Hungry like the Wolf

By: Amaroq

Summary: The full moon is in a day, and Remus's hormones are driving him crazy. And Sirius isn't helping, strutting about the castle looking more devious then ever….

Pairing: RL/SB

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, and if I did there would be a lot more gay relationships and Tonks would be dead…no offence to Tonks Lovers


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This story is dedicated to my dear friend, Shadia. Thank you for being there, supporting me through the hard times and for just being my friend! Thank you so much.

Burning the ground I break from the crowd
I'm on the hunt I'm after you
Scent and a sound, I'm lost and I'm found
And I'm hungry like the wolf

Strut on a line, it's discord and rhyme
I howl and I whine I'm after you
Mouth is alive all running inside
And I'm hungry like the wolf...

-"Hungry like the Wolf", Duran Duran

The tawny haired Marauder sat silently in the school library. He was reading of course, about dark magic and such for a Defense Against the Dark Arts essay due in a few days. He sighed and brushed a piece of his hair from his golden eyes. Normally Remus would be quite sucked into his book, but he couldn't concentrate. The full moon was tomorrow night, and his hormones were driving him crazy!

'Hey Moony!' Remus jumped when a hand clapped down on his shoulder roughly. 'What are you doing?'

'Reading, Sirius.' He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. And in fact it wasn't that hard to tell that Remus was in deed reading, Sirius was just being difficult. The other boy slumped into the seat across from Remus. He leaned against the table, his ebony hair falling into his azure eyes. Sirius grinned, noticing that his friend was staring at him.

'Like what you see Moony?' he asked, running one hand through his hair and the other slowly down his chest, licking his lips. The hair he had pushed back from his face only fell back into his face, making him look more devious the before.

Remus snapped back to reality and rolled his eyes, 'Don't flatter yourself Padfoot.' He looked back down at his book, ignoring the puppy dog eyes he was sure Sirius was giving him.

Remus tried in vain to concentrate on his book. But he couldn't if his life depended on it. Who could with Sirius pouting and whimpering like a wounded puppy? The werewolf gritted his teeth violently and slammed the book shut, glaring at Sirius.

Sirius grinned, now that Remus was paying attention to him. Even though the werewolf's death glare was enough to make any one shake in their boots, it didn't bother Sirius. He had seen it many times before, because one of his favorite things to do to pass the time, besides pull pranks with James, was bothering Remus until he snapped and played with him.

'What. Do. You. Want?' Remus asked trying not to yell at the grinning boy across from him.

Sirius snickered at Remus, whose face had gone red with anger and his knuckles white as he was clutching his hands into fists, digging his nails into his palms drawing blood. He licked his lips, and pushed the chair back standing. 'Well Moony, there are many things I want…' He purred, letting each word roll of his tongue.

'But…' Remus's heart started to race, his palms growing sweating so he unclenched them. Oh god! OH GOD!He said in his mind. HE IS ON THE TABLE! OH GOD SIRIUS BLACK THE SEXIST MAN ALIVE IS ON THE TABLE!

Sirius was in fact crawling on all fours towards the shocked boy on the table, rolling his shoulders as he took each step. He was now in front of his friend, 'What I need is…'

OH GOD! OH GOD! KILL ME NOW Sirius grabbed a hold of the crimson and gold tie around Remus's neck, using it to pull the werewolf's face dangerously closer.

He was so close Remus could feel the animage's hot breath dance on his dry lips. 'But what I need is….you…' He said, letting the words roll off his tongue again.

Remus's face went hot and dark red, his breath hitching in his throat, and his trousers growing tight around his groin. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out, besides a squeak.

Sirius chuckled at his friend's response, the chuckle quickly changing into a bark like laughter. 'Ahahahahaha! You should have seen your face! You went all red and sweaty!' He hissed out through his fit of laughter.

Remus narrowed his eyes, and yanked his tie out of Sirius's grasp. 'Shove it you bloody arsehole!' He slumped back in his chair, pushing his black robes over his erection. He crossed his arms over his chest, and glared darkly at his friend.

Sirius's whole expression changed from laughter to mock-pity. 'Aw, you were seriously hoping I would actually want to shag you!'

Remus snarled and bared his teeth at the other boy, 'I did not! You just shocked me!' He protested while other thoughts ran through his mind. Thoughts of Sirius shagging him into the library table.

Sirius placed a gentle finger to the werewolf's lips, as he had just opened his mouth again to protest more. The werewolf instantly clamped his mouth shut, not daring to breath. 'You talk way to much Moony.' Sirius whispered huskily.

Remus squeaked as the finger was removed and he was roughly yanked forwards by his tie, his lips connecting with warm full lips. His eyes fluttered closed, as he willingly leaned closer to the other boy.

As fast as it began, the kiss ended, Remus slowly opened his eyes looking at Sirius. The other boy jumped off the table, 'See you later Moony!' he said with a wink.

Before Remus could respond, Sirius was gone. 'He's trying to play with my mind…' He muttered to himself, opening his book again. He flipped through the pages until he found his spot. He sighed deeply and leaned against the table, studying the book intently.

He shifted his position a couple of times with in 5 minutes. He pushed the book slightly out from under his nose, and propped his right arm up on the table and rested his head against it.

After about a half an hour Remus found himself starting to doze off. He tried in vain to keep his eyes open, but they shut willingly after he reluctantly gave up trying to stay awake.

The werewolf started to snore softly, much to the annoyance of the other students in the library. With a loud grunt, his head dropped to the table. His eyes shot open, and he straightened up quickly looking around the library.

Many students gave him disapproving glares, and he smiled at them apologetically. He wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his robe, and collected his things. Remus stood and made his way over to the front desk weaving through the maze of tables. Still the other students sneered and glared at him.

He felt so small under their glares, if Sirius were here….he would sneer back at them, or just simply yell at them for staring me down. He thought with a sigh, this is just great. Now he's got me thinking about him! He's up to something I just know-

"Good evening Mr. Lupin. Are you planning on signing that book out?" Remus was pulled out of his thoughts by the librarian, Mme Pince.

He looked at her, "Yeah." He muttered placing the book on the counter. Mme Pince smiled at him, and wrote the book title, section number and Remus's name on a long book list.

She pushed the book towards him, "Here you go Mr. Lupin, have a nice evening."

"You too Mme Pince," he replied with a forced smile. She didn't seem to notice and kept smiling at him in an eerie kind of way. Remus grabbed the book and hurried from the library.

Once outside the library he hurried in the direction of the Gryffindor Tower, praying that he didn't run into Sirius. About halfway to the Tower, Remus was knocked to the ground by someone.

'Stupid Gryffindor!' A female voice hissed. He looked up at the girl he had knocked into. She was a sixth year Ravenclaw with shoulder blade length bright orange hair and crystal blue eyes behind orange framed glasses. She stood sneering down at Remus. With a huff she stepped on his chest and pranced off.

He groaned and stood, dusting himself off. After he picked up his book bag and his book, the werewolf started walking again. He didn't even make it all the way down the hall when he was tackled to the ground yet again.

His head smacked against the stone floor and his vision blurring as he looked up at the person that lay on top of him. It was another sixth year Ravenclaw girl, but she had shoulder length dark brown hair and large chocolate brown eyes behind black framed glasses. She blinked, and then turned dark red in the face, 'S-sorry…' she whispered. The girl quickly stood and ran off shouting, 'BECKY-CHAN! I TOUCHED HIM! I TOUCHED REMUS LUPIN!'

Remus stood, and rubbed the back of his head where his head had smacked against the ground. 'Females…' He muttered to himself, shaking his head slightly, quickly stopping as it started to throb painfully. He picked up his book bag and stuffed his book roughly into it, his head throbbing more painfully by the second. He swung his bag over his left shoulder, and started walking again, but this time in the direction of the infirmary.

Without any further interruptions Remus made it to the hospital wing in one piece. Mme Pomfrey had smiled gently at him, and gave him a headache killing potion. After taking the potion he smiled at the nurse, 'Thank you Mme Pomfrey.'

The nurse just smiled back and hurried him out of the wing. 'Oh you're welcome Mr. Lupin.' Remus waved to her and hurried off towards the Gryffindor tower.

Once he reached the portrait of the Fat Lady he muttered the password, 'Ursa Major'. The portrait swung open and Remus stepped inside. The Gryffindor common room was warm, the heat coming from the roaring fire. 'Hello Moony!' a voice called from the direction of the fire place.

Remus turned and looked at James, who was grinning like a mad man. 'Oh hello James' the werewolf said smiling, taking a seat in the large crimson armchair near the fire place, and closing his eyes.

'Sirius wants to meet you at the Room of Requirement' James said again. He was still grinning, his brown eyes dancing behind his thick lenses. When Remus didn't respond James added, 'He says it has to do with what happened in the library.'

At this Remus's eyes shot open, he looked at James, 'W-what? He wants to meet me, and it has to do with what happened in the library!' James nodded grinning.

'When?' Remus asked standing up quickly. His heart was pounding. He probably wants to tell me I'm a freak or say he was sorry for kissing me… Well Sirius is going to have to wait! I have homework. Remus thought stubbornly

'Now.' Remus looked at James. Without another word, the werewolf dashed out of the common room. He bound down the halls like he was on fire. Many people he nearly crashed into cursed at him and called him foul names.

But he didn't care; the only thing that was on his mind was Sirius, and all the possibilities off doing very naughty things with him. He didn't even know why he was even going! Something was driving him forward, something lust filled, dark and pure animalistic.

The werewolf skidded to a stop outside the Room of Requirement. He put his hands on his knees panting, gasping for breath. He took large amounts of air into his starved lungs, his face flushed and his hair sticking to his head.

After a few moments of panting, Remus straightened up. He fixed uniform, adjusting his tie, flatting his trousers and sweater vest, and puffing up his blouse. He ran a hand through his hair, attempting to make it lay nicely, but he had no mirror. He spun around his eyes falling on a window. It would have to do. He walked up to the window, and using his reflection to properly fix his hair. God, I'm acting like a bloody school girl. Once he was satisfied, Remus turned around and walked up to the Room of Requirement portrait.

He knocked on it softly, and jumped when the portrait opened. He peeked inside, 'Sirius?' he called into the room. No one responded. Cautiously Remus stepped into the room. The door slammed shut behind him, but he paid it no heed. He was to awe struck by the sight that met his amber eyes.

To the right in the corner was a roaring fire, the light is gave of making the crimson room glow. In the far left corner was a king size bed. The bed was covered with fine red silk pillows and sheets; on top of the sheets was Sirius. A half naked Sirius. He only wore his black school dress trousers, the shirt and tie lying beside him.

Remus's eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. Sirius grinned and jumped off the bed, strutting up to the shocked werewolf. 'Hello…..Remus……' Sirius purred licking his lips delicately.

The animage's was so close to Remus now, he could feel Sirius's hot breath dancing on his suddenly dry lips. 'So you finally came, eh Moony?' Remus just squeaked his voice not working.

Sirius grinned and pushed Remus against the wall, pressing his body against the werewolf's. He brought his mouth to Remus's tie and tugged at it with his teeth. He dilberatly brushed his teeth and tongue against Remus's throat just to make the boy gasp.

Once the tie was undone, Sirius worked on the top two buttons of Remus's shirt with his mouth as well, exposing soft plae flesh marked with faded white scars.

Remus moaned when Sirius's hot wet tongue licked his scars delicately, as if it was ice cream. The werewolf had to wrap his arms around Sirius's neck to keep from collapsing. The dark haired boy's tongue traveled up to Remus's jaws, then right up to the werewolf's lips.

Remus gasped when Sirius pressed his knee against his groin. The animage took this chance and shoved his tongue into Remus's mouth.

Sirius roughly rubbed his tongue against Remus's, causing the werewolf to grip onto Sirius's shoulders, and dig his nails deep into the soft tender flesh. Sirius yelped, biting down onto Remus's tongue.

Remus moaned when Sirius's teeth bit into his tongue drawing blood. Sirius didn't know why but the blood filled kiss turned him on more then ever. The werewolf rubbed his wounded tongue against Sirius's, and switched their positions, so Remus had Sirius pinned beneath him against the wall.

Sirius wasn't a very submissive person, but being pinned against the wall, with Remus hot body against his, the werewolf's blood filling their mouth made him shiver, and want more. He wanted the entire werewolf above him. Sirius pulled away gasping for air, and licked the blood from his lips.

Remus smirked and attacked Sirius's neck, biting, sucking and nibbling. The black haired boy moaned and reluctantly pushed the werewolf away. Remus pouted and tried to get at Sirius's neck again.

But Sirius kept pushed him away. 'Sorry Moony' Remus scowled when Sirius walked over to the bed and grabbed hi shirt putting it on.

'Where do you think you are going?' Remus asked with a growl as he watched Sirius button up his shirt slowly.

'The great hall. It's dinner time Moony!' Sirius said joyfully, doing up his tie. He fixed the collar of his shirt, which was an odd thing for Sirius. Maybe he was stalling, hoping Remus would refuse to let him leave.

But the werewolf didn't stop him, he just nodded, 'Alright Padfoot…I have prefect duties after dinner, so I best get my homework done now…'

Sirius sighed, disappointed. But he grinned evilly when his evil little perverted mind conducted a plan. A plan to finally make Moony his!

Remus gave Sirius an odd look when the other boy started cackling. 'Are you alright Siri?' Sirius instantly stopped laughing, flushed and walked from the room hurriedly.