It had been two months since the death and they still mourned it as if it had happened just yesterday. Flags were at half mass, and the transgenics were finally coming together to mend the hole left by their once powerful leader.

Joshua looked over the city as the sun set, he could hear someone coming up behind him and he sniffed the air, letting himself relax at the oh-so familiar and welcome smell. The other figure limped up to stand beside him. Together the wounded pair looked over the city that had grown so much since the death.

Two months earlier

Alec awoke slowly trying to shake himself free of the hold that the drugs still had on him. His body told him that only a few hours had passed but, to him it felt like years. He shook his head and rolled over and out of the hospital bed that he currently found himself on.

His earlier rage was gone, at the moment, his body too tired and worn out to have the abuse continue further. He looked around and found that he was in the same room that they had been working on Max. She was there in the middle of the room, pale but breathing. The machines they had hooked her up onto were filling her lungs, causing her body to move in the small motion that most people took for granted.

He bit his lip, a tear rolling down his cheek as he took a few steps closer. He grabbed the doctors' notes and quickly read over them. A few statements stood out:

Needs transfusion…not enough blood on stock…used all possibleX-series…internal bleeding was found too late…only a matter of time…

It only took Alec a few moments to realize what he was going to do, he make quick work of finding the needed supplies and was soon hooked up to his mate, he sat down beside her as the transfusion began. He was tired and he knew he needed rest. He smiled and brushed the hair out of her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"See you later, Maxie," he whispered, as he let his head fall onto the bed beside her as he fell into a deep sleep. Their hands curling together, as his blood filled her body.

Max was surprised; to say the least when she found herself on the bed in the medic bay. She was even more surprised to be alive, She tried to open her mouth but found it was taped shut. She closed her eyes and let out a small scream. Her voice and breathing abilities, being blocked by the tube that was currently doing that job for her. She let go of the cold hand she was holding and brought both of them up and pulled the tape free, then making sure everything was fine, she exhaled, coughing, she spat the unwanted tube out and looked around as best as she could.

She shivered and let her arms fall back onto the bed, her hand curling into the other hand. Her head fell to one side; she smiled as Alec's head came into view. With what little strength she had left, she stroked his hair with her free hand. After a moment of this and no movement, she frowned, then her eyes widening with understanding as the tubes came into view.

Alec's blue tinted hand resting against her bronzed skin, her mouth dropped open and she screamed.

She was still screaming when the doctors and nurses came running moments later.


"I miss him," she whispered to Joshua. "It's like a gaping hole in my chest." She pulled the jacket that still smelt of him, closer to her. "I wake up in the middle of the night and I could swear that I hear him watching TV in the other room, but when I go and see what is keeping him and then it all comes rushing back and-" her throat tightened on the ending and she broke down crying pulling the jacket closer, inhaling the scent as she buried her head into Joshua's chest.

He pulled her close and laid his head on the top of hers. They stood like this for longer than Max would ever admit to, as she cried her grief of losing her mate into her friends arms. There was never going to be someone to replace Alec but she knew that she wasn't the only one suffering and she had needed to move on. The others couldn't do anything if the other leader of the transgenics was too lost to do anything.

Slowly and surely, she collected herself and pulled back, wiping her eyes with her hands, careful to make sure his jacket stayed teat stain free. Joshua grinned down at her and kissed her forehead.

"Feel better, little fella?" She smiled, nodding as she kissed his cheek.

"Let's get back to work." She whispered as she pulled herself free and moved towards the exit. She had a lot of work to do, and she knew that Alec would be nothing but proud.

The End

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