Randy, Krys, Dave and Trish all met up together at the arena where Raw was being held that night. Dave and Trish, who was Dave's wife were looking for Lita and Ric Flair, Dave found Ric and told Trish that he would see her in awhile or so, he kissed Trish and walked away from her and walked towards Ric Flair.

Randy and Krys, who was Randy's wife walked around abit and talked to each other while they held hands. Randy and Krys were married less then 2 months ago andboth were in love with each other, you could see it in their eyes.

Ric noticed Randy first before Dave did. "Randy what are you doing?" asked Ric as he walked up to both Randy and Krys, who were kissing each other passionately. Dave noticed them too as he just shook his head and rolled his eyes at the same time.
"Nothing why?" asked Randy as Flair stood in front of him. "Nothing, It didn't look like that to me." said Dave as he laughed. "I wasn't doing anything wrong." said Randy as he also laughed too. "Randy I don't want to say this to you but I got to go and find Trish so that you 3 can get ready for your matches tonight." said Krys as she kissed her husband, Randy on the cheek.

Krys started to walk away from the guys when Randy stopped her.
"I love you." said Randy as he kissed her one last time before leaving with the guys. "I love you too." said Krys as she began to walk away. "Randy, when are you going to make Dave here an uncle?" asked Natch as he looked at Dave and laughed. "Flair shut up and stop giving my brother-in-law ideas, we don't need another "Legend Killer" running around right now." said Dave as he laughed at Randy. "That was cold man, that wasn't funny Dave." said Randy as he tried to look hurt but couldn't because of the laughter from Dave and Ric both.

Randy then told Dave to get ready to be an uncle, when Dave heard those words from Randy's mouth, Dave instantly stopped laughing. "What?" asked Dave. Randy shook his head no and started to laugh his ass off because of the look on Dave's face, it was priceless. "You fucking asshole." said Dave as he punched Randy in the arm and laughed. Randy, Dave and Flair went to their locker room to get ready and also to talk about their matches.