Trust me

Hermione and Harry were spending their summer vacation at the Burrow with the Weasleys.

There were a few days they were there and Hermione had made a habit of waking up before everyone
and going to the kitchen to do her homework. And that day was not different.

Hermione stood up quietly and changed her clothes. She went down the stairs as quietly as
she could and sat at the kitchen table, starting her work.

A few minutes passed and she heard steps at the stairs. She looked up expecting to see Mrs. Weasley at the
bottom of the stairs. Ron appeared instead and seeing her, hesaid, "Please tell me you didn't spent all night
doing homework."

She blushed and said "Good morning to you too, Ron."

He sat down in front of her and said "Oh… Sorry."

She continued, copying something from the book "And it wouldn't hurt you, you know,
since you woke up early, to start on your homework too."

"No… I'll leave that to later."

"You will have to do it anyway."

"Yes, but I prefer not today. And since we are both up, don't you wanna stop that and do
something together?"

She looked up and asked, closing her book and letting go of her quill "Like what?"

He thought for a while and said "How about Quidditch?"

"I'm afraid of heights, Ron."

He looked surprised "Really? I didn't know that."

"It's not like I told you…"

"And why didn't you?"

"The situation never came up."

"Right. How about when we had to fly all the way to London on those things that we
couldn't even see?"

She said, looking like she was explaining something to someone very stupid "Like I said, Ron.
The situation never came up. We didn't have any choice back then."

"But you must have been scared to death!"

She looked at him surprised; her voice failed when she said "Weren't we all? For some
reason or another?" He startled. She took a deep breath and asked "How about chess?"
He accepted the offer.

They went to the living room and started to play. Ron suddenly asked, "How do you think
Harry is? I mean… About Sirius?"

She stared at him a little surprised when she answered, "I should ask you! You are the one he
tells everything."

Ron startled and said a little angry "That's not true! He tells you too!"

She breathed deeply and said calmly "I'm not complaining, Ron. But it is true and you
know it. There is some stuff you don't tell me because I'm a girl. And stuff I don't
tell you because you are boys. That's completely normal."

"You don't?…" She was surprised to see that he was hurt. He continued, "We are friends,
Hermione! We are supposed to tell each other everything!"

She smiled and asked "And I'm supposed to believe that you and Harry tell me


"Oh, Ron, please! I'm not stupid! I know that there's stuff that you don't tell me, but I don't care!"

He almost shouted his answer "Well, I do! You shouldn't be afraid to tell me stuff!"

"Ron, listen. It's not that I don't wanna tell, is that you don't wanna know!"

"Well, try me!" He leaned back on his chair and crossed his arms, waiting. Hermione was

Ron's queen took advantage of the silence and said, "Could you two come back to the
game here?"

Ron said angry, "Shut up or I'll drop the king!"

The king said, scared, "Hey! Leave me out of this!"

Hermione said hesitantly "We should get…"

Ron interrupted her "No. Now I wanna know what it is that you think I don't want to

She said a little nervous "I didn't have anything in mind, Ron. I was just saying that it is
normal. Besides, this kind of stuff we don't tell each other is never important."

"Don't try to escape now, Hermione! You started it. Now you're going to tell me!"

She sighed, looking eagerly to the stairs and said "Fine! It's not that I'm not worried with Harry,
or with the Order, nor the war that's coming. But… Well, Viktor was the closest thing I had to
a boyfriend!" Ron went red, and was starting to talk, but she interrupted him "And absolutely
nothing happened between us! I mean, I'm 16 years old and I've never even gone out on
a real date! Lavender and Parvati already have gone on many dates, just like any other girl, even
Ginny had a boyfriend! And I'm here, with nothing. And so I keep thinking… Will I be alone
forever?" She looked at him and said a little scared "I don't wanna be alone! I don't wanna be an
old lady who lives with ten cats and lives her life for them!"

Ron looked at her confused for a while, and then he said laughing, "That's it? That's what
you're afraid of?"

She said angry and embarrassed "It's not funny Ron! Although it doesn't involve deathly
dangers, still, it's something that worries me! I said you wouldn't want to know!
But nooo! Now, besides still having this problem to handle, I'll have to handle you
making fun of me! And it won't take long before Fred, George, Harry, and Idon't even
know how many more, join you, right?"

She stood up angry and walked away; he jumped out of his chair holding her arm and said "Hey! Hey!
Who said that I'd joke about it? And keep your voice down, you don't have to wake everybody just
because you're scared of been an old lady with ten cats." She looked at him angrily, he said
smiling "Don't worry. Why would you wanna be like Lavender and Parvati anyway? The only thing they
can do is giggle and talk about boys! You are a lot better than a girl that the only thing
that she worries about is if her robes goes with her shoes and if her boyfriend is good looking."

Hermione stared at him surprised and went a little red, she asked "Really?..."

He also went red and let go of her arm, saying "Of course! At least I don't like that kind of girl…
I know of many that love that, but I think it's a waist of time… I don't want a brainless
girlfriend… I'll do that work just fine."

He looked at her laughing; she said a bit angry "Don't say that! You're not brainless! You're very
bright, you just don't want to show it to everybody."

They went red again and turned around from each other, Ron said "Anyway… You're good looking,
intelligent, funny… You deserve someone that will worship that… And not someone who would go out
with a Lavender or a Parvati…"

She smiled, said a little ashamed, but tranquil "Thanks, Ron…"

He turned around to see her slowly, watching her, he asked getting closer "So… Nothing happened
between you and Krum?…"

She turned around saying angrily "Of course not!"

She startled when she saw how close he was, they both stepped away again, he said "Good."

"Well, if it is to choose between staying with Viktor or becoming an old lady with cats, I choose

Ron looked angrily at her and said "No! There will be other people in your life! Others that will
like you even more than Krum!"

She sighed when she said "Sure… I don't see how. It was a miracle Viktor was interested in me!
You took four years to notice I'm a girl!"

He said, ashamed "That was just bad understanding! Of course I already new you're a girl!" He
went red and said, "In fact, I'm sorry about that day… I was really rude."

She went red, but said smiling "No problem…"

"And, I'm not sure if there's gonna be another Yule Ball, but if there is, would you go with me?…"

She asked laughing, "Are you so scared of not getting a date that you're already reserving one?"

He answered seriously "No. I just really wanted to have gone with you to that ball… And I wanna
be sure that I'll be able to go with you in case there's another one."

Hermione stared at him surprised and went red, she said "I-I… I… Alright… If there's another one…"

He approached smiling and said "Great! Thank you, Hermione! No Krum will win me this time!"

"I already told you that Viktor meant nothing to me! At least not in this way! He's nice, but is
not my type."

He asked hopefully, getting even closer "And… Who is your type?…"

She went red, she could feel his breath on her cheek, she said, closing her eyes and lifting her
head a bit "Ron…"

He put his hands on her waist and pulled her close, kissing her. She opened her eyes surprised,
but soon closed them again and hugged him back.

They stopped kissing; Hermione rested her head on his shoulder, a bit red. She asked in a whisper
"What happens now, Ron?…"

He took a while to answer, but when he did, he said in the same tone "We could try and be… be a
couple… See how it goes… If you want, of course."

She smiled, letting go a bit, putting her entire feet on the floor again. She breathed deeply
saying, "I do."

He smiled triumphantly. Soon they heard "I guess we'll have you here at summer vacations more
often now, Hermione?" They startled and looked back, completely letting go of each other.
Mr. Weasley was just coming in from the front door. His smirk was growing by the second. He continued,
"You will tell Harry, and Mr. And Mrs. Granger also, I suppose?…"

Hermione looked at Ron a bit frightened, he smiled and said "Delay mom a little, would you dad?…"

Mr.Weasley smiled, Hermione blushed and whispered "Ron!"

Mr.Weasley went to the stairs and said "Of course. You'll need time to talk… I'll do my best."

Ron looked at her and said, "Don't worry, Harry will understand and he'll be happy for us."

"Then you tell him!"

"As you wish. But you tell Ginny, and your parents. I would say for you to tell mom too, but I
think dad is at it now."

Hermione blushed, but agreed, he hugged her again and said, "Don't worry… You'll always have me…"

Hermione smiled and said, "That's good…"

This time it was Hermione's queen turn to say, "Now would you come back to the game? We're
getting a bit bored here."

They laughed sitting down each in their own chair, Hermione said while he moved his horse "Funny.
I thought we were supposed to have fun, not you."