Title: Birthday Presents pt.4 (Helena's Birthday)

Rating: 18

Pairing: Helena/Dinah

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Author's notes: Part 1 was sweet, Part 2 was raunchy, Part 3 was sweet … you getting the pattern? If you don't like rude then don't read this.

Lena, Petal, thank you for beta'ing. Before where it says Part.4 is unbeta'd (I added it afterwards).


Set immediately after part.3

"No sex for a week." Helena spoke aloud as the elevator descended.

She had just left Dinah on her own for the whole night. Barbara was going to be out all night with Mr. Lincoln and she was going home – away from Dinah.

'No sex for a week. No sex for a week.' She let out a groan as she repeated her bane silently. 'No sex for a week ………. I can do it … for Dinah.' The brunette's thoughts went back to the night of her girlfriend's birthday. It was a bad idea. A dart of arousal shot to her groin as she remembered.

"I can do this." Helena pulled her duster tight around her body and exited the elevator once it had reached the ground floor. "It's just one week." She lifted her head up and pushed her shoulders back. "One tiny week … 7 days … erm … 168 hours … so, that'll be … erm … multiply by 60 … erm … a whole lotta minutes." Her shoulders slumped forward again.

'No sex for a week. No making love to my beautiful girlfriend … who is as sexy as sin. My gorgeous girl, who is sooo good when she's bad. No sex. No naughty touching … oh God. One week. No kissing her delicious body … those legs … pale blue eyes … softest lips … Oh God … No Thelma and Louise … No cute belly button … Oh God … No …"

Helena was knocked out of her frustrating reverie as she walked into a guy on the street. Cloudy cobalt eyes took in the stranger. The brunette growled as he let out a torrent of curses. She pushed him hard away from her and sent him sprawling across the floor. "Watch where you're going, jerk." Helena then turned and began to run in the direction of her apartment block, towards home, towards privacy.


Dinah lay back on the couch and stared up at the ceiling. She sighed heavily. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she traced the edges of her kiss swollen lips. She closed her eyes.

The blonde could still feel her lover's hot wet mouth on hers. She could feel the heat of the brunette's body pressing against her. Hands on her bare skin, kisses along her neck.

Dinah moaned softly as her own fingers traced a downward path. She cupped at her breasts and massaged the tender flesh through a layer of fabric before continuing down.

It was Helena's tongue licking its way across her stomach towards her damp pubic hair. Helena's fingers between her wet folds. Helena's …

Dinah gritted her teeth and groaned as she removed her hand from between her legs. She snapped open her eyes. "10 minutes." The blonde stamped her foot into the sofa. "She's been gone 10 fucking minutes and I'm already touching myself." She chided herself for talking aloud and then shrugged her shoulders because no one else was around to hear her go insane anyway. "10 minutes … 10 minutes … Damn, I'm a nympho … 7 day's … no sex … am I stupid? Of course I'm stupid."



"Who ate all the fucking Poptarts?"

Barbara jumped as a cupboard door slammed shut. "They're in the other one, Hel." She stifled a snicker at the look of relief that spread across the brunette's face as she spotted the cardboard treats. "Need the sugar, huh?"

Helena held out her hand. "Look, I'm shakin'."

The redhead watched as the normally cool Huntress trembled.

It had been a very long and difficult week for all concerned. Helena would only come to the Clock Tower when someone other than just the young blonde was around. She was jittery and agitated whenever Dinah was anywhere near her. Sweeps, she did alone.

At first, Barbara thought that they had had a fight. But then she had heard the couple cooing sweet nothings into each other's ears as they stood behind her while she worked at the Delphi. It was still a little unusual because she had almost become accustomed to their sweet nothings turning into sexual innuendo. This time they spoke only of love and devotion and it not being much longer. After Helena's enthusiastic tussle with an armed robber, which ended up with him eating through a straw, Barbara had cornered her and asked her what was going on.

To say that Helena Kyle was bothered was a gross understatement. To say that she was horny as hell would still be way off base. Her face and neck were constantly flushed. She was always squirming and running her fingers across her lips, throat and chest. Barbara half expected the brunette to start humping the furniture in frustration.

"You don't have to wait much longer." The older woman chuckled as a fierce blush erupted over her friends face. It was so obvious that she was thinking about what would happen tonight.

Helena lowered her voice and leaned across the breakfast table. "It's still too fuckin' long." The brunette growled. "I … I'm so tempted … to just … arrgghh."

"Dinah's got school today, so there will be no being tempted." Barbara arched a russet eyebrow as she gazed into the other woman's heated blue eyes.

The younger woman gasped as she caught sight of her lover as she entered the kitchen. "Dear God no." She struggled to breathe. Her eyes morphed into cat-like slits.

Dinah scratched at her head as she stumbled, still half asleep, into the kitchen. She mumbled her good mornings in a language that faintly resembled English.

Helena's eyes raked over the blonde's body. Dinah was wearing crumpled boxer shorts and a tank top of hers that went missing at the beginning of the week. She grabbed hold of the blonde's hand as she was about to walk past and pulled her against her body. She pressed her lips to the now wide awake eighteen year old.

Dinah groaned. Helena's hands were in her hair, her tongue in her mouth and all that Dinah could do was kiss her back. She grabbed the brunette's ass, pulling them together until their bodies were flush. Their tongues danced and jousted, wanting to dominate and wanting to submit. Their slips slid messily together as they tasted each other with vigour.

"Hey." Barbara tried to get the couples attention by waving her hand. "HEY!" She yelled louder. "Impressionable older mind here."

The couple reluctantly separated.

"Happy birthday, beautiful." Dinah pecked her lover quickly before moving away from temptation.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah happy birthday, beautiful." Barbara grinned. She moved a large shiny present from the chair next to her and placed it on the table. "Here you go."

Helena's smile widened and her eyes sparkled. She had always loved birthdays, giving and especially receiving gifts was always fun. The brunette ripped at the paper like an excited child and pulled off the package's lid. "Wow." She gasped. The smell of brand new leather wafted to her nostrils as Helena lifted the garment from the box and gave it a shake.

"Your other one was getting a little worse for wear." The redhead elaborated on her choice of present. "If it's not your size then I can get it changed … or if you don't like it you … can choose something different." She blushed a little at her ramblings. Barbara always hated buying clothes for someone else and usually she would end up buying a shop voucher instead. When she saw the duster on a shop window display, she knew that she had to buy it.

Helena eased the coat over her arms and pulled it around her body. She looked down at herself and smirked. "Damn … it's so unfair how I make great looking clothes look even better. I love it, Barbara." Walking around the table, the dark haired woman kissed her best friend on the cheek. "Thank you."

Dinah cocked her head to the side and bit down on her lip as she took in the view of her leather-clad lover's rear. "I second that thank you."

Barbara rolled her eyes at the teenagers comment. It looked as though things were getting back to normal. "I have something else for you too." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a smaller gift.

Helena took the box. It reminded her of one of the gifts that Dinah had given her a week ago. Tearing at the paper, she saw what looked to be a ring box. "I'm sorry, Barbara." The brunette gazed at the redhead. "I can't marry you … I love another."

"Smart ass." The older woman chided. "Open the box."

The brunette snapped open the box and frowned. "I already have a key to the Tower." She flipped the shiny key out onto her hand.

"It's not to the Tower. That key is to Wayne Manor."

"What? Why are you giving it me?"

Barbara smiled. "You and Dinah are going to spend the night there."

"Is this some sort of haunted house challenge?" Dinah quipped from behind the brunette."

The older woman shook her head as she sipped at her cooling coffee. "I want to get some sleep tonight. I have to take the Saturday detention tomorrow and if you two are going to be doing what I know you'll be doing, then …"

"You want us outta here?"

Barbara nodded. "You can spend as much time there as you want. Just make sure that Dinah is back in school on Monday morning. Alfred has made sure that everything you need will be at your disposal … well except for him."

"Thank you, again." Helena's face lit up at the thought of spending the whole weekend with her girlfriend and after the past week, there was no way that they were getting out of bed. She spun around and faced her younger lover. "Does the weekend sound good to you?"


The brunette stepped into the blonde's personal space, wrapped her arms around Dinah and lifted her off of her feet. She kissed the other woman with hunger, hinting at what their weekend would be like. "It's a good job that the manor hasn't got any neighbours. We might've been had for disturbing the peace." Helena grinned lasciviously into azure eyes.

Dinah chuckled.

"I can pick you up straight from school." She kissed the younger woman's nose.

"Eager much?" Barbara teased. She wheeled around the table, past the canoodling couple and over towards the sink so that she could wash up her cup.

Helena waited for the redhead to turn back around before she quirked a dark eyebrow. "You just wait until Lincoln cuts you off, Bab's. I'm gonna be right there to bug the shit outta you."

"Touchy, touchy." Barbara chuckled.

"Hey." Dinah tugged at the brunette until they were facing each other again. "I've gotta go take a shower." She could see the way cobalt eyes shimmered. She could almost see the naughty thoughts dancing behind the heated gaze. The blonde was having similar thoughts herself. "Don't even think about it, Hel. We'll celebrate your birthday tonight." She pressed her lips to the other woman's briefly. They had waited this long, there was no way that she was going to give in now.

"But it's my birthday all day."

"The hot water's calling, baby." Dinah breathed across her lover's lips. She was trying to act cool trying to sound not so affected by the way cobalt eyes looked at her. The hot water could go to hell as far as she was concerned; her shower was going to be icy cold.

"Can I come and watch?" Helena grinned as she noticed Barbara's blush.

"I'll see you after school, birthday girl."


Gravel bounced against the paintwork of the SUV as Helena skidded the car to a stop. She switched the engine off and flung open the door before jumping out. She ran around the other side and pulled open the passenger door.

"Jesus, Hel. Did you have to drive so fast?" Dinah's knuckles ached from where she had gripped at the bag on her lap.


The blonde couldn't help but laugh as the brunette's hand snaked around her body to unclasp the seatbelt. Her laughter died as lips were pressed to her own. The other woman's tongue begged for entrance and then dove straight into her mouth. Dinah's hands were in messy hair as Helena flung her bag onto the driver's seat and lifted her up and out of the car.

The older woman kicked the car door shut behind her and hurried towards the manor. Helena managed to get the door heavy wooden door open without having to put her lover down or stop kissing her. She pressed herself back against the door as she shut it, letting Dinah slide down her body back into a standing position.

The blonde ran her hands over the brunette's body and underneath her new coat. She tugged at Helena's bottom lip with her sharp teeth as she palmed the other woman's breasts. "Which bedroom do we use?"

"Fuck the bedroom."

The blonde gasped as her lover cupped her ass cheeks as she turned so that Dinah had her back against the dark wood.

"I can't … wait … anymore."

Dinah stroked her fingers through short locks as she looked deep into almost black eyes. She smiled softly running the index finger of her right hand across Helena's pouting lips. "Then, I guess that right here will do." She claimed those pouting lips with her own.

The older woman groaned into the kiss. She slid her finger's down between them, edging just underneath the waistband of Dinah's pants. "I want you."

"I want you too, baby."

"I can't … wait. Can … can I touch … you?" Helena had never wanted anything so much.

"Oh … God … Yes." Dinah hissed as eager fingers dipped lower.

The brunette didn't move her hand once it had covered the other woman's sex completely, she had other plans. Helena pushed at Dinah's pants and panties with her free hand. It didn't take long for the blonde to be naked from the waist down, so she dropped to her knees.

Intense cobalt eyes watched as she moved her fingers slowly. She watched glistening juices coat her digits. Helena could feel her lover thrust against her, wanting more than the teasing touches. She moved two of her wet fingers between the swollen labia, splitting them. Sliding up and down, over the hooded bundle of nerves, she excited Dinah's clit. On a downward pass, the older woman twisted her fingers and entered her lover.

The blonde clenched at a fist full of chocolate coloured hair. She moaned Helena's name as she was thrust into over and over. Dinah threw her head back against the wooden door as she felt a tongue lap at her pre-cum like a kitten lapping at milk.

Helena had missed the taste and feel of her lover but she intended to more than make up for it that weekend. She was a little surprised as Dinah grabbed for her hand and eased her fingers out of her.

The young blonde slid to the floor and pushed the brunette backwards. Once her girlfriend was lying flat, Dinah unbuttoned Helena's dark blue pants and eased them down her legs with a little help from the woman herself. She crawled between the brunette's thighs and ground her pubis against Helena's. The blonde teenager smoothed over long bangs away from hooded steel blue eyes, she continued to rock against her lover.

"You are so … beautiful." Helena's words hitched in her throat. She hooked her legs over Dinah's hips. "Oh … God." She could feel the heat in her throbbing sex intensify as Dinah thrust hard against her.

The aching need for release was building slowly between them. They kissed each other, licked and nibbled along jaws and slender necks, sighed each other's names and shared the same breath of air.

"I love you, Helena Kyle." Dinah panted.

"I love you too, baby."

"Cum … with me."

Helena lifted her head off of the floor and pressed her lips to her girlfriend's. "I'm … right … with … you."

Dinah slipped her hand between them and rubbed at the brunette's slick clit. She was so close, especially after the little head start she had gotten as soon as they had walked through the door. The blonde almost stopped breathing when she felt Helena's fingers glide inside of her.

The two women ground their mouths together as they thrust and teased. Helena sucked greedily at Dinah's tongue. She could feel their combined wetness running down her hand and then her lover convulsed around her fingers. Cobalt eyes flew open to see her lover cum. She could feel the tremors, smell the arousal, and see the almost pained look on Dinah's face as she bit down on her own lip. Helena could hear her name as the blonde moaned and keened. Before Dinah had come down from her high, before her body had stopped trembling, Helena was yelling Dinah's name. Her back arched against the weight on top of her as her body shuddered. She grasped at her lover's shirt, growling her release against the blonde's neck.

"Happy birthday, gorgeous." Dinah chuckled into a kiss as the brunette's mouth covered hers. "You … want … more?"

Helena nodded. She didn't think she could form coherent words at the moment, but she knew that she wanted more.

The blonde straddled the panting brunette's waist. She pulled her blouse over the top of her head and unlatched her bra dropping it to the side of them. She then unbuttoned the older woman's blouse, exposing her bare chest and stomach. "No bra or panties?" Dinah moaned softly against the damp skin before she wrapped her lips around one nipple and her fingertips around the other.

Helena ran her fingers through soft golden hair as her lover aroused her sensitive body. She groaned desperately as Dinah's hot wet mouth moved lower, kissing her ribs, sucking and teasing her naval. The brunette's back bowed as a tongue slipped between her swollen, slick lips.

Dinah licked the length of the older woman's gaping sex. She tasted and swallowed all of their combined juices. The blonde suckled on tender folds, French kissed Helena's cunt as though it were her mouth and then nibbled at her glassy pearl. She pushed three fingers into her lover and felt her clamp down on them.

Dinah sucked and nipped at her lover's clit as she pumped her fingers in and out. The girl beneath her was so wet and hot that it was unbelievable. "You must've wanted this so badly."

"I … I wanted you … so badly."

The blonde felt the fingers in her hair tighten. She sucked harder and pumped faster. As she eased in a fourth finger and continued her thrusting, Helena screamed out Dinah's name. A gush of nectar flooded the younger woman's hand. She slowed her ministrations as the brunette arched and thrashed.

Helena fought hard to stay conscious as darkness encroached on her vision. She squeezed her eyes shut and gasped for air as her body was wracked with tremors. She wasn't sure if she had passed out or not, but when she opened her eyes Dinah was smiling down at her. The brunette cupped the back of her girlfriend's head and brought their lips together.

"More?" A fine eyebrow arched disbelievingly.

Helena chuckled. "Give me ten minutes." She swallowed hard at the dryness in her throat. "And … a glass of water." She enveloped her naked lover in her arms and pulled her down on top of her. Rolling them on to their side she tugged at the duster she was still wearing and wrapped it around the two of them. "And … a bed would be more comfortable."

"Birthday sex on the floor is a tradition." Dinah laughed as she remembered the first night that they had ever made love. They were both too impatient to make it to the bedroom so they had just ravaged each other on the wooden floor.

"That it is." The brunette smoothed golden hair away from the blonde's neck so that she could lay a couple of gentle kisses on the sensitive skin beneath. "About these traditions … Di, I love them and all, but … could we forget about the no sex for a week one." Helena playfully bit at the salty flesh. "I don't like that one."

Dinah giggled as she snaked her hands around her lover's waist. "I think that could be arranged." She ran her tongue along the brunette's lower lip and sucked it into her mouth before letting it go with a pop. "Now … let's find a bed … and that glass of water."

Helena wiggled her eyebrows lasciviously. "We have a whole weekend to find a bed … I think I can see couch over there."