Title:Cat Talk

Author: electricgurl

Email: ameliakate (without the spaces)

Paring: Max/Alec…after a while…I think…

Spoliers: A few...Just thinkt hat this is a little before FN...and I will be covered...I need Biggs to be a live yet so...I am changing a lot AU!

Summary: Why does Max never Sleep? Maybe cause she can't talk her problems out...


Max slowly walked over from her window to her bed. She sighed and landed on her bed. She groaned as her muscles slowly relaxed. She looked at her clock. It was four in the morning. She was so tired of this whole routine. Get home from Logan's mission. Think about going to be…but in reality stare at the clock for a hour or two then start to get ready for work…which she never showed up on time for anyway. She groaned again.

She looked at the clock again and closed her eyes. She sighed. She would just like to sleep for a few seconds, she didn't want to risk a chance of dreaming.


Running, that's all she ever does and always will do. She wished that she could learn how to stop and fight, how she could stand her ground but every time that she did try and learn a new way of life someone got hurt.

So she continued running. Just like she was until.


Max jolted awake as something landed on her lap. She rolled over and landed on her feet. Her head flicking around the room, to land on the cat in the far corner. She growled.

"What are you doing in here huh?" She asked it. It meowed. She narrowed her eyes and slinked over to it. She crouched beside it, patting it's head.

"Do you have a name?" She asked. It meowed again and brushed against her arm. Her fingers hit a chain around it's neck. She rubbed her fingers over it. Using her enhanced vision she zoomed in on the name. It read 'Brian'. She snorted.

"Now that's just weird." She groaned thinking back to her and Alec's fight about Brain's name; as she picked the cat up and moved over to her bed. The cat just looked up at her and rubbed against her side as she laid down and stretched out. He laid beside her and looked up at her purring. Max grinned and began to pat him.

"Can I share something with you?" She asked. The cat eyes slowly drifted close and then opened. She swore that she saw his head move.

"You have an easy life, you know that?" Max asked rubbing behind his ear. "You don't have to worry about become a savoir…or not, or what will happen if you touch a friend, or if walking into a room with someone could be signing their death warrant. You don't have to think about what will happen if you think thoughts that you shouldn't be thinking, what others might be thinking about you." She sighed. "So yeah, like I was saying, you have it so easy...and you will never know how nice your life really is." A soft purr is her only answer.

"But most of all you don't have to worry about having two guys in your life. Two men that you feel the same about and that you don't know what to do." She sighed. "I have no idea what to do about them." Max confessed to the small cat. "I mean I have only know this one guy for a few months now…actually it will be a year next week." She said stopping in thought. She smiled lost in thought. "I think I might do something nice."

The cat purred again louder and curled into her side. She grinned.

"You've been a big help in the matter." Max said smiling down at the cat. It purred even louder.

She smiled. She began to talk more just about everything. She slowly began to drift to sleep. She groaned and curled up with the cat. "Good night Alec." She muttered as she slowly drifted back to sleep, softly patting the cat.

Brian purred and slowly slipped from her arms drifting back to the window that it climbed in and racing back down the back street of the late night Seattle. He was going back home.

It was around seven that morning that it slipped back into his house. Back into his owner's armpartment.

"Ummm…Brian you're home. I was worried." Came a masculine voice. A loud hunger cry was the response. The man chuckled. "I just hope that you were out with some hot chick and it was worth your while."

Brian walked around the armpartment and came to a stop beside his master's feet. The man sighed and picked him up. He sniffed him.

"Brian, why do you smell like Max?" Alec asked sniffing him again inhaling the exotic pear scent that was mixed with her smell.