Finding Freedom

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Just for this chapter only when you see the italics that symbolized that it's like a narrator or third person talking…like me.


Harry woke to the really annoying sound of his alarm clock going off. He hit it down with his hand and groaned, his first day of hell, oh joy.

Let's back track a bit, Harry was at the moment staying with his Aunt, Uncle, and extremely obese cousin but it wasn't always that way. In fact this was only the second day that this was happening. Harry normally lived with his mother and father but they had to go and do that doctor thing they do. Harry had wanted to stay with his godfather but his mother insisted that he spend more time with his cousin. She thought that since he would be transferred to a new school it would be easier if the school had someone he knew in it. However Lily was very unaware of how Harry was treated at her sister's house, like vermin.

So there was, in hell and today was his first day at this new school, joy. He was coming into the school mid-term which was a bad idea but the only option. Luckily Harry would only have to suffer a few weeks before Christmas break. Harry dragged himself out of bed and into the bathroom. Jumping into the shower Harry let the hot water wake him. Finishing Harry jumped out of the shower and ran to his room to get dressed. Finding some black pants and extremely dark green t-shirt that clung to him like a second skin Harry ran a hand through his hair and ran down the stairs. Seeing his cousin at the kitchen table Harry knew all the food was gone already so he just ran right out the door and too school.

Getting there early Harry headed for the main office, he needed his time table anyway. Sitting there for what seemed like ten minutes he was finally called into the principal's office. Harry sat down in the chair across from the principal's desk and waited for the man to notice he was there, for a moment Harry thought the old man was dead but he soon sprung to life.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, I see you have found the main office with no trouble. I will assure you that at this school you can feel safe, nothing will happen under my watch, now I believe you wanted your time table," Principal Dumbledore said before getting up and leaving.

That's another thing I left out, there was another reason Harry was transferred to another school, let's just say something happened in his last school that his mother wanted to get him away from.

Dumbledore came back with Harry's timetable and told him where to go for the first class; Harry thanked him briefly before getting the hell out of there. That man kind of gave him the creeps.

Finding that his first period would be the worst Harry settled down and put his head phones on while he waited for the class to start. As he was sitting there, minding his own business someone came and sat beside him. Looking up Harry noticed a bushy haired girl sitting there, not minding him at all, which suited Harry fine.

Harry noticed that class was going to start soon so he put his stuff away and took out a notebook. When the teacher strolled in the room Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes, the man seriously needed a shower.

While the man was lecturing about how they all weren't worthy of his teaching skills Harry zoned out and started to sketch. He had always loved art and his parents were more then supportive.

"Mr. Potter," the professor said.

"Yes sir, Professor Snape," Harry said after reading his name on the board.

"Could you please answer my question of what formula you would use if you needed to find the final velocity of an object at rest which traveled with an acceleration of 3 meters per second squared and for a distance of 18 meters," Professor Snape said, Harry looked at the man with small surprise, he was pretty sure that they hadn't learned that in the last twenty minutes, oh well he might as well answer the jerk.

"Sir you would use the velocity final squared formula, velocity final squared equals' velocity initial squared plus acceleration time's distance," Harry said like he was bored. He said he didn't like physics, not that he wasn't good at it.

"Yes, well I guess they taught you that at your old school, because I didn't teach you it and if you had been paying attention you would have known that," Snape said obviously angry that Harry had answered correctly.

"Well sir, the fact that I answered the question correctly should be the focus here, because there is no reason to punish me because I showed you up in your own class," Harry said angrily. Snape was shocked; he couldn't believe the audacity of this child.

"Detention, lunchtime tomorrow," was all he said before writing the formula on the board and teaching the uses of it.

As soon as the bell rang Harry gathered his stuff and made his way out of the class. Only to be caught up to by the bushy haired girl.

"How did you know that, I didn't even know that and science is one of my best subjects," she said quickly. Harry thought that if he ignored her she would go away, he was wrong, in fact she doubled or something like that, all of a sudden there was her and a boy with red hair.

"Hey 'Mione who's this?" he asked.

"Harry Potter, but I am trying to find out where he knew all this information for physics from," she said, Harry was going to flip out. He was in a crappy mood, his head hurt really badly, his first period teacher hated him, and this girl wouldn't disappear. Above all things his missed his parents greatly, they had never been this far apart before.

"Please, please just leave me alone," Harry said thinking about his parents was a bad idea; he missed them even more now and had to get away from these people.

Harry's predicament did not go unnoticed, a platinum blond across the hall noticed Harry's distress. Draco looked the boy over, tall, thin, a little too thin, dark hair, a bit askew, all and all a rather good looking boy.

Draco decided this was his time to intervene walking up to the bookworm. Draco tapped her on the shoulder. "I don't believe he wants to talk to you," Draco said. Harry gave the boy a grateful look and walked away briskly.

Draco also walked away leaving the nosy bookworm to her own accord. Walking back to his group he was immediately jumped at by Pansy.

"What was that about love?" she asked hanging on his shoulders.

"Don't call me love you whore, Blaise, find out all you can on the new boy, he has caught my eye," Draco ordered.

"Done already Draco, his name is Harry Potter; he's a sixteen year old junior. Just moved in with his aunt and uncle while his parents are off in third world nations doctoring or something like that. He was transferred out of his old school by his parents, something happened there but there was no open files on it. His cousin Dudley goes to this school, also junior, huge whale of a boy," Blaise said informatively.

"Okay, that borders scary," Draco said but nodded and thanked him for the information. Thinking he would get to know this boy a little later Draco headed off to art class, not really to do art, more likely to sleep.

Imagine his surprised seeing Harry already sitting at a desk canvas and paint ready. Finding he was alone Draco took the seat next to Harry.

"Draco Malfoy," Draco said introducing himself.

"Harry Potter thanks for helping me out back there," Harry said, he didn't know why but this boy was drawing him in. Before he could talk more the teacher came in.

"Good morning my favorite class. Today we will be exploring once again, art, I will be teaching you how to change what you create on canvas to beauty!" she said in a whacked out voice.

"What a space case," Harry mumbled getting ready to paint, this had to be his favorite class, he liked music too, but when he was painting he felt whole.

"You have no idea, when she looks at your painting she is going to claim that you have depicted death in it," Draco said, this woman needed to see the men in little white coats.

"Oh joy," Harry said sarcastically. The professor gave the motion to start painting and Harry was lost in focus. He didn't even realize that twenty minutes passed and his painting was drawing to a close. Draco looked over at Harry's painting and gasped.

"That's amazing, how did you do that?" he asked, "its better then some of the painting we have back at my families manor, you could sell these for big money," Draco complimented.

"Thanks," Harry said, he loved to paint but he thought Draco was exaggerating when he said how good he was. No one would buy his paintings.

"My, everyone look at Harry's painting, amazing my dear boy, but look, in the shadow of the wolf there is the grim," she said jumping back.

"And what does that mean?" Harry asked.

"That someone close to you will die, very soon my dear boy. And since you did it with out trying it is most definitely going to come true," she said patting him on the back and walking to the front of the room.

Harry had taken the bats words to heart, after all two of the most important people in his life were risking their lives to help others. That woman had officially scared him; he decided that after this class he would risk being late to music to call his godfather to make sure that he had heard nothing bad.

"You shouldn't listen to her; she's predicted my death like eight times since freshman year. Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" Draco asked.

"It's just what she said, it kind of made me think, but she's never right, right?" Harry said nervously.

"Yes, now what class do you have next?" Draco asked.

"Music, with…Lupin!" Harry said happily.

"Yea, what's made you so happy?" Draco asked.

"I know him; he's like an uncle to me. I didn't know he taught here, this has considerably brightened my day up," Harry smiled. Draco couldn't help but smile, Harry had a very contagious smile and he looked so cute when he did that.

"Um, Harry I was wondering something," Draco said, Harry's head shot up and he looked innocently towards his new friend.

"Sure, what is it," Harry asked.

"What are you doing Friday?" Draco asked, quickly, it was asking him out directly but none the less giving him an idea of what the boy does.

"Nothing, probably homework, why?" Harry asked as he and Draco moved to go to music.

"Because I was wondering if you would like to come over after school," Draco said.

"Sure, it's a date," Harry said flashing another amazing smile at Draco who just smiled back. As soon as he entered the classroom Harry all but jumped Professor Lupin he was laughing and hugging him like crazy.

"Harry how is Petunia and Vernon treating you," Lupin said in a dead serious voice.

"Like shit, they wouldn't let me eat at the dinner table with them last night, they said I could have the leftovers so I only got some veggies," Harry said. Lupin looked upset at the news but not as shocked as Draco was. Draco made a mental note to feed Harry well on Friday.

"Don't worry Harry, I will try and convince your aunt and uncle that your better situated with me, I'll call them after school," Lupin said.

"Thank uncle Remus," Harry said quietly so none of the students could hear him. Remus messed up his hair and told him to take a seat where ever, class was about to start.

The class was uneventful for the most part, Professor Lupin had everyone reiterate what they had learned about music history and what they played and why they were taking this class. Then he decided to see how people were on their chosen instrument. A lot had gone when Harry's turn came up, Lupin just handed him the acoustic guitar and Harry smiled.

Harry started to strum quietly and then a little louder and finally he started to sing, "I don't want another pretty face, I don't want just any one to hold, I don't want my love to go to waste, I want you and your beautiful, so you're the one I want to chase, you're the one I want to hold, I won't let another minute go to waste, I want you and your beautiful soul."

Harry decided to stop there, he hadn't finished the song yet, that was as far as he had gotten. The whole class erupted in cheer and Lupin smiled at Harry who in turn smiled back a little embarrassed.

"Well on that note I must draw class to and end, sorry for those who haven't gone yet, tomorrow perhaps. Get your books ready and class is dismissed. Harry stay after please," Lupin said. Draco looked at Harry but couldn't catch his eyes so he decided to wait outside the classroom.

Harry walked to Professor Lupin's desk and let out a small sigh. "Harry, you are amazing, is that a new song your working on?" Lupin asked, Harry nodded enthusiastically at the complement. "Good, I'm going to call your aunt during my break, come back to my classroom before you leave school and I'll tell you what she said. Okay go on to your next class," Lupin said and Harry nodded before heading out of class. He was surprised to see that Draco waited for him.

"Wow Harry you have a beautiful voice, yet another beautiful aspect of you," Draco said blushing as he realized what he said.

"Thank Draco," Harry said also blushing getting the full idea of what Draco had said about him.

"I know your coming over on Friday but would you like to come over today as well," Draco asked, he was an impatient person and Friday seemed so far away.

"I have to just see Professor Lupin after school but if you could wait that would be very nice," Harry said, Draco smiled, he would wait for Harry no matter what.

"Okay, what do you have now?" Draco asked.

"Math, I hate math," Harry whined.

"Oh sucks, I have gym, I guess I'll be seeing you later," Draco said moving the other way while Harry went to math.

For the rest of the day Harry couldn't help but think about Draco and vise versa. Harry wondered how Draco would react when he found out that Harry was gay, it had caused plenty of problems back where he lived before. Figuring that he didn't need to worry about that Harry just continued through the day, skipping lunch to sit outside and work on his lyrics and praying for the end of the day to hurry it's ass up.

Finally the last bell rang and Harry all but ran into Lupin's last class. Seeing that Lupin didn't seem Happy didn't make Harry feel any better about the news that was inevitable.

"She said no didn't she?" Harry asked.

"Yes, she said some bull shit about how Dudley was really bonding with you, he hasn't been hitting you right Harry because I swear I will get the courts involved if he is," Lupin said. Harry didn't know what to say, his cousin hit him whenever he had the chance but nothing really serious.

"No uncle," Harry lied.

"Okay, now go ahead and go to your aunt's house, try to eat something before they get home," Lupin said.

"Actually I am going to Draco Malfoy's house now, don't worry Remus I'll take care of myself," Harry said before leaving the classroom.

Draco was waiting in front of the school leaning on his car. He saw Harry come out of the school and made a motion at him. Harry however missed it because his lard of a cousin approached him.

"Hey freak, have a good day today," Dudley said, all of a sudden Harry noticed that he was becoming surrounded by two other boys. Harry was thinking how bad this was going to turn out.

"Yes," Harry said hoping that it would be over with that word.

"How about we play that game we played yesterday," Dudley said just as Draco was walking up, hearing that he wanted to know what happened yesterday.

"No, my friend is waiting for me," Harry said hoping Dudley would give him a chance to get out of there.

"You, a friend, I don't think so, you have to be lying. Who would be friends with a fag like you, now come here freak I told my friends how much fun I had with you last night they just had to try it out for themselves," Dudley said, Draco's mind started to swirl around, what game were they talking about, had his cousin touch him wrongly?

"No, I refuse to play with any of your friends or you ever again," Harry tried to sound brave but as Dudley, Mike, and Josh advanced on him Harry felt his strength leave him. Luckily for him Draco's strength never left him and he sprung into action. Elbowing the two lackeys and punching Dudley in the face Draco helped Harry up and led him into his car. Sitting him down and putting the seatbelt on him Draco got into the drivers seat and drove off.

Harry was very quiet throughout the ride and Draco decided to stop the car and get Harry to be responsive again.

"Harry, hey Harry, are you there?" Draco asked, unfortunately it didn't seem like Harry was home. Thinking of another way to wake Harry Draco leaned in a placed a soft kiss on Harry's wiling lips. That woke Harry quickly, Harry was very responsive and was soon kissing Draco back and some. "Harry hold on, are you okay now, you were really zoned out," Draco said pulling out from the kiss with a little regret.

"Yes, thank you for getting me out of there, am I still invited over your house?" Harry asked.

"Oh of course, I couldn't turn down that face now could I?" Draco said giving Harry another quick peck on the cheek and driving off again. That left Harry time to deal with what just happened. Did Draco know what he was doing to Harry, how attracted Harry was becoming to him?

Draco pulled into his family's manor and Harry had to gape slightly, it was huge, and so beautiful Harry just wanted to paint it.

"You look like your painting in your mind," Draco said, Harry was surprised that he had said that for that was exactly what he was doing.

"I was, it would make such a beautiful painting, the way the sun falls on it at this hour. I wish I had a canvas right now," Harry said smiling sadly.

"Harry you will be invited back and I promise you can paint my family's house some time soon okay?" Draco said, Harry was a unique person and that was sure. It was cold though and Draco noticed that Harry only had a t-shirt on; he must have been cold so Draco decided to get him inside quickly.

Walking inside Harry was overwhelmed by the beautiful architecture in the place. "This is so beautiful," Harry said, his parents had always said that he had a real eye for beauty.

"Who me?" Draco asked, trying to get his house off the main subject list. Harry smiled at the comment, Draco was flirting with him.

"That among other things," Harry said playing along with the game. He followed Draco into the kitchen and his mouth watered right away. Even though he had told Remus he could take care of himself Harry hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch and was so hungry. Plus he knew he wasn't getting any dinner tonight after his uncles phone call. "You hungry," Draco said, trying not to sound impatient.

"Yea, I guess a little," Harry said, Draco was very relieved to hear that. All of a sudden Harry had more food then he could account for in front of him, this was not a snack, this was a feast. Not that Harry minded it looked wonderful and he was surely hungry enough to eat it all. "Draco, why all this food?" Harry has to ask.

"Well, I know you didn't eat lunch so I figured that you would want more then a little snack, and I didn't know what you wanted so I just got you a variety," Draco said like it was obvious, what wasn't obvious was that he was lying, he wanted Harry to be full for tonight.

Harry and he sat and ate, talking a little but mostly eating, Draco was becoming more and more attracted to Harry and decided to change their Friday plans slightly.

"Harry instead of coming to my house on Friday how about I take you out to dinner, an official date," Draco said.

"Are you asking me out Mr. Malfoy?" Harry asked with a bit of a glimmer in his eyes.

"Why yes I believe that was my sons' general idea," a female voice came from the doorway. Harry turned abruptly and almost fell off his chair. Seeing the older woman who could only be Draco's mother Harry stood and introduced himself.

"My name is Harry Potter," he said politely.

"My he is a fine boy Draco, well Mr. Potter my name is Narcissa Malfoy, I'm Draco's mother," she said, Harry smiled at her.

"Very nice to meet you Mrs. Malfoy, and Draco I would love to go out with you," Harry said turning abruptly to the blond haired boy a little too quickly, hissing in pain slightly. Hoping no one noticed Harry just took another bite of the food that was left.

"Harry dear are you alright?" Narcissa asked obviously spotting Harry's discomfort.

"Yes, my cousin and I got into a bit of a fight and he's a lot bigger then me and doesn't know his own strength, and I'm sure he was sorry," Harry was slightly mumbling, he didn't want anyone to know about what happened at his aunt's house last night.

"Harry, would you mind lifting up your shirt, or we could go back to my room if you would like, but either way I would like to just take a little look at your chest," Draco said, he felt worry well up in his stomach when he heard Harry's pain.

"I…well…I guess you can know, but could we please go to your room," Harry said, he wanted privacy, it wasn't that he didn't like or feel comfortable with Draco's mother it was just that he wanted to take this slowly. Harry slid off the chair and Draco was at his side as if he would fall down, now Harry was feeling a bit embarrassed.

Climbing a flight of stairs Harry was directed to large double doors that led into a rather large room. All darkly stained furniture, dark blue walls, and a large four post bed with silver and black silk sheets. Harry gasped when he saw a fireplace on one of the walls, he had a fireplace at his old home and the Dursley's had one but they wouldn't ever let him sit near it he just loved the idea of a fireplace.

Draco watched at Harry stared deeply into his unlit fire and smiled, Harry loved the simple things and that made Draco love Harry. He saw one of the maids walking past his room and requested that his fire be lit; she nodded and went to find someone appropriate for the task. Draco led Harry down to the bed and sat him down; Harry's attention was all on him now.

"Harry what happened between you and your cousin, was it really an accident?" Draco asked seriously, Harry was too precious to loose because of a neglectful family. Harry didn't really answer; he just lifted up his shirt over his head. Draco held his breathe and seeing the pale skin covered in a very dark painful looking bruise.

"Please Draco, he really didn't mean for it to go this far," Harry said, almost convincing himself.

"Please Harry take care of yourself, it is obvious that you aren't totally safe with these people and promise me, that no matter what time of night you will call my cell if something happens that you need help with, okay?" Draco asked, hoping that Harry would agree, when he nodded Draco helped Harry with his shirt and pocketed his number for Harry. "Now will you please tell me what happened?"

"It was really something very stupid to fight over, I was dropped off yesterday by my godfather who I had stayed with last week finishing up my last week of school. When we arrived he insisted that he stayed until I was settled in, they were going to have me sleep in the cupboard under the stairs, it was rather large after all. When he saw that he flipped out and started to yell at my aunt and uncle. They then promised that I could sleep in Dudley's second bedroom. You can bet that Dudley freaked out at the prospect of loosing his second bedroom because that meant all his extra toys had to be stored in the basement. As soon as Sirius, my godfather, left so did my aunt and uncle, they needed to go shopping. That left me alone with Dudley, and he was mad. He went to his room and I thought he was going to leave me alone but he didn't, he came back with a new 'toy' that his father had bought him. It was a whip, I got s-scared," Harry said with some tears in his eyes.

"Harry it's alright, you don't have to go back, we have plenty of room here, I'll keep you safe," Draco said taking the smaller boys hand.

"No, my aunt told him he shouldn't have done it and he said he wouldn't, he never lies to his mother," Harry lied by saying that, he just didn't want to burden Draco so much that he would no longer want to be near him.

"What shouldn't he have done Harry?" Draco asked calmly though his insides were swimming.

"He hit me, a lot, mostly on the back of my legs because he knew it would be hidden by my gym shorts. Then he kicked me really hard in the chest, that's where this bruise came from, I think it bruised deep in the muscle and that's why it bothers me so much," Harry said crying a little more now.

"Don't cry, it's over now and you are safe with your aunt," Draco said helping Harry back into his shirt.

Harry looked up at the sound of someone entering the room; it was a maid with wood she silently set to the task of lighting the fire while Harry just watched. Draco leaned over to Harry and placed a chaste kiss on Harry's lips gaining the boys attention. Deciding that Draco was more important than the lady making the fire Harry's attention was solely on the tongue in his mouth at the moment.

When Harry came up for air the fire was lit, the gentle flames flickering as the sun went down. Draco grabbed Harry's hand and led him over to the couch in front of the fire and curled up with him. Harry lying practically on top of Draco's lap, soon after Harry drifted off to sleep.

When Harry heard soft knocking on the door his eyes opened slowly. He noticed he was still on top of Draco who had also fallen asleep; he also noticed the pitch blackness outside. Carefully extracting himself from Draco's arms Harry went to open the door. He smiled at Narcissa's beautiful face smiling back at him.

"Harry it's almost ten, I think you should be heading home," she said softly, Harry's eyes bugged out, it was late, his aunt and uncle were going to be so mad at him it almost made him not want to go back.

Draco had woken to his loss of Harry, the fine only embers now. "What time is it?" he questioned his voice groggy.

"Almost ten, I need to be heading back," Harry said, trying to smile his worry away.

"I'll drive you, and I'll pick you up tomorrow, okay?" Draco asked getting up and stretching. Harry nodded, thanked Narcissa for allowing him to stay for as long as he did and grabbed Draco's hand as they made their way out to the car.

The drive was quiet, Harry's hand never leaving Draco's. When they arrived Harry looked at Draco longingly, he didn't want to go but he knew he had to. With one last good night kiss Harry made his way up the front steps, a smile on his face until he entered the house.

It was quiet, no screaming met his arrival home, and in fact the Dursley's were watching TV in the living room. Harry didn't mind not being noticed he just made his way up to his small bedroom, thinking about his song lyrics again.

Opening his door he froze, it was all ruined, his Keyboard had been smashed, little pieces of it everywhere. But that wasn't what made tears come to Harry's eyes, it was the shards of his birthday present from his godfather, his acoustic guitar was in a million pieces all over his bed. Sinking down Harry cried, they had done it, found what would break Harry. Those were the things he could use to get away, to forget the shit that was going on with this family he was living with, and now they were gone.

Finding anger along with fear in his heart made Harry make a rash decision. He charged downstairs fully intending to get revenge.

Hours later Harry laid on his floor, revenge hadn't gone as well as he planed. He didn't think they would fight back for some stupid reason and he was paying for it with pain. While Vernon used his fists to teach Harry never to come home late again Dudley had rolled his way into the kitchen and got a rolling pin, one hit to the back Harry collapsed in pain. They dragged Harry and left him on his floor to gather himself.

Harry took out the paper Draco had given him and his cell phone. His godfather had made sure he had it before he would leave Harry with those people, and how right he was. Seeing it was four in the morning Harry didn't have the heart to call Draco, he couldn't wake him. Searching his phone book Harry finally found his Uncle Remus' number. Calling it Harry had tears in his eyes looking upon the broken shards of what seemed to represent his life.

Finally there was a groggy answer from the other line, "Hello?"

"Uncle Remi, please come get me, I can't be here anymore, please," Harry said pitifully.

"Harry is that you, I'll be there as soon as I can, hang on kiddo," Remus said, he waited for Harry's acknowledgement and then hung up. "Sirius get off of me Harry's in trouble at those terrible Dursley's house, we need to go and get him now, he didn't sound well on the phone," Remus said trying to get his lover off him. At the mention of his godson Sirius was ready to get in the car stark naked, Remus luckily calmed him down, got him dressed, and into the passenger seat.

Arriving at Number 4 Privet drive only made Sirius march up to the house and beat the crap out of who ever hurt Harry but once again Remus handled him and they calmly made their way up the steps, not ready for what they would face that night.


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