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Ed staggered along the rainy road. The rolling hills in the distance made it feel like he

was back home, but when he looked to his side at all the crammed

buildings, it made the feeling disappear. The sky was dark and the rain was falling

down hard on him. In the distance he could see lightning every now and

then and the roll of thunder usually followed it. As he walked, his feet tapped on the

road. He had fallen a few times onto the hard stone street. It hurt his knee.

Even though it was right on the edge of the city, there still wasn't any good ground for


"What a surprise." He thought, gloomily.

He was in pain.

His legs hurt, his mouth hurt and his ego hurt. He was nothing without Alchemy. He

wasn't anything special. So he thought.

"Just a stupid "dog of the military" That's all."

He whispered to himself.

The constant taste of blood was in his mouth. He has been punched one too many

times. His whole body ached.

"You're a cheat, just like that Colonel."

He had been helping a little girl with a sprained knee get to her house. It had just

started raining. After he dropped her off, he began walking towards

headquarters. Suddenly, from an alley not too far in front of him, two rather large men

stepped out. They both crossed their arms and wouldn't let Edwardthrough.

One of them was in a black collared shirt and the other was in a blue tank

top. The one in the blue tank top had a mustache, dark pants and a piece

of cloth wrapped around his head. The other one had sunglasses and black dress

pants. The one in the blue tank top put his hand on Edwards head,

"Going somewhere?"

Ed looked up at him and glared.

"Yes, I am. Get out of the way."

He swatted the man's hand away and stepped forward.

"Hey, you're that Full Metal Alchemist guy."

Ed remained silent.

"We've been dying to fight you."

"You don't want to fight me." Ed said with reassurance.

"Sure we do; only, it's not your type of fighting."


"Real men fight with fists. And you're nothing without your precious Alchemy."

Suddenly two more men came up from behind Edward. One was in a black leather

jacket and blue jeans. The other was in a white vest and light pants. The

one in the white vest began to crack his knuckles.

"I don't have time for this." Ed said with a smirk.

"See guys, he's not worth it. He's not the real thing."

"Yea, he's probably just a cheat. Just like that Colonel."


They began walking away.

"What do you mean the Colonel is a cheat?"

"He sleeps with men to get promotions. He's a cheat."

Ed took off his jacket and put up his fists.

"I'll take you all on."


Of course, he had been beaten to a pulp. They had dragged him into a car and

dropped him at the edge of the city. Where he was now.

He was soaked to his bones and his hair stuck to his face. He was cold and shivering

as he started remembering the events of earlier that day again.

"You're nothing without Alchemy!"

"Just like that Colonel Mustang!"

"The Colonel is a cheat and sleeps with men to get promotions!"

That pissed him off. The Colonel may have been overly concerned with getting

promotions… but he earned them. He knew that the Colonel was a pervert, not

very professional at times, and kind of a jerk, but that didn't mean he would go

around and sleep with any old guy just to get promoted. He knew that. He

knew the Colonel. After all, he had been serving under him for quite some time now.

He liked the Colonel…sometimes.

"Oh no! Where did you go? I can't see you under this mountain of paperwork on my

desk! You're too small Chibi-san!"

Ed giggled a bit. It hurt his stomach to giggle, but he did anyway.

"You're nothing without Alchemy!"

It echoed through his mind.

"It's true." He said aloud.

"I'm nothing without Alchemy."

Suddenly, he heard a rather loud car horn and two headlights flashed brightly onto

him. He heard a familiar loud metallic stomp moving in a rhythm, coming

toward him.

Then, a familiar voice yelled out to him.


He turned around, winced and fell to his knees.


"I'm alright Al."

He mumbled.

Alphonse helped him back up and supported his limping body to the nearby truck. It

was parked part on the street, part on the "ground" as they called it.

Which is wasn't, to Edward.

"Ground has green on it."

He thought. This "ground" was just dirt.

He could hear the constant tapping of the water on Alphonse's armor.

It reminded him of before. Those men. The car. The car had made the same sound under the rain.

"Nothing without Alchemy!"

"That Colonel Is a Cheat!"

He shook the thought from his mind, and fought to keep his eyes open. His attention then when to the truck.

He blinked a few times and looked inside. Behind the steering wheel, he saw an

extremely angry looking Roy staring back at him. He glared at Ed.

Ed closed his eyes and again thought of what those men had said.

" Roy isn't a cheat." He thought.

"Just a jerk."

He smiled.

Ed then said to Al,

"I'll walk on my own."

The rain was thinning out and he didn't want to ride with Roy when he was angry.

Of course, he would never admit it was because he was embarrassed. He most likely

looked like crap. He had gotten his ass kicked, how else would he look?

"But Nii-san!"

"Don't help me!"

He began limping passed the truck toward the general direction of the headquarters.

Suddenly, Roy stepped out from the truck.

He slammed the door behind him and walked very casually over to Edward. It wasn't

hard to catch up to Edward, who was barely keeping his balance. When

Roy was right behind him, he tapped Ed's shoulder.

"What do you want?" Ed said haughtily.

"Turn around."

So he did as he was told. Definitely not because he was following Roy 's orders. It was

because he wanted to. Right…

Almost at the exact moment he turned around Roy picked him up by the armpits and

threw him over his shoulder.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing? That hurts!" Ed yelled.

He then saw another dark green army truck pull up rather quickly and out poured:

Armstrong, Fuery, Havoc, Farman, and Breda . They all lined up in a row

and kept their hands at their sides.

"That's called "being at attention," I think." Ed thought.

He was still yelling ear piercingly loud. He yelled at Roy to put him down. Of course, it

didn't help Roy any.

Roy then yelled louder than Ed dorwning him out,

"As you can see, I have found him; you are to return to headquarters behind us."

He paused.



"You will accompany the Lieutenant and I."

"Yes sir!" He yelled.

"I expect to be receiving orders concerning the current situation soon, until then, we

don't do anything, unless it is completely necessary."

"Yes sir!" They all yelled in unison.

"Alright, move out!"

They all began piling back into the truck, Havoc in the driver's seat. He started tapping

his hands on the wheel and humming some tune Roy had never heard before.

"Does he even have a driver's license?" Roy thought.

"Probably not."

He smiled and looked over at Riza who was still standing there.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye."


You will ride in the back with Armstrong and the other Elric brother.

"Yes sir!"

He threw her a blue plastic tarp type thing to put over the bed of the truck so none of

them would get wet. The rain was going to stop soon, but that didn't matter.

"I guess I am a nice guy sometimes." He thought and smiled.

Armstrong helped Riza into the bed of the truck. Because, after all, he was a


She accepted the help and sat beside Al with her gun at the ready.

"Will my Nii-san be okay?"

He asked her. She didn't hear him, she was to busy thinking about what she might do

if something bad happened. Behind them, Armstrong was strapping in

the plastic tarp and the rain tapped on it.

"Will my Nii-san be okay?" He repeated.

Riza sighed, nodded her head and said with a reassuring smile,

"He'll be… fine."

She looked down at the bed and picked up a stick with a single leaf on it. She began

twisting it around and around.

"The Colonel was very worried for him this time." She whispered.

"Why?" He questioned.

She sighed.

"This group…"

She paused.

"Never mind, I probably shouldn't tell you."

"Please tell me." He pleaded.

She closed her eyes.

"You are never to repeat this."

She said to him sternly.

"Uhuh." He responded.

She took a deep breath.

"They're Alchemists."


Ed continued to yell at Roy who just wouldn't let him down.

Roy then opened the passenger door to that stupid truck and threw him down onto

the cheap green seat. After all, these trucks were army issue. All green.

Roy put his hand on Ed's chest to keep him there.

"You are going to stay in that truck and let me take you to headquarters."

"Don't tell me what to do!" He yelled.

"There has been a threat on your life by a rather large and well- known

anti - government group. We are going to make sure they don't get to you."

"I'm not afraid!" Ed yelled and tried to get up.

"You are very important to the government. We cannot afford to loose you. Your

talents are much sought after. So just sit there and shut up."

"That's the only reason why." He whispered.

"What was that?" Roy said with confusion.

"Alchemy… If I wasn't an Alchemist, they wouldn't protect me."

Roy closed his eyes.

"You're probably right. But try not to take it personally."

Roy buckled his metal seatbelt then used a small amount of his power and melted it.

Ed struggled to get free.

"What'd you do that for?" He yelled.

Roy then slammed the door and walked over to the driver's seat.

"Don't even try to get away, Full Metal!"

He yelled and banged on the truck a couple times.

Roy walked over to the other truck and helped them put on their blue plastic tarp. Roy

then walked to the driver's seat, stared at Havoc, and took his cigarette

from his mouth. He frowned and split it in half.

"Don't smoke today."

Havoc's eyes were big.

"But- B-b-but…"

"That's an order."

"Yes sir." Havoc said, with a hint of sadness in his voice.

Just as Roy walked away, he pulled out another cigarette and smirked.

Roy twisted around on one foot and glared at Havoc.

"Heh." Havoc said nervously.

He put the cigarette away and smiled at Roy .

Roy then proceeded to the truck where he had Ed as his prisoner.

He opened the door, slammed it behind him and fumbled to get the keys out of his pocket.

Roy looked serious. Never before had Edward seen him so pumped. He decided to

shut his mouth. It was then that he realized how hurt he was. He started to

feel lightheaded and his vision blurred.


Ed whispered.

Roy glanced over at Edward as he started up the truck. Roy took off his glove, reached

over, and placed his cool hand on Ed's forehead.

"No Fever."

He said with a hint of relief.

"You're beat up pretty bad though, what happened? I know it wasn't the people who

threatened your life, they wouldn't have left you alive."

Roy closed his eyes. He looked as if he was contemplating something very important.

He opened his eyes again.

"Well?" He persisted.

Ed grunted and his eyes became droopy.

"What? Did you hit on a girl with a boyfriend or something?"

Roy smiled perversely as he remembered his own experience with that.

"Oh Maria. Or was it Lena ? Or… Julie?... Mary? Oh well…I don't remember."

He sighed.

"So what happened?"

Edward closed his eyes and just before falling fast asleep he softly whispered,

"You're not a cheat."




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