At The Hospital:

The doctor and nurses went in and out of the room where Krys was placed shortly after arriving to the hospital. Randy sat just outside the room as he talked to one of the two cops that were at the crime scene. Randy didn't want to talk to the cop any more he just wanted to be in the room with his wife. After about thirty minutes of taking a statement from Randy, the cop left to go and find his partner and find out any more information.

Dave and Trish finally made it to the hospital after they stopped and talked to Ric Flair, telling him that Krys was rushed to the hospital and that they were on their way there.
"Anything?" asked Dave as he walked up to Randy who was just getting up to go into the room to see Krys. "Nothing yet I'm hoping they'll tell me something soon." replied Randy as he peeked into the room. Randy then walked into the room and walked over to his wife's bedside and sat down on the chair that was beside the bed. Randy held Krys' hand and talked to her hoping she'll wake up soon.

The doctor came back into the room after she examined the CAT Scan. "Mr. Orton?" asked the doctor as she was making sure that she was talking to the right person. "Yeah." replied Randy as he stood up quickly. "Hi, I'm doctor Moore, I'm the doctor who's be treating your wife, I just had to tell you that your wife's CAT Scan shows no signs of injury to the brain, but your wife does have a grade 2 concussion." said the young female doctor. "Will she have to stay here for a few days or just overnight?" asked Randy. She'll be staying tonight and tomorrow we'll examine her again to see if there is any changes then let you know then." replied the doctor who looked at Randy sympathetically.

"What about the gash on her head?" asked Randy. "It took 15 stitches to close it up." replied doctor Moore. "I take it she doesn't feel any pain right now?" asked Randy as he looked down at his wife in the bed. "We gave her some medication for the pain and for the swelling that may occur." replied doctor Moore. "Good, I don't want to see my wife in pain, I'm glad that there is no sign of injury to her brain." said Randy as he felt like the weight on his shoulders was lifted. Doctor Moore left the room so Randy could have sometime alone with his wife before Dave and Trish came into see her.

Back At The Arena:

The person who attacked Krys, walked into the men's washroom quickly and got rid of the blood on his hands and took off the clothes he had on when he attacked Dave's sister about an hour ago. When the mysterious man took the clothes off he tossed them into the empty plastic bag, the plastic bag that had different clothes. The guy put on the clean clothes and walked out with the plastic bag with him. The guy walked outside and tossed the plastic bag into the nearby dumpster.