured it would spook him if the idiot thought it was true." Trini shrugged with a smirk. Kyle nodded.

"Good point." Kyle complimented. "Hey, how about this: 'The VR Troopers were here' too?" Trini grinned.

"Hey, for once, you came up with a good idea!" The dark-haired girl grinned. "Who else would be good?"

"I know…" Trini answered with an evil smirk as she wrote it on the wall. A little while later, Duncan came back to the hotel room.

"What happened to my room!"Duncan screamed as he looked at the writing on the wall. "I'm getting harassed by the…Power Rangers and the V.R. Troopers?"Duncan blinked in confusion. "What did I do to them? And who the hell are the Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills? And why are all my clothes shredded to ribbons?" A little while later, our heroes were hanging out in Elisa's apartment.

"Well, that was fun." X-23 noted, sipping soda from a can with a straw. The others laughed in agreement.

"Yeah." Ace agreed. "It rocked."

"Oh yeah." Rictor smiled.

"I got to raid the fridge!" Tommy Sharpe, the shark-like mutant codenamed Chilljaw, grinned, revealing his sharp front teeth. Suddenly, an explosion was heard from outside the apartment…from the roof to be exact.

"Oh, great!" Elisa moaned. "There goes Goliath and Demona again. Be right back, guys." The detective left to see if she could stop the noise.

"Okay Elisa, we'll wait here." Theresa waved.

"Man, those two must've had one nasty divorce." John snickered.

"I think Demona betrayed the clan or something." Ali scratched.

"Yeah, she did." Kyle confirmed with a nod. "She has a Magneto complex." They heard Elisa screaming from the roof.

"Goliath, no! Put that down! Demona, drop the bazooka! You're gonna wake up the neighbors! Angela, please stop banging your head on the wall…" A little while later, after things had calmed down, Elisa came back inside.

"So…where to now?" asked Trini.

"The Thunderbolt has an idea…" Kyle smirked.

The Xavier Institute, some time later

"ARRRRRRGH!" The redheaded telepath/telekinetic named Jean Grey screamed as she chased after Elisa, who was in the form of a cheetah. Elisa had shredded her clothes for some odd reason. Meanwhile, Trini was arguing with the ice-making X-Man Bobby Drake, codenamed Iceman.

"You're on something!" Trini snapped at Bobby. "How can you think that Street Fighter is better than Zelda?"

"Easy! Better graphics!" Bobby snapped back.

"Yeah, in 1992! At least Zelda has a freaking plot!" Trini argued.

"Well, Street Fighter had better characters!" Bobby argued back.

"One word, Booby: depth!"

"Yeah right, bird-brain!" Bobby snapped angrily. "Zelda has as much depth as a flowerpot!"

"One more word, Frosty. Just one…" Trini growled threateningly. "…and I will throw feathers up where the sun doesn't shine.

"WHERE IS HE?" Rose Wilson, the white-haired X-Man codenamed Ravager screamed in rage from her room. "I AM GOING TO KILL THAT STUPID SNOW-BOY! He froze my closet over!" Bobby quickly fled as Rose raced down the stairs.

"He went that way." Rictor pointed out as Bobby ran down the hallway. Rose immediately engaged in pursuit. Elisa, finally losing Jean, turned back into human form as she ran in, noticing the chase.

"And they're off." Elisa quipped.

"OW!" Cyclops yelled out in pain as Kyle threw him through a table for seemingly no reason.

"Never a dull moment." Kicker sighed.

"Yeah. What a trip." Quick Kick sighed in agreement.

The End