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The next morning, Roy had a massive headache. When Hughes and Ed left the room to search for medicine, the woman, whose name was apparently Dasha, just shook her head and smirked.

As they walked down the street, Ed noticed people were friendlier than before. The man that he had previously punched out even waved.

"Edina!" A loud voice then boomed.

"Oh no." Ed groaned and whined as the old man rushed over to give "her" a bone-crushing bear hug.

"Where's your strapping young love?" He asked with a laugh.

Ed rolled his eyes and mumbled, "He's got a hangover."

Morgan just laughed and shouted, "Poor man."


When they finally got away from Mr. Morgan-who-talks-a-lot, they found a nice quaint little medicine shop right at the edge of town.

"Welcome to our store!" A little girl shouted from a chair next to the door. She wore her long black hair in pig tails that seemed to fall to her shoulders when she talked. She wore a long red skirt with a white button up blouse.

"Oh.. my.. god!" Hughes suddenly shouted.

He slowly walked over to the girl and picked her up.

"You are absolutely adorable!" He shouted and sparkled with joy.

"Yes she is."

A woman agreed as she appeared from behind the store. Her hair was raven black and was pulled back with a red ribbon which tied into a knot. The dress she wore seemed foreign. It was graced with the colors orange, black and red in beautiful designs with triangles and flowers. Hughes also noted that she seemed to be with-child. Although, to mention such a thing and be wrong would lead to a very puffy lip.

"My name is Kesmarel!" The little girl suddenly shouted with joy.

Hughes gleamed.. "My name is…" he paused.

"A secret!"

The little girl pouted as Hughes put her down.

"You're mean!" She said and puffed out her lips.

The woman behind the counter smiled and said, "Kessie, you know traveler's names are secret."

Kesmarel just nodded her head and smiled.

"It's okay Mr!" She shouted.

"I still like you!"

The woman smiled wide and said, "You seem to be good with children."

Roy gleamed with pride and beamed, "I have one of my own at home."

"You miss her?" The woman asked.

Hughes looked down at little Kesmarel who was pulling on his fingers. He then nodded his head slowly and sighed.

"Oh! We need medicine!" He quickly covered.

The woman nodded her head.

Ed stepped up to the counter, which was about an inch shorter than he was and announced, "We need something for a hangover."

The woman laughed.

"You're the ones with the greenhorn."

Ed smacked his head and growled, "Yeah, that'd be him…"


After they got the bottle of "Hangover Medicine" as Lydia, the store owner, called it, they made their way back.

"Edina!" A loud voice rumbled one more.

"Lovely." Ed whined.

"Here!" Morgan shouted. "Come meet my son!"

His name was Shane. He had blonde hair, like his father, but green eyes, unlike his father. Shane was about Roy's height, about the same build but more muscle. He didn't have the scruffy look most of the men had; he had a compassionate and loving one.

Ed would have preferred this Shane person over all these scoundrels any day.

"Don't be shy!" Morgan shouted and put their hands together so they could shake.

"Nice to meet you." said Shane.

"You too." Ed mumbled.


After the pleasantries, Hughes decided it would be best to get back quickly with Roy's "Hangover Medicine".

Ed waved, but before he could go, Shane asked if he could see him later.

Ed nodded his head and trotted off.

"She's cute." Shane admitted.

Morgan laughed a hearty laugh and pointed out, "You know that greenhorn is her husband, right?"

Shane glared.

He then smiled smugly and sneered, "We'll see about that…"


When they got back, Roy was fast asleep.

Hughes decided he would make Ed wake him up.

Ed scowled.

"FINE!" He shouted and marched over to the man.

He leaned over directly above him and whispered, "Roy. Wake up."

Roy moaned in his sleep and fidgeted a little.

Ed got impatient.

He placed a hand on Roy's cheek and patted it softly.

"Wake up."

Suddenly Roy's eyes fluttered open and he blushed.

"Wha? What?" He mumbled.

Ed rolled his eyes and growled.

"We have medicine for you."

"Oh." Roy mumbled and rubbed his head.

Ed pulled a small blue bottle and a little cup from a brown paper bag in his hand.

He filled the little cup all the way with the strange chocolate-smelling, clear liquid and said, "Take this."

Roy attempted to pull himself up, but only succeeded in making his headache worse.

Hughes then cleared his throat and ventured, "Have you thrown up yet?"

"No." Roy sighed out. "Thankfully"

After Ed helped Roy sit up right with the help of the wall, he gave him the cup.

Hughes then quickly grabbed the cup from Roy and snapped, "If he's this messed up, there's no way he has any depth perception."

"His brain won't know how to get the cup to his mouth. He'll end up with it all over himself"

Ed growled. "Well I'm not putting it down his throat.

Hughes sighed angrily and snapped, "Yes you will."

Ed scowled and pouted.


He then put the small cup to Roy's lips and made him drink it.

Roy smiled afterward and sighed.

"What's got you so happy?" Ed snapped, annoyed.

Roy just looked up at "his little Edward" and sighed.



After a huge blushing fit, Ed fell backward and onto the floor with a thump.

Roy couldn't help but laugh, even though his head hurt like hell, he had to laugh.

Hughes laughed as well.

"What a silly bunch we are." He then said.

"A tough yet wimpy fire-guy who can't hold his liquor, a cat-loving, cross-dressing, half-metal, mega shrimp…"

Roy and Ed then looked at each other and said in unison,

"And a happy-go-lucky, picture-loving freak who can't keep his mouth shut."




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